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American Renaissance Conference Cancelled

By Heidi Beirich on February 15, 2010 - 2:31 pm, Posted in Academic Racism

According to an E-mail sent today and signed by Jared Taylor, head of the white nationalist American Renaissance, the group will not be holding its 2010 conference. The conferences are usually a major hit in white nationalist circles and feature as speakers prominent white supremacists, academic racists and other extremists from around the world.

In the past few weeks, anti-racist activists had already persuaded two Washington D.C.-area hotels to cancel their contracts with American Reniassance. Taylor’s E-mail claims that the third hotel scheduled to hold the event, the Four Points Sheraton at the Manassas Battlefield, cancelled because “Hostile callers phoned the hotel and threatened employees with death.” A hotel representative refused to speak on the record about what led to the cancellation but did verify to Hatewatch that the event was cancelled.

Meanwhile, one of the participants scheduled to speak at American Renaissance, Nick Griffin, who has denied the Holocaust and heads the racist British National Party, was disinvited from a speaking engagement at Kenyon College in Gambler, Ohio. Griffin was asked to speak at the campus by Taylor Somers, a student and head of the Robert A. Taft Society there.

Somers put out a statement apologizing profusely for the invite and thanking his fellow students for showing “we were on the wrong course.” Somers promised to “embark on a path of radical self-examination” and claimed “I’m not a bigot, fascist, or totalitarian, but rather, perhaps, more of a contrarian.” “The Taft Society will exercise better and more sensitive judgment with regard to who we bring to campus,” Somers promised.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Racist is commonly defined as one who discriminates against or looks down on other perceived “races”, and/or considers “race” one of the most important, if not the most important factor in society, history, etc.

  • Francis Marion Braidfute


    Be happy to do so, but not sure, if I fit your description of a ‘helpful racist’.. so would you kindly clearly and succinctly define ‘racist’, and should I fit that description; I’d be happy to oblige you with my (don’t know if it is other ‘racists’ also) definition for multiculturalism.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I would love it if one of our helpful racists here could please define what they mean by “multiculturalism”, seeing that what they call European or Western culture is in fact made up of many distinct cultures.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Jack, I’m sorry to inform you but the “Golden Age of Islam” is not a myth, no matter how many “folks”(great source) try to debunk it. I’ve seen plenty of attempted “debunkings” of this and they are absolutely hilarious(as their arguments easily apply to any other civilization in most cases).

  • Jack

    If you were not afraid of them you would not work so hard to shut them down and function as cheerleaders.
    If they are truly no threat to your positions they would be ignored.

    The more you scream the more you show the truth of those statements.

    God forbid some guys have a meeting somewhere and discuss stuff you don’t like.

    Ruslan, you’re just repeating myth about the so-called “Golden Age” of Islam.
    It has been thoroughly debunked by plenty of folks.

    The West was built by White Europeans, period.

  • Aron


    You’re right. I have absolutely nothing to fear, in spite of the fact that I vehemently disagree with your message.

    The reason I have nothing to fear from AmRen is simple: no one will ever take you seriously. You and your beloved Jared Taylor (you really do seem to worship him as a demi-god, don’t you?) can spout as much rhetoric about “an honest dialogue concerning race relations” (read: white nationalism) as you would like. That doesn’t mean we have to listen to you. Goodness knows I don’t. I only read your comments to give myself a pleasant chuckle that such silliness still exists in the world.

    We live in a multi-cultural society. There is no getting around it. While I am the first person to admit that I have my own personal prejudices, that doesn’t stop me from conversing with those with whom I may have disagreements or preconceived notions. I don’t go spouting “Let’s kick the (insert random ethnic group here) from our sacred American soil!” No, I’m too smart for that. I know that everyone contributes something to society, no matter how insignificant.

    AmRen doesn’t seem to share that modern perspective. The world isn’t black and white, folks. There are shades of gray, red, blue, chartreuse, and pink and purple polka dots. Your organization is stuck in the late Victorian, where the world was viewed as binary, black and white. You need to open your eyes: monochrome is passe.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Jack, what exactly do you mean “your ancestors built” this country? And even if that is literally true(the fact that they had the same skin tone or were from the same continent doesn’t mean anything), it still does not reflect on you in the slightest. You can brag all you want about the European conquest of the Americas, but those conquests were dependent on several factors:

    1. The science and technology of the Islamic world, brought into Spain by the Moors and brought to Europe in general via the Crusades.

    2. The Mongol conquests of the 13th century. These conquests reopened trade routes between Europe and Asia, most notably China, and the effect was immense. Most importantly, once the Middle East had been reconquered by Islam, and the Silk Road more or less shut, the demand for Eastern goods helped spur on exploration for another route to Asia, and we all know where that led.

    So the idea that Europeans did this all on their own, much less the idea that they were able to do this due to some inherit quality linked to those genes which produce the “white” phenotype, is simply laughable.

  • Jack

    Kaba “Jack, you didn’t earn jack!”
    Sure did, just like my ancestors that built this country.
    If it wasn’t for us this land would still be savages in the stone age or a third world sewer like most everything South of the border.
    AMREN will go on, they will just wait for this to die down and change tactics. You will not stop Jared Taylor.

    And, for those that love free speech so much (supposedly) what are you so afraid of?
    You have to use all this force to stop some guys from talking together in a room. If you truly appreciated free speech you would ignore the function.

    The answer is that you are afraid of reality. You know that what is discussed at AMREN reflects reality much better than your twisted version. Therefor you must shut it down.
    If they were all just loons you would not be so afraid of them.

    You are no different than the communist party of the old CCCP. You can not let unfiltered information enter the fray because someone will notice that they are being lied to.

    The more you kick and scream about a bunch of guys having a discussion the more you prove my point.

  • Francis Marion Braidfute

    John (February 17th, 2010 at 10:54 pm)

    Many blacks in South AFrica would like to eliminate whites from Africa. It is known as ‘africa for the africans’.

    Last week I posted a suggestion to the Guardian, that whites and blacks in Africa have an honest conversation, about whether they want whites in Africa or not.

    Lets hold a referendum. Do blacks in African wants whites in Africa. If hte referendum decision is no… all, I would ask as an honourable white, is that the black goverment contact European goverments, and request that such European Goverments take back the whites who are willing to return to the lands of their forefathers, since they are not wanted in Africa.

    Those whites who refuse to return, can at least stay on in the knowledge that they know where they stand.

    The Guardian deleted my suggestion as ‘racist’.

    So are their white people who are willing to sit down and hold an honest conversation about wether they are not wanted in Africa, and if not, to be willing to return to the lands of their European ancestors.

    If blacks and whites are equal, surely blacks are also capable of holding such an honest civil conversation?

    But what is maddening with any conversation with any liberal, is that they refuse to discuss the idea.. it appears that hundreds of ideas are ‘banned’ in liberal thinking… under the ‘racist’ file.. they are censored from public discussion.. and it appears even liberal cognitive thought processes…

  • LaLee

    Thank you Francis, but i already received the same link from a commenter on Nicholas Stix’s blog.

    And my reply to you regarding the link is the same as my reply to him:

    “I’ve read the article on VDARE about the death threat and i notice that it has NO ATTRIBUTABLE LINK.

    Which is curious because any other quotes in that article have attributable link.

    If the quote is real then where’s the link which proves it’s existence?

    If not the link for the quote itself then where’s the link to the google cache of it?”


  • Joseph

    Let’s be honest here folks, what has occured here is that these people (regardless of what you think of their beliefs) have been deprived of the ability to meet even amongst themselves.

    It was not the Hotels being made aware of the tone and nature of the speakers, but brute force and death threats against their workers, boycotts against the hotel, threats of business loss, and protests.

    This is sheer cowardice and keep in mind this is coming from a left libertarian. If you want to dispense of thier ideas, debate them.

  • John

    Taylor appeared on Stormfront Radio, an undisputably, explicably racist and anti-semitic site. Don’t believe me? Just read a few of the filthy posts on this site:

    On the show Taylor praises Stormfront Radio

  • John

    Taylor by the way is a charlatan who does not deal in facts.

    The most ridiculous of his assertions is his alarmism over the apparent imminent extinction of the white race (which number about 1.3 billion worldwide – a little less than East Asians, more than South Asians, and many more than black Africans).

    His, and other WN, claims on white extinction (something that is easily disproved by 5 minutes of research) are widely accepted by WN – which shows the intellectual vacuity of the movement.

    Taylor on African Americans:
    “when blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears. And in a crisis, civilization disappears overnight.”

  • John

    “So we have Jared Taylor, a very polite and articulate individual who courageously stands up for a white collective identity.”

    that is most definitely not. The difference between other ethnic advocacy groups and the WN movement is the former struggle for equality not for supremacy.

    Anyone who has visited the AMREN website will note that a significant proportion of the posters despise non-whites, regard them as subhumans, and most would like to deport them or worst (many of Taylor’s comments point to a mindset that would agree).

    Even other White Nationalists have called Taylor to task for barely camouflaged anti-semitism (his prevarications on Holocaust denial are interesting – refer link).

    I’m afraid some things are beyond debate. Would anyone genuinely support a debate on whether they should live or be killed? Of course not!

    Taylor is not into equality. He believes, and has explicitly stated on many an occassion that America belongs to whites and is for whites only.

    So why should anyone, especially a non-white, then nod and say OK – lets discuss this politely! And if Taylor wins the debate we will happily submit to disenfranchisement?

    Sorry, Taylor is a barely concealed nazi and race supremacist. His movement needs to be hounded (legally of course) out of existence.

    There are plenty of legitimate forums for whites to voice their concerns on immigration, multiculturalism etc.

    Taylors American Renaissance is not one of them.

    Good job on closing the conference.

  • Kaba

    Rusian Amirkhanov, bars also have the right to throw you out just for getting on their nerves. They don’t listen to people screaming about their free speech.

    And neither is anyone else. AmRen is cancelled again. Jack, you didn’t earn jack!

  • Jack

    Where the heck is Tailgunner Joe when we need him?

    Bring back Mccarthy and HUAC!

  • Jack

    To daemonesslisa:
    Well, you can take it somewhere else if you don’t like it. You speds lost this one and it will NOT be the last!

    Wrong. The conference is on. you will not take away their rights just yet.

    And talk about losers, you should be taking a look in the mirror. You’re nothing but a communist.

  • Francis Marion Braidfute


    Here is one link for those impartially minded, if there are any such people here. Enough information for you to pick up the phone and call the hotels, and ask professionally wehther it is true, they cancelled because their employees with threatened with violence.
    * The Saga Of American Renaissance’s 2010 Conference: “Anarcho-Tyranny” In Action

    It is clear that those who wish to enforce multiculturalism on everyone else, are not interested in allowing all people to think for themselves, and make thier own nonviolent choices about whom to associate with and meet with.

    I also used to think multiculturalism was a wonderful concept, and then got married to someone from another culture, He is a good man, and always will be, but our cultures did not mesh. We had an honest conversation, and we parted, and I hold him no animosity whatsoever.

    I support him being happy with someone who shares his cultural beliefs; and he feels the same towards me.

    But the multiculturalistis would prefer to force us to be together, to pretend that our cultures were not different and to pretend that we were happy. They would be more happy if we were two-faced hypocrites and unhappy; than if we parted on honourable and ethical terms, after having had an honest conversation.. to be with someone who shared our cultural values.

    One of the greatest things that has pushed me away from the concept of multiculturalism, has been those who consider multiculturalism the most superior of all cultures, and thereby force all people from all cultures to have to choose between their own culture and multiculturalism. At the end of the day, an honest impartial analysis of multiculturalism shows it as an ideology of ideological supremacy, like few other.

    While American Renaissance adherents may study their culture’s differences to another, and debate between themselves what that means, and how to improve their cultural values, and how to avoid making the mistakes other cultures may have made…thereby attmepting to enrich their culture

    While Native Americans who wish to keep their culture pure, by excluding those who do not share their culture, for fear that the dilution of their culture is not good for their people…

    Multiculturalists have no particularl cultural values, except for ‘multiculturalism is superior to all cultures’…

    American Renaissance guys may only think themselves superior to blacks, or mexicans… Black Nationalists may consider htemselves superior to neo-nazis…

    But multiculturalists consider htemselves superior to ALL CULTURES!

    That is how culturally racists multiculturalists are!

    So, it was only once I stepped back and took a look at this behaviour of multiculturalists supremacists.. that i began to wonder what it was about people taking personal pride in their own culture, and wanting to better it… and to acknowledge the differences and superiorities and inferiorities of cultures, and thereby encourage cultures to grow..; that they hated with such vehemence.. that they wanted to forcefully suppress?

  • skinnyminny

    Francis, You are right again, boycott does not mean threatening to kill someone!

    However, did it occur to you that maybe your ‘peaceful’ side called in the threats in order to gain sympathy from people like you?

    Did it occur to you that maybe the threats were “if you cancel this…..”

    “Fear” seems to be the platform your groups’ and like-minded people. Fear seems to be how politicians are selling their ideas to the masses, i.e. a Democrat made the following statement along these lines, “Congress don’t FEAR the president, so that’s why he can’t get things done.” Really?

    I know that some people have the mentality that Fear is a motivator, maybe for some, but not for all. IMO, people who act out of fear usually do things they come to regret!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Bars are in the business of selling alcohol, yet they reserve the right not to sell to anyone for any reason. Hotels are private businesses, and their primary business, in case you hadn’t heard, is to provide lodging for travelers.

  • daemonesslisa

    Threatening violence? Sounds a lot like the “but they did it too” BS that typical bullies whine often enough.

    So either you jerks provide a CREDIBLE link, or get f’n lost!

  • Jack

    The conference is on:

    Jared Taylor will not be shut down.

    Oh, BTW Philip, we hold that position by having earned it, something the left has no concept or understanding of.

  • LaLee

    “But, it appears American Renaissance was stopped from meeting by people who pretend to be ‘nonviolent’, who used violent threats of murder… to shut down a nonviolent conference.”

    Francis, do you have any proof of this “violent threats of murder”?

    I assume you’re a christian so if i may i would like to remind you that false witness is not only a crime it’s also a sin.

  • Shadow Wolf

    “Death threats” or not, but regardless, I’ll say that the White Man’s 4 star hotel in D.C. did the right thing by cancelling the “Am Ren” conference. I wholeheartly agreed to it that the threantening of death upon the employees of the White Man’s 4 star hotel is wrong. But boycotts, threatening to walk out by non-White employees as well as protests outside the 4 star hotel are also effective methods. Sure, there is never a shortage of workers. But at least it will slow down business for the day hence–rendering a message that catering to the White Supremacists is bad for business. And the White Man’s 4 star hotel acquiring a reputation that could affect their business. But its highly unlikely.

    Um…..maybe that was a bad idea.


  • Kaba

    Nikki Stix:

    The reason why we are against AmRen is because they and their supporters are either defending or pretending they don’t recognize the ideology that stifled the rights of nonwhite, nonchristian Americans, so please spare us the lecture on what we have the right to do. I, for one, don’t trust your judgment.

  • Russ

    Note to Lefty Loons: The scumbags involved in silencing these men, did so by threatening violence, not “economic sanctions.”

  • Marcus

    Hotels and meeting places, Rusian, are in the business of providing a forum for people to meet. I ask you again — do people with ideas that you consider reprehensible have a right to assemble peaceably? If yes, why would you punish a corporation for engaging in commerce that facilitates that right?

  • Francis Marion Braidfute

    Correct me if I am wrong…

    There ain’t any problem with a ‘boycott’ but I did not know ‘boycott’ meant you call the hotel and threaten to kill them?

    I thought ‘boycott’ meant you go and stand outside the hotel with a sign that says… “I won’t rent your rooms, and I will nonviolently advocate others don’t rent your rooms’?

    American Renaissance was meeting nonviolently; if you don’t like their ideas… discuss their ideas, find evidence — not emotional blackmail — EVIDENCE, that their ideas are wrong, and share such with them; or many other nonviolent ways of discussion or advocacy, or nonviolent boycotting too..

    But, it appears American Renaissance was stopped from meeting by people who pretend to be ‘nonviolent’, who used violent threats of murder… to shut down a nonviolent conference…

    This truly is a sad day for America….

    There are many people’s ideas I may not like… and if I a moved to do something I can arrange a protest, I can write a letter and boycott the company that supports them, or I can do many nonviolent things!

    What does it say about me, if I phone the company and threaten to kill the company who allows anyone who disagrees with my views, to hold a nonviolent meeting?

    What kind of person would I be, if I did something like that?

    Either tolernace, means you tolerate those whom you vehementaly disagree with.. or tolernace means sweet nothing!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Well Marcus, why should customers feel compelled to give their money to companies which associate with things they don’t like? Freedom of Speech in the Constitution says that Congress cannot abridge your right to free speech, assembly, etc. It has little to no bearing on private individuals and organizations.

  • Marcus

    Either people with reprehensible ideas have a right to peacefully assemble, or they do not. The economic boycott issue is a red herring. Why should a company be penalized for hosting a racist conference? I repeat: either people with reprehensible ideas have a right to peacefully assemble in this country, or they do not.

    One more incident to illustrate the fact that leftists are the most intolerant people in America.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Rob, perhaps you can explain why, if America is so dominated by political correctness, one of the most popular shows is South Park? In fact take some time and count how many venues in the media express viewpoints similar to yours on a regular basis. In fact count all the books as well as radio and television programs which helped form your own political beliefs? Do you see anything strange? If America is dominated by political correctness- why is Fox News still on the air, and according to its own anchors, doing quite well? Why has the right dominated talk radio for so long? In other words, give up the phony persecution routine.

    People like you have far more access to the media. The Tea Parties have gained far more attention and credit than the anti-war movement, which routinely held much larger rallies and was also international as well. Leftists who voiced concerns about Obama or downright opposed him were shut out of many debates.

    Also Rob, maybe you could explain precisely what “multiculturalism”. Because when you speak about “whites” banding together, you are essentially advancing multiculturalism by definition. You would be laughed out of Europe if you ran around telling people that they should forget their cultural differences and identify as “white”.

  • Philip


    You posts reveals your ignorance. You claim that minorities and Jews are at fault for there racial awareness, without realizing that that awareness was the result of the majority white population putting that awareness upon them.

    White people (I am one of them) have only been “universalist” because of their privilege position. And that statement only holds if you ignore the Jim Crow South where race was VERY important.

    Consider Rudyard Kiplings “A White Man’s Burden”, written in 1899, before the “Political correctness” era. Even the relatively enlightened Kipling is very racially aware in his definitions of race and his view of the superiority of white people.

    To say that white racial awareness is some new phenomenon forced on whites by the evil minorities and not a long standing historical trend is outright stupid. You might as well be arguing the Amish are forcing a technological awareness on others as well.

    Jared Taylor is a bigot, and his polite way of speaking does not change the fact. Amren runs plenty of articles against interracial dating and interaction and selectively cutting mainstream articles to skew it against minorities.

    The key to being a good con is to not appear to be a con. Amren simply exists for one purpose, and that is to apply a thin academic veneer to the same bigoted ideas thrown out by the less articulate Klan and Nazis who rally in uniform.

  • Nicholas Stix

    To Kaba, daemonesslisa, Karen Haynes, rlo, Parker Land, Snorlax, skinnyminny and LaLee,

    If you lefties have the moral higher ground, as you always insist that you do, how come all you ever do is lie, lie, lie? The hotel didn’t cancel, because hosting the event was bad for business; it lost out on thousands of dollars in business. It was cancelled, due to death threats. I hate to break it to you, but there’s no First Amendment right to threaten to murder people.


    “‘Obama’ and Holder are Victorious, as Communist and Anarchist Terrorists Use Death Threats to Shut Down American Renaissance Conference”

  • LaLee

    What “violent demands”?

    Do the anti racist held a parade with sheets over their head or burning crosses?

    First amendment goes both ways.

    You have every right to have meeting where you can express yourself but those who disagree have the right to boycott your meeting.

    Would you feel the same way if for example Disneyland refused to held a gay pride parade because of pro family values group boycott?

  • skinnyminny

    Francis Marion Braidute,

    You are so right! And actually, I made some pretty nasty comments to some of the nasty posters, which I shouldn’t have. My apologies to the good posters here, as well, SPLC. I guess I bit into their solicitation – yet, at the same time it appears when you ignore them, they take it as a sign of weakness and get more bold and vocal.

    Yes, it is great to see that this was canceled. Racism is ugly and sometimes it takes one to experience it to understand the hurt and pain it causes.

  • Kan

    Thank God I live in Africa, we would have had that conference here and it would not even have been controversial. When I first learned about left wing progressive white liberals I thought it was a joke, I did not no such stupid people existed.

  • Snorlax

    Somebody call Francis a waaaahh-mbulance.

    Fascist tbugs whining life is unfair …LOL!!

    Cry me a river.

  • Carrie

    These anti racist extremists are fanatical and dangerous. They are also among many in this country who truly hate our freedoms. It isn’t muslims who attack the first and second amendment, nor do they have the power to take those rights from us. It is people within our own country

  • AmRen sympathizer

    THIS INTOLERANCE MUST END!!!! The people who are responsible for this are un-American thugs. When was the last time anyone connected with American Renaissance attempted to silence the voices of anti-racist advocacy groups? Here is hoping that the left-wing gets a taste of its own medicine in the future, hopefully similar threats will be made to hotels that agree to host progressive events in the DC area.

  • Parker Land

    Francis, an incorrect reading of the events. The American Renaissance group can still meet, but the Manassas venues apparently made a decision that was in their self-interest: hosting the conference would hurt the bottom line.

    I hope the the conference planners understand that racism is not acceptable to businesses who hope to stay in business. I suspect the planners would rather whine about their rights being abridged, when in fact they simply lost an economic scrimmage.

  • rlo

    No – just as people have a right to free speech, others also have the right to persuade entities from supporting said free speech. Hotels have every much a right to refuse someone to meet there as people have the right to spew ignorant racist bile.

  • Karen Haynes

    Can anyone understand what Francis is trying to say?

  • daemonesslisa

    Fox Nation? Yep, they do have pretty violent supremacist demands like killing immigrants, the President and all other Democratics.

    Oh, you meant the SPLC?

    Well, you can take it somewhere else if you don’t like it. You speds lost this one and it will NOT be the last!

    Unlike the teabaggers, holocaust-deniers, birthers, deathers, and other assorted losers, the rest of the country continues to evolve and has had just about ENOUGH of your kind holding progress back! Crawl back under your respective rocks if you can’t take it, we won’t miss you!

  • Kaba

    Except you had one guy on Facebook who said, and I quote: “Yes, let’s have some violent reaction to it. I live near D.C.” He was supporting AmRen.

  • Rob

    If you think these top-down repressive measures are changing the hearts and minds of the increasingly radicalized white population out here, you are mistaken.

    The Tea Party people are noticing that political correctness targets a very specific population — whites.

    Before America was “transformed” into a multicult globalist economic zone, most whites weren’t too enthusiastic about thinking themselves in racial terms. There were some obvious racialists — the segregationists, the klanners and such, but most American whites were more universalist rather than particularist.

    Multiculturalism has brought us a plethora of ethnic particularisms and millions of ethnic particularists, from La Raza to Hassidim to the sight of blacks voting 90% for Barack Obama. Looks like whites better starting playing the ethnic particularist game, or be elbowed out of the diminishing spoils of an increasingly corrupt and declining society.

    So we have Jared Taylor, a very polite and articulate individual who courageously stands up for a white collective identity. He talks about a legitimate conflict of interest.

    People who are not aware of the white advocacy movement are more liable to feel desperate and alone and commit some kind of violent act; people who feel they are part of a larger movement that is working in their interests, that provides them a non-violent outlet to act in their ethnic interests, are unlikely to commit violence.

    It astonishes me that they shut down someone as innocuous and decent as Jared Taylor. We absolutely have a right to meet and discuss our interests.

    It seems like no one on the Left understand basic political dynamics. Repressing something makes it stronger. It radicalizes those who are repressed.

    Jared Taylor is going to get a lot of donations as a result of shutting down his conference. A lot of people are going to notice, “So this is the one thing that’s not allowed.”

  • Francis Marion Braidfute

    Appears those who profess ‘tolerance’, non-violence and ‘peace’, have intellectually-supremacist violent demands those who don’t share their perspectives are not allowed to meet nonviolently…

    Hypocrisy sure is alive and well in the intolerant tolerance hypocrisy on steroids movement ain’t it?