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News Flash: Obama ‘Convicted’ of Fraud in Birther Trial

By Larry Keller on May 28, 2010 - 8:40 am, Posted in Conspiracies

Maybe you didn’t catch the news last week: President Obama was convicted by an American jury of fraud and other charges. It was easy to miss, what with The New York Times, television and cable news networks and major Internet news sites — with the exception of Salon — ignoring what one far-right group called the “greatest trial in American history.”

The trial — more like a theatrical production, actually — was not held in a courtroom, but in ATLAH World Ministries Church in Harlem. Its black pastor, James David Manning, organized the event and prosecuted the case. Columbia University was Obama’s co-defendant. The judge was a guy seeking the Republican nomination in a New York congressional district. A supposed indictment charged Obama and Columbia with, among other things, conspiring to conceal the fact that Obama is not a natural born citizen. That’s the stale staple of the “birther” movement, which maintains — without a shred of evidence — that Obama was not born in America, and therefore is not legally serving as president.

Among the spectators at last week’s so-called trial were members of an organization called American Grand Jury, who have convened “citizen grand juries” around the country, which in turn have issued criminal “presentments” to state and federal officials charging Obama with fraud and treason due to his supposed foreign birthplace.

Obama, according to Manning and his fellow conspiracy wonks, never attended Columbia, despite the university’s claim that he graduated in 1983. Obama was working as a CIA operative in Pakistan at the time, Manning claims.

Manning dropped the more serious treason and sedition charges against Obama, because they can result in a death sentence. That would have made it harder to get a conviction if any of the 13 jurors was squeamish at the thought of the president being executed.

Among the witnesses that Manning presented was former Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root, who repeated the less-than-stunning revelation — made earlier in a magazine story — that he attended Columbia at the same as Obama and had the same major but had never heard of Obama. No one else he knew from that era at Columbia had heard of him either.

Not called as a witness, however, was Phil Boerner, who told The New York Times last year that he was Obama’s roommate at Columbia and went to breakfast, bars, museums and bookstores with him. The nonpartisan points out that Obama had an article published in the university’s magazine in 1983, the year he graduated.

As for Obama being a onetime CIA operative, Manning’s said that he received a letter from a former KGB agent (who was also a double agent for the CIA) stating that Obama worked for the spy agency in Pakistan from 1981 to 1985. Manning also claimed that the CIA was going to kill him last year, but rescinded the hit.

Manning has vociferously stated his revulsion for Obama many times, including in YouTube videos. In one video recorded last August, he repeatedly called the president a “long-legged mack daddy” — urban slang for a pimp or a ladies’ man. In the same video, Manning said Obama is a “half-breed,” an “illegal alien,” a “quasi-Muslim” and an “emissary of the devil.” He claims federal agents questioned him last November after he suggested in a video that Obama should be hanged.

Manning said on his website that he will file his faux guilty verdicts with the U.S. House and Senate, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the U.S. attorney general’s office.  Those documents will be about as impressive as Manning’s doctoral degree, which he obtained from his own unaccredited theological seminary. The bellicose preacher does know a bit about criminality, however. He served about 3 ½ years in prison in New York and Florida in the 1970s for burglary, robbery, larceny and other charges.

  • darren

    For some reason, I find it comical that a black guy could inspire a white racist following, wtf. Do people attend his church? I lived in that area for years, and never met anyone like that. What would you call a black congregation at his church? White supremist black people? lmfao

  • Charles

    Come on all you liberals get you heads out of the sand . Obama is a fraud and should be in federal prison and not in our White House . You would have to be blind not to see the document obama said was his birth certificate is a forgery . And if any of you were around in the fifties and early sixties you would know that any black person race on any legal document was Negro and not African and that’s just for starters . I wont go into the technical stuff like the photo copy being in layers. Because that concept may be to much for you liberal to understand . But I’ll give it a try anyway , when you photocopy anything there should be only one layer and not nine .

  • Stephen

    This site seems to be rife with Obama’s useful idiots.
    Wise up…Morons….Try to envision that although some of the statements by Manning may seem outrageous….others do not…..”Mack-Daddy” fits Obama’s appearance perfectly…and he STILL hasn’t produced a proven-valid Birth Certificate.
    Take the blinders off….indoctrinated fools.

  • Lex

    The stuff Manning says about African American’s would make David Duke blush

  • mythicsushi

    Yet another wacko trying to be a populist hero. “Citizen’s grand jury”-this reminds me of how Sarah Palin talks as if she speaks for the American people, always saying “we”.

    Isn’t this jury thing kind of a weird brand of vigilantism? It seems like there should be some laws regarding this.

  • Louis

    As mentally challenged as this nutcase is, he is indeed a threat. His ‘subliminal’ threats against the President are indeed meant to incite some whacko into doing just what he suggests, hence one of the titles of his numerous hate videos ‘Enact Treason, Remember Abraham Lincoln’, in which he invokes Booth’s death to tyrants and tree of liberty watered with blood urgings. BTW, in his ‘trial’ he reinstated the sedition charges at the last minute. I too wonder why more serious actions have not been taken against this hater than having his youtube account suspended numerous times. Glad to know you are monitoring this delusional coward.

  • Deja

    Manning has made so many threats against President Obama (before, doing and after the election) that its not even funny! I can’t believe that he’s allowed to carry on the way he does without being arrested! He said “in order to save America, President Obama must die” .. now if thats not a threat then I don’t know what is! He totally sickens me!

  • Mason Green

    Oh, and did I mention that Manning has praised the Kahane movement, too?

  • Mason Green

    Trivia Question:

    Who made these remarks at a press conference at the National Press Conference in December 2008?

    “It is common knowledge that African men, coming from the continent of Africa—especially for the first time—do diligently seek out white women to have sexual intercourse with. Generally the most noble of white society choose not to intercourse sexually with these men. So it’s usually the trashier ones who make their determinations that they’re going to have sex.”

    A. David Duke

    B. James Edwards

    C. Don Black

    D. Billy Roper

    E. James David Manning

    If you guessed “E”, you’re correct: This James David Manning is one very crazy character.

  • daemonesslisa

    Good lord, Uncle Ruckus lives! You -almost- want to feel sorry for these kinds of people until you find out about their criminal records.