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Facebook Page Advocating Obama’s Death Draws 1 Million Backers

By Larry Keller on April 27, 2010 - 8:21 am, Posted in Anti-Black, Antigovernment

Last year, California far-right pastor Wiley Drake prayed for President Obama to die. Almost 11 months later, the president not only is alive but healthy enough to play tennis over the weekend. But that hasn’t discouraged a spelling-challenged creator of a Facebook page who also is praying for Obama’s death.

“Dear Lord, this year you took my favorite actor, Patrick Swazie [sic],” the site’s creator wrote. “You took my favorite actress, Farah [sic] Fawcett. You took my favorite singer, Michael Jackson. I just wanted to let you know, my favorite president is Barack Obama. Amen.”

The site has generated a lot of attention, with 1.1 million people expressing approval. But it also has spawned other sites urging people to contact Facebook and demand that the page be deleted. The social networking site gives members wide latitude on what they may post. Its statement of rights and responsibilities, however, prohibits posting content that is, among other things, hateful or threatening.

Some Facebook members who support the anti-Obama page claim that those who object to it had no qualms about ugly comments directed at George W. Bush while he was president. “Some people need to learn how to take a joke,” one woman wrote. “It’s only a joke when it pokes fun at Bush or Palin, didn’t you read the liberal handbook?” another woman replied.

Almost as prevalent on the page as anti-Obama rhetoric — “obama HATES AMERICA!!!” — are vulgar doctored photos of the president. One depicts a hand removing excrement from a toilet bowl, Obama’s head poking out from the feces. Another shows the president supposedly urinating on an American flag. There also is a photo is of a toilet with a hand-lettered sign, “Free Obama Dolls” and an arrow pointing downward in the direction of the toilet bowl. A bogus campaign poster features a rendering of Obama with devil’s horns and flames licking around him. “Anti-Christ ’08,” it reads.

It’s all high-brow stuff, causing one person on Facebook to comment: “1,140,216 childish Americans like this site? What does that say for America as a whole? Do you only exist and feel good name calling and using hateful language?”

As for Wiley Drake, who pastors First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, Calif., he’s keeping the faith in what is known as “imprecatory prayer” — praying for death, maiming or evil to befall somebody, despite his failure in the case of President Obama. Just last month, he E-mailed his followers to inform them that all 219 Democrats who voted for the health care reform bill had been placed on an imprecatory prayer list, and he cited Psalms 109. It reads in part, “May his days be few; and let another take his office. May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.” So far, all of the targeted Democrats seem to be doing just fine.

  • Todd Pollard

    I don’t understand why it’s OK to bring guns around president Obama, but people who showed up with guns near president Bush were shot by the secret service.

  • Mark @ Israel

    I think it’s humiliating that many people make fun of the president of America. One may not like the way he governs because he is not able to meet our expectations but at any rate, we have to respect him in as much as the people elected him. He is not voted to become a laughing stock but elected to govern the country. It’s unbecoming to make fun of anyone especially the president.

  • newtown

    while the page is polluted by idiots who are totally serious about their racist and homophobic tendencies, the thing about this page is that’s a joke – you’re being trolled, and the person who made it was probably just trying to milk reactions out of people. The pictures though are another story.

  • Carter

    “The only thing that is “different” about Presient Obama is that he is African-American, so all the claims that the attacks on him are not racist in origin are insincere, at best.”

    Therefore you saying that if a person is one of color that an attack on his or her perspectives is automatically BIGOTED?


    I have been writing in this & other blogs for quite some time and have been disagreed with often. But for me to assume that the other perspective is one of a racist is too immature for me to entertain.
    I financially support the SPLC & at times disagree with them on some issues. That does not mean that I would withdraw my support (for the greater good is too important for idiosyncrasies).
    It is EXACTLY the fact that the SPLC had identified ALL racist or bigoted hate groups regardless of color that I believe them to be fair.

  • Carter

    No may have “prayed” for the President to pass on but public demonstrations and death threats against the Bush administration were SO wide spread it was common place. To think that the virulent hate against President Obama is a new thing is naive.
    I’ll say it one more time: I didn’t approve of Bush at all. But the amount of death threats he received was monumental!
    In politics, there is no ONE GOOD SIDE. leaving the other blameless and pure!

  • Martha

    Some of you folks think that President Bush was just as reviled as President Obama and unjustifiably so that tit for tat is just fine. I seem to have a memory that goes back more than eight years and there was NO ONE advocating or praying for President Bush to die (at least not in public forums.)
    I only go back for 10 presidential terms, so can’t speak to any before that, but in that time there has not been the hateful invective against any president that has been directed to President Obama.
    The only thing that is “different” about Presient Obama is that he is African-American, so all the claims that the attacks on him are not racist in origin are insincere, at best. The white majority in the United States is a thing of the past, and many white people (I am white) here are feeling threatened and frightened as to how they will live in a country where they do not have the supremacy of numbers. I don’t feel threatened because I know that souls have no race.
    I feel compassion for these people, but hatred based on race must be rooted out and not tolerated. Because of the many outbreaks of white hatred, I’m not encouraged that this transition will take place without violence and suffering.
    Instead of polarizing ourselves into opposite camps with namecalling and violence, could we all consider compassion?
    Fear is the motivation for most ill-will and suffering in the world. Lower the volume, try to control the emotions, and attempt to communicate with each other. If we don’t try this we will destroy everything we all hold dear.

  • Joyce

    what a sad shame that our Nation is becoming filled with people who seem to want to “shoot themselves in the foot” seeing as how President Obama is the first President or politician in years that is working to help the very ones that are spewing out their hate toward him..but then that happened with Christ when He was on the President is in the best company!Most humans never recognize how good they have it,but one day most will look back with deep regret about thier stupity! Joyce

  • Kate Robinson

    Frightening. It’s one thing to make jokes about a president you didn’t vote for and don’t support – but mixing in prayers for someone’s death isn’t funny. I support free speech in all its manifestations, but this is just plain offensive and ill-thought out.

  • skinnyminny

    Interesting! Yeah, let these hate-filled, violent, angry… people show who they really are! It’s nice to know they had all this in them! I mean, let these people tell it, it’s the people of color that is so violent and they are scared of the minorities! Another interesting note, Los Angeles will be holding Gun Buy Back programs on May 8th! Now, I don’t believe in guns! What I find troubling, these gun buy back programs in minority communities, when obviously, they should be looking into the communities that are making all of these threats against the president and law enforcement!

  • Carter

    I have one more thing to add which I sincerely hope Americans will think long and hard about.

    The Office of the Presidency is considered to be the Commander in Chief of both the Armed Forces and the leader of the country. Whether you are Military or civilian, the person who is elected as President is the leader of our nation.
    Both military and civilian operates as thinking individuals and no one is demanded to follow orders that are illegal. That being said: when do we have have a chance to pick and choose who we recognize as the leader of our nation?
    One of the greatest flaws with the Bush administration was that Bush was such a poor communicator. Had we more facts, more information & more clarity of world-wide issues would we have thought what we did? We may never know. How many people who despise Bush know of the positive things he did? For instance, the highest funding for AIDS research was during his terms & directed by him.
    Powerful communication works two ways. Hitler was a damn good communicator as was FDR. Both of them made it palpable to secure concentration camps for selected individuals in their countries.
    In the Service a soldier has a duty to follow only legal orders. But what if the presentation of directives is either unclear or the soldier does not have all the facts to determine if an order is questionable? In civilian life, what happens to a voter if the whole of a Presidential action is clouded by circumstances & or facts which the civilian does not have access to? What if the issues presented have within them, information that is either restricted or classified?

    We did not find solid evidence of WMD’s in Iraq.
    How easy would it have been for the military or our intelligence agencies to “plant” evidence of such a situation? …Pretty damn easy.
    The fact that we were told such evidence was not available was a very interesting turn of events. It made MANY people believe that the war was a stupid waste of American & Iraqi lives.It made an overwhelming amount of people turn from the Bush administration. That administration COULD have planted evidence. Just as Lyndon Johnson’s administration planted evidence that the North Vietnamese fired on our ships in neutral waters.

    We do not get to pick and choose our truths in this world. Either we are told the truth or we are told a lie. We choose to follow or choose to question. But in politics there is often no clear cut “good” or bad” when the very essence of politics is the marketing of a person & their ideals.
    The majority in Nazi Germany about 70 years ago may have thought they were helping to get their country back on it’s feet but they played into one of the greatest lies in current history.
    It is imperative that in this age we recognize that most all of politics is marketing, advertising, & muddy water . …Making clarity of decision more difficult & so very easy to swim with the tide.

  • Carter

    This is not a simplistic issue as it draws on 1st Amendment issues and there is actually a great deal of validity to the comment about Bush.
    I did not particularly like Bush. I thought he perhaps was one of the worst communicators in the history of the Presidency and the war in Iraq was ill-thought out. But the amount of venom toward that man was unique.
    The Office of the Presidency is special in a variety of ways. but that must be the hardest job to do imaginable.
    There are some people who dislike Obama’s policies to the extreme. To detest the man’s agenda is part of the ugly world of politics. To hurl venom at the man is actually the norm.
    Should someone who despises that President’s agenda NOT ridicule for “fear” of being called a racist? I think not.
    Just like pornography, racism is occasionally difficult to discern but you know it when you see it. Just because the President is a man of color does not mean that those who oppose him are all racist; true?

    I, personally don’t have an issue with the majority of the President’s actions thus far. I don’t dislike him.
    However I DO know someone who has all sorts of issues with the President. That individual happens to be quite far Left of center. He hates the fact that the President has done nothing at all about gun control, she hates that the President has done little about the environment, she hates the fact that GEORGE BUSH funded AIDS research an order of magnitude more than Obama. She constantly speaks of not voting for him for re-election. And she expresses herself with extraordinary venom.

    I’ve known this woman for many years & I sincerely doubt that she is a racist. Interestingly enough, in response to a Letter to the Editor she had wrote; that is exactly what she was charged with by a Presidential supporter.

    People, we really need to get beyond the issue of Race when discussing the Office of the President. Obama COULD NOT HAVE BEEN ELECTED BY THE MAJORITY HE WAS if not a great deal of centrist-conservatives had voted for him over McCain!

    There will always be venomous rejoinders when discussing politics. You either have to have a thick skin or find another job. And maybe….just maybe; politics should NOT be a job anyway. Perhaps the professional politician does more harm than good.
    FDR had Americans put in CONCENTRATION CAMPS because of their RACE!

  • Dan

    I wonder if any of thoses so called Christians ever bothered
    to read the Gospel?

  • Phil

    I find this as distasteful as anyone, but it is clearly just someone’s demented idea of a joke. As noted in the post, the pictures are much, much worse. Also, it should be noted that some of the hate on this page is from those who oppose the so-called “joke.” There are free-speech issues here and we cannot (or should not) go around deleting all the words that disturb us. If we do, someday we will find that someone is deleting our words, too.

  • Siena Kendall

    There was a probable cause for ridiculing George Bush and none of it was prejudice.
    Prayer doesn’t make things happen, people do and some have already tried to kill Obama, along with as many black people as they can.

  • Lee

    From the Facebook comments:

    “It’s only a joke when it pokes fun at Bush or Palin, didn’t you read the liberal handbook?”

    Well that seems to be the case. How come the SPLC doesn’t speak out against similar jokes made about Bush?

    “1,140,216 childish Americans like this site? What does that say for America as a whole? Do you only exist and feel good name calling and using hateful language?”

    So this person claims name-calling is wrong as he calls the people who were on the page a name! Brilliant logic there.

    Also, the SPLC is in no position to speak out against name-calling since their only rebuttal to just about anything is to call someone a racist, anti-Semite, or Nazi.

  • Nagayoshi Nagai

    Ignorance is utter filth.

  • Snorlax

    Would Jesus Do This?

    Remember, He only gave us one commandment. Love.

    Even love your enemies, which is so tough to do that even He slipped up once. Remember when Jesus beat up all those moneychangers? He broke His own rule.

    But then, Jesus had feet of clay just like the rest of us.

    So, who would Jesus ask his Dad to smite?

    I think all y’all know the answer to that one.

  • Snorlax

    Our country is in deep doo-doo.

    This is insanity of epidemic proportions.

    These people have entirely taken leave of their senses. I believe they are a danger to themselves or others.

    I wish we could put these 25%ers on a 3 day mental health hold.

    They could all use a long weekend off.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Here’s a fun fact. Guess which American president once had numerous Communist friends, and not only greatly admired these Communists but even tried to join the Communist Party USA, only to be retained as a “friend of the party” as he was seen as a “flake.”

    Give up?

    Ronald Reagan

  • daemonesslisa

    People who talk about cyber-bullying always tend to leave out things like these kinds of Facebook pages and sites where people’s personal information is posted for harassment purposes like wikisposure.

    I hope that the SPLC can take up the fight against cyber-bullying of all kinds, not just high school situations, because it’s clearly necessary.