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Conspiracy Buff Triumphs Over Marital Troubles, Satan to Appear on Airwaves Again

By Larry Keller on February 24, 2010 - 5:18 pm, Posted in Conspiracies

OK, the marital split of Dave vonKleist and Joyce Riley didn’t generate the national buzz of Tom and Nicole or Lucy and Desi. But devoted listeners of the far-right, conspiracy-laced “The Power Hour” certainly noticed last year when Dave departed as suddenly a patriot whisked away to a detention camp in the middle of the night. His wife, Riley, informed listeners in May that the couple had been separated for a year and that Dave had been doing the shows by phone hundreds of miles away. Why, it was like learning that Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon was in fact a jaunt on a movie set. Worse, after nearly 10 years, Dave would no longer being doing the show with Joyce at all.

“The Power Hour” is a syndicated radio program originating from Versailles, Mo., that features interviews with guests who warn of a coming economic calamity, the dangers of implanted microchips, religious topics and perceived assaults on the Constitution. The program also includes lots of spiels for alternative medicines and herbal remedies that are sold on its website.

Since Dave’s departure, Joyce has been hosting the show alone. But Dave’s music — patriotic ditties and political satirical numbers — as well as two 9-11 conspiracy DVDs he produced,  “9-11In Plane Site” and “9-11 Ripple Effect,” can still be purchased on “The Power Hour’s” website.

In addition to 9-11 cover-ups, Dave thinks a good deal about Satan and corporations, which he suggests are one and the same. He told a conference last year that corporations “are pathological murderers.” He added, “Is it possible The Beast in Revelations is the corporation? Is it possible The Beast is a corporate entity?”

After his abrupt departure from his own show, Dave seemingly vanished. He re-emerged last month, co-hosting “American Freedom Report” on American Freedom Radio, based in Round Rock, Texas. The other host, Brent Johnson, is described on the station’s website as a “truly modern day freedom fighter” and the author of The American Sovereign: How to Live Free from Government Regulation and The Quiet Voice of God.

The duo’s guests this month have included such far-right stalwarts as Swift boater and birther author Jerome Corsi, “10 Commandments judge” Roy Moore and Harlem pastor James David Manning, who, among other anti-Obama rantings, has said the president should be tried for treason. And so far, not a single Satanic corporate sponsor.

  • Jimmy Walter

    I am surprised at the extremist view of this organization that all people who question 911 are either potential terrorists/racists or nuts. Richard Gage has assembled 1000 Architects and Engineers who challenge the offical story of how the buildings collapsed. Are they nuts? Racists? Revolutionaries?

    This cheap shot at someone’s marriage difficulties has all the ear marks of a racist attack on Vonkleist.

  • Emma


  • The Exaggerator

    The idea of equating His Satanic Majesty with Corporate America, isn’t that a bit queer, let alone far-fetched?

    (Almost on the same plane as implying that the defence of free-market capitalism is interconnected with that of American sovereignty and sovereign identity “antient and peculiar,” and that the defence of one is likewise that of the other.)