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Former Wheaties Spokesman Said to Back Racist Party

By Larry Keller on July 15, 2010 - 8:30 am, Posted in Anti-Black, White Nationalism

Bob RichardsThere was a time when former Olympic athlete Bob Richards seemed the personification of the all-American man: A two-time gold medal winner in the pole vault, he was the first jock to appear on the front of boxes of Wheaties — “the breakfast of champions” — as well as the first spokesman for the cereal.

But for some, Richards is the all-American white gentile man. In a message posted on the website of the white supremacist American Third Position — the A3P — chairman William Daniel Johnson says that he met recently with Richards at the latter’s sprawling ranch west of Dallas. “Bob Richards has joined our cause,” Johnson proclaimed. Hatewatch’s calls to Richards’ ranch yesterday seeking comment were not returned.

That A3P’s cause is to “represent the political interests of White Americans,” according to its mission statement. The California-based organization hopes to unite disaffected racists and field candidates for political offices across the United States.

Whether A3P’s overwhelmingly young male members and sympathizers have even heard of or care about an octogenarian whose popularity waned decades ago remains to be seen.

The A3P became active in January and has recruited some of the leading lights of the contemporary radical right. One of its directors is Kevin MacDonald, a psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach, who has written a trilogy of anti-Semitic books. Another is James Edwards, host of the racist Tennessee radio program, “The Political Cesspool.” As for Johnson, the chairman, he’s a veteran white supremacist who has been cozy with Klansmen and neo-Nazis. The Los Angeles lawyer has advocated stripping the citizenship of and deporting millions of non-whites — indeed, anyone with a “discernible trace of Negro blood” — from America.

That Richards, 84, apparently is sympathetic to the A3P isn’t all that surprising, despite the squeaky clean image he enjoyed as a gold medal athlete (1952 and 1956), Wheaties icon, reverend in the conservative Church of the Brethren and motivational speaker. In 1984, he was the presidential candidate of the newly formed U.S. Populist Party created by Willis Carto, a racist, Holocaust-denying publisher. Richards and his running mate received 66,324 votes out of more than 92 million cast. The Populist Party’s presidential standard-bearer four years later, in 1988, was ex-Klansmen and anti-Semite David Duke; in 1992, it was onetime Green Beret James “Bo” Gritz, an antigovernment zealot who has fretted about gays, feminism and Jews. The Populist Party folded before it could field a candidate for the 1996 election.

Johnson says he wrote to Richards to tell him about the A3P and its plans to make a short video “on the decay of Western Civilization and what can be done to stop this decline.” He asked if Richards would consent to an interview for the video, which he said will be posted on the A3P website and on YouTube. Richards called him, Johnson said, and the men met at Richards’ ranch last Saturday.

Richards and his wife support Johnson’s goal of a pro-white political party, Johnson wrote. Near the end of a three-hour conversation, the men reportedly agreed that they would try to organize a forum at a “pro-free speech university” to be overseen by the League of Women Voters and sponsored by the A3P at which the importance of third political parties would be the topic. Johnson and Richards would speak about the A3P at the forum, Johnson said.

The plan calls for Richards to personally invite “heavy hitters” with third-party ties to the proposed event, including Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, Bill Moyers, Alan Keyes, Colin Powell and Ron Paul. Just one problem, according to Johnson: While Richards “knows the heavy hitters … he does not have regular contact with them, so it will really be a cold call on his part. We must find the contact numbers for them.”

Johnson proposed that the forum be held six months from now. Richards’ response, according to Johnson: “Heck. Our country is dying. Six months is way too long. Let’s do it right away.”

  • Matt Valentine

    I remember Richards when he was a preacher in Long Beach, CA. He didn’t last long, and there were rumors of suspicious characters and activities after-hours at the church. He left very abruptly.

  • Maureen O

    This site is great comedy.

    “They’ve been around for quite some time and I am simply not impressed.”

    I guess frightened would be a better word for it. And I love the “funny” joke about how maybe it would have been better if Margeret Sanger would have turned her attention to the eradication of whites instead of blacks. And they call US hateful!

    And and the “Shaw” of Iran. Good stuff. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Absolutely. Most modern racialists for example, suck up to the Russians, mainly because they think that Russians are “racially aware”(this is actually absolute nonsense). 50 years ago racists considered Russians to be mixed with Mongols(an idiotic suggestion given the nature of “Mongol”, actually Turkic, domination). The thing is though, that there are many Chechens who may appear far “whiter” than someone calling themselves Russian, or Serbian, or Italian for that matter. But Chechen=Muslim, and of course all the Russians on their WN forums say Chechens are mongrels, so they go along with it. A great deal of them never even set foot in Europe- who are they to say otherwise?

  • Carter

    Indeed…. I would like to have one of those who strive for their “European Heritage” to illustrate which Europe they are talking about. The lack of a single defining element to “European” spreads that from the Muslim to Christian, from the darker features of the southern Mediterranean to the pale features of the Northern Scandinavian area.
    I believe both of us have read the revisionist histories & pseudo-sciences that misinformed authors have written regarding “racial peculiarities” & it’s a damning indictment of many to [not only] take such works to heart but to claim that such divisiveness would result in any productive agenda for mankind.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Well Carter, the problem with these people is that while they claim to want to preserve heritage, they are also destroying it as well. They want to replace European culture with “white”, as though it’s all the same. You can’t oppose diversity and equality on one hand while promoting it on the other.

  • Carter

    Time of an easy lesson from history:
    Why does A3P not make sense? Because it is an organization built on separatism (& bigotry at it’s underpinnings, of course). Division of the ethnic and racial elements in a society ruins opportunities for both economic and monitory growth.
    Take Germany as an example. During the period prior to WWII, a great amount of people with Jewish backgrounds left that country, taking with them a great level of intellectual and scientific “brain trust” (i.e. Einstein, etc). This allowed countries that received the emigre’ to benefit from that dispersion of intellect and creativity.
    Th US lost quite a few men of science when, during the fall of the Shaw of Iran, many Persian individuals left to return to that country, etc, etc…..
    Contributions come from all aspects of a diverse society. Destroy that diversity and the contributions narrow. This is NOT rocket science (every pun intended) but we needed to go outside our own little sphere to get both the Atom bomb and ICBM programs rolling.

  • daemonesslisa

    I’m sensing a new trend among the speds…okay, maybe it isn’t ‘new’, but it’s something that the right has done a lot, especially lately: whenever anyone of us points out their racism and bigotry, their only defense is to simply label us as having no other argument.

    Some of them might go out of their way to deny it, but even then they don’t do a very good job, like that guy who wrote that “satire” letter on his blog.

    What it comes down to, is that they’ve hit the wall. It’s not like we’re simply calling them racist, we just happen to have the proof! And there’s nothing they can do about it–like, offer up any rational arguments and proof against it–instead they just babble and drool that we’re the stupid ones. This is why I call them speds.

  • Difluoroethane

    For a screenshot from the group’s official website, look here:

    The screenshot makes abundantly clear of the type of people who support the A3P. Look at their list of Facebook friends in the lower-right-hand corner, and in particular, look at “Ahmed”‘s profile picture. Quite an embarrassment for a group that claims to not be made up of neo-Nazis…

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    A3P’s whiner squad has returned:

    From Geo:

    “Finally! An organization that stands up for ALL Americans.”

    Uh…did you read their membership requirements?

    “By supporting and preserving the biological determination of White people the A3P becomes an essential protector of all mankind.”

    Put down the crack pipe.

    “For without the grandeur, creativity and genius that the White people collectively possess,most of the other racial groups would cease to exist.”

    Not a history buff are you? Perhaps you’d like to explain your little theory in detail here, for the entertainment of others. You WISH white people “collectively” possess genius, creativity, and grandeur, mainly because you are white. Sadly, there is no evidence of this, and plenty of evidence to the contrary. The fact that you are white and Aristotle was white does not make you equal to Aristotle, who by the way wouldn’t see you as white but as a barbarian.

    “The White race NEEDS to be protected and preserved. ”

    No, actually it doesn’t. It’s doing just fine for a social construct. And if it needs to be protected, it probably isn’t worth protecting at all.

    “The A3P is the most important organization in the world today.”

    Uh…yeah, all the G8 leaders can’t stop talking about it at their meetings.

    ” Prove otherwise.”

    Sorry pal, but burden of proof is on the claimant.

    “I expect to be shouted down by most readers but it really doesn’t matter because I know I’m correct.”

    Shouted down or laughed at? Seriously, is this the best that A3P can put forward? They’ve been around for quite some time and I am simply not impressed.

    And your reasoning there REALLY bears witness to that genius that white people “collectively possess.”

    And good ol’ Lee…

    “If the SPLC can’t handle another group intellectually, just scream RACIST RACIST RACIST!! It sure makes the SPLC look like a professional and academic group and all.”

    Gee Lee, who has been screaming “RACIST RACIST!!” at you? Last time I checked we were easily debunking your claims. SPLC doesn’t have to “handle” you intellectually, because browsers such as myself can easily do so. Particularly against those screaming “CULTURAL MARXIST!!”

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    If you need any more proof of how much A3P sucks, one time I posted a few tough questions on their main site. One guy replied and so I replied to him. Later I found the moderator actually changed my entire post, acting as if I conceded the whole thing. I explained this to the moderator and apparently he felt guilty or something because he deleted the fake post he had written. Still, because my reply to one of theirs was never posted, it looked as if they managed to “refute” my original argument.

    If they supposedly have truth on their side, they shouldn’t have to do this. That’s why all this stuff about “political correctness” is nonsense. These people just want to enforce a different kind of political correctness. They cannot back up their views with rational arguments nor science, so they have to resort to censorship.

  • Lee

    If the SPLC can’t handle another group intellectually, just scream RACIST RACIST RACIST!! It sure makes the SPLC look like a professional and academic group and all.

  • Geo

    Finally! An organization that stands up for ALL Americans. By supporting and preserving the biological determination of White people the A3P becomes an essential protector of all mankind. For without the grandeur, creativity and genius that the White people collectively possess,most of the other racial groups would cease to exist. The White race NEEDS to be protected and preserved. The A3P is the most important organization in the world today. Prove otherwise.I expect to be shouted down by most readers but it really doesn’t matter because I know I’m correct.

  • tyrone mixon

    so what, it’s their country, their cereal, it’s for their people. I glad he did it, I always want to know who my enemy is.

  • hardhat

    Well said Mr. Lancaster.

  • SamRo

    @ Dick Lancaster,

    What I think you’re trying to say (or at least I hope you’re trying to say) isn’t coming off all that well. Maybe you’d like to rephrase it. If you choose not to, then you agree with our interpretation that you are a white chauvinist oppressor and should probably seek help before you hurt yourself or someone else.

  • Difluoroethane


    What exactly does your comment have to do with _anything_ in this article? The article is about Bob Richards and the American Third Position Party. Your comment is about something completely different. Stay on topic, please.

  • Oddoneout

    Third Position? More like Turd Position.

  • Difluoroethane

    I’m wondering how long it will be before this group starts reaching out to the New Black Panthers.

    It may sound weird, but black separatist groups (like the Panthers, as well as some of the groups that supported Cynthia McKinney in 2008) frequently find unlikely allies in white racist groups like A3P; it’s happened in the past (Lyndon LaRouche, for example, had strong ties to both types of organizations).

    What brings them together is usually anti-Semitism (which they both share) as well as a belief that we should go back to the days of segregation. Some black separatist groups are even starting to embrace the term Third Position, too. Many of these groups, both white and black, have even gone so far as to advocate a “two-state solution” for whites and blacks in the USA.

    Quite frankly, I think these people are all nuts. We already had a Civil War; we sure as heck don’t need another one. And we don’t need to divide the country up based on race, either. That way of thinking is _so_ last century, if not the century _before_ last century. Why do these self-described “separatists” think we all will never be able to get along? We’ve tried _their_ way of thinking (segregation) before, and it brought us nothing but grief. To quote Albert Einstein: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That’s precisely what these “third position” people are doing.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Dick, your own post shows how racist conservatives are, when you say things like most damage done to blacks is from their own “self-pity”. In case you hadn’t heard, there have been dozens if not hundreds of studies in recent years that show there are far more harmful things out there for black Americans.

  • Difluoroethane


    I’m also surprised by who they _didn’t_ invite. I’m surprised Chuck Baldwin wasn’t on the list, since he actually does have ties to white supremacists (through appearing on The Political Cesspool). Also surprised that they didn’t invite Alex Jones.

  • Zeno

    Alan Keyes, Colin Powell

    I know Alan Keyes is a nutcase and Colin Powell is more hat than cattle, but when did these two black guys become white-power advocates? It sounds like the only reason William Daniel Johnson would invite them to a conference would be to serve the coffee. Something is definitely crazier than average — which these days is quite a trick.

  • Carter

    Well Pierce is pushing up daisies but he was a classic example of what type of leadership American Third Position would forward; superficially socially acceptable individuals with some link to productivity and acceptability within uninformed populist voters. Pierce was a dangerous man. He actually was one of the more productive WN & he was a cunning man in his agenda.These are dangerous people.

  • Pastor Revere

    Maybe if Margeret Sanger would have turned her attention to the eradication of whites instead of blacks we wouldn’t have the Bob Richards of the world spewing forth…..ooops! Sorry!! Was I supposed to knock Sanger’s racist beliefs on this page??!! Gotta get my priorities straight here….

  • Peg W.

    It looks as if the ranch is in Gordon, Texas.

  • Dick Lancaster

    The problem with the SPLC is that anyone with a conservative view is considered a racist. I would be considered a racist simply because I don’t believe black Americans or any group of Americans needs to be cuddled and coddled or protected from the great white oppressor. The most damage done to black Americans comes from the incescent self-pity generated by its own race-baiters. There are black men who are legitimately insulted by the constant drone of his need to be taken care of by white liberals. I don’t believe anything I read in Hatewhatch unless I can confirm it independently. That is a real shame. If it’s honest reporting you’re looking for, you won’t find it here.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    What’s it matter if he is a gold medalist? The world is full of gold medalists whose names are seldom remembered. William Pierce was a physicist, but a complete moron in terms of history, politics, and philosophy. His ideas were ridiculously contradictory, and from his writings he comes off as a sociopath and pervert.

  • Paen

    Racial purity is nothing but inbreeding as is proven by the stupidity of these bigots.

  • Difluoroethane

    Don’t know if I’d call the Church of the Bretheren conservative, per se; it’s one of the historic peace churches (like the Mennonites and the Amish), and its members were often conscientious objectors. Some members even use the phrase “Unity in diversity” to refer to their philosophy; that sounds about as far removed from what the A3P stands for as is possible.

    Which makes it all the more surprising that Bob Richards would go from being a CotB reverend to being a white supremacist. Talk about doing a 180.

  • Allen

    I’m from Fort Worth. If Richards has a “sprawling ranch west of Dallas” that is news to me. The only sprawl that I am aware of between Dallas and Fort Worth is solid urban. With Arlington, Grand Prairie, Irving, etc., etc., there’s really no space there for a ranch to sprawl. Can you give me some Google Earth info to see if I can find it?

  • Daniel Rosenthal

    Ralph Nader the consumer advocate?
    Collin Powel, who is African american?
    Are they serious?

  • American wetback

    Did you think they were kidding when they said the “south will rise again?” They cant win by outright race war but they sure can make life miserable for those of us who hold a more progressive view for this world. they will always get those poor disaffected, toothless wonders by appealing to their ignorance. they tell them the “Nig…s” and the Mexicans and the Ch…s are going to take all the stuff they don’t have. just like they did in the civil war. They cant win but like a said they can hopefully put a scare into the rest of us and maybe we will open our eyes and see that they are sneaking in the back door, one or two at a time. time to wake up! Rise and shine.

  • E.T.

    Sounds like he doesn’t get off his ranch much to be with the people!

  • Carter

    Not only is this not surprising but this is exactly the play-book I had thought A3P would unfold.
    Within a group there are always those individuals who hold extremest view-points. American Third Position will continually strive to find the “socially acceptable” good looking representative of their position. They will do whatever they can to find and recruit those who fit the mold.
    I’m actually willing to make a prediction on HOW they will conduct themselves.
    They will stay away from the “David Dukes” of the “Movement”. Those who are too egoistical to work as a team and stand out too much as obvious Klan-folk. They MAY pull together with actors or athletes, so long as those individuals can maintain decorum. Mel Gibson’s blathering and drinking may make him too unpredictable. But you never know because the OTHER agenda is to raise serious cash. And Gibsons’ good for being a cash cow.
    The individual they run for office may start at a State-level. IF they do intend to try to go for broke, they may have a Presidential candidate and Vice-president candidate introduced at one time. This is to sweep more populist sentiment but using two schools of “charm”.
    Make NO mistake; American Third Position is one of the most significant enemies of racial harmony and general American decency in present existence.They represent the elite of the racist world and they are certainly not stupid.
    Only a fool underestimates his opponents. These guys are not going away anytime soon unless something pretty significant happens to discredit them.