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Religious Right Leader Says Gays in Military Bring Nazism

By Hatewatch Staff on June 3, 2010 - 11:38 am, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Christian Right

It appears Congress is on the verge of repealing the controversial “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy for gays in the military. But that, according to the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, would be a mistake of epic proportions: It could produce gay, goose-stepping Nazis in America.

Fischer, the religious-right group’s director of issue analysis for government and public policy, claimed last week that Adolf Hitler’s storm troopers were, in fact, a sinister gay fighting force. Only homosexuals were sufficiently vicious to carry out Hitler’s most brutal orders without question, Fischer argues. Heterosexual soldiers just weren’t up to the gruesome task.

Fischer gave this history lesson on his radio program last month and followed it up with a May 27 blog post on the AFA website. For Fischer, the lesson from history is clear: Repealing DADT will open the door to horrific atrocities.

“The bottom line from what follows is this: Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews,” Fischer wrote. “Gays in the military is an experiment that has been tried and found disastrously and tragically wanting. Maybe it’s time for Congress to learn a lesson from history.”

Actually, the vast majority of historians reject the claim that Hitler was gay. Virtually all serious historians of the period reject the allegation that homosexuality was an important part of the German Nazi Party. In fact, after the Nazis came to power in 1933, homosexuals were persecuted (and many inside the Nazi Party were murdered), and ultimately some 100,000 were arrested. Many of those were sent to concentration camps, where an unknown number died.

Among his sources, Fischer cites The Pink Swastika, an unhinged and defamatory history that makes the entirely false claim that gays helped orchestrate the Holocaust. He cites the book to wipe away what is for him a serious historical problem — the very real Nazi persecution of homosexuals. “[T]he homosexuals the Nazis persecuted were almost exclusively the effeminate members of the gay community in Germany, and … much of the mistreatment was administered by masculine homosexuals who despised effeminacy in all its forms,” Fischer wrote.

Fischer isn’t the only one warning that repeal of the military’s ban on open homosexuality could create a gay Fourth Reich. Accuracy in Media’s Cliff Kincaid made a similar point in a column published on that far-right group’s website in February. “Indeed, a homosexualized military could itself become a threat, just like it was in the Nazi period,” Kincaid wrote.

That passage included a convenient link to a column titled, “The Nazi Model for ‘Gays’ in U.S. Military” by Pink Swastika co-author Scott Lively.

If Bryan Fischer isn’t the first to warn of the gay Nazi menace that could be unleashed, it’s understandable. He’s been busy. So far this year he’s suggested the death penalty for the sexually promiscuous and proposed that people in same-sex relationships face the same legal penalties as heroin users.

  • MuckrakerW

    Hitler’s Sexual Orientation: False Speculations

    I read a ton of comments posted all over the internet that dealt with Adolf Hitler’s sexual preferences, and I find on average most are anti-Hitler and anti-Nazism. If anyone knows anything in reality about Adolf Hitler, it is that he attempted to destroy the Jews and the Jewish religion in Germany, the mentally ill, misfits, and homosexuals. Since this blog is focused on homosexuality I will direct my argument to this topic and this topic only.

    Adolf Hitler on his rise to power in Germany was in truth surrounded by homosexuals this is a given… moreover, many from the Nazi Party. Others, high ranking Germans over time that is, were more along the lines of perverts with odd sexual fetishes like paraphilia.

    One of the most important facts about homosexuals that no one seems to be talking about these days is they [homosexuals and lesbians] have, and had an occult mystical philosophy, that goes back beyond the Spartan and Greek regimes during fifth and fourth century B.C., in which many homosexuals as well as bisexuals and lesbians were military personnel in these ancient armies, and took up the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism as part of an initiation process, or rite, and as such used this ongoing ritual to recruit into the Spartan or Greek military. The goal or objective by the state was to create a solid spiritual bond between the two homosexual partners. Usually one partner, a veteran warrior, was an older adult, and the other, a recruit, was a young male under the age of eighteen and an initiate for homosexual exploitation.

    This homosexual bonding was analogous to the bond between an man and a women in marriage. It had been proven, overtime, to be most beneficial in military warfare psychologically.

    You are welcomed to read the rest of the blog at my website.

  • David Chey

    If you google for the “Vatican and Nazism”. You will find many historically proven articles linking the Vatican to the Nazis. Should everybody now stop being Catholics?

  • David Chey

    This is utterly predictable, how low can certain section of the population go to slander others! Those homophobes have in the pass tried to associate homosexuals with all manner of perversion e.g. paedophilia, incest, rapist, you name it and they have tried it. Now the majority of public have wised up and realised that homosexuality is part of human nature and the gay right movement is gaining wide support. This is their last ditch effort to try to continue their propaganda by associate homosexuality with the most hated regime on earth. Only one Nazi officer is known to be gay and Hitler assassinated him. Thousands of gay men were murdered by the Nazi regime and these homophobes claims that it’s only a smoke screen by the Nazi to cover up their own homosexuality! How evil can these homophobes get?

  • Lex

    I sure remember those gay ss squads , right? No wait that never happened expect in the head of the crazy’s

  • Amy

    Is this guy for real?? Just for his info, my mother served in the military and in her unit was one of the finest female officers I have ever known. She did everything as told and was the picture of Army values. She had a superior record and eventually retired after a distinguished career. She would have given her life for any one of to live in our world of freedom. Oh yeah, she was a lesbian. She was forced to live in silence in order to serve her country. She would go ballistic to know that this lunatic compared her to a Nazi.

    If this guy supports the death penalty for sexual promiscuity, would that include the Rev. Ted Haggard?

  • Jonathan

    Paen said, on June 6th, 2010 at 1:36 pm:

    “Like Hitler the extreme right wingers love to demoize their enemies.”

    I think both sides are guilty of this sin, Paen. Let’s be reasonable here. But in America the left invented and perfected the strategy. And they also control all the major centers of cultural dissemination in this country… even, arguably, the church itself. The right wingers are on the outside of the power structure, looking in. The left IS the power structure now.

  • Paen

    Like Hitler the extreme right wingers love to demoize their enemies.After all if they can make them seem less human it becomes much easier to kill them.

  • Carter

    There has & always will be gays in the military; just as in any other sampling of humanity. The question is whether this group of individuals are more prone to mental illness than other individuals from any other sampling.
    The issue, as I see it, it is NOT the sexual orientation of a group sampling but if that section of individuals may have more emotional underpinnings than a sampling from another group [principally due to the fear of discovery].
    The “DADT” agenda MAY do more harm than good. When groups have “secrets” they tend to be more in quest of maintaining anonymity than if they did not have to hide who they are. That “denial of self” may be extremely unhealthy.

    At issue is the “fear” that openly gay individuals may upset the balance of order and conformity of the military norm. I would like to understand where this belief had arisen from. It’s obvious that gays existed in the Military since there was formal armies or military formations.

    The idea that Nazis had gay members within it’s ranks is certain just as there had been gays within the Allied forces. The biggest difference is that gay orientation becomes an excuse for dysfunction Who can say? What studies have ever been completed with an aspect of proper science behind it?

    It appears that the “fear” of corruption is the opinion of some in powerful positions. Had this been a reality since formal military units were in existence?.

  • Mike

    Reminds me of this scary bigot:

  • beholder

    My guess is that Mr. Fischer has a “secret”.

  • Ben

    Canada and GB (among others) allow gays to serve openly, and you don’t see them annexing Czechoslovakia. What a freak.

  • Mason Green

    The AFA’s founder, Don Wildmon, has also made anti-Semitic comments in the past, including claiming the medi is run by Jews:

  • Mason Green

    As a Minnesotan, this reminds me of the Arlon Lindner debacle.