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Croatian Extremist Joins White Hate Group Leadership

By Larry Keller on March 24, 2010 - 9:39 am, Posted in Anti-Semitic, White Supremacist

A popular speaker at gatherings of white supremacists and anti-Semites has joined the board of directors of the nascent white nationalist political party, American Third Position (A3P).

Tomislav Sunic, who describes himself as a former professor, Croatian diplomat and author, has spoken on multiple occasions to the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) and the Institute for Historical Review (IHR). The CCC is a racist hate group directly descended from the White Citizens Councils of the 1950s and 1960s that were once famously described by future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall as the “uptown Klan.” The IHR is a Holocaust-denying organization and publisher. He has also spoken at events organized by the neo-Nazi National Alliance, including a February 2003 “Euro-Fest” in Sacramento, Calif., where his central theme was that Europe has been repeatedly invaded by “alien” peoples and that whites have become a minority in Western Europe. He railed on about non-white immigrants, ending with the Turkish workers who have moved to Germany. “The Turks,” he said, “are enslaving white people in Germany.”

Sunic spoke this March 6 at an IHR gathering in California that was attended by William Daniel Johnson and Kevin MacDonald, the chairman and director, respectively, of the A3P. In that appearance, Sunic lamented what he characterized as vindictive treatment of Germans in the aftermath of World War II.

Johnson, a lawyer who has been a white supremacist activist for nearly three decades, has run for offices in three states, losing badly each time. MacDonald is a psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach, who is best known for his anti-Semitic writings. Johnson and MacDonald formed the A3P last October and hope to eventually run candidates for political offices across the United States. The party’s simple mission statement: “The American Third Position Exists to represent the political interests of White Americans.”

Sunic joins James Edwards on the A3P board. Edwards hosts a weekly white nationalist, anti-Semitic radio program, “The Political Cesspool.” Sunic, Johnson and MacDonald have all appeared on “Cesspool.”

In an interview he did with the Britain-based Holocaust-denying publisher and website, Historical Review Press, Sunic spoke of his “Confederate-Southern sympathies.” He added, “What is of my concern is the passing of the white race.” In the same interview, he bemoaned the fact that his native Croatia “chose a losing side!” in World War II, but said nothing about the Croatian Nazi puppet government’s building of concentration camps where Jews, Serbs and gypsies were killed.

Sunic also spoke in 2008 to the Pacifica Forum, a far-right discussion group that meets as the University of Oregon. A meeting of the group in December showcased the National Socialist Movement, America’s largest neo-Nazi movement.

Sunic hosts a radio program on the Voice of Reason radio network. Last week, he interviewed Thomas Robb, the Arkansas-based national director of The Knights Party, better known as the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. And the first weekend in April, Sunic is slated to speak at Robb’s three-day Faith and Freedom Conference. No wonder, then, that the A3P website proclaims that Sunic “will be of tremendous benefit to the party.”

  • cm

    For those still reading, I think it’s worth noting that the rhetoric of a “third position” opposed to communism and capitalism is essentially just a repeat of fascist sloganeering. There was a general feeling in the interwar period that liberal democratic capitalism was in a terminal crisis which necessitated radical solutions. The two major ones, of course, came from Marx and the various forms of fascism.

    The subject of Nazi economics has become bizarrely politicized lately, but it did in some respects represent a genuine rejection of both Marx and capitalism. Interestingly, some have, with reservations, identified Hitler’s Germany as a sort of racial welfare state Of course, in practice and in theory, it was much more virulently opposed to the racialized “Jewish-Bolshevik” communism than capitalism, but I think some of the historical particularity has been lost lately. Nonsense like Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” certainly hasn’t helped. Götz Aly’s work and Avraham Barkai’s “Nazi Economics: Ideology, Theory, and Policy” are useful sources here.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Yes, they are not Indo-European people. Before they settled and were Christianized, they had far more in common with Turks and Mongols, culturally. This is pretty much true of any group which lived a nomadic existence on the steppe.

  • Yama

    Weren’t the Magyars from Central Asia as well?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Sadly many Slavs have been brainwashed into believing in the “horrors of Communism” to such an extent that they wish to detach themselves from responsibility for the revolutions in Eastern Europe. The fact is that Jews, which are in fact tiny minorities in most Eastern European countries, are not responsible for the problems of Eastern Europe. It’s quite funny how these people will blame the problems of third-world residents on some inherent racial quality(or lack thereof), yet when “white” folks throw their nations down the toilet as they did post 89, it MUST be the Jews fault. Apparently they aren’t as opposed to environmental explanations of ability as they claim to be.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Emmett, you’re nearly proving my point for me. But it seems to me that your beef is a religious one, not connected with ethnicity. So I take it you must hate Bosnian Muslims, Albanians, a great deal of Caucasians, and the historical Muslim Tatar communities of Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, and Ukraine. Tell me, what gives you, most likely an American, more claim to Europe than those people? Your ancestors abandoned Europe.

  • Howie Spector

    Thank you for this article. It’s time that Tom Sunic is exposed. Sunic has been spouting intellectual-sounding anti-Semitic rhetoric for some time now:

    @Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Don’t expect a lot of sensitivity on these issues, much less an appreciation of diversity, from Voice of Reason Broadcast Network radio hosts. Another host named Matt Johnson spouts anti-Semitic rhetoric from a pro-Slavic point of view:

    I believe this Web site is dangerous precisely because they try to make their hate sound “reasonable” and “academic”. It’s time to pass sweeping anti-hate speech laws in order to stop the hate against all non-white, non-gentile, non-heterosexual communities.

  • Emmett

    “15. A recent Y-chromosomal DNA survey conducted in Spain shows that some 20% of the population has either Jewish or North African (Moorish) ancestry.

    Is Emmett prepared to disown Spain? I am not aware of any similar studies having taken place in Italy, Greece, etc.; however, I would imagine the results would be similar. Emmett’s idea of racial purity”

    Actually, my own maternal grandfather was an ethnic Berber immigrant from Tunisia. Which makes me one-quarter indigenous North African, with the rest of my ancestry being Swiss French, Lithuanian and some other European-American. Having 25% Berber blood, I’m even more of a “Moor” than an average Spaniard :)
    My grandfather came to U.S in 1950s to escape harrassment and persecution he faced in Tunisia due to him for refusing to give up his native Chelha Berber language, and refusal to speak Arabic and embrace Pan-Arabism, which to him was a totally foreign ideology that was the very epitomy of Arab oppression and imperialism. He knew his own people’s history and heritage, and was well aware of the creeping Arabization that the governments of Maghreb countries were pursuing, in order to snuff out the last remaining vestiges of Berber culture in North Africa. And the fact that he, along with members of his family, renounced Islam and became a Christian didn’t sit well with his Muslim Arab neighbors. He used to say to me “They (the Arabs) have already forced us (the Berbers) to adopt their Islamic religion.They already forced us to have Arabic names. Our language is the only thing that we’ve got left. If we give that up too, and adopt Arabic instead, then we’ll truly become full-fledged sand xxxxrs”

    And guess what, Mason? Links between Mediterranean Europe and North Africa are very ancient, that go back to the pre-Roman, not to mention pre-Islamic, times. The Y-Chromosomal haplogroup J2, the so-called “Moorish gene”, was actually introduced to the Iberian peninsula beginning from at least over 2700 years ago by the Numidians and the Punic Carthaginians, both being ancestors of modern-day Berbers. The indigenous Berbers of North Africa can easily be mistaken for Southern Europeans, due to them being more fairly complexioned, in constrast to most Arabs. My own granpa himself was so ruddy that he was easily able to blend in with the Anglo-Americans. Although him being a Christian, and his receptiveness to the mainstream American society and cultural norms helped too. It’s a shame that today Berbers are only recognized as the Moors, the footsoldiers of Islam, who invaded Spain and Southern Italy, and majority of people being unaware of their pre-Islamic history. It’s also a shame that they even became Muslims in the first place, but nonetheless at the same time it’s good to see now that many prominent Berber rights advocates have spoken out against Islamism and Arabization, with some even openly renouncing Islam. The best known example of this was the late great Kabyle Berber singer Matoub Lounes (R.I.P.) who not only was open about his apostasy from Islam, but also viciously mocking it in his songs, Almost nobody today knows that St. Augustine, the man who invented the very idea of separation of church and the state, was a Berber from the Roman African city of Hippo (in what is now Algeria). The two of the greatest Roman writers, Apuleius and Terence, were also Berbers. Your ignorance and confusing my antipathy towards Islam, and the savagery that it carries with “racial purity” is absolutely ludicrous. But thanks for providing me with a good laugh, Mason.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Wow Emmett, way to miss the point entirely. There was no “treachery” on the part of Europeans who sided with outsiders, because there never was some pan-European concept to begin with. You can’t betray some kind of group if such a defined group never existed in the first place. Hell, the very concept of nations didn’t really exist until the 19th century, and was still sketchy by the beginning of the 20th century. One might argue with all the continuing separatism throughout Europe, that the nation state is still in a state of flux. Why else would we see ethnic Hungarians dreaming of hacking Vojvodina off of Serbia, or why the Kosovars did not join Albania proper?

    There has never been a Pan-European identity. Even the Nazis didn’t believe their own propaganda about Pan-Europeanism(and among them were some great admirers of Islam as well as Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism). You also seem to forget that some groups you apparently consider to be European, such as the Hungarians, are in fact invaders from the Steppe. Anyone familiar with the history of nomadic Steppe peoples knows that there was little significant difference between Indo-European Scythians, Parthians, and Sarmatians on one hand, and the Magyars, Turkic, and Mongolic peoples on the other.

    My point being, is that your classification of “European” is arbitrary, and wholly unscientific, and the idea of Europe vs. Islam is a fantasy. Islam has been an integral part of European culture for centuries in the same way that it has been in India and North Africa.

    The funny thing is that you condemn Marxists when in fact they are the only force proposing a solution that can put an end not only to Islamic fundamentalism(which is fueled by imperialism and poverty)- but ALL religious fundamentalism and establish a truly secular society.

    Naw forget it, if my first explanation didn’t reach you, you might as well just keep on fantasizing about Vlad the Impaler. Oh by the way, did you know that the principalities of Wallachia and Transylvania sent troops at the Ottomans’ request to Vienna in 1863?

  • Emmett

    Ruslan,you are right that the treachery and infighting amongst the Europeans themselves have allowed foreign invasions to take place. Just like it is happening now. Recently in Britain, a fact that has been known or at least suspected for many years has finally been officially confirmed; the hard left Labour Party has been deliberately importing Third World migrants in order to “deliberately change the ethnic make-up of U.K” as one blogger put it.

    No susrprise why Labour Party did that, since the influx of Third Worlders means increase in their electorate and support for their policies, which the indigenous Britons would be less likely to support, as according to the report the purpose of the secret plan has been to “maximise the contribution of migration to the Government’s economic and social objectives.” Basically what these treasonous leftist scum are saying is “Even if Jack, Nigel or Emma, the white working-class British people turn on us and vote against us, we’ll still remain in power because we got Mohammed, Hassan and Fatima voting for us.” The newspaper article itself states that “Voting trends indicate that migrants and their descendants are much more likely to vote Labour.” This cynical act of the British government itself is of surprise to me, since here in America we got politicians from both parties supporting amnesty for illegal aliens because they both got something to gain from it; the Democrats – cheap votes, the big-business Republicans – cheap workers.

    And Mason, that’s precisely why I hold Vlad the Impaler in high esteem; because he knew damn well that there were numerous traitors within his own country, the native Romanians, who in exchange for attaining personal goals and for the right price, were willing to convert Islam, sell out their own nation and people, and fight on the side of the Turks. The way he handled those traitors, by impaling them on skewers, was an art in itself. The reason why the Ottomans were never able to conquer Wallachia during Vlad’s rule was not only because he was brilliant war commander and tactician who was able to inflict crushing defeats upon the Turks during batlles, but also because he knew how to keep his own house in order. And the Turkish soldiers who managed survived the battle, were condemned to the same fate as the would-be traitors. During his lifetime, Vlad III was probably the only Christian European leader that the Turks truly feared. Those people in Western nations who are concerned about their own countries’ Islamification happening right before their eyes and sliding into Third World oblivion, should be very well aware that it’s the treacherous politicians from within their own governments who are facilitating this. And perhaps then, once their eyes are opened, there will be a modern-day equivalent of Vlad III who will rise to stop those Labourists, Social Democrats, Marxists, Greens and other traitors.
    It’s a shame that because of Bram Stoker’s book “Dracula” and the movies that have been made based on it, Vlad the Impaler’s image has been tranished in the West. When I stayed in Romania, many Romanian people who knew their history, spoke positively to me of him and admired him very much.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Mason, thanks for pointing out his reference to Ivan the Terrible, I nearly missed that. Apparently he never heard that in Ivan the Terrible’s campaign against Kazan, he had the help of the Crimean Tatars, also Muslims. Ivan III and IV(the Terrible) managed to defeat the various Khanates by playing them off against one another and allying themselves with various rival khanates when it was convenient.

    I would say it is tragic that the Muscovites, followers of a backward and superstitous church, managed to defeat the khanates, which at least had the benefit of Islamic wisdom from ages past(Kazan’s khanate was based on old Volga Bulgaria, converted in 922 CE before the conversion of the Rus).

    It is also worth noting that the Russian hero Alexander Nevsky was a loyal vassal of the Tatars, and put down several rebellions against their rule.

    Oh yes, watch that Pan-European fantasy go down in flames. It’s beautiful!!!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Oh yeah, let’s not forget that Europeans spent FAR more time fighting one another than they ever did fighting “invaders”.

  • Mason Green

    Emmett, did you seriously just praise Ivan the Terrible…and Vlad the Impaler? Yikes. Are you Jonathon Sharkey in disguise, by any chance?

    Also, I’d like to add to Ruslan’s post above:

    15. A recent Y-chromosomal DNA survey conducted in Spain shows that some 20% of the population has either Jewish or North African (Moorish) ancestry.

    Is Emmett prepared to disown Spain? I am not aware of any similar studies having taken place in Italy, Greece, etc.; however, I would imagine the results would be similar. Emmett’s idea of racial purity is a myth and an illusion, both for countries in southern Europe (as I pointed out) those in eastern Europe (as Ruslan pointed out in his previous post). I would also imagine that a similar study of self-identified “whites” in the American South would lead to much higher percentages of African and Native American ancestry than Emmett (or most white Southerners) would be willing to admit.

  • Americana

    Daaamn Ruslan! Your knowledge of history is on Par! Emmett could not match your intelligence if he/she tried it.


    Let’s not forget the Black Plague, six centuries of pestilence, warfare, famine and “inner-house” fighting amongst the Western Europeans themselves (they’ve always been divided amongst themselves as can be seen in Modern warfares), decadence, Europeans were pretty much lacking civilization. So much that they had to invade, colonize, and commit genocide against the Native American peoples of the American Continent and enslave the Africans. Yeah Emmett, your forebearers committed genocide, too. And we have not forgotten it. In 1492.

    In fact, Western Society can thank the Roman Catholic Church giving it “civilization” and prosperity today. Western History’s foundation lies with it. And that’s a compliment.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Emmett, your interpretation of European history is highly flawed. I’ll ignore the fact that Scythians were in fact Indo-Europeans themselves, which you apparently forgot. For every time some groups of Europeans have banded together against an invader, they have always allied with other invaders, or other European groups sided with the invaders themselves. European royal families often married daughters off to Turkish or Mongol Khans as well.

    Consider the following-

    1. A major reason for the loss of Manzikert by the Byzantine empire was the duplicity of Romanus Diogenes’ rival, who deprived the former of reinforcements at a crucial point in the battle.

    2. During the fourth Crusade, Western knights sacked Constantinople at the behest of Venezian financiers, severely weakening the empire.

    3. Serbian knights(not Janissaries mind you), fought on the side of the Ottoman Empire at the battle of Ankara against Tamerlane.

    4. Hungarians invited tens of thousands of Kipchak Turks, who were fleeing the Mongols, into their land. The Hungarians themselves were non Indo-European invaders from the Steppe.

    5. The European Latin Kingdoms tried desperately to make an alliance with the Ilkhanids against the Mamluk sultanate of Egypt and the Turks.

    6. After his defeat at the hands of Tamerlane, Golden Horde Khan Toktamysh sought refuge along with his followers in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania- he was granted this. Tatars settle in Poland and Lithuania.

    7. The Teutonic Knights, famous for ruining fantasies of Pan-European unity, attack the Poles and Lithuanians at the Battle of Grunwald- fighting for the Lithuanians are several thousand Muslim Tatars led by Jalal-ad-Din execute a crucial charge that breaks the Teutonic Knights’ lines.

    8. Muslim Tatars form the basis of the Polish-Lithuanian cavalry and participate in every major engagement from Grunwald on.

    9. In 1677 the Polish Sejm grants Tatars in Poland all rights, including the right to rebuild their mosques. Oh wait, I just want you to read that again- REBUILD THEIR MOSQUES. Hmmm…must have been that old 17th century liberal multiculturalism huh?

    10. Muslim Polish Tatars fought on the Polish side in the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

    11. These Western, Muslim Tatars traditionally hold Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas in great esteem, as he eagerly encouraged their settlement in his lands(must have been the politically correct liberalism). He was granted the title of “Defender of Muslims in Non-Muslim Lands”.

    12. In the Crimean War the British and French allied with Ottoman Turkey.

    13. Germany, Austro-Hungary, and Bulgaria allied with the Ottomans in WWI.

    14. Germany allied with Japan in WWII.

    The amount of exceptions to your alternative narrative of European history is extensive. Many people who you seem to consider to be “European” today were seen as barbarian invaders every bit as uncivilized as those you view as invaders. Slavs who expanded into the Balkans for example.

    So Emmett, did you learn the reason why we don’t cherry-pick events out of history to support preconceived ideological conclusions?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Third Positionists claim to be against Communism and Capitalism, but from my experience with such people, at least of the European variety, they tend to be far more anti-Communist than they are anti-capitalist. They will muster a wall of typical Cold War or Nazi-inspired arguments against Communism, whereas their best arguments against capitalism are something along the lines of: capitalism fans the flames of Communism or “capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same coin”(a phrase they will rarely if ever explain).

    Third Positionists don’t seem to understand the nature of capitalism, otherwise they would have figured out that in the capitalist system, “race” or “nation” accounts for zip, zero. Of course they will say they know this, and that’s why they want to change the system, but since their system doesn’t seem to include expropriation of the ruling class and the abolishment of private property, capitalism will eventually revert back to its old ways. Class, and the irreconcilable differences which go along with it, will not disappear just because some nationalists wish it away.

    For an example, imagine Country X has some kind of Third Positionist revolution. The typical rhetoric is that class differences shouldn’t matter because the population is of one “race”, “ethnicity”, or whatever. It is inevitable that some segments of the population will be better off due to their relationship to the means of production- even in cases where certain industries were nationalized. Over time that segment of society, which has the most power, but the most to gain, will overturn the country’s nationalistic restrictions on capital. They will want to enter into agreements with all other countries, they will want access to cheaper labor, and wish to have more private control over the means of production where they are nationalized.

    A businessman is a businessman first and foremost- not a Russian, a German, or a Croat. His “people” are other businessmen from around the world. Anyone who thinks this couldn’t happen, who believes that a Third Positionist movement could restrict such activity through laws and nationalization, ought to remember that this same kind of thing happened in the Soviet Union, a country which HAD abolished private property in the beginning. So why wouldn’t it happen in a country which did not abolish private property?

  • Emmett

    “his central theme was that Europe has been repeatedly invaded by “alien” peoples”

    Of course. Europe has been invaded and occupied at times since antiquity by various non-European peoples such as Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Scythians, Moors, Tatars, Turks and some others. And guess what? Eventually, when all those invaders’ time had come, they were either slaughtered, expelled, or sold to slavery. When one of the earliest threats from Middle East to the European civilization arose 2200 years ago in the form of Carthage, a great Roman statesman said “Carthago delenda est.” That being “Carthage must be destroyed” in Latin. Unfortunately, the native indigenous population of today’s post-WWII, post-Christian Europe is so thoroughly propgandized by the leftist dogma, that they hate and despise their own cultures and ethnic heritage. And nothing would make left-wing psychopaths that are in power in Western European happier than seeing their own poeple being demographically marginalized by Third Worlders. And whenever someone tries to stand up for his country, that person is branded racist or bigot. If there was a will to defend themselves from the Islamic invasion in 21st century, “Mecca delenda est” would’ve been the war cry. And Europeans finally shedding this sickness of “multiculturalism,” is not a question of “if.” It’s a question of “when.” They will only have to look at the achievements of their great forebearers such as Charlemagne, Vlad the Impaler, Ivan the Terrible, and the Spanish Catholic monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, in order to realize that this current influx by Third Worlders, just like any other previous historical non-European invasions that have occured in Europe, can not only be stemmed, but reversed as well.

    “Turkish workers who have moved to Germany. “The Turks,” he said, “are enslaving white people in Germany.””

    Why in 1683, during the siege of Vienna by the Turks, the Christian European defenders chose to fight on, and prevailed? Could it be because they knew damn well if they allowed their land to become another Turkish province, they and their descendants would be forced into centuries of Islamic slavery, oppression, humiliation, finally culminating with a genocide? Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians, the people subjugated by the Turks, they can all readily attest to that. So Mr. Sunic is a bit off here. While the Turks aren’t currently enslaving white people, it should be remembered that they did do so for nearly a thousand years until the fall of the Ottoman Empire. And there’s nothing wrong with taking precautions to ensure that the Turks won’t apply and resume one of their traditional ancestral skills of trade in this day and age.

  • Mason Green

    Speaking of which, Tom Sunic’s Wikipedia article is a major whitewash job…it comes nowhere close to making his true (white nationalist and borderline neo-Nazi) beliefs clear; it instead tries to set him up as a “mainstream” conservative.

    I’m a Wikipedia editor myself, and I might consider rewriting his article to make it more accurate; however, I’m not even sure where to begin, as he doesn’t get that much coverage in the American press, so I’ve been having a hard time finding articles to use as reference material.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Dammit Tom, you’re too intelligent to be wasting your time with these idiots. You’re from Croatia, you know damn well that Europeans will never embrace some kind of unified identity, much less “white”. What exactly defines “white” anyway? In fact many of the “Turks” in Germany are in fact Kurds, Indo-European peoples. A great deal of them look “white”. There are ethnic Turks in Turkey who look more “white” than some Croats even. Hell, Tatars and Chuvashes are Turks who often are indistinguishable from Slavic Russians, including those with blonde hair and blue eyes.

    These people have no solutions, no answers. All they have is scapegoats and excuses. If you’re reading this Tom, I hope you’ll reconsider.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    “The American Third Position Exists to represent the political interests of White Americans.”

    IIBC, “third position” beliefs oppose capitalism as much as Communism/Socialism, both being seen as threats to the best interests of the workers, and seeks what amounts to “middle ground” without being too obvious about their true beliefs.

    So what exactly is A3P’s real socioeconomic ideal consistent with its mission (as above)?

  • GrannyofWhites

    What about Jose Angel Guttierez – have you investigated him and his ilk?
    I suppose not.