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Man With Napalm Bomb is Latest Oath Keeper to Face Trial

By Larry Keller on June 9, 2010 - 3:07 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Patriot Groups

This is getting embarrassing. Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes keeps insisting his year-old organization is composed of nothing more than patriotic, Constitution-loving Americans who aren’t a threat to anybody.

Then his members prove otherwise.

The latest is Matthew Fairfield, a suburban Cleveland man who has been sitting in jail since April in lieu of $1 million bail as he awaits trial on 54 criminal counts related to his alleged storing of a live napalm bomb at his suburban Cleveland, Ohio, home, as well as keeping explosives at a friend’s home in Cleveland. A judge this week ruled that Fairfield, 30, is competent to stand trial. He is the president of a local Oath Keepers chapter, according to a prosecutor.

Fairfield was arrested after police found a napalm bomb and another explosive device above the garage at his house in the city of North Olmsted. They also confiscated two assault rifles and several other firearms from the Cleveland home. Fairfield was convicted and sentenced to two years of probation in February for carrying concealed weapons, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

He is but the latest Oath Keeper to run afoul of the law. Early last month, a Georgia Oath Keeper was busted for allegedly plotting to take control of a Madisonville, Tenn., courthouse and place two dozen federal, state and local officials under citizen’s arrest. Police nabbed Darren Huff in his pickup truck, which was adorned with the Oath Keepers logo, before that could happen. He was armed with a pistol and an assault rifle.

Huff’s bizarre scheme, according to authorities, was an apparent attempt to prevent another man, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, from facing trial for his earlier effort to place a grand jury foreman under citizen’s arrest. Fitzpatrick, a retired Navy commander, is a leader in American Grand Jury — another antigovernment “Patriot” group like the Oath Keepers — that goes around the country issuing “presentments” for the indictment of President Obama for fraud because he supposedly is not a “natural born” U.S. citizen and is therefore ineligible to serve as president.

Yet another self-described Oath Keeper, Charles Dyer, was arrested in January for the alleged rape and forcible sodomy of a 7-year-old child, and for possessing a grenade launcher that had been stolen from a California military base in 2006. A jury recently acquitted Dyer of the federal weapons charge, but the sexual abuse charges are still pending.

Before his arrest, Dyer appeared in YouTube videos complaining about an overreaching government and an imminent takeover by the socialistic “New World Order.” Rhodes, the Oath Keepers founder whose website likewise suggests that a military takeover of the United States is imminent, said Dyer was never a dues-paying member, adding that it wasn’t practical for him to contact everybody who portrays himself as an Oath Keeper. But, in fact, Dyer spoke on behalf of Oath Keepers at a “tea party” event in Oklahoma on July 4 last year. What’s more, an online magazine called Hate Trackers found a note to Oath Keepers members that was written by Rhodes just days before Dyer’s Tea Party appearance. In it, Rhodes promised that Dyer would “deliver one heck of a fiery speech.”

Still, Rhodes maintains that Oath Keepers is about nothing more than persuading people serving in law enforcement and the military to uphold the oath they swore and to disobey orders that violate the Constitution, such as imposing martial law or a state of emergency on a state, or forcing citizens into detention camps.

“We’re not talking about asking them to go fight,” Rhodes said on MSNBC’s “Hardball” last October. “We’re saying simply, don’t fight.”

Some Oath Keepers don’t seem to have gotten the message.

  • R. J. S.

    Southern Poverty my butt. Have you seen the
    photos of Potoks mansion. Reminds me of the
    false prophet televangelists who pollute the
    airwaves with their drivel.

  • cody

    I will refrain from commenting on the organization as a whole, however some of the rhetoric used in the OK’s website is rather inflammatory and is much the same as that used by many”patriot” groups to inflame their bases into overthrowing the socialist/liberal/whatever” government. While not everyone, or likely even most, of the organization is made of crazies, there did seem a disproportionate amount of rather troubling posts.

  • Robert

    Those of you that do not know much of anything are certainly in support of this foul government. I’d far prefer any oath keeper to any member of the current congress of the United States.

  • Richard C Wagener

    Sorry to all you liberals who can’t take the time to search out the truth. It seems you just lash out,which is the liberal democrat in dealing with everything . Example, Just the other day Obama saying the Republicans did not want to extend unemployment benefits, he conveniently forgot the part about just wanting to take the money from cuts somewhere else instead of adding to the insane debt we already have.

    Anyway, I am a proud member of Oath Keepers. This group is made up of thousands of Patriotic Americans, whose only mission is stand up for what all Americans have stood up for since 1776. Namely what is right and good, so that it can be passed on, as it was freely passed on to us by those who went before us. If you have a bad apple in the barrel, you don’t say all the apples are bad. Yes there may a bad example here or there, but use a little common sense. But I suspect that the real reason is to trash America, and what it stands for. The leftist liberals hate government of and for and by the people. Too many on the left believe America is evil, and their end goal is to turn us into just another third world country. This is done by lies, threats, inuendos, and projecting onto others the very thing that they themselves are. God Bless America and all she stands for. May she always be proud, free and a shining city on a hill for all the world to hope in. There are plenty of Socialist Countries in the world where the Utopia that liberals yearn for already exists:Cuba, China, Iran, and the most recent, Venezuela. I would suggest rather than tear America down, move to the place of your dreams, you would be happier and so would we. Although I am a proud Member of Oath Keepers, I am speaking for myself only, as after awhile I get tired of hearing from America Haters. Obama and his administration have done far more damage to this country than terrorists could ever hope to. They could never have dreamed of causing the high unemployment rate, division between the rich and the poor, the black and the white, employers and employees, and made so many people dependent on the government. Disagree all you want but I haven’t voted for a Democrat since John Kennedy. He was not perfect, but he was a wounded veteran, a man who stood up and told the Russians to get their Nuclear Missiles out of Cuba, and when the economy started to head south, he called for tax cuts to boost it. He said; “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country?”

  • William W. Wexler

    “What kind of people ARE you?”

    I’m the kind of person who expects our police and military to not tolerate itself to be infiltrated with secret organizations who CLAIM they are uber-Constitutionalists but operate under cover. Look at the things that have been done to us under the cover of religion and patriotism. You’d have to be totally naive to believe that the OathKeepers have a positive agenda for America.

    What kind of person are YOU?

    I hope you’re the kind of person who will report any OathKeeper activity you see in your unit to your commanding officer. We don’t need this, people, we don’t. It’s counterproductive, these people are undermining our nation’s institutions.


  • MojaveMike


    If it’s any consolation, I’m as cracker as bleached cotton and I have respect for those Panthers that were loyal to the movement. I was scared of them back in those days, but now I’m too old to be scared. I take what comes and if somehow we don’t see eye to eye I back off and try figure out where we made a mistake. I only expect the same from any other person. If we’re both right and there’s a conflict, I give way to compromise. If it’s not critical I’ve been known to acquiesce. In the case of trying to gain equality for my black brothers and sisters I see it fit to give way to their needs before establishing mine. I no doubt (and I mean a religiously steadfast faith) that what goes around comes around. So those Black Panthers of that earlier time are not seen as ‘terrorist’ (to coin a modern term) by all people. God bless us all.

  • MojaveMike

    What happens when you people bashing the Oath Keepers discover that these people are subjecting themselves to this abuse; possible legal and/or violent illegal abuse from government, while giving up this time they could have with their families; much the same as our soldiers overseas, to protect you, us, our country and its constitution? When you realize this don’t you know how you’ll feel about yourself? Please do not turn your cheek to a patriot. In these times all of us need to work at fixing our country; please don’t hinder these heroes’ efforts.
    Thank you Oath Keepers.

  • Trimelda

    I find it interesting that the author of this article is howling about the OK members who are extremists. Has the author noted the so called “new” Black Panthers who have been used by the Democrats to frighten white people away from their right to vote? What are they supposed to be? Are they “right” because they are supposed to be from the “left?”

    I ask that because I used to be in the Movement as a kid in the late 1960’s. We were taught that being a Panther meant that you loved Black people not that you hated white folks. But these *&%(#@ wannabes have the nerve to pretend to be Panthers. They couldn’t wipe the butts of the men like Hampton and Clark who died for the people. Yet, not a word about these pretenders. Not a whisper about their lying thuggery that disgraces the memory of real Panthers.

    Instead you want to rag on men and women who are willing to swear that they will NOT violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution. So…it’s now TREASON to refuse to act like Nazis? It is TREASON to question authority when it goes berserk? So, it is now wrong to say I will NOT stand by and goosestep my fellow Black, White, Asian, Native and Hispanic brothers and sisters to their deaths because a glorious Leader says so?

    What kind of people ARE you?

    You ought to be ashamed of yourselves if you think that the goal of OKers is to subvert this nation. If we ever have the misfortune of having to deal with the government turning on us AGAIN-as they did to the Japanese in WWII and as they did to Black people during the riots of the 1960’s, I WANT AN OATH KEEPER HOLDING THE GUNS TO MY HEAD NOT A BUNCH OF BOOT LICKING BASTARDS LIKE YOU!!! I want someone who has sworn an oath not to kill my Black ass on the orders of some government because it is wrong to decide whether I should live or die not someone who will close their eyes and chant, “The Leader commands me” and pull the f-ing trigger. And if you don’t get that, then I am sorry for you.

  • beholder

    An addendum: not a gainsay about NRA.

    About the Oat Keepers and affirmative action, I crack my sides.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Yeah Sam, I’m sure Oath Keepers will be out there on the front lines for Muslims and gays.

  • beholder

    Sam this is not a gainsay, but NRA actions in support of responsible gun ownership don’t necessarily make it any harder for criminals to arm themselves.

  • Sam Molloy

    The Oath keepers could potentially keep a future administration from persecuting gay people, or Muslims.
    The NRA does attract nuts but remember they support laws that protect responsible gun owners.
    Criminals don’t pay attention to gun laws.

  • norman hauptman

    If I were to claim (falsely) that I was a member of SPLC and then commited a violent act, would it be ethical to take my claim at face falue?

    Shame on SPLC for the accusation about Fairfield, before OATH KEEPERS had a chance to refute his membership.

    Will SPLC printe a correction and/or addenddum while OATH KEEPERS can elaborate on your accusation.

    Fire Fighter
    Father of a NYPD Sergeant

  • American Wetback

    Dont you find it unusual that the media doesnt report on any of this, and when they do its just a line or two. they know we will forget by next week. what happened to those nine nuts arrested a couple of months ago? We are living in some very interesting times. If you dont want to live under a neo nazi skinhead regime you had better start waking up. this is some real s… going on and we can defeat it now or bare the burden later. hitler is alive and well in America.

  • beholder

    I agree with Wexler about the role of the NRA in encouraging the anti-Obama hate.

    As I’ve said before, I think local government should decide gun rights issues, and I am broadly in favor of protecting the right to keep and bear arms as a question of federal civil liberty, at the same time as I accept controls on gun ownership if so decided by communities and states.

    However, I long since cancelled my membership with the NRA when it changed from a sportsman’s organization to one with white supremacist backing and fear mongering instead of rational lobbying.

    That said, I insist the issue is not one of firearms, but of the mentality of the firearms owner; more precisely, their avowed membership in an anti-government organization.

    We need to implement the same kinds of laws for these crackpots as we have for gang members, who are not allowed to keep and bear arms because they represent a menace to good society. So are the Oath Keepers and other forms of right wing extremists.

  • William W. Wexler

    Ruslan Amirkhanov,

    Not only did we not see “Patriots” at anti-war rallies, we also didn’t hear them say Word One over the USA PATRIOT Act, illegal wiretapping and FISA violations, torture and illegal detention, War Powers Act violations, treaty-busting and related Supremacy Clause violations, separation of church and state violations, weaponizing space, outing an undercover CIA operative as political vengeance, and so on and so on. None of that stimulated anybody to become OathKeepers and if they say it did they are LYING.

    These people are not “Constitution-loving Americans”. They are paranoid racists whose extent of mastery of the Constitution is what crackheads like Glenn Beck tell them on “Founders Friday” and what the NRA tells them about the 2nd Amendment. You don’t have to take my word for it. Go check it out for yourself at their website. There is a thread with almost 2000 posts in it at this link:

    If you want to know what OathKeepers are about, let them tell you by what they post to each other and you and me. Let them come forward and identify themselves. Let them open up their financial records.

    And most of all, let them stop trying to claim the Constitution and the American flag. There are plenty of ways to be patriotic, and OathKeepers ain’t one of them. You’re no more patriotic than the Weather Underground.


  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Maine you guys can keep claiming that your movement started under the Bush administration but it is obvious that you became FAR more active once Obama was elected. I never saw any “patriots” at any anti-war rallies.

  • William W. Wexler

    Thanks for everybody who feels sorry for me.

    Save your emotional energy for the angst you feel about Americans electing a black President.

    We won. You lost. Your born-again Constitution experts act and protests of being upstanding Americans are lies. You are fooling no one except possibly yourselves.

    You are a secret organization driven by hate speech code words and crackhead conspiracy theories. You are predicated on some Mad Max post-apocalyptic scenario that you secretly yearn for. If that happens you get to be the big cheeses because you’ve got the guns.

    I have spent my adult life as an activist for America and our people. If I thought that OK had any chance of taking root I’d be upset. But the plain fact is that you don’t. The organization is tiny and your message is as hollow as the Tin Man’s can. Anyone with the ability to think it through knows that we can’t tolerate secret organizations within our military and police forces. It JUST CANNOT BE ALLOWED.

    The story here with the napalm bomb is just the tip of the iceberg, I’ll bet. My hunch is that OKs will be busted with huge caches of illegal weapons and you will become a very big target on America’s radar screen, rather than just a pimple on her patootie.


  • Glen Maine

    William W. Wexler,

    Only a small portion of oathkeepers actually paid dues. You do not have to pay to join.

    William, I actually feel sorry for you, you are so misguided.
    Maybe you like that our freedoms are all being taken away from us by the elites.

    Remember those who bury their head in the sand leave their rear ends exposed.

  • Glen Maine

    Another nice try William W. Wexler,

    a lot of the patriot movement really started during the Bush administration. The corruption is on both sides of the aisle and it has nothing to do with race. The whole race card thing is not going to work anymore people are starting to see through it. Where does the real corruption come from the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers how about Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi just to mention a few and yes they are all white. Regardless of our color we are all Americans and our government has done a very good job of injecting race and dividing the American people. If we are divided the government will rule. They do not want us coming together as a people that’s why they are doing this to us I for one will not fall into this trap.

  • Eddie Gilbert

    You know what?

    I’m getting just a bit weary of folks painting Oath Keepers as some kind of a racist, extremist organization that condones violence.

    I’m the Ohio State Chapter President of Oath Keepers. I’m a white Police Officer in a metropolitan police department, who puts his life on the line every day to protect the rights, lives, and property of the citizens. (You know… one of the people who protects your First Amendment right to free speech?)

    I’m also married to a beautiful black woman, who is also a member of Oath Keepers. Here’s a link to the page where my wife and I were interviewed by the Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes…

    (We’re the third video down from the top)

    If you’re just going to parrot “what you’ve heard” about Oath Keepers, I guess there’s probably no hope that you’ll ever gets the facts straight.

    Hey, here’s a thought…

    Why don’t you actually do your OWN research on Oath Keepers and find out what we’re REALLY all about. Now, I realize that would take some INDEPENDENT thinking but I’m sure you’re capable of it. Just put down that glass of “WE’LL do your thinking FOR you” Koolaid, search out he facts FOR YOURSELF, and come to your OWN conclusions.

    Respectfully (and weary from all the half-truths, innuendo, and downright malicious lies about Oath Keepers,

    Eddie Gilbert
    USMC (1970-1078)
    Police Officer (1997-present)

  • William W. Wexler

    To all the OK and orther so-called “patriot” movement apologists:

    The OK movement is made up of people who suddenly became born-again Constitutionalists when Obama was elected. This movement was born out of racist paranoia and a concerted effort by RWNJ media moguls, who continue to attempt to show that the Obama Administration is part of any one or more conspiracies against the American people. The conspiracies include Obama being ineligible to be President (birthers), Obama being a secret Muslim, Obama being a radical black nationalist, Obama making AmeriCorps into a private police force (with a budget bigger than the Pentagon), Obama is going to take away your guns, Obama this and Obama that. The KEY, common thread in all of these conspiracies is OBAMA, and this is absolutely due to his race and nothing else.

    Now you can post here until the cows go away and come home that OK is not a racist group, and the Tea Party movement is not racist, but the facts say otherwise. This is ALL about racism, ranging from general mistrust to seething hatred.

    Back to OK. According to Stewart Rhodes they have about 21,000 members. This means that they ought to have, just from dues, $630,000 in cash. I am assuming that they have a similar amount in donations so let’s just call it $1,000,.000. What is the disposition of their money? They don’t advertise, they run a cheap, dumpy little website. I have posted to Stewart that he should provide some evidence of what they are doing with the money. I am thinking illegal weapons cache. This needs to be brought out into the open.

    Every person who joins the military or the police force has the obligation to obey orders as defined in the UCMJ or the police force regulations. They take an oath to do this when they join up. In fact, OK is not a re-affirmation of the oath, it’s a conspiracy to disobey orders given in the field. This conspiracy has penetrated, by my calculations, into about 1.17 per cent of the military and police, if Rhodes’ numbers are correct. That means that out of every group of 100 police or military personnel, there is one person who is the member of a secret organization who may or may not turn on you in the heat of battle and decide that they’re not only not going to follow some order, they’re not going to let ANYONE follow it. What happens then? What happens if OK becomes more high profile? Do you want your military including people who conspire to disobey orders?

    Of all the problems facing military unit cohesion and dependability, one problem that should NOT be tolerated is secret organizations within the organization. The military should review the OK activity and ban it. They are a dangerous radical organization that appeals to the blind fear and raw racism that runs through white America over our black President.

    The FBI should monitor the OathKeepers carefully. Judging by the posts on their website they have attracted some scary people.

  • Glen Maine

    Nice try -Wexler,

    Oathkeepers is nonpolitical we do not care who is in the White House. We do care about the Constitution and our mission is to reach teach and inspire. If an unlawful order was given to a police officer or military personnel to do something to you or me that is unlawful we ask that the police and military peacefully stand down.

  • Tim M

    First let me say the napalm guy is an idiot who needs to locked up. I just have to say I can care less for most of the articles on this site. The SPLC is nothing more than a bunch of liberal folks that quite frankily can go beat sand. I don’t agree with being a violent radical, but the SPLC seems to place most of the conservatives into this category. Or at least as a radical. I am a patriotic USA loving citizen who goes out each and every day to protect this great country and do so while ensuring no ones rights are violated. I don’t agree with everything my government does. I believe in the Constitution and believe it must be upheld in order to have a free democracy. Does that make me a radical right?

  • Sam Molloy

    I agree with Alan there. Mr. Alias should bend over backwards to stress the law abiding aspects of his organization. Perhaps SPLC has more in common with them than both sides think

  • Robert Eckheart

    Have to agree with Scott Gordon, there are bad apples in any organization and by some of the comments that get posted here I can tell that there are some bad apples on this site also. The U.S government is not really worried about Oath Keepers as a whole regardless on how some of you would like to paint that organization to be radical, I think what may bother some of you is the fact that Oath Keepers want people to remember the oath taken during time of service be it past, present and future and abide by it, this is not radicalism. Again I would like to ask all of you to stop with the hate, this is doing SPLC more harm than it is doing good, I along with you can pick up a newspaper or turn on the news and see all kinds of crazy twisted things that people of all walks of life get in involved with or do and they are not affliliated with no one.

  • William W. Wexler

    I tried to join Oath Keepers but as soon as they found out I operate a truthout site on Glenn Beck they “suspended” my membership.

    I have been blocked from posting at their website twice but for whatever reason I’m allowed back on at present.

    Thank you for this article, and thank you for working to keep Americans safe from rightwing, racist crackpots who want to “take their country back” because all of a sudden we have a black man in the White House.


  • skinnyminny

    Elias Alias,

    Perhaps you’re not familiar with citing sources, such as ‘according to,’ or definition of ‘self-described.’ Instead of pointing the fingers at SPLC and blaming them for writing this, maybe you should reread the article and see where this information came from.

    On another note, I’d rather know what’s happening with other American citizens since some of these groups appear to be more of a risk to my safety than the hyped up foreigners the MSM would have us believe. Make no mistake in the matter, there could be people coming here meant to do us harm, but, I am more concerned with the man next door – meaning the American man that is so nice and keeps to himself, yet only waves and says hello then goes on about his business, or the man that comes in wearing a suit to rob a business. Here, the point is, it’s not about race/ethnicity or dress, it’s about who is capable!

  • Elias Alias

    on June 10th, 2010 at 2:42 pm daemonesslisa said,

    “Mr. Alias, I know you’re trying your best—sincerely or otherwise—to defend the Oath Keepers. But can you really honestly defend these people when so many of their members are violating the law?”

    Elias in reply – daemonesslisa, you’re correct, I am defending the honor and integrity of the Oath Keepers organization. But I’d like to invite you to consider that I, and indeed our entire organization, in no way wish to defend criminals, racists, or hate-mongers. I mentioned the Darren Huff case as an example – before the FBI hauled him into custody, we had already discovered that he was not worthy of being an Oath Keepers member, and we had revoked his membership. Our by-laws are indeed published on our national website, and they state clearly that Oath Keepers will not tolerate hatred, racism, or violence among our membership, and that such activities, when discovered by our leadership, shall result in expulsion of the offending member off of our membership roster. We have revoked a number of memberships upon our discovery of such offenses. We have over a hundred moderators trying to ride herd on our membership, which is well over 21,000 souls, and we have State Chapter officers over-seeing the deportment and activity of members in our State groups. We abhor criminality, same as any police department, or any military command, seeks to eliminate the “bad apples” who slip into their organizations. But because today’s America exists in a volatile social and cultural condition, there are some disgruntled Americans who must be sought out and expelled from any good organization. Each year, for example, some men and women receive dishonorable discharges from the US Military – that does not mean that the military itself is bad, only that those individuals were. And it shows that when the military discovers someone on its rosters who is not quality material and does not deserve membership in the military, they kick ’em out. That is exactly what Oath Keepers does.

    Deamonesslisa also said – “I don’t always agree with the work/competence of the FBI, but if they are able to find obvious offenders then you can’t honestly defend these vermin with the “not a dues-payer” excuse.”

    Elias in reply – Again I’ll point out that Oath Keepers has no wish to defend “vermin”, but we do like to make it clear that such people cannot continue to be members in Oath Keepers once their offenses are known to us. In some cases the media/press has claimed some criminal-types to be members when in truth they were not members, such as the Marine Charles Dyer. He had wanted to join, but after talking with him and learning that he intended to be active in forming new militias, our leadership suggested that he should not join our organization. Oath Keepers shares the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi – we are non-violent, peaceful, and moral veterans, active-duty and retired military, peace officers, and Fire Fighters who agree to “stand down”, to “say no”, if ever ordered to commit un-Constitutional orders against the American people. We are America’s premiere organization devoted to the study of, understanding of, and loyalty to, the Constitution – and we focus primarily on the Oath which the Constitution requires all who serve to take. We are an educational organization, period.

    Aside to Scott Gordon – Thank you for a lucid perception of the purpose of the Oath Keepers organization. Each of your points is well-taken and nicely stated. You’ve got my salute and my gratitude for being an exemplary American devoted to truth rather than partisan emotionalism. Personally, I would like to bridge the gap in understanding between Oath Keepers and the SPLC. I value the central objectives of SPLC, and believe we all benefit by SPLC’s watch-dog observance of dangerous or criminal types who do exist in today’s troubled world. I would like for SPLC to acknowledge that we at Oath Keepers do the same thing as we monitor our members’ activities. When we encounter dishonorable people within our ranks, we give them the boot.

    Our Board of Directors are individually listed on the front page of our website, where it can plainly be seen that we are honorably-discharged veterans, retired career law enforcement officers, and retired military personnel, all with service records indicative of selfless service to the American people and our Constitutional “rule of law” system of self-governance.

    Current concerns about Oath Keepers include fears which arise when we remind our troops and cops that their Oath was sworn to the Constitution, and that the Oath is not sworn to the government which came out of that Constitution. It is in Article VI of the Constitution itself, which was written by the people, and by which it was intended to create a government to protect their un-a-lien-able God-given or naturally-derived “rights”. The abuse of misplaced powers which Eisenhower warned us against are indeed possible, and in some demonstrable instances have occurred, and that is why our nation’s founders included the Oath in that Constitution, declaring that the Oath be sworn to the Constitution itself, as opposed to being sworn to any sitting politician or agency of government. Oath Keepers encourages all our cops and soldiers to honor their Oath, and to serve honorably by obeying all lawful orders but to also serve honorably by refusing to obey unlawful orders. As you noted, this would be good for the victims in our foreign wars and also for we the people here on the domestic side of governance.
    Thank you, Scott, for an excellent comment.

  • Alan Aardman

    If the Oath Keepers don’t want to be painted as an extremist organization, they need to start vetting their ranks for extremists.

    The expression “Those who lie down with dogs get fleas” is pertinent here.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Mama, a “napalm bomb” is a bomb designed to ignite and spread napalm via an explosion. Napalm is jellied gasoline which sticks to objects and humans as it burns. And explosion is a rapid expansion of gas and heat caused by a chemical reaction. A bomb is something which explodes.

    Does this help?

  • Tangela Jewell-Walker

    Thank the SPLC for letting us know what is happening in our nation of all the hate groups who are growing and making more and more problems for our nation to change from hate to at least tolerance. Just think how many great people a person misses knowing based on their diluted belief system. Our Lord created all races and said “that this was good”. I live in Georgia and I am so very thankful I was taught not to think myself better than anyone else based on race. Please, keep us all informed of the many hate groups and tragic events that happen or could have happened.

  • Scott Gordon

    As an early and long-time supporter of SPLC I’d like to once again add my voice to the urging of caution against reactively painting Oath Keepers in such a negative light.

    As Elias Alias, member, national Board of Directors, Oath Keepers so plainly pointed out, the purpose of Oath Keepers is to educate the public and its members on their legal obligation to refuse to carry out un-Constitutional orders should they in any hopefully unlikely event ever be issued.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but in doing so they are openly and distinctly calling for a decidedly non-violent and passive resistence to any employment of violence against American citizens of any color or protected subjects by Constitutionally enforceable treaty, of any nationality.

    If widely known and used, such refusals to illegal, unconstitutional orders could also sharply reduce the heartbreaking reports of civilian massacres that come back from our overseas engagements.

    Our soldiers need to know that we would fully support their refusals of illegal orders in such cases, the My-Lai massacre that Elias points us out, being a prime example.

    This article is not quite so blatant as has been seen before here, but the person writing this stuff has again unfairly siezed an opportunity to impugn Oath Keepers by association, whereas it is easily demonstrated that its official leadership and members in good standing have established an arguably critical role to play in preserving our democracy – something I have pointed out before that SPLC supporters should also support.

    It is however, nice to see you quoting founder Stewart Rhodes. Before you were only forwarding unsubstantiated claims about the organization.

    And it’s also not a bad idea to challenge any organization, as you do so well in engaging our own military, to self-censure its extremists where they enter in unannounced.

    But we still have a ways to go in recognizing the laudable and similar goals and intentions of both SPLC (widely misunderstood and attacked) and Oath Keepers (also misunderstood and attacked).

    I want to live in a society protected from extremist violence, but also in one in which I can be confident that those entrusted with our protection cannot easily be comandeered into betraying the protections of the Constitution they are sworn to uphold.

    Our Constitution has generally worked well for all of us. It establishes the basis of a free society with individual and minority rights. Civil rights leaders have extensively quoted it and employed it to win historic reforms that have moved us further and further away from our history of racial violence – the recurrence of which SPLC works to prevent.

    I think we should lend our full support to those who advocate its protection and support.

    Thank You.

  • daemonesslisa

    Mr. Alias, I know you’re trying your best—sincerely or otherwise—to defend the Oath Keepers. But can you really honestly defend these people when so many of their members are violating the law? I don’t always agree with the work/competence of the FBI, but if they are able to find obvious offenders then you can’t honestly defend these vermin with the “not a dues-payer” excuse.

    The again, I don’t suppose there’s a better way to celebrate the constitution than by blowing up large portions of the country that ratified it. Isn’t that right, Mr. Alias? What a great american!

  • Paen

    I just hope that no one will start blaming all Christians and Conservatives for this nonsense.After all we wouldn’t want anybody to be tortured or any wars to start because of the actions of a few fantics.

  • Mama

    What exactly IS a “napalm bomb?”

    And I guess I’m confused, but who was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon? There’s more than one man discussed in the article, but I didn’t see where anyone was convicted of that. No permit is required to carry concealed in OK; don’t know about GA.

    And, again, this article (and many comments) are advocating guilty until proven innocent, which is certainly not consistent with my beliefs or the law (in theory).

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Perhaps some of these conservatives need to get the Gaza treatment. Basically it works like this: If some nuts engage in terroristic activity, areas with a high-conservative population should be cordoned off and blockaded. Sure, a lot of residents will be liberals or anti-Tea Party types, but that doesn’t matter. If a Tea Party nutcase pulls of a successful terrorist attack anywhere, the government can bombard the blockaded territory at will.

  • Martha

    Agreeing with all of the above comments. I’m so glad this nut was on probation for a weapons charge and therefore subject to search of his person and property. I guess the dope doesn’t know some of his Constitutional rights are now waived since he was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon.
    Long live our Constitution and laws. I’m so happy law enforcement is staying on him like a duck on a june bug.

  • dan68131

    You guys need a “Share” link in order to easily email and post copies of these articles on Facebook! Great story, really enjoy the Hatewatch service. Dan

  • Elias Alias

    Let’s look at this fairly please. SPLC is no friend to the Oath Keepers organization, and seems to imply that Oath Keepers is about something other than our published and stated mission, which is to reach, teach, and inspire all Oath takers to become Oath Keepers.
    I’ll try to help you at SPLC and your readers here to understand this misperception of our organization.
    First, note that you at SPLC have collected up three feloniously-charged individuals who chanced to be, or have been stated falsely as being, ‘members’ in Oath Keepers. It should be on the record, and the FBI does have this information, that Darren Huff’s membership in Oath Keepers was revoked two days before he was arrested because we in leadership at Oath Keepers discovered his personal flaws and ejected him from our organization.
    Regarding Dye, he was not a dues paying member, and never was.
    I mention these points of interest to indicate for you that Oath Keepers is an educational organization with the highest standards of membership requirements (which may be read in our published by-laws at our national website). Anyone can join Oath Keepers, and some less-than-desireable individuals have joined our organization – however, as soon as we discover a “bad apple” in our barrel we remove it.

    There are more than 21,000 members signed in at our national website. You have published about three who are not representative of our mission. By your method of grasping at straws, you can also note that the U.S. Military itself is a rogue outfit, based on the criminal activities of the soldiers under Lt. Calley’s command at My Lai in Vietnam in 1968 –
    Please cease trying to color our loyal veterans, police, and military members wrongly by casting the misdeeds of a rare isolated incident as representative of our organization.
    Thank you!
    Elias Alias, member, national Board of Directors, Oath Keepers.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I think that these OK people should be thankful that the US government is being so generous as to protect them from harm. At least in jail the average American Jack or Jill can’t get at ’em! Keep up the good work, US LEO*, and keep them under the microscope!
    *law enforcement officers.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    And these morons can’t understand why the government keeps tabs on them.

  • beholder

    To hear him tell it, the Bill of Rights entitles these clowns to keep and bear napalm.

    Just keep frog marchin’ ’em into custody.