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Anti-Semitic Pub Cribs Copy from ‘Elite-Controlled Big Media Monopoly’

By Sonia Scherr on May 6, 2010 - 9:53 am, Posted in Anti-Semitic

American Free Press, the anti-Semitic weekly that bills itself as “America’s Last Real Newspaper,” insists that it is battling a mainstream media secretly in the thrall of powerful globalists.

A statement on its website screams “THE MEDIA IS THE ENEMY.” It continues: “That’s why American Free Press is right here on Capitol Hill taking up the challenge against this enemy. We’re in the forefront of the battle to reclaim America.”

Except, perhaps, when American Free Press is plagiarizing from the enemy. A story in the newspaper’s April 26 issue, titled “Sheriff Tells Border Towns to Start Arming Themselves,” appears to have been largely cribbed from National Public Radio’s website. The story — about fears that Mexican drug violence could cross the border into America — carries the byline of Free Press Assistant Editor Pat Shannan and nowhere gives credit to NPR. Yet 13 of the story’s 18 paragraphs are nearly identical to those in an April 9 NPR story called “Sheriff to Texas Border Town: ‘Arm Yourselves.'” And Shannon didn’t exactly overextend himself coming up with those remaining five paragraphs: They were first published in a March 28 article posted on, the website of a CBS affiliate in Phoenix, Ariz. ( continue to full post… )

Arizona Debate Unleashes New ‘Reconquista’ Accusations

By Sonia Scherr on May 5, 2010 - 2:17 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Nativist Extremist

As the debate intensifies over Arizona’s harsh new law aimed at undocumented immigrants, nativist groups are claiming that opponents of the measure support nothing less than the reconquest of the Southwest by Mexicans.

Though the myth of “la reconquista” — a purported secret Mexican conspiracy to take back part of the United States — has long pervaded the nativist movement, anti-immigrant groups recently have been using it to portray critics of the Arizona law as anti-American. The law, which detractors (including Southern Poverty Law Center lawyers) say would lead to racial profiling, gives police the authority to arrest people suspected of being undocumented if they have some other reason to make contact with them.

Some of the most overheated rhetoric came from Peter Brimelow, the British immigrant who runs the anti-immigrant hate site In a post last week titled “Help VDARE.COM Resist [Raul] Grijalva’s Reconquista!,” Brimelow vilifies the U.S. representative from Arizona who vowed at a Phoenix rally to “overturn the power structure that created this unjust, racist law.” Brimelow asserts that “Grijalva is not an immigrant but a Mexican colonizer and what he’s against is not the ‘power structure’ — he’s against America.”

Pat Byrne, the executive director of the Patriots Coalition, another nativist group, also took aim at Grijalva. “Grijalva is supported by the same cast of characters who have crawled out of their political sewers to support his irredentist views,” Byrne wrote in an E-mail last weekend to followers. “Irredentist” means advocating the reclamation of territory formerly belonging to one’s country — presumably a reference to Grijalva’s supposed goal of returning part of the Southwest to Mexico. In an April 18 mass E-mail, Patriots Coalition President Al Garza (a former Minuteman leader) called another congressman, U.S. Rep. Luis Guitierrez (D-Ill.), “Mexico’s #1 reconquista agent.”

Not to be outdone, Glenn Spencer, who heads the American Border Patrol hate group, posted a picture of the United States on his website last Friday with a Mexican flag superimposed on the Southwest. “The Mayor of Los Angeles [Antonio Villaraigosa] is a lackey of the Mexican government,” Spencer wrote. “His [sic] has declared war on U.S. sovereignty.”

Jim Gilchrist, a founding father of the Minuteman movement and the leader of the Minuteman Project, also weighed in last week by attacking not just public figures but all undocumented immigrants. The headline on his website proclaimed, “Minuteman Project says: Illegal Aliens Trying to Strong Arm Arizona.” He continued: “The illegal aliens are proving our point. The Minutemen have for a long time held the line that illegal aliens haven’t come here to work but to colonize.”

Minuteman Project Executive Director Stephen Eichler also heads — part of the libertarian-tinged grassroots protest movement — so perhaps his group’s overwrought defense of Arizona is no surprise. An E-mail to supporters asked: “Are we to guarantee domestic tranquility for the rest of the world while our own Citizens hide in their homes for fear of an invading army of trespassers?”

Murdered Racist Leader May Have Propositioned Killer

By Sonia Scherr on May 4, 2010 - 3:27 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-LGBT

White supremacist Richard Barrett enthusiastically denigrated gays and blacks.

In 1994, he led an anti-gay rally in Boston after a St. Patrick’s Day parade was cancelled in response to a court order that forbade the exclusion of homosexual marchers. Six years earlier, he signed “The Forsyth County Covenant,” which asserted that “all efforts to make us a bilingual, bisexual or biracial society must be defeated.”

But Barrett, who died after allegedly propositioning a black man, may also have been gay. Rankin (Miss.) County Undersheriff Bryan Bailey testified in court today that Vincent McGee, who is accused of murdering Barrett last month, told investigators that the 67-year-old lawyer made sexual advances toward him, according to The Associated Press. Bailey said at McGee’s arraignment that McGee gave multiple statements about why he went to Barrett’s house in Pearl, Miss. The 22-year-old neighbor said both that he’d gone to Barrett’s home to use the computer so he could access his Facebook account and that he’d gone there to complain that Barrett owed him money for yard work he’d done. In one statement, McGee claimed he beat and stabbed Barrett after “Barrett dropped his pants and asked him to perform a sexual act,” the AP reported.

McGee could face the death penalty if convicted of Barrett’s murder. Prosecutors announced at the arraignment that the charges against him were upgraded to capital murder — murder while committing another crime — because McGee allegedly stole a wallet and gun from Barrett’s home. Firefighters found Barrett’s body in his home on April 22 after neighbors reported a fire there. McGee, who told the AP he didn’t know about Barrett’s racist activism, also faces arson charges in connection with the killing. Three people have been charged as accessories after the fact.

Some who study the white supremacist world said that Barrett’s alleged homosexuality, while ironic, is not that unusual.

“As remarkable as it may seem, the fact is that the radical right is thick with characters who exhibit the most extreme hypocrisy,” said Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which publishes this blog. “It’s quite common to find savage gay-bashers like Richard Barrett who are secretly homosexual, Klan leaders who hide their black girlfriends, white supremacists who turn out to be biracial, and neo-Nazi ideologues who were raised as Jews. A good many of those who are most violent in their attacks are actually hiding what they see as a terrible and embarrassing secret.” ( continue to full post… )

Secrets of the Movement: Top Stormfront Advertiser is a Thief

By Larry Keller on May 4, 2010 - 11:11 am, Posted in Extremist Crime

At first blush, Tip of the Spear Consulting Services doesn’t seem unique as a security consultant, with its offers to provide bodyguards, surveillance, debugging and polygraph technicians, as well as legal and financial advice on such matters as tax shelters and anonymous banking services.

But one way that it differs from similar companies is that it’s aimed at a very particular niche clientele: White supremacists.

“Your community and nation have labeled you as politically incorrect, a racist and a threat to the security of the United States,” Tip of the Spear’s website explains. “Your organization or your affiliation with a group that recognizes traditional white values has catapulted you to the level of a high value target by the Federal Government. Our team will show you how to legally own checking accounts, savings accounts, investments, real estate, credit cards and vehicles without the Federal Government, the IRS and Law Enforcement agencies ever seeing your name or your organization’s name listed as the owner of anything!”

Since last fall, founder John Harold Browne has run ubiquitous banner ads promoting his company as “the ‘Special Forces’ of privacy, intellectual and physical protection” on, the world’s leading white supremacist Web forum. While it’s not known how much business Browne has drummed up this way, Tip of the Spear has been one of the top three entities supporting Stormfront with ads.

But there’s one thing its ads — and Stormfront proprietor Don Black, an ex-con and former Alabama Klan leader who in recent months has been overheard referring to Browne as his “bodyguard” — don’t mention.

John Browne, 39, is a felon. He will be on probation until 2022 for stealing at least $156,000 from his former boss and stiffing two creditors. He has a history of writing bad checks in Palm Beach County, Fla., where both he and Black live. His ex-wife’s lawyer says Browne is way behind on child support payments. Despite all of this, he also has advertised on Stormfront a credit repair and debt consolidation business — and even claimed there that he donates 10% of the firm’s gross to white families who have suffered financial hardship.

Who is John Harold Browne?

Is he the racist and anti-Semite he seems to be? He has expressed admiration for David Irving, the world’s leading Holocaust denier. On his website, he offers a free copy of My Awakening, the autobiography of former Klan boss David Duke, and a video addressing “The Dynamics of the Jewish Elite.” He has told skeptical Stormfront members that “my word as a white man should be enough.”

Don Black won’t say. Asked by the Intelligence Report about Browne and his history of illegal financial dealings, as well as his own role in introducing Browne to Stormfront’s members, Black still had not replied three weeks later.

Or is Browne what’s known in law enforcement circles as an “affinity scammer” — a man who uses the very particular interests of a certain set of people to lure them into parting with their money? His former boss and his ex-wife’s lawyer both say they never heard Browne utter a racist or anti-Semitic word. In fact, he retained two Jewish lawyers to help with his most serious criminal case. Lee Levenson Jr., the lawyer tasked by Browne to answer questions from the Intelligence Report, would say only that he “assume[s]” that Tip of the Spear is “a legitimate business.”

“My impression is he is basically a good person who got caught up in some sort of problem years ago and, due to that, was relegated to being self-employed,” Levenson said. “He’s a hard worker. He’s been fighting his way out of debt for several years. I don’t think he’s out to hurt anybody.” ( continue to full post… )