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Anti-Semitic Pub Cribs Copy from ‘Elite-Controlled Big Media Monopoly’

By Sonia Scherr on May 6, 2010 - 9:53 am, Posted in Anti-Semitic

American Free Press, the anti-Semitic weekly that bills itself as “America’s Last Real Newspaper,” insists that it is battling a mainstream media secretly in the thrall of powerful globalists.

A statement on its website screams “THE MEDIA IS THE ENEMY.” It continues: “That’s why American Free Press is right here on Capitol Hill taking up the challenge against this enemy. We’re in the forefront of the battle to reclaim America.”

Except, perhaps, when American Free Press is plagiarizing from the enemy. A story in the newspaper’s April 26 issue, titled “Sheriff Tells Border Towns to Start Arming Themselves,” appears to have been largely cribbed from National Public Radio’s website. The story — about fears that Mexican drug violence could cross the border into America — carries the byline of Free Press Assistant Editor Pat Shannan and nowhere gives credit to NPR. Yet 13 of the story’s 18 paragraphs are nearly identical to those in an April 9 NPR story called “Sheriff to Texas Border Town: ‘Arm Yourselves.'” And Shannon didn’t exactly overextend himself coming up with those remaining five paragraphs: They were first published in a March 28 article posted on, the website of a CBS affiliate in Phoenix, Ariz.

That’s not to say that Shannan — who has also written Free Press articles disputing Obama’s eligibility for the presidency and alleging that the government tried to cover up the truth about Sept 11 — didn’t do any work. He rearranged some paragraphs for the Free Press story, in addition to inserting a few words and deleting others. (The expletive “damn it” was excised from one quote that originally appeared in the NPR story.) Still, he seems to have missed a message on NPR’s website that forbids using quotes without attributing them to NPR.

American Free Press is the successor to the Spotlight, a newspaper published by Willis Carto’s anti-Semitic Liberty Lobby. Staffers did not respond to an E-mail, so we don’t know why they appropriated the words of the “elite-controlled Big Media Monopoly” without telling readers. Perhaps it’s all part of a plot hatched by the so-called Masters of the Media to control even America’s Last Real Newspaper.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    JT, the AFP are branded anti-semites because they are anti-semites, and were founded by anti-semites. The fact of corporate media does not change that.

  • JTWilliams

    Does SPLC deny that the American media is largely owned by a few huge corporate conglomerates, and therefore represents the views of a small super wealthy class of globalists? Your willingness to paint anyone who dislikes mega-corporations as anti-semites is absolutely outrageous. Your act is wearing extremely thin, and if it weren’t for the fact that the corporate media was willing to give you airtime, the SPLC would be completely irrelevant.

    Will you post this? It seems that you only post comments that agree with you, or that makes the writer sound like a total ignoramus.

  • Snorlax

    This guy is about as legitimate a journalist as Jeffy Lube Gannon, the male hooker who pretended to be a real journalist and threw softballs to Dubya for two years.

    This guy and Jeffy Lube both could get jobs at FOX “News” since they have enough credentials for Rupert.