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Haitian-Oriented Radio Station Has Surprising New Host

By Larry Keller on February 10, 2010 - 6:10 pm, Posted in White Nationalism

How’s this for white supremacist irony? Derek Black, son of founder Don Black and friend of ex-Klansman David Duke, began broadcasting a twice-weekly program on Tuesday on a South Florida news/talk radio station with a large Haitian audience.

Derek Black, who turns 21 this month, is hosting a one-hour show on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at WPBR, an AM station in Lake Worth, a racially diverse city in Palm Beach County, Florida. He’s paying $275 a week for the air time.

WPBR’s programs are in French from 1 p.m. to 6 a.m. — 17  straight hours — mostly for the benefit of Haitian listeners, station manager Marcus Pierrelouis told Hatewatch. Seven hours of programming, between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m., are in English. Black has the 10-11 a.m. slot for his two days.

For his debut program on Tuesday, Black was scheduled to have Gordon Baum as his guest. Baum, an attorney, is co-founder and CEO of the racist Council of Conservative Citizens, which has routinely denigrated blacks as “genetically inferior” and once accused non-white immigrants of turning America into a “slimy brown mass of glop.” After an earthquake pulverized portions of Haiti last month, the CCC’s website illustrated a report on the event with an engraving of a white man being hanged by blacks, presumably in Haiti. Derek Black has attended some of the CCC’s national conferences. ( continue to full post… )

Gays Should Face Legal Sanctions, Says American Family Association Radio Host

By Sonia Scherr on February 9, 2010 - 11:37 am, Posted in Anti-LGBT

People in same-sex relationships should face the same penalties as heroin users.

Just ask Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association (AFA), an ultraconservative religious right group. In a Jan. 29 response to an E-mail from a listener to his “Focal Point” radio program, Fischer suggests that “we impose the same sanctions on those who engage in homosexual behavior as we do on those who engage in intravenous drug abuse, since both pose the same kind of risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. If you believe that what drug abusers need is to go into an effective detox program, then we should likewise put active homosexuals through an effective reparative therapy program.”

Never mind that drug abuse is illegal, whereas the Supreme Court ruled in 2003 that states cannot ban private gay sex between consenting adults. ( continue to full post… )

Anti-Racists Work to Kill American Renaissance Conference

By Sonia Scherr on February 8, 2010 - 12:16 pm, Posted in White Nationalism

Activists have persuaded two Washington D.C.-area hotels to cancel their bookings for a conference of the racist American Renaissance magazine, raising the ire of the gathering’s white nationalist organizer, Jared Taylor.

So displeased is Taylor that he’s been publicly sparring with the leader of Responsible for Equality and Liberty (R.E.A.L.), an all-volunteer human rights group that’s been campaigning against the American Renaissance conference. “You claim to be motivated by love and to be ‘uncompromising in the defense of universal human rights,’” Taylor wrote Jeffrey Imm in a recent letter posted on the American Renaissance website. “Yet, you have done your best to make it impossible for my publication, American Renaissance, to hold its bienniel [sic] conference.”

Scheduled this year for Feb. 19-21 in Herndon, Va., the jacket-and-tie affair has traditionally featured prominent racists as speakers, including far-right British National Party chairman Nick Griffin, former Klan lawyer Sam Dickson, eugenics advocate J. Philippe Rushton, and Taylor, a Yale graduate who wrote after Hurricane Katrina that “when blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.” Participants have included former Klan leader David Duke and an assortment of neo-Nazis. But the conference recognizes that not all who participate are high-profile white nationalists and gives attendees the option of using a pseudonym to conceal their identities.

The conference hasn’t been so adept at keeping its own true nature under wraps. In November, the Washington Dulles Marriott refused to host the event (which had been booked by Taylor’s New Century Foundation, parent of American Renaissance magazine) after R.E.A.L. founder Imm, who lives in the D.C. area, contacted the hotel with information about the group’s white nationalist ideology.  In January, the Westin Washington Dulles Hotel followed suit after they heard from Imm and other activists. Imm has also called other nearby hotels to let them know about American Renaissance, making it difficult for Taylor to find a conference venue. “Obviously, we hit a nerve,” Imm told Hatewatch. “I think he was counting on the ignorance of other hotels in the area.” ( continue to full post… )

‘Patriot’ Vendors Hawking Their Own Coins – Again

By Sonia Scherr on February 5, 2010 - 5:35 pm, Posted in Patriot Groups

Move over George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt and, especially, Abraham Lincoln. There’s a new set of national leaders for America’s currency: conspiracy-monger and syndicated radio host Alex Jones, ardent Federal Reserve opponent and conspiracy-obsessed documentarian G. Edward Griffin, and 2008 presidential candidate and End the Fed author Ron Paul.

While you won’t find ATMs spitting out cash adorned with these Patriot heroes, their images can be found on silver and gold coins for sale at websites such as Silver Source Northwest and Freedom Mint (part of Echoing a common belief within the antigovernment “Patriot” movement, these sites assert that the coins (they call them “rounds”) will retain their value because they’re made from precious metals — unlike the paper money issued by the U.S. Federal Reserve that many Patriots view as worthless. “It is critical to you, your family, and your community that you protect your purchasing power from the continually devaluing dollar,” states the Silver Source Northwest website.

But be warned: To buy these coins, you’ll still need plenty of greenbacks, also known as U.S. Federal Reserve notes (FRNs, in the contemptuous language of many on the radical right). An Alex Jones silver piece sells for $50 on the Freedom Mint site (plus $5 shipping and handling). Given Jones’ achievements — which include waking “millions to the message that our Republic is falling prey to the will of the globalist world controllers,” according to the Freedom Mint — fans may want to spring for the gold piece, which costs $2,000 (plus $20 shipping and handling). A copper piece is available for $8. At Silver Source Northwest, proponents of “voluntary barter currency,” can purchase a variety of 1-ounce silver coins, including the Jefferson Davis Dixie Dollar ($24.61), the Talk Radio Patriot ($24.61), the Dick Cheney NeoCoin ($23.61) and the George Bush NeoCoin ($23.61).

Although the Freedom Mint coins are billed as “sound money,” buyers will likely be disappointed if they try to use them at their local retail store. And the tale of Bernard von NotHaus, creator of the “inflation proof” Liberty Dollar that’s purportedly backed by gold or silver, may also give them pause. In 2006, the U.S. Mint declared that circulating Liberty Dollars is a federal crime and raided the company’s Evansville, Ind., headquarters. In a case that’s still pending in federal court in North Carolina, Von NotHaus (whose other ventures include starting the Free Marijuana Church of Honolulu) and three associates were arrested last June on charges of fraud and conspiracy in connection with their scheme to sell the counterfeit coins for profit. As part of their release terms, a federal judge barred then from distributing the pieces. A note on Von NotHaus’s website informs readers that “the Liberty Dollar is closed and not taking any orders until the trial is over. … Thanks for your support to return value to America — one Liberty Dollar at a time.”

Gun Rights Advocates to March Against Phantom Threat

By Larry Keller on February 1, 2010 - 6:57 pm, Posted in Patriot

Public support for gun control has been steadily declining, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued a ruling that strengthens an individual’s right to own firearms and President Obama has said nothing to suggest he will take on gun-rights enthusiasts.

No matter.

Gun rights advocates, including some in the antigovernment “Patriot” movement for whom the specter of gun restrictions is a recurring theme, are planning to march in Washington, D.C., and some individual states on April 19.

Speakers scheduled for the “Second Amendment March” in D.C. include

  • Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, a conspiracy-minded, antigovernment organization composed mostly of active-duty police and military officers and veterans;
  • Richard Mack, a former Arizona sheriff who travels the country preaching about the evils of the federal government;
  • Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, who advocated the formation of citizen militias in the United States in the early 1990s and addressed a three-day meeting of neo-Nazis and Christian Identity adherents in Colorado in 1992; and,
  • Nicki Stallard, a transsexual gun rights activist who is active in Pink Pistols, a gay gun rights organization.

Gun rights supporters assumed the worst even before Obama was elected. The National Rifle Association initiated a membership drive dubbed, “Prepare for the Storm in 2008.” In the months before and immediately after Obama’s election, firearms and ammunition sales soared in anticipation of new gun restrictions. Those fears were reinforced a month after Obama took office, when Attorney General Eric Holder said the administration would try to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 during the Bush administration.

But the administration quickly backpedaled. Not only has the president made no effort to restrict gun ownership, he even signed legislation allowing guns in national parks and on Amtrak trains. (These provisions were amendments to larger, unrelated pieces of legislation that he supported.) The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which endorsed Obama in 2008, recently gave him a grade of “F” on every issue on which it scored him. ( continue to full post… )