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Local Clubs the Answer for Racist Group’s Conference Woes?

By Larry Keller on February 23, 2010 - 11:23 am, Posted in Academic Racism

Fresh off American Renaissance’s embarrassing debacle last week in which it was forced to cancel its biannual confab of academic racists and other extremists, one of the white nationalist group’s members has proposed a solution that can circumvent nervous hoteliers in the future.

Chicago lawyer and American Renaissance member Reilly Smith, writing in the current issue of American Renaissance’s magazine, says that he and three others formed Chicagoland Friends of AR a few years ago, and he provides tips on how like-minded people who wish to be “free from the chains of racial orthodoxy” can do the same in their communities.

Smith’s piece was penned before American Renaissance was forced to cancel its three-day conference scheduled last weekend in Washington, D.C. when a hotel pulled the rug out from under its reservation. He sees American Renaissance clubs as supplementing, not replacing, the conferences that have been held since 1994. But in light of what happened last week, plus the troubles that have dogged other white supremacists trying to book hotel meeting rooms, Smith may have described the future of American Renaissance.

Four hotels in three months rescinded agreements to let American Renaissance conduct its latest conference, whose 10 speakers were to include British National Party chairman Nick Griffin. Those cancellations occurred after anti-racists called the hotels to explain the nature of the conference and lodge complaints. American Renaissance claims some callers made death threats.

American Renaissance’s leader and self-described “race realist” Jared Taylor isn’t the first white nationalist to encounter such problems. In November 2008, David Duke’s EURO — European American Unity and Rights Organization — was banished from a Memphis-area hotel just days before it was to host a three-day conference there, after the hotel cited safety concerns arising from the furor created by the conference. EURO scrambled to find another hotel, but the conference was shortened to one day. Some previous American Renaissance conferences also were targeted by demonstrators but not canceled.

Taylor had even resorted this time around to trying to keep the name and location of at least one of the conference venues secret from the public in order to avoid protests. That’s a ploy that has been used repeatedly by Holocaust denier David Irving when he gives talks around the country.

American Renaissance member Smith’s advocacy of clubs in various cities may be an appealing option for Taylor. Smith wrote that his group meets monthly at “Eurocentric” restaurants with meeting rooms in Chicago and its suburbs. The Chicago club has grown to the point where its meetings have speakers, including Taylor and Williams Regnery II. Regnery is the founder of the Charles Martel Society, which publishes The Occidental Quarterly, a far-right race journal. Smith provides no hint as to how many members he has.

American Renaissance even helps fledgling club presidents by telling them how many of the magazine’s subscribers live in their area. The parent organization will then assist them in contacting the subscribers.

Among Smith’s helpful tips is how to “keep out Leftist spies and other riff-raff.” His advice: “The Left is terrified of people like us, and probably thinks we would shoot anyone who turned up without a sheet or an armband. In any case, a lefty trying to sound like a ‘racist’ is practically a comedy routine and very easy to see through.” He also told of the time that “rough-looking, tattooed types” showed up at one of his club’s meetings and invited everybody to a party they were organizing to celebrate Adolph Hitler’s birthday. “I think our very down-to-earth, unmistakably middle-class demeanor put them off; they never came back,” Smith wrote. But, he hastened to add, “we are an ‘inclusive’ group.”

Smith imagines the day when there is a network of American Renaissance clubs that sponsor public debates and bring speakers to a library or college. “In time, we can bypass the Left’s stranglehold on the media, and more and more people will find the confidence to promote the principled white racial consciousness that is necessary for our race, for our civilization and for our very survival,” he wrote.

There is some evidence that Taylor has already been forced to adopt some of Smith’s strategy. He and about three dozen others who were to attend the American Renaissance conference on Saturday did in fact meet, according to a source. The new venue: the back room of an Italian restaurant.

  • daemonesslisa

    Forcing anything underground is always a bad thing because the public won’t know that the little things are happening until the bigger, most destructive things happen.

    But in reality, it’s now impossible because of the internet; nothing can remain ‘underground’ as long as someone has a camera and internet access. And they WILL post their work.

  • CM

    They hold their meetings by reserving in a public place, but it is still inclusive of the white only crowd. They kept their location semi-private until it was canceled. Even then just a very few inclusive, as they say, held their meeting in a private setting. David yeagley was livid when he found out he was ousted or not given notice….he is still crying on his blog about the secret meeting and location. Yet he still supports them. They didn’t want him there, that is clear as the nose on his face! He has an open letter to Eric Holder blasting him and wanting him to do something about this cancelled meeting and even asked him to Host one for the American Reniassance since he wants the Race to be Open for Discussion. Yeagly can’t get it thru his thick German skull that Holder was speaking for ALL Races to be openly discussed not ‘ FOR WHITES ONLY, FOR THEIR WHITE CHILDREN ONLY!’ His hatred for the Black Americans, especially our first ever Black President will not cease!


  • LaTrice

    I don’t care if these groups hold their meetings at hotels, but I think the hotel should post the name of the organization on their websites, so people will be aware of what is going on, should they want to make reservations.

  • CM

    I wonder if they consider david yeagley a comedy? He was listed as a speaker and is livid that it is canceled calling them communists who did that. I would make him prove himself by sponsoring a meeting on the sioux reservation in S.D. The sioux love him says his only surviving Indian on his Badeagle. She loves him and kisses his feet and fights his fights. Betty Ann Owens Gross is 1/2 white and less sioux just as yeagley is less than 1/8 Comanche and is more German/white and thus accepted into this NOT exclusive but inclusive group of racists. When he wants he ignores his one drop blood theme…….


  • Robert Madewell

    You know, as much as I hate white-supremacy, I still think these guys should be allowed to have their conference. Of course, they are not being banned by the government, but by private businesses who don’t want the negative PR and don’t want to be associated with hate groups. (I can’t blame them.) However, their difficulty in booking a venue is going to feed the ‘persecution complex’ that groups like this have.

    Besides, being banned could force their activities underground and I like it that information about such groups are publicly available.