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Website Blames Whites for, Well, Just About Everything

By Larry Keller on April 1, 2010 - 8:09 am, Posted in Anti-White

The white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) is well known for showcasing stories on its website that present African Americans in a bad light. Examples this year: “Gonorrhea is now almost exclusively a black disease” and “Black thugs hold white teens captive while raping and torturing them.” American Patrol, an anti-immigrant hate group, takes the same approach with its American Patrol Report that endlessly maligns Latinos, especially those in the United States illegally. Some recent headlines on its website: “Mexican police chief decapitated” and “More than 100 illegals, others arrested at cockfight.” Not as well known, but equally racist is an Internet blog called White Watch. Its target: White folks.

“The purpose of this blog is an honest, no holds barred discussion about white people,” White Watch’s home page declares. “While some white people are gentle and enlightened souls, most unfortunately are not.” The statement goes on to say that most terrorists are white, the most destructive wars are waged by whites and whites are the main culprits in producing pornography and harming the environment, and are the most likely to be pedophiles, rapists and mass murderers. Still, while joyfully bashing white people, White Watch stresses that violence against any group based on their race, religion and the like “is abhorrent and unacceptable.”

It’s no secret that Gordon Baum heads CCC, and Glenn Spencer is well known as the man at the helm of American Patrol. But White Watch’s creator does not identify him or herself. A few people who have posted comments on the blog have speculated that he is white. In fact, it sometimes seems like White Watch is a parody — while the CCC and American Border sites are unrelentingly humorless, White Watch inserts occasionally funny sub-headlines on stories. It also has a recurring feature titled “Stupid White Inventions.” Still, like the CCC and American Patrol pages, the overall thrust of White Watch is certainly plain old race hate.

Whoever created White Watch shares with Baum and Spencer a fondness for posting what are seen as embarrassing news stories about the racial group he is skewering. At White Watch that means the worst and wackiest of white people. Headlines have included: “HIV Positive White Man Rapes Teenage Boy,” “Lazy Brit fined for walking dog from his car” and “White Woman Attacks Cop…With Her Breast Milk.” Of course she had nothing on “Germans Caught Having Sex In The Middle of a Busy Street” — with a photo of the amorous Aryans. There was a story on a morbidly obese woman — white, of course — who says she hopes to gorge until she reaches 1,000 pounds. And another story about a white guy stoned on pot and whiskey who left his 5-week old son in an oven overnight. (The oven was unlit and the door was ajar.)

White Watch has generated dozens upon dozens of vile, crude, ungrammatical and misspelled racist comments — whites griping about blacks and vice versa. It all was a bit much for one woman. “I feel there is way to [sic] much generalization on both the white & blak [sic] side of things…we are all HUMAN BEINGS! Why can’t we just all each treat each other as such!!!”

If White Watch, the CCC and American Border report are any barometer, she’d better not hold her breath awaiting that day.

  • Kodai

    White Watch’s take on this SPLC report :

    I’m still undecided if its the work of a brilliant satirist or a nutter.

  • J.H. Hill

    All this talk about Jesus. Who can prove that he ever existed?

  • NTX

    Don Quixote said, on April 8th, 2010 at 2:47 pm:

    “My reading of White Watch is that it is an attempt at parody, which can be a very effective weapon for deconstructing structures of inequality.”

    [Me] Is this your attempt at somehow making a point that racism more palatable when it is directed at white people? However mollifying your comments and however circuitous your arguments, that mindset in and of itself is racist and therefore unacceptable.

    [Don Quixote] “Given this, it’s pretty difficult, although not impossible, for non-white minorities to be technically racist against the white majority. Bigotted, prejudiced, even discriminatory, yes of course, but to be racist requires being in a privileged position in an unequal system.”

    [Me] This assumption is entirely incorrect. Racism knows no socioeconomic barriers. According to this argument, poor, uneducated, welfare-recipient, Confederate-flag-waving white people in the South could not possibly be racist.

  • beholder

    A web site making fun of the socially dominant group in a tongue in cheek way can hardly be called racist. Racism is not about not liking another race. Racism is about exploiting racial advantage due to numeric or economic superiority. If anyone can show me how white people are harmed by this site — which does nothing more than provoke a laugh and get people to think about their racial assumptions — I will give $5,000 to NumbersUSA. But be warned: if you fail, I will give the money to ACORN.

  • Don Quixote

    My reading of White Watch is that it is an attempt at parody, which can be a very effective weapon for deconstructing structures of inequality. Opening it up for public comments, using a blog format is also ingenious since it reveals all the ugliness that this sort of thing inspires from all “races”.

    However, White Watch is a very serious form of parody in that it aims to aggresively criticize the absurdity of race itself as a social construct and the attempts by other white supremacist groups to maintain centuries-old uneven power structures with “whiteness” as the center relative to which “others” are rhetorically construed as inferior and peripheral.

    By doing a project aimed at “proving” a thesis of white racial inferiority, the absurdity of all projects aimed at “proving” similar theses becomes readily apparent. The blog creator is simply turning the whole concept of racial superiority/inferiority upside down, which decenters the existing white supremacist projects. White Watch is absurd because all other similar projects are absurd.

    It’s kind of a bold idea given the high probability of it being misunderstood, but I think even misunderstanding it accomplishes part of the intent. I think SPLC might have missed the boat on this one, and may be trying a bit too hard to be “fair and balanced” with respect to its portrayal of reverse racism presumably by non-whites against whites.

    Caution SPLC. Let’s not forget the academic definition of racism: the construction and maintenance of social and economic structures and institutions aimed at maintaining uneven power relations to favor the majority racial group. Given this, it’s pretty difficult, although not impossible, for non-white minorities to be technically racist against the white majority. Bigotted, prejudiced, even discriminatory, yes of course, but to be racist requires being in a privileged position in an unequal system. Generally speaking, non-whites do not enjoy the many deeply embedded privileges of whiteness. This is why SPLC needs to be careful about too hastily committing a false equivalency fallacy.

  • Siena Kendall

    Implying that any person shares morals or certain behavior with any person from the same race is unfair. Hate will not conquer hate.

  • Lee

    “I suggest you look it up again. As far as I know, whites have always taken things not rightfully theirs to claim as their own – HINT, land…..” – skinnyminny

    “Here’s a good question for you, name one white person who didn’t steal or take from force one invention to claim as his own?” – skinnyminny

    Presuming you are White, you are a typical self-loathing White leftist.

    Newflash: EVERY GROUP throughout history stole land. And if you bothered to pay attention to CURRENT news you would see that Jews are stealing land from the Palestinians as we speak.

    In historical times all land was claimed through theft, and this includes Native American tribes stealing land from other tribes. Of course since you are biased you focus solely on land stolen by Whites, but as I said, every group does it. So apparently you have no problem with theft – something that every racial group has done – but by theft by Whites…because they were more successful at it?

    Typical leftist – you aren’t against theft and you probably aren’t against war either. You are merely against those who succeed at theft or win wars.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Don’t think you have freedom in America? Try living in Russia for a year.

  • skinnyminny


    Ever heard of TRO (Temp restraining order)! You keep going after Beholder-insisting he/she was at another site, Beholder said it wasn’t him/her! Get a clue, there are thousands, if not hundreds, of people with the same name, i.e. Cookie, Candy, Manny, David, John, James….

    You keep saying ‘Your Country – Illegal Immigrants.” I take it you didn’t see the YouTube video, nor did you read the speech entitled “Columbus Go Home,” that was given to the Anti-Immigrant Tea Party in Minnesota! Yeah, it was funny because the Tea Party thought they’d hear that illegal immigrants from Mexico, SA, Central America….should go home. Imagine when they heard these excerpts- “It’s no secret that with an invasion of immigrants comes waves of crime. We see them involved in massive theft, in murder…Let’s send these European immigrants back where they came from! I don’t care if they are Polish, Irish, English, Italian, Norwegian! European immigrants are responsible for the most violent and heinous crimes in the history of the world…..

    Oh, but, don’t worry, you can just google “anti-racist still the show at white supremacist tea party amnesty” from the site for Nov 2009 – yes, you can read the speech as well as view/download the video


  • jack

    Can you read and follow anyone here?
    Here is what I posted about Jesus and his racial identity:
    “There is no good argument to be made that he was anything other than a Semitic Middle Easterner which would match all the evidence.
    Any of these bull claims that he was White, Aryan or African is mumbo jumbo and just used to manipulate.

    So explain how I am falling for a White Jesus myth?
    YOU are the believer in myth.

    “What you have is rewritten history!”
    Yep, everything was rewritten for my benefit so I could argue it here.
    You really are off on the deep end here. There is more than enough evidence to back up the FACT that those three never invented anything original.

    You simply lash out because you know you are wrong.

  • beholder

    Jack go right ahead and try to repeal the 14th. Sell your George Bush signet ring for saving the world in “24” and put the proceeds into PAC. That is an even bigger joke than “Militiaville”. What’s the matter, didn’t you like my little ditty?

  • http://aol na

    Constitution of United States was written to limit Government, State had there own individual government laws, We the people, should have say so of this healthcare
    that passed. Healthcare, NO ONE read the bill, nothing
    free, Not just taxing the rich, Taxes going up on everything,
    and fines, telling you have to buy health insurance.


  • skinnyminny


    Here’s a good question for you, name one white person who didn’t steal or take from force one invention to claim as his own? Well, other than things that hurt people like your guns and drugs!!!!! Admit it, you don’t build, you destroy!