The Hatewatch blog is managed by the staff of the Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based civil rights organization. Founder Labels Obama With Racial Terms

By Mark Potok on May 28, 2010 - 4:11 pm, Posted in Anti-Black

Dale Robertson, the vitriolic founder and president of, blasted out a mass E-mail today that seemed meant to convince doubters that his movement is, after all, racist at its core.

Attacking President Obama for traveling home to Chicago for the Memorial Day weekend — rather than staying in Washington to lay a wreath in Arlington Cemetery as many presidents have done — Robertson falls into a string of contemptuous and racially charged terms.

Obama is going home to spend time with “his homies in the Chicago hood,” writes Robertson, who is white. The taxpayers will be footing the bill for the president to “bump and grind in the hood.” While he’s gone, Vice President Joseph Biden and his wife “will step into Obama’s sneakers” to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Obama, meanwhile, will be “shooting hoops, smoking cigarettes and goofing-off with his homies.”

Robertson, who is a contributor to the right-wing Washington Times’ “Tea Party Report” blog (and is identified there as “the Founder of the modern day Tea Party movement”), has never been a study in sensitivity. He has written that everyone who voted for the national health care reform bill is a “national socialist” — a Nazi, like those who murdered millions in the gas chambers. He says that “illegal aliens” are coming to impose socialism on the United States. But now, Robertson has gone one step further, describing Obama as the kind of person who has “homies” in the “hood,” who wears “sneakers” and “shoots hoops,” and who “bumps and grinds.” We wonder just what type of person Dale Robertson is thinking of.

  • WFBI

    This is the same climate, same mindset and the same type of people that let Hitler, Stalin, Caesar; I could continue down the line of dictators in history, take over. The people I fear are the ones that live around me. My fellow “Americans”.

    I don’t know who the dictator will be, I don’t think he’s yet made his appearance, but he’s coming. In this type of undercurrent one will step up to the plate, give people something to hate, to unite around and lead them down the super highway to their own demise. The destruction of a nation that willed it to happen through their own greed and vitriolic ambitions to rule the world.

  • http://email Anaz

    The bare facts is quite clear. President Obama was elected President of the USA. Mainly white people and various others of different persuasions cannot except the fact that a mulatto (half white/black or mixed blood person) became President of the United State of America by a large percent of the changing population, minorities and young people. The haters are living in fear and feel they are losing control.Also Obama became president before a white woman. He has a black wife that’s also intelligent and has a mind of her own. They think Obama is too intelligent and uppity. The Obama’s have two little black girls/children running around the White House and many people hate that image. The status quo cannot believe this family is living in The White House. The hatemongers are seething and cannot control their feelings. They want to do anything to make the first minority president seem evil and bad. If he sneeze its bad, if he looks side ways its bad, if he shakes an Arabian diplomat hand(s) its bad, and if he talks to anyone in a civilized manner or not its bad. If he goes on vacation its bad. President Obama is pure evil in their eyes because they feel black people are evil. Deeply rooted in some white people psychic is the old Jim Crow mentality and the so-called Christian doctrine which favors themselves and their kind. Lots of white people dislike blacks and other minorities period because they are different. Many whites have a superiority complex. Basically, many white people on a whole think they are better than everyone else and that God gave them superior rights and that others people are basically subhuman and beneath them. Whether the haters like it or not Obama is our President. They have to live with it. Its just too bad for the haters. If they don’t like America they need to go back to Europe or wherever their ancestors came from. The only true Americans or the Native Americans. The Hatemongers had George Bush for 8 years but did not mention a word about his deplorable leadership qualities and how he swindled the American citizens on various issues and policies. Its unrealistic how they expect Obama to fix 8 years of misguided leadership and policies in a short amount of time. Hateful whites are always telling other people to leave America. Why don’t all you white hatemongers go buy an Island off the Baltic Sea or wherever there are a great percentage of white people and just leave America period. Go back to your motherland and spread hate and lies and see how far it will get you. Do give President Obama a chance to lead this country and try to develop an open mind and stop being ignorant and blind. Stop spreading hate, lies and half truths about our President Obama; the first black President of the United States of America. Keep up the good work SPLC thanks for keeping the American people informed whether we agree or disagree with your articles. Thanks for all of your hard work and I will continue my subscription to your magazine.

  • beholder

    Wow five minutes and molly’s mad as a hornet. Imagine five centuries.

  • Stephen Manning

    Several writers above attempt to defend the Tea-baggers, a self-applied term, as being law-abiding, non-racist, true patriots, etc. We are admonished that “we’re not all like that,” and there is no leadership, we’re just a bunch of concerned citizens.

    The main problem with that argument, it seems to me, is that we see Tea Party rallies on TV and in our neighborhoods. Yes, you ARE all like that. We see it on our screens, we see you waving signs that carry racist, insulting propagandistic speech that mimics the talking points of the Far Right and in some cases Near Right. And the themes in Oregon are the same as the themes in Arizona and South Carolina. We see KKK, Christian Right, NeoNazi symbols and slogans, threats against civil order. We see it on a regular and consistent basis.

    As to less government and less taxes, the kingpins of the Kooks, Krazies and Kriminals brigade are now screaming that the “government” hasn’t done enough. Jindal, Palin and Bachmann have all reversed their position and are parroting in lockstep like the TeaParty sockpuppets we always knew they were. Sorry, that’s is slighty off message, but is responsive to the previous post which was slightly off topic, but that’s a favorite propaganda technique isn’t it.

  • Michael

    The ignorace in these comments is astonishing. Stop grouping all members of a movement into one group. The Tea Party in no way pushes a racist agenda so therefore it is NOT racist. Some of its members are absolutely racist bigots, but then again so are members of any group. The “Tea Party” is not a national machine like many other membership-only groups, it’s made up of many seperate groups. To clump all of these groups together and label them as racist is simply immature. Grow up – all of you.

  • bryony1

    FunnyStuff said,

    on June 3rd, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    “Yanno, if just one of you was the least bit intellectually honest, you’d read the posts here and admit that the hate you accuse the tea partiers of is EXACTLY what you demonstrate yourselves.

    “Right here. Right in your own words.

    “Anyone up for this introspective challenge?”

    Reporting hate-filled talk and actions isn’t the same as being hateful oneself. If you can’t stand to hear the truth, unsubscribe yourself.
    The political hatred is coming from the radical right, which is the last time I’m going to use that term. The truth is that they’re hate-ridden fascists, the vast majority of them are white, and why any non-whites would be part of this movement I don’t know. There are always people who will work against their own best interests, pathetic creatures that they are. And white fascists will point to them to say: “See? We aren’t prejudiced.” But I bet they don’t invite these people home to dinner. I’m sure none would allow one to marry their daughter. No, the non-whites of fascist Tea Baggers are there for show only.
    Their existence doesn’t disprove the overwhelming racism inherent in the movement.

  • Mason Green

    Molly, did you just say that the author of this article is a “hater of whites” because he criticized the tea party?

    Sounds like you are _admitting_ that the tea-party is a racially-based movement!

  • bryony1

    “Focus you articles on white Americans, soon you will not be allowed to spew any of your trash.”

    Going to overturn the First Amendment, are you?

  • Molly

    Ok, it is time for me to unsubscribe to SPLC. Lately, every time I read it, I see you as the ‘racist’ instead of the defenders. You think just because you have white Lawyers defending against KKK type hate groups that anyone who disagrees with your ideology is racist. You cause and stir up more hatred then you stop. Your un-imaginative view of the “tea-party” is uninformed at least and hate spewing at best. If you can not see that America wants less government and less taxes….you are the idiots. I don’t care about your race. You are American or your not. The draw to the tea party is…there are no leaders…just concerned Americans. If this guy wants to say he is the President…I don’t care. An unbiased person would have looked into it and not just passed on what he “heard” as truth in an article. An unbiased person would have googled ‘Bush protest’ and found all the Nazi, hanging, death threats that Hilary Clinton called Democracy in action and that disagreement is the highest form of a Democratic government. But this writer is just like the rest of you….a hater of whites. So, I will unsubscribe here and to the magazines I get. I’ve had it with one sided bigotry and finger pointing while you spew shit.

  • Douglas

    O im sure its the left wing made this up
    the right wing radio man told me so

  • Robert Eckheart

    I am really starting to wonder about the intentions of some of the folks that write articles like this that do not amount to anything racial, to use the term tea bagger as President Obama has done on many occasion is rather insulting, how do you feel about that. I do not see why the left radicals like some of the folks on this site feel the need to entice the radicals on the right, both sides seem to want to do nothing more than divide our country even further and this comes at a time when our country needs to stand united to get through some major difficult times. The SPLC is a good organization that has a good cause, please keep the political agenda out it, the hatred that is shown towards the Republician party could deem you as needing to go on a watch list also, you hardly mention anything negative inregards to anyone that is affiliated with the Democratic party and they are just as much to blame as the Republicians for alot of the problems that we are facing as a nation. get back to the task of fighting for justice, equal rights and freedoms for our fellow man, women and child. Stop the hate people before many more of your supporters decide to stop listening to your cause.

  • MomandDad

    When I see sayings like ” Bail yourself out” and a smug person getting into their $60,000 car, I remember that it must be nice to have the system work for you and have all the advantages from family connections to the ” right” college and that 1st job that your dad discussed over a marini at the “club” with a colleague or partner from the law firm.
    The attitude of what’s good for me is good and forget everyone else has to change in this ever changing global world and economy. President Obama is a poster person of the changing times and the ” good ole boys” can’t stand the change.

  • Carl

    I see a LOT more hate here at the SPLC within the “reports” and comments from SPLC supporters.

    Suddenly “homies” “hood” and “bump and grind” are racist words? Seriously? Grow up. With that kind of thinking, “buddies” “suburbs” and “swing” should all be anti-white hate words.

    At the last Tea party in Richmond, there were three black speakers, yes black. And they were all VERY good.

    As far as I am concerned, SPLC itself is a hate group. It hates the Tea Party activists. This kind of “reporting” is only serving to divide America even more. This is a dangerous and irresponsible organization.

  • robb

    I agree with you. This group has become as bad as the nazi groups. They wave a different flag.

  • Kate De Braose

    What this entire conversation boils down to is that a small portion of our Anglo-American population is highly insulted that they are being treated as common folk, when they are absolutely certain that they are heirs to the entire kingdom instead.

    Face it folks- the color of one’s skin has absolutely nothing at all to do with any person’s character. If you are judging people by appearance, place of birth, or their native language, you are asking to be victimized by cheats and warmongers. It’s time to smarten up and stop letting politicians jerk you around for their own benefit.

  • FunnyStuff

    Yanno, if just one of you was the least bit intellectually honest, you’d read the posts here and admit that the hate you accuse the tea partiers of is EXACTLY what you demonstrate yourselves.

    Right here. Right in your own words.

    Anyone up for this introspective challenge?

  • Dan Valentino

    I am disgusted with all of you. I have been involved with the ADL and SPLC professionally for years and have come to realize their speech is no less hateful that those whom they single out for attack. Jonathan is correct in saying that this organization has become full of very hateful people. You and your followers attack with hateful speech and dismiss others “conservative” opinions. I think I may start up my own “Hatewatch” on this organization… I for one will not attend any more of their seminars and will try to prevent further attendance from these representatives from the organizations I associate with, as I believe some very hateful people are feeding us a very bias viewpoint.

  • Inthebackrow

    I am amazed at the amount of racial hate that this site has allowed and the amount of anti white rhetoric that is spewed. Perhaps it is time for the SPLC to list there own oranization as a hate group? The division of the people in the United States and across North America is only increased with the focus being placed on such small numbers of people that only have small ideas. Stop with the somebody owes me something mentality. Can’t get a loan to move into the suburbs, this is truly laughable, perhaps a quick look at the demographics of last batch of let’s move everyone to the suburbs loans is advised!

  • Bill

    Having met the tea party peopole face to face at a family event in Selah, WA, I can safely say, that their issues here are neither concern for America, no it was concern for self- the expressions on their face, the pastor’s wife fingering the pistol in her apron, ( who when confronted with what the Bible REALLY says misquoted grossly)-the hate was palpable, as it is in this whole county- their thing is NOT America, it is a White, Christians only (and only their twisted take on the Bible), a heterosexual only America, and America where “I got mine, so I AM HAPPY”, and “I don’t care if you get yours”. What chilled me the most was the pastor’s wife saying we need to “remove them from office”- when I asked what that meant, she said, what do YOU think?!
    Racist? YES! Homohaters? YES! But then this is no surprise, they hated EVERYTHING that didn’t agree with their way. I don’t know if this represents all tea partyiers or not, but certainly those in Yakima, WA are just what I described above- I can’t help but believe that the rest of the movement is like this- if they’re not then they should go out of their way to distance themselves from this sort of hate-filled, delusional, group. NO booth like that should be at a family outing with kids- but then life is just like that in Central WA!

  • WFBI

    Good comment David. As for me, considered to be white by most standards we have set.

    Until a “whale” or another “non-human” knocks on my door, puts a gun in my face, shoots my family dead, runs for a government office, insists on citizenship, that’s when I’ll get concerned with race!

    Black, brown, yellow, mixed white, etc. we are all human folks! So what if we are no longer completely white or black! Just like religion is used as a controller, now the powers that be have found another. RACE!

    Play into it if you like but your only letting someone control you when you do!

  • Tom M

    What the Left intentionally fails to recognize is racism is a dehumanizing collectivist notion – it groups people together by some trait that they have no control over and ignores the values, beliefs, hopes, dreams, goals…that are attributes unique to individuals.

    The Tea Party, The constitution – specifically the Bill Of Rights (BOR) – is about individual freedom – It is a promise to protect the individual FROM the government.

    Have we made it complete to the promises of the BOR? Nope, the struggle continues…and it is a struggle against collectivism forced on the people via government. The evils of government collectivism like slavery and Jim Crow are ignored by collectivist because they are more infatuated with gaining control of government to force their own goals upon the unwilling.

  • Dakotahgeo

    PSPS said,
    on June 1st, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    How about you gusy stop calling the Tea Party “Tea Baggers” etc………….. It’s a disgrace that you people can’t refrain from insulting them and in turn you look no better than the people the SPLC writes about on a daily basis.
    I think you had better thank your lucky stars that the TeaBaggers aren’t being called worse names. This is the gracious we can be at the time, taking into account this story of your illustrious leader. Be very thankful you are all least compared to a used Tea bag and not anything worse. Now go take your meds and let Mommy put you down for your nap. Sluggard!

  • SamDamnit

    The tea baggers were calling themselves by that name, before they realized the double entente. They consistently open themselves up to ridicule by lying, saying racist things and giving interviews that show their flagrant ignorance of the issues or even reality. There is no comparison between mocking illiterate racist morons with spewing racial vitriol.

  • Tom M

    I am with the tea Party – never heard of this guy – until now.
    I suspect if he were as important as he (or at least the Southern Poverty Law Center claims) the Tea Party would never have gotten any where – and I would not be a member.

    So is the SPLC keeping tabs on the Black Panthers who were standing at the Philly polling place with billy clubs for the 2008 election?
    I know if there were KKK aholes at a polling place doing the exact same thing they would be strung up.

  • David c Roach

    hate is like a virus- it spreads from a simple outbreak into a pandemic.

  • Kim

    To those of you who say it’s immature for us to call them ‘Teabaggers’ , they came up with the nickname themselves! It’s not our fault that they are that stupid!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    JT, why is it any time that racists are found within the Tea Party movement in full view, you guys always claim it’s some kind of “plant”?

  • beholder

    You don’t like it

    You don’t like it cause the white man losing his power. Yes I said the white man is losing his power. Everywhere you look it happening.

    Here a lesbian running the city. Here a meskin own the airwaves. Here a Muslim, a brother, here the landlord a quiet Chinese but he don’t bow and scrape. You used to buck your teeth and squint and he remembers. Now you pay the man.

    For you the only black man worth mention is Bill Cosby or Famous Amos. That what they teach you in the schools. But you do not have the power to stop Louis Farrakhan.

    You locked up H Rap Brown, Huey Newton, the only place you keep a black woman on her knees.

    You keep the monkey on the junkie back, locked up tight and messed up so when he come out he ties up again, maybe this time be the last.

    You deny the Tea Party a white supremacist organization. But I don’t see any black faces in that crowd.

    You say that your Miss America not barred to any color, but when the real beauty win you claim it was rigged against the whites. Oh you losing your looks too baby.

    And you don’t like it.

    That’s why you keep a list and laws. That’s why you lie about it, distort the figures on murder, kidnapping, rape, the crimes that white people refuse to do. Assaults, smugglers, drop houses, home invasions, drugs and welfare recipients. These are the small pox blankets poisoning the minds of America.

    And who care about something – anything! — other than that a socialist.

    Presidents elected while black deserve the black ball. No matter he cleaning house after the white man’s watch, the house that the black men built.

    This is America.

    What’s not to like and cheer about?

    We got illegals in our schools getting learned on the white man’s dime and why is that they always a white man on the dime, nickel, quarter or dollar in the country of freedom and equality. E pluribus unum.

    Out of many, one.

    Yeah, we know who the money is. We know who the many and who the one.

    We got madmen trying to take the Indians out of Cleveland and the Redskins out of Washington. We even got our Fightin’ Whities trying to fake us out.

    Rights are there for the white man, promises for everybody else. Promise of reparations promise of reservations, promises never to do it again.

    And like every promise ever made by the ones writing those rights who it went to? Who get the benefits? Who turn those words into profit?

    Now those laws are turning. This nation is rising up and sinking under your feet. It’s got a rotted core. It’s an earthquake, tsunami, storm and rage that rend the bedrock of your temple. The alabaster pillars going to drop.

    The great white father turning to dust.

    No more entertainers, no more football players, no more basketball, no more waiters and dishwashers, no more cleaners with your white shirts, nobody to hate cause they part of America too. Look around you.

    They running it!

    –An immigrant poem by beholder

  • JTWilliams

    Who the heck is Dale Robertson, anyway? There are many so called tea party founders- as a tea party supporter, this guy means nothing to me. Why must you always build the straw man, Potok? This guy probably is ADL, or a federal deep cover agent who started a website to coopt the tea party and discredit the average American who makes up the movement. Have you been to a tea party– totally milquetoast!

  • Expatriot

    OK, now, ya’ll, the tea party isn’t all bad. Fighting for the rights we have in the Constitution isn’t a horrid idea. If we are against hate, we can’t hate those that want a limited government and less spending, that think government spending is out of control. $ 13 trillion is a bit unnerving, and we don’t want to go down the road Greece is on now. Let’s not cast them all as racist, just because one guy is.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Oh lookie here, a conservative tried to slip in with his nonsense…

    Well “Johnathon”, let’s break your claim down.

    Jonathan said,

    on May 29th, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Where’s the outrage?

    “I read articles from every prospective involving our national pride. America is not a white country; it is not a black country… With the mix of all races, Italian, Spanish, Greek, African, English, German… how can anyone today be screaming racism?”

    How can anyone be screaming racism? Because it’s still there, that’s why. Studies show that it is on a regular basis. This is a typical right-wing argument. They acknowledge that at some undetermined time in the past, there was blatant racism in America(conservatives only recognize overt racism), but then all that was fixed in the 60s. But at some point that wasn’t enough for the blacks, Latinos, etc., and they started demanding “special rights”. The supreme irony being that conservatives can’t recognize the racism in that very statement.

    “The problem is we have no national pride we are still segregated by the very laws that were meant to pull us together.”

    Yeah, black people purposely ask to be denied loans which would allow them to buy houses in the suburbs.

    “You claim to be anti-hate, but all I read is drenched in hate, for, so called, white America.”

    Oh do provide examples. Something better than what you mention below.

    ” I read how the patriot movements are made up of angry white Americans; the militias are manned by angry white Americans.”

    Let’s see, they are mostly all white, and they are very angry. I think that’s pretty fair.

    “Where is the outrage of our intercity gangs,”

    Oh those are all black or Mexican right?

    ” the black panthers, and the nation of islam? These groups are full of rage, hatred and racism.”

    Inner-city gangs are racist? Secondly, if you actually READ the SPLC’s pages, you would find that they do highlight certain non-white extremist groups. As for the New Black Panthers, their ideology is quite different than the original BPs, who had good reason to be angry.

    “Focus you articles on white Americans, soon you will not be allowed to spew any of your trash.”

    What is that some kind of threat?

  • whenpigsfly

    Wow. Talk about hypocritical. This rag and a great many of the talking heads here need to get out more and breath some fresh air. There is an old saying that goes, “seeing the splinter in their eye because of the log in mine,” absolutely applies. Some of you people take hate to a new level. Of course, let us not talk about that.

    To paint the Tea Party with a broad brush as a bunch of “racist” is not only dishonest, it is a falsehood. Of course, calling those people “tea baggers” doesn’t fit your definition of ‘hate speech’ either. It’s about what I expected.

  • Lou

    Disgraceful. It disgusts me to read drivel like that which is spewed out of the minds of ignorant people. Like someone I know who refers to Pres Obama as a “stinking scuz-bucket”…plus he labels himself a “Christian” but won’t admit that his behavior is not very Christ-like. Very sad…

  • PSPS

    How about you gusy stop calling the Tea Party “Tea Baggers” etc………….. It’s a disgrace that you people can’t refrain from insulting them and in turn you look no better than the people the SPLC writes about on a daily basis.

    Grow up and at least show that you’re an adult and refrain from name calling.

    I read the comments here and I fully believe that all of you would support a Dictatorship as long as it was full of far left liberal types. It’s scary that you want to take away free speech and free thought from over half of America and reduce any form of debate or disagreement.

    Would all of you go along with Obama making himself king? You know what’s crazy about Obama? He’s JUST LIKE BUSH.
    He’s expanded the illegal occupations in the Middle East, expanded secret arrest of US Citizens (including sending them to secret prisons w/o a lawyer or giving them the right to contact anyone for an indefinite amount of time that he sees fit), Let the illegal wiretapping and Email collection of all US citizens continue, Kept GITMO open and in active use, has not opened up his administration to transparancy… all of these things are broken promises by him from when he campaigned. He’s a liar, proven liar, and he’s an exact clone of every neocon-republican out there. If you read the writings of the Project for a New American Century, you’ll see that Obama fits right in with those hard right PNAC radicals.

    Obama = Bush

  • John Molina

    “Oh, we’re just common folk.” — Sean Innanity

  • Ian

    Not that I’m defending this moron, but Obama does play basketball on a regular basis.

    The “homies” bit on the other hand…

  • Steve Vandever

    It’s interesting that he called everyone who voted for the national heath care reform bill nazis. Isn’t this like the old saw of the pot calling the kettle black? It seems that virtually every right-wing group is full of the absolute dregs of society; racists, bigots, those who seem to think they can be right just by yelling and name calling, the terminally stupid. He certainly fits right in there.

  • Mary in TN

    And even worse, the co-founder Glenn Beck has criticized our President’s daughter…absolutely beyond disgusting. If this is how Murdoch now makes his billions, allowing this sicko to diss our First Family, we need to STOP watching Fox News, Fox Sports, and stop buying products sold on Fox News.

    This is not freedom of speech. This is sick and disgusting right wing racism at its worst. The Tea Bag movement is nothing more than a disguised bunch of wealthy, white bigots who are leading the dumbed down poor racists to “protest” everything this President has done or will do to help us ALL.

  • Paen

    It’s more than a little ironic that someone who uses smear tactics against his enemies like some thing straight out of Mein Kamph accuses others of being Nazis.

  • correcto

    Peterson. Dale Robertson was a screen actor who made a lot of westerns. Maybe that’s why you mis-identified him

  • Frank Dixon

    Racism is not the greatest of the Tea Party’s ident6ifying qualities. That slot is occupied by ignorance . . . of which racism is a pathological side effect.

  • Shadow Wolf

    I agree with Ruslan. Anyone who thinks the Tea Pottiers are not racists, is a fool. There’s just a pile of evidence pointing this out, from photographs to videos, from their articles and their protest signs. The racial possibilities is endless. I don’t know how anyone cannot see that, unless they are deaf and blind.

  • Kenneth Koym

    In solidarity our voice is ever strong in the face of this too. Let our Nation work through and put this behind us troubling the racism may be.

  • Sam Molloy

    The dangerous ones are more subtle, padding their narrow views with imaginary economic wisdom.
    Freddie Movie Scary is that there are so many Americans that think they are the Great White Hope.

  • Mason Green

    R. T. ,

    Nor did he mention that George H. W. Bush _never_ paid a Memorial Day visit to Arlington while he was President; Dan Quayle was the one who laid the wreaths. Three of these times (1990, 1991, 1992) he spent the weekend vacationing in Maine.

    Of all the presidents since 1981, only one laid a perfect record of laying a wreath at Arlington _every_ Memorial Day while he was in office. That was Bill Clinton; a fact also conveniently left out by Dale Robertson, who I seriously doubt is a Clinton fan.

  • Jonathan

    Where’s the outrage?

    I read articles from every prospective involving our national pride. America is not a white country; it is not a black country… With the mix of all races, Italian, Spanish, Greek, African, English, German… how can anyone today be screaming racism? The problem is we have no national pride we are still segregated by the very laws that were meant to pull us together. I have read many articles from the ADL and the SPLC; I am disgusted with both of you. You claim to be anti-hate, but all I read is drenched in hate, for, so called, white America. I read how the patriot movements are made up of angry white Americans; the militias are manned by angry white Americans. Where is the outrage of our intercity gangs, the black panthers, and the nation of islam? These groups are full of rage, hatred and racism. I am disgusted with the lot of you. Focus you articles on white Americans, soon you will not be allowed to spew any of your trash.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Of course they’re going to play dumb and ask “why is that racist?” “I can’t be racist!!! I know some black people!!!”

  • R.T. Elkin

    And of course, Dale “The Illiterate Racist” Robertson fails to mention that Obama will in fact be laying a wreath on Memorial Day: at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, about 50 miles out of Chicago, named after the U.S. President who first established the nation’s National Cemetery system for its veterans.

  • Wisco

    “Isn’t this the same guy who was photographed holding a sign with the N-word on it?”

    That’s him. He tried to deny it and say the sign was liberals trying to smear him with photoshop, but someone dug up a video of him explaining what the sign meant — while holding the sign.

    He’s a racist and God is he dumb.

  • Mason Green

    Isn’t this the same guy who was photographed holding a sign with the N-word on it?