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Another Long, Hot Black Nationalist Summer at Fox News

By Alexander Zaitchik on July 19, 2010 - 4:50 pm, Posted in Media Extremism

It must be July, because Fox News is once again hyperventilating over a racially charged non-story. One year ago, it was Glenn Beck’s crusade against Van Jones, the White House environmental advisor who, the host charged, day after day and against all available evidence, was a black nationalist using green jobs as a form of “stealth reparations.”

One year later, the channel’s marquee hosts and anchors are tag-teaming a new fear-mongering race fantasy — the idea that the New Black Panther Party, with the assistance of the Obama Administration, is currently hanging its black militant fangs directly over the arteries of the republic.

On nearly 100 occasions since June 30, Fox News anchors and hosts have breathlessly discussed the marginal group and the “scandal” of the Justice Department’s dismissal of a voter intimidation case filed against two of its members who were videotaped standing outside a Philadelphia poll station on Election Day 2008. (For more sober accounts of the events, read here and here and here.)

Nobody familiar with the Fox network’s long history of crude and transparent race-baiting should be surprised by the conclusion of Abigail Thernstrom, a conservative George W. Bush appointee on the U.S. Civil Rights Commission. “This doesn’t have to do with the Black Panthers,” Thernstrom told Politico. “This has to do with their fantasies about how they could use this issue to topple the [Obama] administration.”

And what better way to do that than play sensationalized loops of militant-looking black men with zero political power or connections to the White House?

We’ve seen this before. Here’s Glenn Beck announcing his fatwa against Van Jones, one year ago this week:

“[Obama’s] new science czar, Van Jones, is a guy that was all caught up in the Rodney King trial and he was actually arrested. He was a radical communist. …  He is still a black nationalist. He is also now your green job czar. … Your country is being hijacked. They are using things like green jobs as a front. In the context of Obama-style reparations, that’s what they’re doing. [Jones] is yet another community organizer. This is yet another black nationalist in the same way that Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a black nationalist. … America, you need to wake up, because this country is being transformed. It is way beyond socialism. It is into black nationalism.”

None of which was true. But the campaign served its purpose.

By pounding this drum and inflaming existing (but mostly low-intensity) anxiety over the election of a black president, Beck and his FNC colleagues have steadily and deliberately helped create a new generation of hysterical, racially paranoid political activism across the country. Over the last couple of years, Hatewatch has chronicled this growth, which shows no sign of slowing down. Typical of the numerous examples of FNC-inspired literature that continues to pop up across the land is a flyer distributed for a meeting organized last week in Suches, Ga., by a self-styled “Patriot” named R. Keith Martin. Among the subjects discussed at Martin’s meeting were “Race-Based Tyranny” and “Our Black Imbroglio.”

“White racism is rare,” explains the flyer, “but black racism is raging.”

Of course, there is no evidence that this is true. Which raises the rhetorical question of where on earth Martin could possibly have gotten the idea.

  • beholder

    In this debate I think it is necessary to put some context on what we call “racism”.

    If you want to talk about the simple presence of race hatred or the actions of racialists within any given group that seek to exploit hatred, it may be fair to say that racism exists beyond white people.

    But if you are talking about what Stokely Carmichael referred to as “institutional racism” — which is the characteristic, widespread theft of privileges, rights, and opportunities because of race — then I think we can rationally consider that white people have been both the perpetrators and the beneficiaries.

    That is not intended to be a “racial” remark in so far as I am not referring to all white people, nor do I feel that white people in general bear any special culpability for the historical facts that generate and perpetuate institutional racism unto this very day.

    But am I pointing out that a certain class of citizens, who are white, have benefitted from the exploitation and denial of rights to minorities since the birth of the nation by well to do, slave-owning white men.

  • Patricia Self

    How much this matters in the grand scheme of things I don’t know, but Murdoch is from Australia. Until the ’70s, I think it was, that country restricted immigrants to those who had white skin. I’ve forgotten the wording of the law, but the intention was to keep the Aborigine people as the only dark-pigmented skin on their large island.

  • ruben

    kathie i am a proud american of mexican decent and i have felt the sting of racism many times! and it has never been a black person or a asian person that perpetrated that racism towards was always a white person but i know better then too say that all white people are racist that is just not true.for you to say that all black people hate whites just cuz we have a black president and one black person called you whitey is ridiculous!! as long as the white right continues to be this dillusional and fear monger towards other ethnic groups race relations will never improve.the sooner you learn that there is good people and bad people in all races and ethnic groups you will be a better human being.don’t judge an entire people by the actions of a few if this was the case i would never have any white friends and i have many.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Kathie, read your post again. You described something that supposedly happened which involved ONE black person. Then you ask “why do blacks…” Do you see anything wrong with that? Maybe you answered your own question. I do not believe that any significant number of blacks “hate” white people per se, but can you understand their frustration when a large percentage of whites, even those who are supposedly “left-wing”, share the same attitude you have shown here?

  • Kathie

    The day after Barack Obama was elected President, I went to walk into a Turkey HIll – the same store I’ve been stopping in for years – and an African-American man standing outside the door said to me, “How’s it feel whitey?” I pretended I wasn’t bothered or nervous…but I was. Why did the election of a black president result in that type of behavior that day? And why do blacks have a new found and seemingly proud hatred of white people? It’s not what America is all about.

  • http://yahoo ruben

    fox news is a disgraceful,race baiting poor excuse of a news organization!….fair and balanced!….what a freaking joke!, and now they are the ones crying about the black panthers and racism?…..the big about when they give air time too all those white supremacist types from arizona like the fugitve simcox and all the rest of his phony colleagues to promote there propaganda and racial hate and news would have been right at home working as the ministers of propaganda for the nazi regime.and i am ashamed to say that i used to watch this bogus poor excuse of a news murdoch must have racist beliefs himself if he continually allows his news organization that he owns to air all the garbage and lies that they do.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    John, do you know how many white people came forward to testify that they were intimidated? Zero. Moreover the case was dropped under the Bush administration’s Justice Department, and the only legal action taken against them was by Obama’s. Fox has lied about this.

    Your numbers game about white supremacists is also bizarre. There are millions of people who hold racist ideas, and put them into practice in a variety of ways, without consciously believing in over white supremacist ideology. You don’t have to be burning crosses on someone’s lawn to be a racist.

  • oklaw

    Sandra – regarding your response to KA – I wonder, were you this upset when George Bush was drawn and ridiculed as a Nazi? Or when leftist Hollywood put out an entire movie about assassinating him as President? Or when a caricature of him as the Joker appeared on a major magazine cover and was critiqued as “brilliant?” I suppose not. None of that is “racist,” because Bush was white. That was okay, because the left simply disagreed with his policies (which I am neither supporting or opposing in this discussion – I am only pointing out the emptiness of your argument). If people should disagree with Obama’s policies, even in an poorly articulated way, that does not equal racism. It is simply their exercise of their First Amendment Free Speech right to disagree with governmental policy. You may disagree with the position of the Tea Party, but you can’t claim racism for the same things that the left did to Bush. That’s simply disingenuous.

  • Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D.

    What I want to know why the FCC can’t shut Faux Snooze down. According to Rupert Murdoch, it is not a news outlet, it is merely an entertainment venue that makes money for our good old Aussie friend.

    Bill and Beck actually makes sense to people whose IQ is below average. They take their words as the truth, after all, it is on television; they can’t lie, can they?

    In fact, apparently yes they can lie about anything they want to lie about and nothing can be done to STOP them from doing it.

    Someone I know is dying of pancreatic cancer and is against the health care bill. When I pointed out that if it wasn’t for Medicare, he’d have already died. “Well, Glenn Beck said…” Plus he continues to smoke despite the fact that it is speeding up the growth of his cancer. Ah! But he gets ALL of his snooze on Faux. Not too smart.

  • Mitch Beales

    Foul! KA Brouillette complains about epithets against crackers but bring a cracker is a “lifestyle choice.” There may be a genetic component (anecdotally crackers have been suggested to be over-represented among the offspring of consanguinous relationships) but it is clear that this condition can be overcome through education and behavior modification. Robert Byrd was a shining example. No “special rights” for crackers!

  • Patricia Self

    Oh, puleeze. The NBPP is a teeny, wee group of disgruntled black men. Unless the number of members has grown exponentially, they number three. I don’t like what they did at the voting place, but I also don’t think they deserve the intense coverage Faux News has given them.

    Who can explain why so many people buy scandal sheets at the grocery store? Does their large amount of sales make them right, these rags of “magazines” that specialize in spreading rumors and innuenco? Really? The same applies to members of the media who choose to see what is not there and make up stories.

    Never have I seen a candidate or sitting president be so vilified, have so much invective spewed at him. Too many of the charges are easily proven to be false, and yet the nastiness continues. I have concluded that the issue is not his ability to do well in the office to which he was elected (because he has done many good, even great things), the issue is his race.

    Is it because too many of the people who didn’t get out to vote don’t like having an African American hold the top office in our land? Maybe. Is it because he’s doing a poor job of being preaident? Maybe. The trumped-up charges and stories indicate (to me) an inability to prove him impeachable. Therefore, the right and “far right” choose to eat away at his proven ability to gain concensus and be a president for all the people by taunting him and the American public with ideas born in their rigid brains.

    Desist, people.

  • John Fiher

    Glenn Beck is an entertainer looking for ratings. He uses news events to legitimize his claims. Glenn Beck and Fox news is not the story here, the attempts by the real media, NAACP, and SPLC to ignore what happened is the story here.

    The facts are that a leader in the New Black Panther Party was in the street verbally attacking whites and blacks who were with whites. He stated that “you need to kill some crackers, you need to kill some of their babies.” He admitted to hating white people. all white people “every single one of them” If this were a Klan member calling for the lynching of African-Americans everyone would be up in arms, the SPLC would be filing a lawsuit against the Klan because of these actions. The NBPP is no less marginal in the black community then the Klan is in the White community. Even according to SPLC’s own numbers tere are less then 20,000 white supremacists in a nation of over 180 million whites and 300 million total population.

    It would appear that the SPLC, ADL and the NAACP who have striven for decades to stamp out race and discrimination have turned into that which they have fought against. They are looking a Fox News and Glenn Beck as the bad guy while letting the racist get a pass. Why? Because he is a poor Black man? That is discrimination and it is racism. It is a shame and these beacons of hope, these fighters for right should be ashamed of their actions in this report.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Well all I can say is that Fox news has more viewers than the propaganda spewing left wing machines, their stories are also alot more accurate, so I guess I will continue to watch them.”

    First off is a logical fallacy- more people watch Fox so they must be right. I hear this argument very often from conservatives, and it shows how they possess no ability to think critically. Second, Fox news airs more demonstrably false stories than any other network. No other network airs more faulty claims and information than Fox. Of course you won’t check, because you want their claims to be true.

    “How sad for SPLC to not come out a rebuke the Black Panther racist group for wanting to kill women and children because of their skin color. SHAME ON YOU!”

    Try doing this activity called “reading.” The SPLC does cover black hate groups like the New Black Panther Party.

  • Michael Jameson

    Affirmative Action? Racist? lol
    Why don’t you try telling those Vietnam Vets who now work for the Post Office and was hired under Affirmative Action, that they were hired using a racist program.
    Funny thing is even white servicemen and women were hired under AA. Was that Racist? Or do you just use those words to try to cheapen the idea that some people may have a legitimate right to be helped when there are obstructions to them finding employment!
    We don’t live in the Dog eat Dog World you would have us live in. So in Liberal America, we try to help our countrymen and women. Maybe if you tried giving to your country, you might receive some help to rid yourself of the hate you hold so dear to your heart.
    Grow up! I only see hate coming from Haters, not thinking real people who care about others as much or more than themselves. Try giving for a change, you might find you will feel better in the end.

  • EarleyDaysYet

    How can anyone look at US politics now and not see that race is a major issue? I don’t remember Clinton’s church being infiltrated & his pastor’s views dissected as some sort of “proof” of his leanings. Does anyone know what Bush’s pastor thought of politics? No? I’ve never seen such hysterical outpourings of panic and despair from the GOP, so what’s different with this President? Oh, wait… RACE. That’s it.

    I am not American, but grew up in the South (NC, GA), and have always followed US politics. In the leadup to 2008’s election, I spoke with numerous Southern Republicans who literally were heads-in-hands in horror at the thought of having EITHER a female President or a black one.

    As to those who say, “he’s not REALLY black, he’s just claiming to be one and denying his half-whiteness” – really?to paraphrase Elon James White: if he looks black, and is treated as though he is black, how will he NOT identify as black?

  • R. Weber

    It’s obvious that Robert Eckheart is ignorant of the fact that the SPLC also lists black separatist groups in the list of hate groups. The NBPP is on that list. I suggest doing a quick search on the SPLC web site and see how many “non-white” hate groups are on the watch list.

    Here, I’ll make it easy for you:

  • Kate De Braose

    Anyone who watches Fox news is just asking to have their brains twisted into a knot.

    If I could stand to watch any of their “news” programs, I’d be suing them for deliberately inciting to riot.

    As for Glen Beck, he is not sincere about anything and that is obvious. His show is only entertainment for idiots.

  • bryony1

    “…we need a leader who will galvanize the majority–not just those on the left. ”

    How have you missed Obama’s pleas for bipartisanship that began in his campaign and have continued since he’s been in office? The Party of No and its Teabag watchdogs make sure that his attempts go in vain. The PON is out to oppose everything Obama proposes just because he is him — half black. This would not be the case if he were fully white.

  • Becky

    There is hate on both sides of the spectrum, a simple fact of life. The haters on the far right scare the hell outta me more. But i will say that NO ONE can, or ever could, intimidate me at a voting place. There’s nothing one could say to make me scared to cast my vote. or feel insafe. Two Black Panthers hollering racist crap…truly not even worth mentioning.

  • Tally Allyn

    Why not take a hard look at who benefits from fanning unfounded fears and agitating grudges?

    Ask why or find evidence why they do it!

    Does it divert us from what really needs our attention?

    Does it profit a group or an industry in any way?

    Exactly who benefits from it? America? Americans? If not ALL of us, why not?

  • larry williams

    many of these comments are so far-out that i have to wonder why they would visit the SPLC website except to plant stink bombs in the comments sections.

  • Robert Eckheart

    Well all I can say is that Fox news has more viewers than the propaganda spewing left wing machines, their stories are also alot more accurate, so I guess I will continue to watch them.

    How sad for SPLC to not come out a rebuke the Black Panther racist group for wanting to kill women and children because of their skin color. SHAME ON YOU!

  • beholder

    Calling on America to fear the “socialists” began to lose steam so they hauled race bait out of the Republican toolbox and decided to bring the New Black Panthers into the fray. World Net Daily has been smoldering brimstone about it since the elections, and the video of the supposed interference with the elections by these fools already had its moment in the sun. Now, it has been hauled out again as a symbol of desperation among the reactionary right, who lacking a message must stoop to fear of imaginary bugbears and hobgoblins to gain support for their cause.

    There was a time when the conservative movement maintained a healthy respect for decency; indeed, while the Democrats ran negative ads the Republicans waded above the mud on a high horse. From the last elections till now, we have seen that the new breed of reactionary has little respect for “conservative” traditions and is openly braying like hyenas in an effort to taint the popular sentiment with this carrion of old meaningless news.

    These short lived campaigns of villification serve no other purpose than to erode the governability of the country. In Congress the lawmakers themselves stoop to simple obstructionism, and the People follow in suit, taking their cue from the violence against Obama’s image and descending further into the pit of calumny.

    I say the American people are stronger than this. This is no longer a question of Right vs Left. This is a question of whether we as a people will focus on the problems of our nation in search of a solution, or will we simply rend each other to bits in an effort to destroy the other. We must as a political block continue to expose the hazards of this kind or reactionary thinking and cut off the head of this serpent before it chokes out the vitality of our free and fair elections and turns our nation into dust.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It would be foolish to say that white men are never discriminated against, but looking at the disparity in wealth and power, it looks like white men are doing pretty well despite the horrors of affirmative action. Do you have any statistics or studies on this anti-white discrimination, or is this an assumption you just believe because you always see people writing or talking about it. I only ask because there are numerous studies, to which I have alluded before, showing ongoing discrimination against blacks in hiring.

    For example, and MIT study, which was confirmed by other universities, showed that applicants were far more likely to receive a call-back if the name on their application “sounded white”. Now if your theory about the evils of equal opportunity are true, if white men are constantly being passed up for non-whites, then Tyrone Jackson’s phone ought to be ringing off the hook after he turns in a few applications. The fact that it is FAR more likely to ring when the name on the application is say, Peter Kowalski, disproves your little claim about discrimination.

    So far there just isn’t any hard evidence to back up all these claims of terrible anti-white discrimination. At best, there is some anecdotal evidence, but when we examine many of those anecdotes, we often see that the situation is more complicated.

    Let’s also not forget that affirmative action was devised because it was necessary. Of course you probably won’t admit to that, but then again in 1963, at the height of the civil rights struggle, most white people, over 90%, believed that America didn’t have a racial problem and that the races had equal standing in society.

    As for my statements being racist, this is ridiculous and suggests that you have a very strange definition of racism. Racism is generally defined as the belief that there are different races of people(as opposed to ethnicities), and that some races are superior to others in various ways. I do not acknowledge “races” at all, because it is stupid to suggest that all Europeans, Africans, Asians, etc. can be lumped into one race. Koreans, Han Chinese, and Japanese for example, would not appreciate being lumped into the category of “Asian.”

    What you accuse me of is laughable. You are angry that I am shattering the precious myth you have, the idea that because you are “white”, you have some biological link to the ancient Greeks, Romans, etc. That’s not racism, it’s just the truth. I don’t see people like you declaring your solidarity with the Tajiks, many of whom are descendants of the original Aryans. If your theories were true, you’d be celebrating them along with numerous other people from Central Asia. You don’t, because “white” is actually more of a cultural thing.

  • daemonesslisa

    Aww, poor poor Geo. Truly, a white victim…of white people’s racism? You and everyone else that says that crap is really gonna have to explain that to us.

    Especially the part where it’s okay for you to discriminate against white homosexuals, white Jews, white Muslims and other “undesirable” whites!

  • Carter

    Hey, a child could read this once past the jingoism calmly point out that two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Geo

    Ruslan….One example: The liberal lefts overwhelming support for the racist practice of affirmative action. White men are discriminated against. Second example: Every single one of your posts that discuss race. Is that enough or should I keep going? I can’t wait to read your inevitable response complete with your ridiculous double speak.

  • David

    Xavier, at what point would you consider it intimidation? Would the NBPP member actually have to strike someone? Threaten their life if they voted?

    If there was a Neo-Nazi standing there in full regalia holding a club, would you be asking, “How many people claimed they were actually harassed?” Or would you realize just the fact of his being there was intimidation enough towards black people?

    Perhaps FOX was covering it so intently because no one was lifting a finger to do anything about it and the liberal media were giving it short shrift.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    By all means Thad, let’s see some examples of “racism” from the left. We have plenty of evidence on the right.

  • Paen

    This nonsense from Fox News and the idiots who let Fox do their thinking for them reminds me of how Charles Manson
    raved to his followers about how the Panthers were out to get them.

  • Thad

    The SPLC can “make note” all they want, the videos speak for themselves.

    If the SPLC really want to make a difference, they need to focus on “Keeping on Eye on the Radical Left.” That’s where the racism exists in the country.

  • Scott D Barrish

    The NAACP and the SLPC should put themselves on the Hate Watch list….They were once champions of diversity and fighters against discrimination… they have become EXACTLY what they once fought against…

    It is a shame. These organizations ONCE did great work. Now they have become nothing less than political agenda mouthpieces instead of NGO’s carrying out their mission statements.

    I hope that both these organizations have an epiphany and see the errs of their ways…

  • Carter

    Geo said,
    “Carter…you should ponder why you “rub your hands together in childish delight” whenever a group that represents the interests of Whites is attacked for it’s message of unity.”
    Do you REALLY want to go there? “A group that represents the interests of Whites” …Such as who? NAZIs? Don’t defend the undesirable. Majority Americans have establishment venues to promote their interests; you know that. Bigots deserve to be exposed for what they are.
    And, YES, that includes the NBPP. They are certainly a disgusting group of bigots that deserve to be called to task for their divisiveness & unproductive agenda. However, that does NOT make someone like the late William Pierce any less dangerous or the agenda of Aryan Nations any less seditious!

  • daemonesslisa

    I knew I’d see some crap in the comments about how the SPLC isn’t doing anything about this! The SPLC does cover the NBPP and similar groups; it’s not terribly hard to find if you’re literate.

  • Xavier

    Wow, a lot of comments are making unverifiable claims. Not only that, but what about Rand Paul supporters harassing people at the polls?

    How many people actually claimed that they were harassed by these “black panthers”?


    Thought so.

  • Andy Bean

    One of the greatest fears in the UK is that Sky News over here will turn into a version of Fox News over there – Sky News is already derided enough as it is in terms of its bulldog reporters/presenters and obvious right wing bias, but it pales into almost nothing alongside the rabid nonsense spouted by the likes of Beck and O’Reilly on Murdoch’s news channel in the US. We already know not to trust Murdoch and Sky, Americans should know never to trust Murdoch and Fox. The Murdoch agenda is to ‘protect’ his own and his big business buddies’ financial interests; in order to do this anything or anyone who doesn’t ‘support’ those interests is slammed by his minions. Take the free healthcare debate and the lies that crossed the US concerning the NHS in the UK – among the most pathetic and farcical of these of these was an assertion that if Stephen Hawking was British he would be dead – Professor Hawking responded to this by confirming that he is fact British and in fact owes his life to the NHS. Yet how many people still believe the lie propagated by the right wing media?

  • Sandra

    Carter – It’s good practice for journalists to document what they see happening, racism included.

    Jim Lopey – for you to say that there is no racism going on here, just a president who is not doing his job leads me to believe that you are blind and deaf. Maybe he is not doing the job everyone would like him to be doing, but there is definitely racism going on here.

    Geo – what are the interests of Whites?

    KA – The fact that you feel so overwhelmed by the coverage of the Black Panther issue, but not of the Tea Party racism (‘Ohio Christians against baby murdering muslim for president’ and the ‘should Obama be killed’ facebook poll) is exactly what is being discussed here. How about getting angry about that?? That’s absolutely vile.

    Fox should be attacked for overheating your brain in ways that are clearly ridiculous. Where was your outrage when Bush the second stole his first presidential election? Where was it when he was pissing all the surplus money down the drain? And deregulating industries that would help the economy collapse?

    Open your mind a little bit – when you spend money to help people who live in poverty to get ahead in the world and get out of poverty, you are helping to avoid having to spend money on keeping them incarcerated later in life.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hello right-wing mouth-breathers. Here’s a link so you can find out what really happened in your NBPP non-scandal.

    As usual, when we check the actual facts, the claims of Fox news just don’t pan out..

  • Dr. B

    The issue here is not the behavior of the members of the Black Panthers. Clearly, those individuals were in the wrong and no one is arguing against that fact. The issue is Glenn Beck and FOX news creating the specter of a ‘black nationalist conspiracy’ where none exists. It is irresponsible and I would hope that even Republicans/right-leaning individuals could agree upon that point. Fabrication and fantasy are not journalism.

  • KA Brouillette

    I’ve seen FOX coverage of this Black Panther issue. I cannot imagine what hoopla would be raised if it were whites saying what these individuals were. KILL THE CRACKERS and their CRACKER BABIES !!!!!!!!!! I guess it’s ok because they are individuals of color”? Give me a break. Whats even more of a joke is that you have the audacity to attack the FOX news network. Try attacking CBS, ABC or MSNBC for the rhetoric they spew of the lack thereof. Your webiste is pathetic.

  • stormkite

    > where on earth Martin could possibly have gotten the idea.

    Suspect he didn’t get it on earth. It was beamed down to him from Betelgeuse one night when he forgot to wear his tinfoil helmet.

  • Geo

    Carter…you should ponder why you “rub your hands together in childish delight” whenever a group that represents the interests of Whites is attacked for it’s message of unity.

  • jim Lopey

    I’d like to weigh in . President Obama was elected as the President of hope. I myself thought that it was great to see a man of color (half black) elected. That’s what makes this country great. I was hoping that President Obama would bridge the gap between the so-called left and right. He seems to have placated the left–a moderate approach seems to have been lost. Almost anyone can rise to the top with hard work. However, I’m deeply disappointed in the President’s ongoing leftist and left-leaning agenda, which continues to swallow valuable monetary resources that we don’t have. This isn’t about color, it’s about efficiency and leadership. I don’t care whose in charge as long as they do the right thing for the future of this great nation. Quit making this a race issue. This is a performance issue. We need to get the economy on track and we need a leader who will galvanize the majority–not just those on the left. Making this a color issue is wrong. Americans wants a leader who gets results, not an empty suit.

  • Scott D Barrish

    How about the issue that the civil rights laws applies to EVERYONE, not just one class of citizens.

    It was clear that Black Panther members were trying to intimidate voters in Philly. Video evidence and NUMEROUS witness accounts.

    If an organization like yours is devoted to fight against hate, wouldn’t you want to champion the cause to figure out why these charges were not actively followed through on; even after a whistle blower from the DOJ came out and said they were told NOT TO prosecute?…

  • Carter

    OK; imagine that ALL charges of racism are true re; NBPP in the President’s administration….Good heavens, racism is racism. Just like pathological selfishness, avarice, and a myriad of other destructive behaviors, it can be found everywhere and in any group of people.
    The idea of the “miraculous discovery” in finding bigotry in individuals of color (& then exploiting it) is almost laughable if it weren’t so divisive. What, exactly does it serve to “rub one’s hand’s together” in childish delight over the “discovery” of a bigot?
    Is the media’s energy, so caught up in selling advertising time that they continue with “if it bleeds; it leads” & move on to “if it smells; it sells”? Tabloid journalism at it’s finest….