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What if They Gave a Klan Rally and Nobody Came?

By Mark Potok on April 5, 2010 - 1:58 pm, Posted in Klan

They really ought to call them the Ku Klutz Klan.

This Saturday, the Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan — a once-powerful organization that in 1960 coordinated more than 1,000 simultaneous cross burnings in a frightening display of Southern resistance to desegregation — held a rally in Gloverdale, S.C. It was attended by a single Klansman: state leader Tim Bradley.

Not making an appearance were the 1,000 people from four states that a confederate of Bradley’s had predicted. A promised speech never materialized, only endless rounds of Bradley giving interviews to local reporters while some 100 curiosity-seekers looked on. And the 30 or so Klansmen who Bradley said were headed to the rally that day? Well, they got lost on the way from North Carolina. Bradley kept telling reporters his comrades were about to arrive. But they never did.

Even the “rally” that did occur was something of a miracle. Earlier, the group planned to gather in a different location — but a local church had already reserved that park. Then, Bradley shifted the date in a bid to work out another location. Later, a local shopping center forbade the Klansmen from meeting prior to the rally in its parking lot, issuing a letter saying anyone there with “Ku Klux Klan, confederate, southern heritage or racist paraphernalia” would be arrested.

It was hardly the first time that the National Knights, a group that has developed a reputation as the Keystone Kops of white supremacy, was embarrassed. In 2001, protesters rained down debris on the heads of Klansmen after a rally outside South Bend, Ind. The retreating Klansmen had forgotten where they parked their cars. ( continue to full post… )

Militant Anti-Abortion Activist Appeared on White Nationalist Talk Show

By Sonia Scherr on April 1, 2010 - 5:56 pm, Posted in Anti-Abortion

Militant anti-abortion activist Michael Bray is reaching out to Kenyans on a new website targeting abortion providers and gay rights activists with ties to the country. In his endorsement of, he rejects the view of “racists” who thought Africa was “hopelessly backwards because it was occupied by an inferior racial group.” Rather, Bray argues, the West’s cultural superiority resulted from its embrace of Christianity, which was only later introduced to Africa. “It [is] perhaps Africa which shall be the beacon for the world in the new century as Christianity’s influence is increased in contrast to its departure from the west,” he wrote. “ [SEE stands for Stop Exporting Evil!] exhorts Kenyans to resist the evil influences of an apostatizing West which has abandoned the Lord of Glory, the King above all kings.”

Bray’s rejection of racism might raise eyebrows in light of his appearance two years ago as a guest on “The Political Cesspool,” a shamelessly white nationalist radio talk show that often denigrates those of African descent. Prior to Bray’s interview, Cesspool host James Edwards had, for example, called blacks “heathen savages,” “subhumans” and “black animals” while discussing violent black-on-white crime. In an April 4, 2007, debut on CNN, Edwards told host Paula Zahn that “crime and violence follow African-Americans wherever they go.” In the month before Bray’s Oct. 12, 2007, “Cesspool” appearance, the show featured favorable interviews with former Klan attorney Sam Dickson, Holocaust denier Mark Weber, and former Klan leader and neo-Nazi David Duke, a “Cesspool” regular whom Edwards on his website described as “a Christian man above reproach.” ( continue to full post… )

Website Blames Whites for, Well, Just About Everything

By Larry Keller on April 1, 2010 - 8:09 am, Posted in Anti-White

The white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) is well known for showcasing stories on its website that present African Americans in a bad light. Examples this year: “Gonorrhea is now almost exclusively a black disease” and “Black thugs hold white teens captive while raping and torturing them.” American Patrol, an anti-immigrant hate group, takes the same approach with its American Patrol Report that endlessly maligns Latinos, especially those in the United States illegally. Some recent headlines on its website: “Mexican police chief decapitated” and “More than 100 illegals, others arrested at cockfight.” Not as well known, but equally racist is an Internet blog called White Watch. Its target: White folks.

“The purpose of this blog is an honest, no holds barred discussion about white people,” White Watch’s home page declares. “While some white people are gentle and enlightened souls, most unfortunately are not.” The statement goes on to say that most terrorists are white, the most destructive wars are waged by whites and whites are the main culprits in producing pornography and harming the environment, and are the most likely to be pedophiles, rapists and mass murderers. Still, while joyfully bashing white people, White Watch stresses that violence against any group based on their race, religion and the like “is abhorrent and unacceptable.”

It’s no secret that Gordon Baum heads CCC, and Glenn Spencer is well known as the man at the helm of American Patrol. But White Watch’s creator does not identify him or herself. A few people who have posted comments on the blog have speculated that he is white. In fact, it sometimes seems like White Watch is a parody — while the CCC and American Border sites are unrelentingly humorless, White Watch inserts occasionally funny sub-headlines on stories. It also has a recurring feature titled “Stupid White Inventions.” Still, like the CCC and American Patrol pages, the overall thrust of White Watch is certainly plain old race hate.

Whoever created White Watch shares with Baum and Spencer a fondness for posting what are seen as embarrassing news stories about the racial group he is skewering. At White Watch that means the worst and wackiest of white people. Headlines have included: “HIV Positive White Man Rapes Teenage Boy,” “Lazy Brit fined for walking dog from his car” and “White Woman Attacks Cop…With Her Breast Milk.” Of course she had nothing on “Germans Caught Having Sex In The Middle of a Busy Street” — with a photo of the amorous Aryans. There was a story on a morbidly obese woman — white, of course — who says she hopes to gorge until she reaches 1,000 pounds. And another story about a white guy stoned on pot and whiskey who left his 5-week old son in an oven overnight. (The oven was unlit and the door was ajar.) ( continue to full post… )