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Microchip Implantation Feared as Sign of End Times

By Sonia Scherr on February 25, 2010 - 7:36 pm, Posted in Conspiracies, Patriot

Virginians who fret about being forcibly implanted with microchips were likely disappointed this week.

A state bill that passed the House would have made it illegal for employers or insurance companies to require that the human tracking devices be embedded in people. Violators would have faced a $500 fine. The bill died in a Senate subcommittee on Feb. 23.

The bill’s sponsor, Mark L. Cole (R-Fredericksburg), said he was motivated by privacy concerns, along with fears that the microchips could become the dreaded mark predicted in the Book of Revelation, according to The Washington Post. “My understanding — I’m not a theologian — but there’s a prophecy in the Bible that says you’ll have to receive a mark, or you can neither buy nor sell things in end times,” he told the Post. “Some people think these computer chips might be that mark.”

Linking the mark to microchips isn’t uncommon on the Christian Right, according to Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research at the Anti-Defamation League. Some members of conservative denominations that believe in end times theology have long seen identification devices as indicators of the biblical “mark of the beast.”

But microchip paranoia is also rampant in the antigovernment Patriot movement, Pitcavage said. Patriots worry that electronic tracking devices — from microchips to product bar codes to rental vehicle monitoring systems — could be used by an evil government to track and control people. “It combines privacy concerns with conspiracy theories,” said Pitcavage, adding that he’s no fan of the idea of implanted microchips himself.

Sometimes the microchip fears from the Christian Right and the Patriot movement overlap. That can lead to bizarre speculation, such as the notion that the Anti-Christ is linked to the New World Order, a Patriot conspiracy theory referring to one-world government. A YouTube video reflecting this phenomenon, titled The Microchip Mark of the Beast (666), warns that the microchip will include information about an individual’s fingerprints, DNA, eye scan, financial status and personal history. On the video, which has been viewed nearly 600,000 times, a disembodied voice intones: “Gun owners. Christians. Conservatives. Libertarians. Liberals. Anybody that doesn’t go along with global new world tyranny will be watched, will be controlled, will be tracked. The new world order gang has a reason they want to control you.”

None other than Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber with militia ties, told his Michigan neighbors in the early 1990s that he’d had a microchip implanted in his buttocks. However, he later claimed he was only trying to exploit their gullibility and, in fact, was referring to a booster shot he’d received in the Army, according to American Terrorist, a biography of McVeigh.

Those disappointed with the microchip outcome in Virginia can still look to Tennessee, where state legislation is pending that would ban the unauthorized implantation of the devices. Like Cole, Rep. Susan Lynn, the bill’s sponsor, has equated the microchips with the “mark of the beast.” But during an impassioned speech earlier this month in front of a House subcommittee, Lynn veered into Patriot territory by comparing the specter of microchip implantation to the treatment of Nazi concentration camp victims. “The people that were taken into concentration camps, they were marked on their body. They were tattooed,” she said, according to the Nashville Scene blog Pith. “That wasn’t repulsive simply because they were innocents. … That was repulsive because the government was actually altering, labeling their body, and we realize it is a violation of civil rights to have the government do this against your will.”

  • Michael Williams

    A great book to read on this subject is “THE FREEDOM CHIP”. It presents a fictional yet realistic view of the possibility of the implementation of a global microchip human implantation program. It is currently posted on The story seeks to enlighten and generate real open and honest discussions on the issue of microchip implantations in humans. It reminds us to remain contantly vigilant of the current encroachment of the present liberties and freedoms we now take for granted. Whether we are guided by our faith, morals, or ethics, we should not close our eyes to this pending chip implantation scheme.

  • joe

    The problem is people who believe in the bible are not suppose to believe in conspiracy theories and are not to make there own prophecies, even if they think they are true. They are moving away from god.

  • Christian Peper

    Frankly, I don’t understand how wanting the government not to chip you is a conspiracy theory. These chips are old technology and already many have been chipped. I see in the near future sex offenders former prisoners will be forced to have these chips. We must stand up for the civil rights of all people including convicts.

  • Top Secret

    Well don’t ask for help from the ACLU if you find yourself a victim of government implantation.

    They didn’t help me. I guess one persons Constitutional Rights aren’t as important as a foreign prisoner at GITMO.



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  • Me

    I don’t think the microchips would be a restriction on freedom or are part of some “New World Order”, but I do think that if they made microchips with health information, like your name, allergies, and medication you are on, and made the implants voluntary, they could help save lives. If you are found lost in the woods, and you need to go to the hospital, being about to scan your chip and know which meds they can give you might save your life.

  • Repubs Suck

    Oh, for Christ’s sakes! Next thing we’ll hear from the Religious Right is dogs and cats are going to form armies, take all guns, have their own single payer healthcare for all, reduce the recession, create jobs…you know, just like they say the left is going to send us to Hell.

  • Andre

    This website is just another tool for the New World Order to brainwash people into believing that anyone who questions anything, is a terrorist.

    People need to wake up! We are being controlled by a handful of Global Elite Bankers whose soul purpose is to destroy all sovereign nations, including the United States in favor of a One World Tyrannical Government. Just follow the money trail. Search history. See for yourself.

    Fact is the IRS is not a government agency, much like the Federal Reserve. Its’ an independent agency installed by the elite to control people by means of taxes, furthering the deliberate theft our God given liberties.

    Investigate the facts…. Don’t believe the state controlled media of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc… All these so called news outlets are controlled and regulated by the same owners. It’s ALL propaganda designed to enslave the masses and cause even more strife and division with their false “left” vs. “right” parydime.

    If you want real news, go to independent news outlets who are not edited and filtered by corporations.

    Wake UP! The New World Order’s plan to create a One World Government System is fast approaching. Don’t take my word for it, do your own independent research today!

    Search on Youtube. Type in ENDGAME: Blueprint For Global Enslavement. 9/11: Press For Truth, Loose Change, The Obama Deception, FEMA Camps, Fall of the Republic: Presidency of Barack Obama., Monopoly Men, AMERICA: From Freedom to Fascism.

    Also go to or Get educated.

    There are literally 1,000’s of fact filled documentaries that were made to inform and wake people up to the NWO.

    Everything you need to know is Online. That is why the Elite are trying to regulate and control the Internet, because “They” know that this is the only real source for citizens to get facts about their agenda.

    Think I’m crazy? Well thats easy to say. ” Oh this guy is Nuts” I’m not going to listen to this guy!

    Well, that’s the easy way out… Just excuse what I say and dismiss it as “conspiracy”.

    Well, its NOT Conspiracy, It’s FACTS.

    I used to be in the dark too and denied, denied, denied until I started to investigate everything myself and I woke up to the madness in this world.

  • Snorlax

    “you could already be wearing one that is sending out and collecting info on you now.”

    WalMart has RFIDs on all their inventory. There is an RFID under development that is woven into clothes.

    You COULD be wearing one. Really.

    And once they integrate the RFID into the product, you’ll never even know.

  • Snorlax

    “Have you ever noticed that there is an element of non-consensual anal probing in the ‘mother ship’?”

    What do you mean non?

    Proctologists and getting scoped are expensive. E.T. doesn’t charge a $100 hospital copay.

    Beam me up! 8^)

  • Dorothy Wright

    Nanotechnology has made it possible to put them in your pills. Wake up, you could already be wearing one that is sending out and collecting info on you now.

  • Carter

    This particular paranoia has been around for a great many years. They have been the star of legend and song, whispered discussions and bumper stickers. Just because a technology is available does NOT mean a country is going to spend millions to use it..

    Manny people have a “red flag” when speaking with others. The microchip in my skin or abducted my aliens was mine.
    Have you ever noticed that the overwhelming majority of folk who get chips and abductions are white people? Have you ever noticed that there is an element of no-consensual anal probing in the “mother ship”?

    Chips, sex, bright lights, the loss of one’s will all are featured. It sounds like a trip to Las Vagas on a bender.

    Most of these chips are the size of an SMD (surface Mounted Device) but could easily be picked out and even seen as they are man-made shapes, etc.

    I think that nay people who write here may have a chip or two. “They” put them in your back so you can’t see them very easily.

    There are a lot of good jokes about chips and the posters here. But I like it when they don’t agree and a few folks get the dander up to talk about the secret code in the “Jewish “bible”. When I was a kid they spoke about fluoridated water being a secret plan to get Snorax to vote for Bush 1 and 2…..or Ruslan Amirkhanov to misspell word after word….

    The whole thing is laughable but sort of sad that so many Americans honestly believe that garbage. You could think up “chippers” story-lines for years.

  • Snorlax

    These microchips actually do exist. And they’ve been planting them in people, but only voluntarily.

    When Grandpa gets senile and starts getting lost on long walks, you can track him down. 8^)

    They’ve been using these chips on pets for years. Collars with ID tags can break or fall off. The chip never does.

    These are okay voluntarily, but if the government or big business wants to put one in ME…they’ll be putting it in my dead body.

    Liberal Democrats aren’t the type to put chips in people. The neocon GOP would, though. They okayed torture, they’ll do anything evil.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Good idea; stupid motive.