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MCDC Founder Simcox Reported on the Run

By Mark Potok on June 14, 2010 - 11:49 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

Chris Simcox always wanted to be famous. Now, in a manner of speaking, he is.

Late last week, Fugitive Recovery Services of Arizona (FRS) released a “Wanted” poster asking for information about the location of Simcox, who it says readers should consider “ARMED & DANGEROUS.” The bounty hunters are seeking Simcox, co-founder of the anti-immigration Minuteman movement, so that an order of protection obtained by his estranged wife in April can be served. There is no warrant for his arrest and he is facing no criminal charges.

Chris Simcox wanted poster

Alena Simcox was granted a protective order after telling a court that her husband had threatened her and her three children, aged 2, 3 and 8, with a loaded gun, and suggested that he would kill police officers if they interfered. The document orders Simcox to vacate the house in Scottsdale, Ariz., the couple shared, stay 200 yards away from his wife and children, and turn in any weapons to police.

“Simcox is known to be hiding, possibly staying in hotels, or with known associate Carmen Mercer in Tombstone AZ,” the poster says. Mercer long worked with Simcox in his Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, and took it over when he left to run for an Arizona Senate seat long held by John McCain (he dropped out of the race earlier this year). She folded the organization in March. (Mercer is also a defendant in a recent Arizona attorney general’s lawsuit alleging a property tax scam.)

FRS is offering $500 for information about Simcox’s whereabouts.

  • Mitch Beales

    Stacy K. unless AZ is very different from the rest of the USA (they do seem to have minimal regard for the constitution) Mr. Simcox could have appeared in court to argue against an order of protection. Apparently he was too much of a coward to come into court without his gun. Or do they let you bring your gun to court in AZ? Thank God Mrs. Simcox had the sense to seek an order of protection. It may be that all this “only hurts the kids” but I suspect a gunshot would hurt them, not to mention Mrs. Simcox, a lot more. One of the most frightening things about xenophobic racists is that, once they condone violence for dealing with the objects of their hatred, they begin to feel like it’s fine for resolving domestic disputes as well.

  • Carter

    @ skinnyminny

    We’re cool; no hard feelings – certainly.

    Speaking of AZ; – think about where the SPLC is located….. That’s right; ALABAMA.
    When a person is directed toward work, they need to go where the work is.

    (I can’t resist: note this is tongue in cheek)

    I wouldn’t go to California where there is no racism and all Where all is harmony and civilized discourse. I would go to the heartland of oppression…..Arizona!
    Where virtually no one speaks or cares for another language or culture.
    Just one look at the “Hate Map” shows Arizona having enormous amounts of organized Hate groups as opposed to California which may have a dozen or so……
    (Ooooops, it’s the exact opposite!)

    (Now I’ll zip back to reality…)

    There is a great deal less racial tension here in AZ – especially in rural areas than in MANY places.
    Birmingham has made some great strides as has much of the South as compared to the marginalized 50’s & 60’s But that’s because people went there and worked for change & cared for their fellows.
    The South is the South. That’s not going to change in certain cultural aspects. There is a certain culture there, but it doesn’t have to be a culture of hate.
    Arizona is the West. There is a certain culture there as well. But again it doesn’t have to be a culture of intolerance.

    What hurt many people’s feelings were tourists who rode around on a Reservation and sniffed down their nose as “all the junked cars & garbage”. I remember hearing tourists talking about how “Indians were supposed to be close to the land”, etc. As if poverty didn’t exists & commensurate problems would not follow the one culture but was expected in others: “I would expect that in Mexico….” was common.
    And this was the prize…. How many times do people NOT SAY the word: MEXICAN? They substitute the word “Spanish” or Latin or something but the word.
    Mexican has negative connotations to many! Just listen some time.Believe me, that doesn’t happen a great deal near the Boarder.But it DOES happen a great deal in politically correct centers of the US. – Where people think they are being polite!

    We get the word prejudice from the simple – “pre”-judge – to have a conclusion prior to level-headed examination.
    Arizona is different than California but certainly not worse. It’s simply different. When people live in poverty, they don’t have the opportunities to know the better things of culture, of family, & of community.
    Arizona is not a wealthy state; thus it has problems. But they are NOT endemic to those who are born or live there.

  • Carter

    In Arizona a Judge’s Order of Prohibited Contact must be made on grounds previously established.
    I agree, that some dolt going into a courthouse and making groundless accusations about a spouse & then having them enforced by the State would be a travesty!

    From a generalist perspective, it would work like this: after the deputies are summoned they are then in a position to document a dysfunctional family situation & often if there is threat or fear of bodily injury, the party within the domicile may request a restraining order based upon the documentation of previous wrong-doing or dysfunction via a no-contact order.
    This is a lawful document based upon documentation of previous problematic behavior & which has a time limit and a method of appeal.

    I realize that when we are dealing with clowns, the natural assumption is for them to be acting within a three-ringed circus of melodrama and melodious buffoonery. But in this case, it’s not uncommon for the nut-house to come to a close in this manner.

  • Stacy k.

    Is this the United States of America? I’m just wondering since a disgruntled ex wife can essentially ruin a man with baseless and unprovable claims. I especially liked how this ridiculous article referred to them as “her children.” Um, aren’t they his children also? He’s just a father so he doesn’t count I guess. Pretty scary that a disgruntled ex can make things up, get a rubber stamp “judge” to print out a “protective” order (which never protect anyone against truly bad people), and based on HER WORD ONLY, he has to surrender his property if these creeps catch him. Most of this country wants the illegals sent home, so to brand Chris a “racist” or similar nonsense, is just evil. He shouldn’t HAVE to run from some stupid order based on no evidence, in the USA. We used to be a free country. Hopefully he can get his divorce final and be allowed to see HIS kids (I’m sure she’s bashing him behind his back 24/7) so this idiotic order can expire. Divorce is sad enough but when one parent uses government to destroy the kids’ father, it only hurts the kids.

  • American wetback

    And God said hah!

  • Snorlax

    Simcox ran alright…straight off the deep end.

    People like him are why we need the forensic ward.

  • skinnyminny

    BTW Carter,

    I do have a lot to say about Arizona actually. So much so, that I am saying more than I should.

    But, again, either way, this guy has lost everything – his teaching career, his leadership of MCDC, his bid for public office, his personal appeal and character, and now his family and home. I’m just saying buddy, I think he should be more of a focus than suspected illegal immigrants working/looking for work – and I’d also like to stress that Charles Barkley spent time in tent city for drink driving, and I know DMX was arrested for fraud with hospital/I.D….it just seem that Arizona will be a victim of its own madness/craziness. I mentioned that Americans were out of work – Arizona depends on others to spend money there, whether it is tourists or other Americans – in this case, I’d like to repeat the famous quote, “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” Frommer have advised people to be careful of Arizona, Mexico has warned it citizens to be careful of Arizona, and with citizens arrested under the suspicion of being illegal immigrants – all I can say is “way to go Arizona!”

  • skinnyminny


    No hard feelings here! Really! I guess there’s a need to understand that MOST, NOT ALL MEN become angry when they are faced with restraining orders, some seek revenge, or whatever else….meaning, most, not all, do not want anyone telling them what to do with what’s theirs – they don’t want the court telling them to pay child support/how much to pay, they don’t want the court taking away their visitation rights, and they certainly don’t want the courts taking away their guns if they are a strong 2nd Amendment supporters.

    Believe me, I know that the wanted poster is somehow a ‘joke.’ There is NO warrant for his arrest, and the purpose is to serve him with papers regarding his wife and children. But, do we really want to keep excusing this type of behavior? Do we really want to keep saying ‘it was a mistake?’ And personally, I don’t know if what the wife said is true or it is out of spitefulness, but, do Arizona want to take that chance?

    And we’re (you and I) cool, okay?

  • Carter

    “….Most Americans are unemployed.”

    The unemployment rate is 9.7% as per May 2010.

    OK……I give up. Whatever point you are attempting to make, I’m certain you made it quite eloquently because it’s beyond me.

  • skinnyminny


    May I add, most Americans are unemployed, it’s mostly immigrants that have jobs, whether they are here on visas or employed illegally, so how they think this would bring money to Arizona – I don’t know!

  • skinnyminny


    I’m sorry that there was a misunderstanding. I was pretty much saying that if the state is using this to keep itself in the public eye – all the problems it is having, this is not good. I understand that you are saying that the wanted poster is an inside joke. In a sense, it is still not good. Here I will explain why it is not good. If this was a minority, and they were ordered to turn over weapons, and the fact that he allegedly made threats to his wife, they would be locked up and not on the run. With businesses being raided looking for ‘illegal immigrants,’ and this guy is out there somewhere and his wife is saying that he is potentially dangerous to LE, it just appears to me that some people is given a pass in Arizona if they know the right people, no matter what.

    “Inside Joke,” or not, people are very concerned about what’s happening in Arizona. As for me, I hope to never step foot in that state. BTW, if he does end up doing something to his wife or taking his kids w/out permission this won’t be so much an ‘inside joke,’ to the folks wanting publicity for the sake of MONEY.

  • Carter

    I believe that you are reacting in a hyper-sensitive manner to the the expression “inside-joke”. If so; let me explain further. Taking money from the manipulation of the public’s perception of an issue turns that agenda into a farce.
    The use of the expression “inside-joke” does not include the common meaning of “joke” as a demeaning perception of a people in context; rather, the exploitation of an economic climate by those privy to the “insider” element..
    Hyper-sensitivity to dialog is common where the whole of a point of view is not examined.
    The very people who exploit the situation benefit from it financially; they may say one thing and capitalize on it’s existence.
    I hope I’ve made myself clear. I did not mean that racial tension is a joke. I actually don’t see how that could easily be brought into the conversation if you read the response instead of responding in a reactionary fashion to the simple expression of “inside-joke”.
    As a matter of fact I am surprised that you mis-interpreted that so vividly.
    I never said stoking racial tension was a joke, I said capitalizing on public manipulation for economic gain made the depth of issues a marginalized agenda which was an “inside-joke” (meaning a sub-rosa activity) between those who would benefit from keeping AZ in the public eye.
    I suppose I am going to have to spell out with great care what the differences are between economic exploitation & racial tension. Unfortunately I gave too much credit to the idea that an individual would read expressions in context.

  • Carter

    I don’t happen to be white either; what does that have to do with anything?
    Where did I say that stoking racial tension was a joke? I think you’re reading into what I wrote without direct examination of the elements.

  • skinnyminny


    As a minority, I don’t consider stoking racial tensions a joke. To me, it is not a joke to be subjected to harassment, ridicule, violence/threat of violence, intimidation, loss of liberty due to ethnicity when you’re a minority. This country has a bad and long history of poor racial relations. So, as far as I’m concerned, I could care less if they are using this to gain attention, because we all know there will always be some unstable person to believe it isn’t a joke – example, when Palin winked – how many of these men sitting in front of the television thought she was personally winking at them? In addition, with the rise of these extremist groups and the like, there is a lot of anger out there, there’s outright disrespect to the prez and his family, so a joke, I think not!

  • Carter

    AND for those of you who do not live in Arizona: Tombstone is a “atrapar del tourista” (tourist trap) & will do most anything to get more publicity since Old Tucson closed down and Wild West shows don’t get tourist dollars anymore.
    We even have signs for McCain imploring the public to vote for the man who will “secure our Boarders”. AS IF -=ANY=- store, tavern, or restaurant wants to loose money due to less traffic from the South. But he HAS to say that because it keeps a discussion alive that keeps AZ in the public eye.
    Even large department stores actually depend on money spent from Mexican tourists. The whole issue is sort of an inside joke. The “controversy” is nothing more than to draw anyone (with any opinion) into simply interacting in ways that allow money to be spent. The notable bigots are a very small percentage of those who discuss this issue.
    Especially now with the Summer here and triple digit temperatures taking away “snowbird” dollars – any means to draw Arizona into the public eye is important. But if you actually live near the Boarder, you know it’s all a scam. The economy has made it so more people are going back to Mexico than coming into the US!
    The one issue that goes unaddressed is that a (seriously) heavy influx of cash spent in AZ is from the Drug and People smuggling & that keeps a great deal of businesses afloat here.
    No public official wants that stopped as it helps the local economy. So a great deal of hot air is blown into an already hot arid region by folks on any side of this issue!!!
    This is NOT cynicism, it’s a pathetic reality.

  • Carter

    The whole deal is a publicity stunt. It has very little validity other than to curry more “Press time” and get Simcox in the public eye.
    These “Boarder watchdog – champions of justice” would fade fast if they didn’t get publicity from various sources.
    I implore the SPLC to let these guys get their publicity from elsewhere. They WILL fade into obscurity unless they are resurrected by the very talking points & discussion blogs that they (not so) secretly love to hate.

  • skinnyminny

    Chris may not be in Arizona. What if he went SOUTH of the border! Really! He could have went to Mexico, Honduras, Panama or Costa Rica. Now that’s funny, these people rail against Latinos, and this is exactly where they run.

  • skinnyminny

    John Brown, the SPLC mentioned that above, that he is not wanted by the police. What’s confusing about this is that he is not wanted, in light of the order stating for him to turn over his weapons to law enforcement actually. Hmmm, let’s see, if this was a minority, he’d be arrested for just the verbal threats, with additional time for having a weapon. What discriminatory laws we have on the books, just like the Seattle police officer punching a 17-year-old in the face. Go figure! I’ll bet his background will unveil some discrepancies as well – no backup – caught in the middle of a crowd – hit a minor in the face – lacking common sense, this was a recipe for a riot – he’s lucky he was able ‘to go home.’ But again, the distribution of law allows these type of guys to behave this way, and to be held up as heros?

  • John Brown

    It’s a fake wanted poster, and it’s been put out there by another minuteman Stacey O’Connell, who owns Fugitive Recovery Services.

    Don’t get me wrong. Simcox is a scumbag, but the cops are not looking for him. No warrants against him. We’re just taking about an order of protection, which anybody can take out against anybody.

    This guy’s got the lowdown on it:


  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Also ironic since these jackasses constantly moan about people breaking the law, even when it’s a misdemeanor.

  • jim

    Maybe he crossed the border to Mexico. Now wouldn’t that be ironic as well.

  • beholder

    Maybe they should follow the Wonder bread crumbs. Just trying to be helpful.

  • Killin It

    Sounds like the hunter becomes the hunted. How ironic.