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Arkansas Cop-Killer Apparently Part of ‘Patriot’ Movement

By Mark Potok on May 21, 2010 - 2:42 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime

Jerry Ralph Kane Jr., the man who was killed with his son Thursday after apparently gunning down two West Memphis, Ark., police officers, traveled the country before the encounter giving classes in “redemption foreclosure mortgage fraud” — an apparent variation on a scheme common among antigovernment “Patriots.”

According to a blurb on a website called Pro Blog: Blog for Professionals, that was the title that Kane gave to an all-day class he gave on Aug. 29, 2009, in Fontana, Calif. In several YouTube videos of the Fontana class, Kane can be heard discussing such Patriot theories as the idea that only gold and silver are real money.

In addition, another website, My Private Audio, carried a tribute to Kane and his son and also included links to information about “redemption.”

Redemption theory varies across the country but arose in the Patriot movement, which generally sees the federal government as an evil entity involved in various conspiracy theories aimed at ordinary Americans. In its best known version, redemption theory claims that every U.S. citizen has a “straw man,” or secret legal twin, that the government uses to capture the economic value of citizens unknowingly sold into slavery to a banking cabal. Redemptionists often claim that by filing certain documents individuals can reclaim their sovereignty and the money that was deposited into a special account at their birth. Kane appeared to be teaching a variant of the theory that supposedly allowed people who have lost their homes to foreclosure to get them back at a fraction of their value.

In addition, the My Private Audio site, apparently written by a friend of Kane and his son, talks about how Kane was pulled over in New Mexico last month for not having a driver’s license. Many Patriots who call themselves “sovereign citizens” do not believe they are required to carry driver’s licenses, pay taxes, or obey most laws. The site also carried other signs of Patriot beliefs, including discussions of implantable microchips and the Council of Foreign Relations, an object of much Patriot conspiracy theorizing.

According to reports, the minivan driven by Kane during Thursday’s shootout — which also left two other police officers injured — was registered to an address in New Vienna, Ohio, called House of God’s Prayer. The building once housed the Ohio headquarters of the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nations, which was sometimes known as the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. The Ohio unit was headed by a violent white supremacist named Ray Redfeairn, who died in 2003. The church is reportedly owned by a man named Hoge Tabor of Middletown, Ohio.

The New Vienna Aryan Nations operation was infiltrated in the late 1990s by an FBI informant named Dave Hall, who wrote a 2008 book — Into the Devil’s Den — with his FBI handler, Tym Burkey. In the book, Hall writes that Tabor had been a Klansman for close to five decades. In an interview today with Hatewatch, Hall reiterated that Tabor was a long-time Klansman who actually had a calming influence on Redfeairn, who once shot and nearly killed a police officer. “I saw Hoge talking a few times with Redfeairn, saying he ought to tone down his sermons a little bit and discuss the positive side of being white,” Hall said. He also recalled that the House of God’s Prayer building was once a Klan meeting hall, long before Tabor acquired it and Redfeairn began using it as an Aryan Nations office.

It’s not yet known what connection Kane and his son, Joseph Taylor Kane, may have had to Tabor or Aryan Nations. What is clear, however, is that the elder Kane was involved in a world of Patriot conspiracy theories and had spent much time traveling the country and teaching them to others.

Conflicts between so-called sovereign citizens and law enforcement are common, probably because such people do not believe they need driver’s licenses or vehicle registrations and so are often pulled over. In June 1995, for instance, a Frazeyburg, Ohio, police officer shot and killed Michael Hill, a sovereign citizen activist. Hill tried to shoot the officer after being pulled over.

  • dt

    no mater what, you can pass laws on gun control, but look at your true criminals they will get the guns illegally and comit crimes then you will have innocent law bidding citizens and law enforcemnet officials to be sitting ducks. Criminals don’t care about the laws. Or for the saftey and well being. So go ahead and ask for strict gun control, and take the guns away from good law bidding citizen’s who you might need to depend on your life one day.

  • beholder

    Good point, Pat.

    So let’s look at this assumption about numbers of guns compared with numbers of cars.

    I had a hard time finding official stats, but PBS cited DOJ/ATF in 1995 as saying there were 223 million privately owned firearms in the U.S:

    In 2000, there were 221.3 million registered cars, trucks, and busses in the country (with an additional 4.3 million motorcycles) according to the DOT. Mind you, that number includes only 133.6 million cars, the vast majority of which are privately owned.

    Note the firearms ownership number would be much higher if you included non-civilian ownership (just as we include professional drivers — trucks and busses — in the vehicle ownership category).

    But let’s just look at what we’ve got:

    * 223 million firearms
    * 31,224 firearm fatalities


    * 226 million motor vehicles
    * 37,435 traffic fatalities.

    I think my argument is worthy of more serious consideration than you have given it.

  • http://yahoo Pat

    I’ve got to counter beholder’s argument. There are so many more people that operate motor vehicles than people that operate firearms. Maybe not worldwide but at least in America.

  • Karen

    Craig Kirk, you call yourself “a civil right investigator Pro Se litigator Warsaw, Ohio.” Anyone who can draw a breath and sign their name can be a “pro se litigator.”

  • beholder

    Thomas Frazee,

    In principle I understand your views. I wonder however, if you would wish to be subjected to the same scrutiny when you apply for a drivers license.

    After all, vehicular homicide is a terrible social ill and by far more citizens are killed by motor vehicles than by firearms in America.

    37,435 fatalities in traffic in 2007 (source: DOT)
    31,224 firearm fatalities in 2007 (source: CDC)

  • Thomas Frazee

    When a person believes or states that he has the right to protect his right to bear arms, he’s crossed the line. Many people, safely, own firearms. Most people I know don’t, and I have to admit, I feel safer, because of it. There are many statistics out that can prove many different perspectives and truths. Owning guns to protect oneself from an abusive government isn’t valid, 1) in most totalitarian countries, everyone has a relative in the military 2) if it becomes necessary to kick our leaders out, by force, we’ll take their weapons and use them against them. As a peace loving American, I would be perfectly happy with other Americans owning firearems, if they wouldn’t mind complete background checks, for mental stability, association with questionable religious or political organizations and testing for anger management. I suspect, any reasonably sane gun owner would, also, feel just as relieved to know that other gun owners are stable individuals, too.

  • beholder

    Craig Kirk,

    Your arguments merit reply. If this is indeed the case, why do these groups not focus their ire upon those responsible for bringing about their ruin — the Bush Administration and its collusion with the banks to push untenable credit lines for the sole purpose of getting the properties back at fifty cents on the dollar. And that at taxpayers’ expense.

  • Al

    I don’t believe for one minute Craig Kirk is being upfront and honest. First: There is no need for him to state he is “a practicing Hebrew (jew)”. Such a statement is completely unnecessary. Second: His grammar and spelling reflects a low education. Third: His posting makes excuses for racists and similarly minded people — criminals. About the only excuse he neglected to mention is that of “mentally ill”, which is often the case among racists/criminals.

  • beholder

    Martha’s right on all points.

    An anti-gang model could work. Something must be done to stop this rising menace to peaceful Americans and I think anybody who looks honestly at this question can recognize this is true.

    However, I think certain caveats are in order to avoid the criminalization of simple ideology:

    On an implementation level, the legislation would have to be carefully written to avoid the kinds of Due Process challenges under the 14th Ammendment that led to removal of anti-gang loitering ordinances in Chicago, for example. We can’t be vague.

    Another problem is that these groups (unlike gangs) are not necessarily committing widespread street crime — but instead politically targeted intimidation, harassment, and domestic terror — I think it would be very hard to enforce any law aimed at breaking up assemblies of “patriot” members in public places on mere suspicion of criminal activity. One of the reasons why anti-gang legislation works is because it takes back the public streets from their power. The “patriot” groups have tended to spirit away to private lands, far from the public eye.

    Now I think as well that because anti-gang legislation has been criticized for a disproportionate effect on African American and Latino communities, it would be necessary to consider how criminalization of these “patriot” groups could have an impact on those who profess a hard right mentality within protected peaceful assembly, who might be confused with the groups arming themselves for the sole purpose of defying the rule of law.

    I do not criticize the SPLC for its continued efforts to expose the malice of these groups, but I have observed such criticisms leveled on the grounds that merely being a radical right winger is not necessarily the same as a domestic terrorist. So we would need a clear methodology for defining the real menace that is interlaced with plain vanilla right wing groups that lend them ideological but not operational support.

    I also think any effort to halt the proliferation of these groups, specifically those arming themselves and preaching a violent anti-government ideology, will inevitably run up against 2nd Ammendment arguments, especially in an election year. I don’t think any criminal should be allowed to hide behind the 2nd Amd, but surely those arguments will come up. Any backlash from the “patriot” groups masquerading as gun rights will inflame half the country and make it all the more difficult to achieve consensus around the issue.

  • Craig Kirk

    Every blogger that has posted his or her claim here or was aloud to post,, has missed the point, See I’m a practicing Hebrew (jew) and a civil right investigator Pro Se litigator Warsaw, Ohio. I took up these issues at my own cost and studied the patriot moment first-hand, what my data tells me personally, is this whole redemption movement says I’m tired of caring all this government debt and need relief. These people cant handle the reality of the mess the united states is in. Many movements are centered around i hate these people or that group people which is sad, but the real under-line issues are these people are tired of being brook and cant find help, It is easy to to point fingers but remember most of these people are under educated and failed to figured out every remedy they would ever need in a foreclosure debt collection case is all ready written in Ohio jurisprudence CJS, American jurisprudence, NCLC.ORG Michie on banks or state & federal law. So understand this post please Craig Kirk

  • Don Quixote

    Sounds like Glenn Beck.

  • Martha

    I agree with Beholder on the point of designating “patriot” groups as gangs. I think this was a point not pushed hard enough. If they were given that designation, it would give the local police the ability to “field interrogate” people they strongly suspect of being a member, the same way they can and do with ms13, bloods, crips,and aryan nations, ad infinitum.
    Local police gang units have tons of information on those individuals and their associates and it proves very useful in the investigation of crimes.
    When any of those individuals go to prison they are watched closely by the prison gang units. Every effort is made to monitor their correspondence with the outside and with people incarcerated in other institutions and valuable information is often gained that leads to the prevention of serious crimes.
    It makes it easy when they have white supremacist tattoos but there are many more
    advantages in designating “patriot gangs” as such and their “philosophy” more than qualifies them.

  • Andrew Roberts

    To blame an inanimate object for the commission of a crime is like trying to blame a butcher knife for planting itself in someones chest. As a life-long gun enthusiast and shooter I can tell you not a single gun I own has ever fired itself. The fact that lunatics such as this guy are out there makes it even more necessary that I have firearms to protect my family from them. We live in a rural area and by the time a sheriff’s deputy arrived on-scene it would be only too late stop an armed intruder. As a veteran of the U.S. Military I feel responsible not just to defend my family but anyone who is under attack. Could I do this if guns were banned? I only hope and pray I never have to use my guns to protect my family or anyone else.

  • beholder

    I am not in favor of “gun control” as a blanket measure (within reason), but I am certainly convinced we could designate “patriot” and militia groups as gangs and restrict their ownership and carrying of firearms through specific legislation. But just trying to take guns out of America would be a huge political mistake, as well as not effective toward stopping criminals from violence. Just look at England — very strong gun laws, skyrocketing violence.

  • daemonesslisa

    More info about the shooter:

  • Chelsea Cameron

    Alan: The problem isn’t the gun control! This man would have gotten guns *any way* he could since he was a “sovereign citizen” he didn’t need to obey the laws set down by our forefathers and such.

  • Alan Aardman

    If we had stronger gun control in this country, Officers Paudert and Evans would still be alive today. The responsibility lies squarely at the feet of the gun culture the Patriot movement encourages.

    The existence of this movement should be enough of an argument to convince any reasonable citizen of the validity of gun control.

  • raisedracist

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    There are a lot of fake white people out there…with dark eyes, dark hair and wavy hair…hahaha….
    If they find out where those dark eyes and dark hair came from…they would be less “crazy” and “stupid”.
    I am black, white and Indian and I could easily make any person believe that “I AM WHITE”…my sister is perfectly white looking with blue eyes, perfect white features and dark blonde hair (wavy because of the black heritage)…a natural abundant wavy hair….like the hair of a lot of fake whites.
    these people are ignorant miserable unhappy and they don’t know who are their real ancestors from 200 years before.
    This man doesn’t look 100% white….noway! .

  • Mason Green

    The guy in the video doesn’t look very white to me. I can’t help but wonder if maybe he has a Wild Bill Hoff-like secret that he doesn’t want anyone to know about.