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Congressman’s Immigration Remarks Prompt Calls for Death, Torture

By Heidi Beirich on July 1, 2010 - 3:21 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Neo-Nazi

Posters on neo-Nazi forums are publicly calling for the torture and murder of Congressman Pete Stark (D-Calif.) over comments he made on June 26 during a Fremont, Calif., town hall meeting. The Youtube video of the event has gone viral among racist and anti-immigration groups.

During the meeting, Stark mocked a questioner who identified himself as a Minuteman, the loosely organized movement that is best known for holding armed border-watch patrols, by saying, “Who are you going to kill today?” When the Minuteman claimed that border security was a disaster, Stark replied: “If you knew anything about our borders, you would know that’s not the case. Our borders are quite secure, thank you.” Stark’s remarks were met with jeers from the audience.

Stark’s assertion that U.S. borders are secure has been met with violent reaction in racist circles. On the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network forum, poster “Mike Todd” suggested the congressman be tortured to death by being “staked out along the border face up with his eyelids cut off to be eaten by ants.” In the same thread, “Fred” wrote, “Stark will have one rope reserved for him on the ‘Day of the Rope,’” a reference to a scene in the infamous race-war novel, The Turner Diaries, when “race traitors” are murdered and hung from lamp posts and trees.

“The incredible vitriol directed at Congressman Stark is really quite frightening,” said Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, which found and publicized the comments. “But these kinds of comments are not entirely limited to those on the radical right. In fact, the furious tone of many opponents of immigration has helped to unleash this kind of visceral rage.”

On, which is the world’s largest racist forum and run by a former Alabama Klan leader, “EagerWarrior” wrote: “If there is any Justice in the World that ‘man’ will suffer a horrible slow death at the hands of the Mestizos he so obviously represents.”

The thread about Stark on the white supremacist political party American Third Position‘s website is particularly nasty. A poster going by the name “Robert Jones,” who is described as a leader and senior moderator of the party’s forum, wrote: “Treason, may his death be protracted and his suffering severe. We do have laws for dealing with such treachery if only we can gain the political power to enforce them.” “Marcius” pitched in with “His acts can only be described as verging on treason.”

Gaining political power is what the American Third Position is all about. This past January, ATP co-founder William Daniel Johnson said that he intended to qualify “high-level people,” meaning prominent white nationalists, for campaigns on the ATP ticket in a large number of states. The party, which says it exists to represent “the political interests of White Americans,” is currently attempting to gain ballot access in California by registering the required 88,991 voters, which would allow the party to field candidates on that state’s ballot.

ATP is a relatively new group, established just this past year. But given the group’s explicitly anti-immigrant platform, it establishment is part of a larger trend. Demographic change, propelled largely by immigration, is one of the major factors driving an explosion in hate groups. In 2009, the number of hate groups reached an all time high of 932, up from 602 groups in 2000. That represents a more than 50% rise in the number of such groups over the course of the last decade.

  • Veronica

    Words cannot begin to describe how I feel about the virulent hatred being directed against my people. We are all descended from immigrants. I myself am descended from the Mexicans that Gov. Brewer, as well as much of the rest of America, want to send back to a country that is poorer, more corrupt, and more violent than ever. I have been thankful to be a part of a country where I can vote for my representatives, get a good education, earn a decent living, fulfill my dreams, speak my mind, and contribute something. I owe all of that to a Mexican immigrant who came over here years ago–my grandfather. But now that country that I have called my home since 1969 wants to throw out a group of people that I’m connected to. Some Americans will tell me that I shouldn’t feel upset because I’m an American and not an illegal immigrant. But I am upset, because when Mexican immigrants are insulted, I and many other Americans of Mexican descent are insulted, too.

    When is this hatred going to end? When?

  • Boft Hew

    The remarks were those of an elected representative who has somehow come to believe his is a prince in King Obama’s court. The words were akin to “Let them eat cake”.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Oops, nearly forgot:

    David Lane – Sex crazed pedophile.

    April Gaede – Let’s her daughters become the object of Lane’s pedo fantasies.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “What with the disproportionate black on white crime and the institutional discrimination of Affirmative Action and Diversity programs etc etc,, White Americans are in dire need of political representation in this nation.”

    No, no they are not, because they already have it and have had it. Studies of wealth and net worth in this country, as well as the make up of political parties, show that whites are firmly on top of the social ladder.

    Studies on institutional discrimination have shown that it still works against blacks and Latinos rather than whites. To date, there have been no statistical studies showing that whites are discriminated against institutionally. In fact, the studies which show anti-black discrimination suggest the exact opposite. For example there are the various studies showing that applicants with “black-sounding names” are 50% less likely to be called back than a “white-sounding” applicant, even when their qualifications are equal or better. If Equal Opportunity means that whites are facing discrimination, WHY OH WHY aren’t the employers falling over each other to call Tyrone Jackson in for an interview?

    But if you have a link to a statistical study of “reverse discrimination”, I’d love to see it. If not, stop whining.

    As for disproportionate black on white crime- Try thinking instead of using canned arguments some time. Do you know why it is disproportionate? Because the black population is much SMALLER than the white population.

    ” With the existing anti-white Obama administration now in control, it was only a matter of time before white Americans would wake-up to the fact that this nations leftest agenda includes not only dispossessing our people from any political,economic,or social influence but also wants to literally destroy any semblance of racial solidarity amongst its white population thus any viable resistance. ”

    Please explain how the Obama administration is “anti-white”. Show your work.

    As for the rest of this paragraph of nonsense, I should point out that the imperialist, free-market oriented policies of the US, which have advanced just as surely under Clinton and Obama as they had under Reagan and Bush, are hardly “leftist.” Second, as I said before, all the evidence points to the fact that whites are still on top in the US. Oh sure, you personally may be a total failure, but most whites have it pretty good. If that is the case you should realize that even in an all-white state, you would still probably be a failure.

    “Most white oriented organizations have been ill lead by disfunctional individuals,”

    Most? Try ALL. Let’s see…

    1920’s-30’s Klan: National leader rapes white girl to death.

    Frank Collin: I trust you know all about this guy.

    Ben Klassen: May have raped at least one teenage boy.

    William Pierce: Pervert, woman-hater, psychopathic ego-maniac.

    Erich Gliebe: Jackass

    Richard Butler: Religious moron and hypocrite.

    Alex Linder: Failure.

    Glenn Miller: Lunatic, con-man, alcoholic.

    Billy Roper: Non-existent

    David Duke: Con-man

    Kevin Alfred Strom: Pedophile.

    That’s a pretty big list there.

    “but A3P will appeal to mainstrem Americans and continue to grow as a political force necessary to not only defend the rights of white Americans, but to be a revolutionary force for change and progress.”

    No, actually it won’t. First of all, your values are regressive, not progressive. And believe me, you will attract your share of dysfunctional individuals as well, because your movement contains the same inherent flaws as all those other movements- namely, that there is something inherently good in being white, and that white people have common interests or bonds.

  • R. Sutus

    We need to take a serious and objective look at where ‘The West’ is heading.
    It is not as simple as ‘crushing’ White Supremacist groups.

    It’s obvious that White Nationalist and Anti-Immigration views are becoming more prevalent.

    Whites see their population declining and only their population declining, while the rest of the worlds ethnic groups are increasing.

    There is quite a degree of inequality and lack of fairness in that.
    Whites deserve to exist independently as well.

    That place may not be in the United States, but Europe is experiencing the same immigration and demographic change.

    What I mean by looking at this objectively is that we must realise that racism is only going to increase if more Whites realise that their very existence is at risk.

    A little fairness could be good for all of us.

  • Mike Menkes

    It’s not about race, it’s about obeying the law … Either you fill out the papers and come in obiding by the rules, or you don’t … If you don’t, you’re illegally in my country … Having 24 milion (actual number unknown) people running loose in my country is a security nightmare … The same dirtballs who smuggle in illegals will smuggle in anybody with ca$h … Terrorsist aren’t coming to the US , they’re HERE ! … God Bless Arizona …

  • James

    What with the disproportionate black on white crime and the institutional discrimination of Affirmative Action and Diversity programs etc etc,, White Americans are in dire need of political representation in this nation.. With the existing anti-white Obama administration now in control, it was only a matter of time before white Americans would wake-up to the fact that this nations leftest agenda includes not only dispossessing our people from any political,economic,or social influence but also wants to literally destroy any semblance of racial solidarity amongst its white population thus any viable resistance. Most white oriented organizations have been ill lead by disfunctional individuals, but A3P will appeal to mainstrem Americans and continue to grow as a political force necessary to not only defend the rights of white Americans, but to be a revolutionary force for change and progress.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    On another matter, I wanted to point out that immigrants do not “take jobs”. Jobs belong to those who own the property or means of production which that job is connected. The owners give out jobs to whomever they want, for the lowest wage possible.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Lee, it is clear that these numbers arguments are designed to create the idea that there is a “whites vs. everyone else” conflict in the world, and this can be construed as racist. Besides, “encouraging every other race to do the same” is nonsense. For one thing, people like that fail to realize that race is a social construct, and the manner by which they categorize other peoples is not necessarily universally recognized.

    Japanese, Mongolians, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Koreans, for example, do not consider themselves to be one “race”. Most Europeans do not believe they have anything in common with Americans of European descent. Nothing annoys an Irish person so much as an American proudly proclaiming, “I’M IRISH!”

    The idea that “white people”(and keep in mind the definition of “white people” has changed throughout its existence) must be preserved is a racist idea. Particularly considering that “white” people have been living throughout the globe for centuries, in close contact with what you would call “non-white” peoples, and yet have still not disappeared. Cuba, a tiny island with a decades-long program of anti-racism, is still 63% “white European”. “White people” can be found throughout the Middle East and Central Asia(despite that region having fallen to the Turks over 1000 years ago). You find them all over Latin America as well.

    Of course I notice that you ignored the main part- the use of a well-known National Alliance graphic. Of course if you can find me an example of that “What did you do during the Revolution” girl being used in anything totally unrelated to WN politics, I would be surprised. Besides that, I have had personal interactions with supporters and members, in fact one of the key members of that organization. What they say publicly and what they say in private is a totally different matter.

  • Steve Kemp

    I’m with the Minutemen and I posted the Stark video.

    I was born in the SF Bay Area which is where I reside. I’m a normal citizen who cares about his country and has sacrificed my time from work, my family, and my own interests to try to restore some sanity to my city and to my country. And in so doing, I’ve been called every name in the book, including racist and anti immigrant. None of this is true.

    This talk about the rise of new racist groups deeply concerns me – I am totally against it. We have no racist in our group of Golden Gate Minutemen, nor are we crazies with guns, or a bunch of ‘morons’. We simply care about the sovereignty of our county, and we’re tired of paying for other countries financial and governmental failures – we have enough of that right here at home.

    The ILLEGAL immigration problem in America is costing taxpayers $113,000,000,000 every year, or $1,117 per household. American taxpayers are subsidizing businesses that hire and exploit illegal aliens who under-cut American workers and force them out of jobs. This goes far beyond farm workers as we all know.

    Our “borders” are an open for anyone to cross at will, including terrorist. This isn’t very smart, but the Federal government continues to treat the invasion of American soil with total disregard as though nothing is wrong. In fact, they sue AZ for trying to enforce immigration laws, while totally ignoring sanctuary cities such as San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles.

    And then there’s the blatant abuse of the original intent of the 14th amendment of the constitution, the drug wars, the gang wars, the over crowding of our schools, failing hospitals because of unpaid bills, the thirty-three percent Hispanic prison population, and so on..

    Pete Stark, and politicians like him are to blame for these problems. Yet they look the other way, or help fester illegal immigration in the hopes of getting re-elected. They get paid for doing this to the country and have a ridiculous retirement package to boot. People like me are doing this for FREE because we still believe in the American dream. And ILLEGAL immigration is not part of that dream. Legal immigration IS.

    We NEED politicians in office who care about America and Americans FIRST. Anything else amounts to treason.

  • clem

    Leslie said on July 2nd that fruit and vegetables are cheaper because of immigrant labor. you honestly believe that? Illegals cost tax-payers $111.70 a month. A MONTH!!!How cheap is that tomato now???

  • Lee

    “Here you go Lee, from their front page.” – Ruslan

    So White people at somewhere between 8-12% of the world’s population wishing to preserve their racial biological identity is “racist”, meanwhile this site encourages ALL OTHER races to do exactly the same thing? Well thank you for your honesty at least! It’s nice to know that you are vocal about your agenda at least.

    “This country will not fall because of our economic or socio-political stands, but because of the anger, hate, and vitriol of the less knowledgeable.”

    Oh, I thought “diversity was a strength”. Yet now you admit that diversity will lead to the collapse of this country. That sure is some strength! – Dakotahgeo

    If only people could stop hating, diversity would work! Let’s just ignore what happens in reality and hope that people act the way they do in our imaginations. Who needs reality?

  • Ken Tucker

    An ‘answer’ for Lee >> re:A3P being ‘racist’ >> Are you trying to consciously defend A3P or just not ‘getting it’ ? Assuming you’ve been toare familiar w/the A3P site, did it escape your attention that Lindbergh is the ‘face’ of the Join Now ‘button’? Yes, no, don’t know who Lindbergh is, all of the above, none of the above?

    Lindbergh was FAMOUS for being a white racist, an anti-Semite, and a Nazi sympathizer. (See Wiki excerpt that follows)

    Now how could you NOT construe employing his likeness (someone should contact the family, btw unless they’re like grandpa/granduncle Charlie) as the ‘face’ of joining A3P as being anything else BUT a ‘call’ to racists, nazis, & anti-Semites!? Seriously, dude ya gotta know the answer to the question/challenge before ya ask it (ask the attys), especially when it’s so easy to ‘google’ and provide you with ‘proof’. Or…not. Keep being the dumb sh*t ‘face’ of the cranky reich, it SO helps NOT make your case for you to any/everyone with (at least) half a brains (those over 85 on the IQ scale). Thanks for the ‘hanging curve ball’, dipsh*t.

    Wolo excerpt: Lindbergh elucidated his beliefs about the white race in an article he published in Reader’s Digest in 1939:
    “We can have peace and security only so long as we band together to preserve that most priceless possession, our inheritance of European blood, only so long as we guard ourselves against attack by foreign armies and dilution by foreign races.”[71]
    Because of his trips to Nazi Germany, combined with a belief in eugenics, Lindbergh was suspected of being a Nazi sympathizer.
    Lindbergh’s reaction to Kristallnacht was entrusted to his diary: “I do not understand these riots on the part of the Germans”, he wrote. “It seems so contrary to their sense of order and intelligence. They have undoubtedly had a difficult ‘Jewish problem,’ but why is it necessary to handle it so unreasonably?”[72]
    In his diaries, he wrote: “We must limit to a reasonable amount the Jewish influence…Whenever the Jewish percentage of total population becomes too high, a reaction seems to invariably occur. It is too bad because a few Jews of the right type are, I believe, an asset to any country.”
    Lindbergh’s anti-communism resonated deeply with many Americans while eugenics and Nordicism enjoyed social acceptance[62].
    Although Lindbergh considered Hitler a fanatic and avowed a belief in American democracy,[73] he clearly stated elsewhere that he believed the survival of the white race was more important than the survival of democracy in Europe: “Our bond with Europe is one of race and not of political ideology”, he declared.[74

  • Cheryl

    There has been an awful lot of complaining about how without illegal labor our food would cost too much-Bull! The farms that hire illegal labor are corporate farms. Farms that are so big that they swallow family farms whole and spit out the parts they don’t like into subdivisions. Make no mistake, these are not family farmers who are trying to just get by, they are multi-million if not multi-billion dollar operations.
    Part of comprehensive immigration reform plan would be guest worker permits for the migrant workers who work on these farms. Leaving things the way they are-big corporate farmers making millions, with migrant farm workers making a few dollars a day while having to live in horrible conditions is inhumane.
    What most people forget is that immigrants who come here illegally, with the exception of migrant farm workers, do not generally take the jobs most people do. They take jobs from legal immigrants, forcing the legal immigrants to go from unskilled jobs to low skilled ones and that is where the crunch begins when the economy is in bad shape. The solution would be to start creating more low skilled to skilled jobs and that means infrastructure projects! Get people off the street, food on their tables, roofs over their heads and time off their hands-best way ever to deescalate a conflict.

  • Ken Tucker

    While I agree that there are individual elements of any/all of these hare groups that bear watching, you have to understand that the only reason most any/all of them have any ‘followers’ (twitter/myspace/facebook) is today’s rev of the 20th century’s KKK ‘s sheets, the ‘cloak’ of anonymity offered by ‘screen nics’.

    If it weren’t for these ‘cloaks’/sheets, you wouldn’t ‘hear’/see a fraction of the vitriol spewn by the knuckle-draggin’, tea baggin’ white power set. If they’ve ‘learned’ ANYthing over the years, it’s to keep their REAL IDs secret. Leave aside the cowardice of not taking a stand, in the open, like the civil rights leaders did, or the gay rights folks. They are afraid of being seen/heard publicly for what they are because it’s bad for business/getting ahead/govt contracrts and politics in general. When you’re History Prof mentioned that they A3P are ‘braggin’ (? wow, low hurdles that) about adding [‘as many as’] 40 new members a month. To get the 88,991 sigs they need to get on the ballot in Cali it’s gonna take them ~2300 months, or about 185 YEARS! See ya in 2195, A3P and, btw, you’ll STILL probably get just <1% of the vote.


  • Marisa

    History Professor and Tony Irvington, both of you have eloquently said what lots of others would LIKE to say. Thank you for your comments.

  • CT A

    Zarathustra needs to reread the Constitution.

  • Joyce Hendrixson

    The campaigns for U. S. Congress and the campaigns for Governor in Tennessee are beginning to sound mean-spirited on immigration. Some are advocating an Arizona-type law.

  • Peter Blaise

    In the video, I see and hear idiots asking questions of idiots. Cool. THIS is what the Federal Government is all about — being as inefficient as possible to keep us from making too much of a mess of our own lives. These folks are ignorant (involuntary), stupid (voluntary and willful), and?, sadly, Pete Stark ain’t patient and very helpful. It is funny that the moaners are illiterate and uninformed about how their own society works, then cop jealousy against the ghost of “illegal” immigrants. We are a sad nation!

  • Gary M

    The failure to address the ignorant, arrogant, insult by Mr. Stark to the American citizen, and the focus on the reactions by third-party groups that had nothing to do with the interchange, seriously undercuts the credibility of SPLC. Stark’s comments were beyond rude and should be condemned. Indeed, his absolute disrespect for a valid point of view calls into question his fitness for office.


    I am shocked and horrified at the level and intensity of the hatred being spewed out of the ultra-racist far right. Is there
    no depth to which evil cannot descend?
    I am not suggesting, as apparently some are, that any person’s freedom of speech should be limited, short of advocating violence against any person or group. I am however, stating, not suggesting, that these rabidly infected bigots should compelled to attend intensive psychotherapy.
    It also wouldn’t hurt anything at all if they came to a saving
    knowledge of GOD. May God save us all from such horror!!!

  • American Wetback

    thank you “HIstory professor”, you are what makes this country great and we don’t have to dumb down to explain to the ignorant right wingers what this is all about. what they are doing is picking us off one at a time. (Races and ethnicities). if they were to take on all of us together they would be laughed out of town, instead they are using a method to their madness. throughout history they have always divided and conquered every one they have committed genocide upon. now they are on the verge of actually gaining political power, but the people will eventually see the real faces behind the masks that they wear. they don’t care about this county, all they care about is ethnic cleansing. stop them in their tracks and make the politicians who cater to them pay the price.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I have finally reached the point that if comments are not positive and positively challenging, I simply will ignore them. This country will not fall because of our economic or socio-political stands, but because of the anger, hate, and vitriol of the less knowledgeable. Your days of bothering me are over.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Here you go Lee, from their front page. Actually what they fail to realize is that America’s “white” population will still be at least 70% through 2050 if one counts Hispanics of European descent, among other factors.

    “Minority Population Growing in the United States
    A3P News Team | June 11, 2010 | Comments (6)

    In America, the so-called minority population, which constitutes around 92% of the Earth’s population, continues to increase, while the white population continues to decrease. This just further proves why we need to band together now and take back our country. Join the A3P!”

    It is also worth noting that the photo that goes with this story is from a well-known pamphlet of the National Alliance, an undeniably racist organization.

    Of course what they put on the front page and what you get from individual members or supporters is another thing entirely.

  • Lee

    Can someone please quote something that the A3P said that is “racist”. I don’t want vague assertions or guilt by association. I am demanding that someone quote something by the A3P that is racist. Do it now please.

  • DaveL

    The only reason my ancestors were “legal” is that Ellis Island existed to process them. Its time to build an Ellis Island like facility on the southern border.

  • Paen

    Although most of these groups never get too far and usualy destroy themselves with corruption and infighting,we
    must remeber that Hitler and the Nazis started out as a minor splinter group with 7 members.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Don’t worry about A3P, it’s just another flash in the pan. No matter how much they dress up and play intellectuals, they are at heart, members of “the movement.” They are driven by ignorance and paranoia, and will eventually attack one another.

  • majii

    Tony Irvington,

    For a good source on immigration and border security, you can go to this web site:

    Crime in the U.S.-Mexico border states is down.

  • Shadow Wolf

    I have to agree with Carter. But ergo, A3P could actually become a legitimate politiKKKo party in the antequated state of Aryan-zona. This is a grave possibility, given to the fact that AZ is notoriously famous for its strict anti-immigrant legistlatures. The passage of the racist and unconstitutional SB1070 is only at the end of the month before it legally beomes a state law. And that is just a tip of the iceberg. Which can pave the way for other laws that will specifically target Hispanics and other non-Whites that will surely jeopardize and infringe the basic rights and freedoms of non-White Americans and legal immigrants alike.

    And because of that, A3P would do better in Aryan-zona than they will in Cali. For the obvious reasons that AZ is controlled by old redneck politiKKKos of yesterdays. They would have no problem getting votes in AZ, if (Sheriff) arpaio and other vampiric demagogues can.

    And that’s a cause for alarm.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Anytime you read VNN posts you get the idea that these are incredibly frustrated people. ‘Frustrated’ is the first word that comes up any time I see one of their posts. They fail to realize that if they were magically transported to an all white society, they would probably still be total failures.

  • anna p

    I think it’s sad that there so many people out there who are trying to destroy America. The U.S. has a very interesting history, not all of it is good. But this country was and is built from many different peoples who came to this country( wheather legally or not) and to deny some one of their Human Rights is just plain Wrong. I agree that there are som people who for to harm, but that in
    it’s self a different issue…. To claim that America is just White is being out of touch with reality…. There has and is different peoples and cultures that make America great….. Let us not forget that as Human Beings of any race, religion, sexual preference, and class- We All Have Rights……

  • Leslie

    The minutemen should realize that without immigrant labor food would cost twice as much. Farmers can’t find Americans to harvest their crops even when paying high rates.

  • COH

    Where is the FBI? Homeland Security? Who is protecting us from these ‘people’ who would tear America to pieces?

  • Carter

    @ Zarathustra:

    I happen to feel passionately about this issue; if you deem to call that “marketing” so be it.

    I certainly can sit on the sidelines and call Americans “stupid” & “logic challenged” but I choose to voice my opinion & let my conceptions of the problems facing many people in this country be expressed in a different way.

    The easiest thing to do is sit outside the action and nit-pick at every attempt toward betterment or positive change. THAT is the classic do-nothing politician’s method of operation.
    Put-downs work very well because no substitution on a positive level is being risked.

    How would you “start taking control of our life choices and stop tolerating ANYTHING from ignorant people because of some misguided notion that everyone should get a turn.”? Would you turn to a “Leader” to make broad decisions for a given group? – It’s been tried and it fails!

    MERIT DOES MATTER! It’s simply that life is not always fair in who get’s what….& what power is disseminated through which agenda. It’s saddening, certainly; but that is the very essence of life. Sometimes the cheetah trips chasing the antelope. If the animal stops attempting to feed; it dies.

    If you are frustrated & angry at the idiots who seem to be more populous than the individuals with “merit”: join the club! Being frustrated doesn’t change a damn thing. Productive action makes for change. Pouting simply makes for more wrinkles and alienation from the very society you would like to see bettered.

  • Henna

    In order to have a civil discussion, we have to find a way to agree on the facts. There are too many people who spend their days watching Fixed Noise and think that “Glenn Beck tells it like it is” .. and I think Beck knows better but chooses to agitate instead of educate. He forgets that once the crowd has gathered, the level of intelligence in the crowd drops to the lowest common denominator and the crowd becomes a mob.

  • Scott

    I watched the video and think Rep Stark was very arrogant and out of touch on this issue. Although some racists websites may be expressing their views, I think focusing only on that distracts from the real issue here, that Rep Stark needs to retire.

  • Tony Irvington

    Wasn’t Stark’s assertion that the border is secure clearly tounge in cheek. Obviously the congressman is aware that people are coming into our country and staying in violation of the law. He’s saying that there isn’t anyone coming into the country that the U.S. Government doesn’t want coming in. People such as terrorists.
    The person asking the question is dumbfounded because terrorist aren’t his concern at all, it’s people that he perceives are taking his job.
    Stark shows his wit is still pretty damn sharp when he asks how high the ladders he’s going to make need to be.
    If the minuteman would just face the fact that his problem isn’t down at the border, but really at the construction site in his own town, then he might actually start effecting some change in his life.
    Pete Stark stark isn’t his or any other minuteman’s enemy, any person who “can’t afford not to” or is “trying to save money” that BREAKS THE LAW and ILLEGALLY hires a person who’s not allowed to work in this country is.

  • History Professor

    Let me get this straight. A3P is calling for the torture and murder of a sitting congressman?

    I’ve been following this group in the SPLC Intelligence Report. American Third Position, A3P, is a well-funded, fast growing new racist political party, legally registered with the state of California. They claim to be signing up more than 40 new members a month. The A3P chairman, William Daniel Johnson, is a smart, wealthy international lawyer who has run for office in several states. Kevin MacDonald, a tenured university professor, sits on the A3P board of directors.

    Both of these accomplished men should be ashamed of themselves.

    The stated purpose of the A3P party is to run “white ethnic interest” candidates in California and nationwide for elected office.

    Fortunately, history is on our side. History will reveal that despite all the glossy pamphlets, good funding and organizational infrastructure, the A3P project was doomed by the the deeds of its’ own participants. As you have reported today, on the official A3P party Website, a leader and site moderator has called for an elderly sixteen-term congressman’s “death [to] be protracted and his suffering severe.”


    This is why RIght Wing fringe political “parties” are doomed to fail in America. They eventually give the lunatics the keys to the asylum. Sooner or later, some racist freak they have trusted with control of their message will tell America what they really think.

    At the end of the day, this is A3P Chairman, William Daniel Johnson’s fundamental failing as a Right Wing political activist. Mr. Johnson evidently acquired an admiration of ethno-state nationalism while serving his Mormon mission as a teenager in Japan. But he never understood the mechanics of the task or the importance of message discipline. If he had, he would know America is no longer susceptible to his brand of ethnic politics.

    Johnson’s thirty-year trajectory of failure as a leader in the racist “movement” is based on his long and checkered history of recruiting skinheads, Klansmen, Aryan Nations convicts and other assorted racist freaks to carry water for him as he funds his wacky political enterprises from behind-the-scenes.

    Johnson knows only racists will support his efforts. In fact, the only paid political advertisements Johnson’s registered political party seems to have is a banner ad on Stormfront.

    While I applaud the SPLC for bringing the A3P comments advocating the torture and murder of congressman Stark to the public’s attention, I would hope you would dig a bit deeper into the pathology of William Daniel Johnson. His inability to recruit and retain normal, decent people to drink his Kool Aid will continue to spell failure as he tries to paint the political landscape with his ideas of how America should be.

    Johnson is longing to take America back to a place it never was. The truth is his ethnocentric, exclusionary ideology suffered the “Day of the Rope” several generations ago.

    And we are a better country for it.

  • Zarathustra

    Another marketing opportunist is what you sound like Carter.

    Americans are stupid. Add to that logic challenged. You can plug here and patch there and spin it all around, but you cannot have any kind of democracy with selfish, immature, uneducated, mollycoddled voters. We act like this stuff comes from the blue. A lot of primitive cultures display the same bigotry and savagery. Culture requires maintenance, just like technology.

    We all have to stop making compromises with big business and marketing, stop buying overpriced mortgages and calling them homes, start taking control of our life choices and stop tolerating ANYTHING from ignorant people because of some misguided notion that everyone should get a turn. Merit has to matter.

  • Carter

    I am warning every individual who believes that racism is an inherent evil that if American Third Position DOES gain ground in this country, the level of diverseness will reach levels unseen previously in our history.

    If a unified front does not meet this evil with every lawful means, the results of A3P gaining ground will light flames of hate that will harm this country to the core.

    Whatever your particular political posture may be, if you find bigotry an unequivocal evil you must work together to staunch this tide of seditious garbage.

    This is where the rubber meets the road people. Divided we fall: and that will be the agenda of A3P. To drive a wedge between peoples is a sure victory for pathological fascist dictatorships throughout world history
    If you know your history, you can see exactly how this would play out!.

  • American Wetback

    The cycle is about to repeat itself. lets see how it turns out in the fall elections. we will know soon enough. Arizona is just the tip of the iceburg.