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Dobbs to Nativist Leader: ‘Dump the Hate’

By Sonia Scherr on April 21, 2010 - 6:44 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

Talk radio host Lou Dobbs excoriated nativist leader William Gheen on air today for making comments about Sen. Lindsey Graham’s sexual orientation.

“I cannot even imagine why you would do such a thing,” Dobbs told Gheen, who appeared as a guest on Dobbs’ nationally syndicated show. Gheen, who heads Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), had asserted in a South Carolina Tea Party speech and in a news release that Graham, a South Carolina Republican, should reveal that he’s homosexual. (Graham has previously denied rumors that he’s gay.) Dobbs called Gheen’s remarks “disgusting” and urged him to “dump the hate from your heart.”

“Bill, you’ve become someone I don’t recognize,” Dobbs said.

As he’s done before, Gheen insisted that Graham’s sexuality is relevant because the lawmaker could be working with Democrats on immigration reform to avoid being outed. “The lives, jobs, wages, health and security of Americans — the sovereignty of America we are trying to save — is more important than Lindsey Graham’s personal feelings,” he said. Gheen claimed that ALIPAC had received a “huge amount” of support for his statements and asked Dobbs how it feels to “be the Southern Poverty Law Center yourself.” The SPLC had been a frequent critic of the former CNN anchor, who demonized Latino immigrants night after night before he resigned from the network under pressure in November. After leaving CNN, Dobbs told Telemundo that “we need the ability to legalize illegal immigrants under certain conditions,” and he has appeared to reach out to the Latino community. The Telemundo interview prompted Gheen to apologize to his supporters “for being wrong about Dobbs.”

Gheen struggled during the 13-minute debate, flailing at Dobbs and frequently sounding flustered. At one point Gheen mispronounced the name of National Council of La Raza President Janet Murguia. When Dobbs corrected him, he accused the radio host of working with “the open borders lobby.” It wasn’t Gheen’s only blooper:  Near the beginning of the show, he huffed that Dobbs had “come on this show all indignified.”

“It’s called indignant,” Dobbs replied.

  • beholder

    Anyone who claims unauthorized workers are driving down wages is supporting Marx’s labor theory of value. Who knew the nativists were taking a page from Kapital to rail against them furriners and immigrunts?

  • MrsCaptJack

    @ Elaine ~ I’d really like to know what jobs illegals are stealing from Americans. I don’t see any white folks applying for jobs to clean houses, pick produce in fields or work as gardeners. For the majority of folks that are in my area illegally, that’s what they do. They don’t work at coffee houses or fastfood places. With employment laws in place in virtually every field out there undocumented workers do what Americans won’t do. Who do you think will pick the produce you eat if not for them? And before you wonder too loudly, no, I don’t have any employees. I also wouldn’t be able to work outside cutting grass in 120 degrees. How about you?

  • beholder

    Su Hernandez,

    I challenge some of your assumptions regarding how the United States protects its citizens.

    We have arguably the freest country on the planet in terms of personal liberties, with a robust Constitution that retains its value in the Courts and prevents some forms of tyranny. Along with this freedom, we are obliged to accept certain “unintended consequences” which is that the crime rate is also among the highest in the world in geographic and urban areas, and by no means “crime free” in even sparsely populated areas.

    If we are going to insist that the 2nd Ammendment means people have the right to have weapons, we can also expect that from time to time they will use them not in defense of our country or themselves, but to commit crimes or to attack other citizens. This is one of the reasons why handgun violence in our country is so prevalent, compared to systems such as China where such forms of violence are comparatively rare. But that doesn’t mean China’s system — which restricts personal liberties in the interest of public security — is necessarily better.

    So I don’t think it’s fair first of all to pin crimes on foreigners or say that by extending the principles of liberty we consider INALIENABLE to foreign nationals — as guaranteed by the Constitution — that we are somehow neglecting American security.

    Secondly, during the Obama administration there have been an unprecedented number of capture and deportation operations of unauthorized immigrants. Contrary to the stated policy of going after the “worst and most dangerous”, most of those deported are ordinary workers who committed no offense beyond circulating in our national territory without authorization.

    So clearly, we are seeing a very strict form of enforcement going on all around the country — and most especially in Arizona, which accounted for more than half the total deportations since Obama was elected.

    By all means, let’s keep our perspectives, and obviously yours is as welcome as anyone’s here, but let’s inform them by facts and not hearsay or popular myth — that is of course, if we want to be certain that the policies we are implementing will achieve their purpose. Is it to stop violent crime or is it to get rid of unauthorized foreign nationals? That is not the same goal at all.

    If you look at police records, and compare them to known or estimated populations of unauthorized immigrants, you will find that since most come to work, they stay out of trouble. This has actually been shown to be the case in every such study conducted. The crime rate in America is high because American citizens commit more crimes, and this is because we have an extremely tolerant system of justice which presumes innocence and protects the rights of the accused as well as the accuser.

    Now if you are suggesting that we should become more repressive of our people and restrict civil liberties in the interest of public security, that is a different debate; however, whether or not we should be devoting a great deal of public resources toward going after people who are not a threat to people’s lives or property is highly questionable, and a calm look at the facts substantiates this.

  • Su Hernandez

    We are the only country that doesn’t try to protect it’s citizens. SPLC, I have yet to see anything about the “bloods”, the “cribs” “Black Panthers” any of the hispanic gangs and of course any Muslims who hate whites, Christians, Jews etc.. You in yourselves have become a racist organization pitting people against each other. There are good and bad in all of us, start being fare in your criticism. Phoenix Arizona is the kidnapping capital of the US and the violence against “legal” citizens in the US is out of control, we need to protect our borders, North and South.

  • beholder

    The Houston Chronicle, one of the major US papers and important voice of the South on immigration issues is conducting a poll on sentiment about Arizona’s new immigration laws.

    Given that this is the South (and I for one take the Southern in Southern Poverty Law Center with all due emphasis), this poll is showing close to 65% strong approval for the laws.

    If you ask me, that’s way too much nativism.

    I think these numbers are skewed because the poll — which closes April 30 — do not include a proper sampling of the intellectuals in the South, who by and large tend to guide their opinions based on fact.

    See for yourself.

    Here’s the poll:

  • Snorlax

    Lou Dobbs has never demanded that ICE round up and deport all of the estimated 500,000 WHITE PEOPLE who are in the US illegally.

    Our local radio version of Dobbs denied this fact vociferously. They don’t want to talk about white illegals.

    This isn’t about immigration laws at all. It is about race.

    And Lou Dobbs HAS been acting like a racist of late.

  • skinnyminny

    Okay Davie Verez, it’s time to get down to real issue here! I have went back to one of your posts in the past in reference to Lou – you wrote, “Note despite major disagreements with the news of this sites management, it should be acknowledged that all views are fairly posted here as well.” Then you wrote, “My posts and contacts have been very critical of this site, and so despite my strong disagreements with positions and politics here, it would be fair to point out that, as with Fox, I have been allowed to speak, uncensored or muffled. Go try that with Olbermann.”

    Now, as far as I’m concerned, and the fact that I do not work for SPLC, if you don’t like what’s happening here, why do you manage to come here and/or posts here?

    Personally, I am very critical of you coming here HARASSING the posters here. Most of us come here because we find this site appealing to us. In addition, I am very critical of the comments posted on some of the other sites calling minorities derogatory names – yet, I don’t go in and post and start telling the people there that I don’t like the use of their words.

    You tend to be a Lou fan, and yes, I am a fan of Olbermann – and believe me, I don’t like when you posted “I H-A-T-E Olbermann!” BTW, I think Olbermann is very handsome!

    Now let’s make clear, I can like whatever I choose to like! YOU can’t make me like something just because you like it and want me to like it. You also wrote, “the concept of censorship to me is a freaky experience….” so in essence, I take it you don’t like censorship, then don’t try to censor anyone else, especially on the site where you admitted you have a problem with! Tell the truth, who are you and what is your real purpose for coming to site so often – are you an undercover agent? A ‘Drama King?’ But anyway, tell you what, you may not want to hear this, but, this works for me, when I need a good cry I look at the film “The Rabbit Fence.” This is a movie filmed in Australia – about the Australians removing the indigenous children from their parents by force…..a real tear jerker – that’s how I stay balanced. Maybe not you, but I find that ‘most conservatives’ don’t cry or laugh. LOL!!!

  • skinnyminny

    Davie Verez,

    It’s okay that you have to disagree with my use of the word, it appears to me you didn’t comprehend the use of the word or the message!

  • daemonesslisa

    If it’s not racism, then why did Dobbs make that report about leprosy, and then not retract it when it was proven false—instead, insisting it was true?

    Lies are not news, they’re propaganda, which is another way of pushing at least bigotry if not outright racism.

  • http://none dave varez

    skinneyminney , I have to disagree with the use of the word racism in your post-

    I dont think Dobbs has any problem with Hispanics living in this country , or those entering legally.

    Racism may be an easy case to make on the surface , but looking deeper down I think his concern is illegal immigration , not racism.

    I dont think he’d care if it was Hispanics or Martians – if entering illegally he’s against it , if here legally , it’s a non issue.

  • skinnyminny

    IMHO, ‘most’ of these guys don’t have a change of heart. I believe this is a chance for them to reinvent their image in order to run for a public office position (city/county/state/federal). Maybe he is trying to appear that his heart softened, afterall, he did say he may run for president in 2012! Maybe he is testing the waters (like an exploration for a candidancy). “Most,” not all, but most people do people wrong, and expect people to forgive them for whatever damage they’ve caused – example, the Blacks in this country have dealt with slavery, and they’d say, “get over it!” Yet, every day there are reminders that racism still exist. Latinos in this country dealth with deportations in the early 60’s when they were actually American citizens. Yet, look at what’s happening in Arizona today. Jewish people dealt with something that’s truly hard to fathom, and here today, they are still faced with reminders that racism still exist.

    How about Lou Dobbs tell all alleged racists, fascists to dump the hate. Why don’t Lou Dobbs tell the elected officials that get on cable television to stop the unprofessional/uncivilized/dispicable behavior and comments they exhibit for the world to see – I think this is not good for officials to want people to be angered and divided! ***If I behaved like this on any job, I would be terminated and labeled as a troublemaker and not a team player!


    “Cleansed”??? For example???

  • dave varez

    “Funny how I see these comments have been “cleansed” to fit the SPLC way of seeing things. Obviously no free speech here.”

    Richard , I’m not sure just what you mean , but my views are quite critical of much SPLC positions ,
    and have nonetheless been freely allowed to be posted here , so

    Cant agree with you on that one.

    It is funny how no matter what Dobbs position is , he’s the bad guy.

    I think Dobbs is honorable , and not racist , haven’t seen all the disputed stuff so cant really viably comment on all the criticisms , but some I have seen are , even if questionable sometimes,
    overblown IMO .

  • Difluoroethane

    Generalk: I’m not sure I understand your comment. Gheen may be many things, but he’s definitely not a liberal, as I understand the term.

  • Difluoroethane

    You’re wrong, Richard Russ. If you have read enough of these articles, you will see that the SPLC _does_ print comments from people who greatly disagree with its “way of seeing things” (Emmett, Lee, et cetera). There certainly isn’t any “cleansing” going on here.

  • jerilyn kay miller


  • Shadow Wolf

    I agree with most of the posters. As for Richard Russ, you’re not the only one whose comments were never posted. Happens to me all the time. But yeah, I have to side with Lou Dobbs on this one, because in hindsight, he is actually right. Gheen is full of that vile hatred and evil, that generally plaques the abhorrent White Supremacists. He is also right to admonish William Gheen about his unusual obsessions with Graham’s private sex life. As everyone says–“is nobody’s business”.

  • John Lloyd Scharf

    I have yet to see comments “cleansed.” They let through more than I would.

  • Richard Russ

    Funny how I see these comments have been “cleansed” to fit the SPLC way of seeing things. Obviously no free speech here.

  • Elaine

    I could care less about Graham’s sexual preference but I do care about him being disloyal to his constituents & the American people. I do not like that he is helping promote Cap & Trade with Kerry & Lieberman. We cannot afford our electric bills to skyrocket & for so many people to loose their jobs because of cap & trade. We cannot afford gas price taxes to go up any more. I am against Amnesty, too many Americans loose their jobs to people that are not Americans.

  • Leslie

    Lou also became someone I didn’t recognize. He started out as a nightly business reporter and ended up as a strident voice of the right. Maybe he is a changed man.

  • generalk

    Gheen and his crowd are descending slowly into a massive pool of liberal poo

  • Marisa

    I am not a fan of Lou Dobbs, but he was right this time. William Gheen is simply reprehensible, as are others of his ilk.


    Sounds to me like Dobbs, the Nativists, Gheen and his crowd are descending slowly into a massive pool of insignificance and confusion….soon they will disappear entirely from the American consciousness…..good riddance!

  • Magginkat

    Good for Lou Dobbs…….. Personally, I think Lindsey Graham is a hypocrite but as long as it’s his sexual preferences under discussion, it’s nobody’s business but his. William Gheen, on the other hand, is a hate monger, plain & simple. Why do people with any common sense listen to idiots like him?

  • Emmett

    Poor Dobbs, not only has he alienated his original Right-wing supporters, but even despite pandering on Telemundo, he also has not received any “Hispanics” or leftists onto his side either.