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Year in Hate and Extremism Webcast

By Hatewatch Staff on March 19, 2010 - 1:06 pm, Posted in Podcasts

Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen and Intelligence Project Director Mark Potok discuss the recently released annual count of hate and extremist groups.

  • Rayar Johnson

    The Jitter News
    March. Second Edition
    Kelly Moore
    Is so offensive to me as an African American and it demeans my President. I want action taken. You must read.

  • Ruthine Gee

    The Westboro Baptist Church is again raising its ugle head in my natiave state of WV. Several of us were wondering just where Westboro Baptist Church gets its funding, as it is not tax-exempt. Could you fill us in on this question. They have to be getting $$$$ somewhere – but WHERE? It seems to be a contradiction in terms – no Baptist Church we are aware of us contorts Christianity like WBC does. Thanks.

  • http://Hatewatch Valerie Allen

    Check out this article on:

    about Sedition or Free Speech?

    Shouldn’t these activities be watched?

  • lizard

    I must have to say, that I feel a little safer knowing that there is a group out there for our brothers and sisters who decided get into law enforcment to remind them of their oath. If more officers would keep that in mind, maybe there wouldn’t be so much police brutality.

  • http://n/a Maureen Goldman

    As always, thank you both for your courage and dedication. You are correct in expressing that we need to be alarmed about the rise in extremism among the anti-government groups.

    Your scholarly examination of the phenomena is a refreshing, if frightening, departure from all the screaming and name-calling.

  • http://webcast richard wright

    thank you very much. would like to have heard question from wv class. i prey they are not influenced by william pierce & his crazy crew.

  • http://none iamme

    finally real america addressing real issues. money jobs easy credit ignorance veiled. much of the veil removed no more. many other countries have experienced the same. fed up with education in america in 2001 went to anther country and bought textbooks to educate. surprised to find so many of society’s social economical political racial issues taught addressed at the kindergargten level. for the adults. we can’t be afaid. seeing lots of shaved heads in my neighborhood. told children to go out in groups be home as soon as darkness sets no extravagance in public. avoid giving them a forum or shedding light but paying attention at all times. this just didn’t happen overnight. conditions just right at this time. we can’t be afraid.

  • Lourdes Morales Gudmundsson

    Thank you Richard Cohen and Mark Potok SO much for the courageous work you do to keep hatred at bay in our country!! And thank you Morris Dees for this Center and your faithful and persistent work along with your wonderful colleagues to bring down hate organizations that threaten our democracy.God bless you!!