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New Intelligence Report Spotlights ‘Sovereign Citizens’

By Mark Potok on August 12, 2010 - 9:33 am, Posted in Conspiracies, Intelligence Report, Sovereign Citizens

Today, we’re releasing a major report on “sovereign citizens,” a radical-right movement that has grown to include as many as 300,000 adherents who believe that the government has no right to tax or impose laws on most Americans. Adherents can be incredibly dangerous, especially to police officers, and our new report is pegged to the murders of two West Memphis, Ark., officers who were murdered by a father-son team during a May traffic stop. Like most sovereign citizens, Jerry and Joe Kane did not believe police have any authority to regulate travel on the roads, in particular by requiring driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations.

Our package includes profiles of a dozen key sovereign leaders and ideologues; a sidebar offering tips to law enforcement officials, who are commonly targeted by sovereigns; a lexicon of the bizarre terms and phrases favored by sovereigns; an interview with one of the leading scholars of American conspiracy culture; and my editorial on the link between conspiracy theories and political violence.

These stories all appear in the latest edition of the Intelligence Report, which we’re calling “the conspiracy issue.” We also offer stories on the top 10 conspiracy theories of the antigovernment “Patriot” movement (of which the sovereigns are a part); a story on a Russian English-language TV station that specializes in plugging U.S. conspiracy theories; an article on a conspiracy-minded Harlem pastor who recently put President Obama on “trial” for not being a U.S.-born citizen; and a number of other pieces (for the table of contents, click here).

  • yeayea

    Seems like no body ever reasearched that the U.S. was bankrupt when President Roosevelt declared it. So the U.S. paper money is just an ” iou” note from the Federal Reserve, it is not backed by silver or gold. It is backed by “the U.S. citizen”. You waived your rights as sovereign when your mother or father signed your birth certificates!Did they teach you this in your schools? ofcourse not, who is running the education system?

  • Brandon R

    So, if one is a “sovereign citizen,” and incidentally a stateless person, would we need think much harder about asking them to renounce US Citizenship and be subject to deportation to a country of their choice, if anyone would actually take them? I am all for deporting these idiots to far off places. They don’t want to participate and live by the law, then get the hell out.

  • I. M. Adamson

    Sunday, December 12, 2010, 6: 50pm
    As for the CIA, anyone out there remember the tv show Mission Impossible? That show was about the CIA! Remember how the voice on the tape used to tell Mr. Phelps that if any of his force was caught or killed, the secretary would disavow any knowledge of their actions? What secretary was he talking about? He wasn’t talking about somebody sitting at the front desk chewing gum, painting her nails, and talking on the phone, he was talking about the Secretary of State of the United States! (Please secretaries and receptionists, don’t be offended by this description, it’s not meant to offend, only to make the point.) Understand well that what they were doing was VERY ILLEGAL! THAT’S why the government would deny any knowledge of what they were doing! They were breaking international law! If they got caught there would be an international incident and maybe a war. They were CRIMINALS working for the US government! The first thing they did was an international crime: they entered countries illegally with fake id’s or NO id’s at all. Before they even committed the crimes they were sent there to commit, they broke international laws. If a private citizen, like YOU, did that, you would be arrested, tried for spying, probably convicted, and sent to PRISON! You would be treated like a CRIMINAL! Take a look at some of those old shows, and remember that they are telling you about things the CIA used to do AND STILL DOES! Do you honestly think that the way things are now is the way the “Founding Fathers” wanted them to be?

  • I. M. Adamson

    Sunday, December 12, 2010, 6:40pm
    If you look at some of the things the “Founding Fathers” said about the kind of government and society they wanted to have, and look at our government and society today, it’s very obvious that most of what they DIDN’T want is now happening! As for the sovereign movement, it makes a lot of sense based on some of the original ideas for our society and also on common sense. Personally, I’d like to know more about it. We all have much to learn. Lord, please help us.

  • A True Child of God

    Now here is some fact for you, if you don’t believe it’s real then have a look for yourself. They do exist, only a few hrs away from my home.

  • A True Child of God

    There is just so much that isn’t said that is real truth in knowing what true sovereigns believe. This is sometimes used as a tool for people with distorted minds to use to their advantage just like anything else. God fearing people don’t want to hurt, steal kill or destroy. Simple as that. They don’t want others doing this to them either. This isn’t about black or white or any other racial issue. This is about people as a whole, good and evil. Do you know what your Bible says? Do you really understand how it is tied to your Constitution and Bill of Rights? Geese! Just because a person believes that they ARE a child of God and that they truly believe in the laws of the land does not make them a terrorist. This is all I have seen is display of the evil things people are doing and trying to stand on sovereign law. This is crazy! This is not truth, I believe this is also a lie. Sovereign people are about peace and harmony for all. This just goes to show, what is really going on here? If you don’t believe in God then this is the reason you don’t really understand what it’s really about. Do I believe that a “sovereign person” should just shoot someone because they want to? No! Of course not! Doesn’t matter if you believe in sovereignty or not. We are all trained to think, walk, talk etc. to the beat of someone else’s music. Have you ever stopped to think about a new born baby, pure and free? It’s the outside element that takes that purification away a little at a time. The world is in big trouble. Do you really need to be told what to do all the time? Have you no substance to you? Can you not think rationally for yourself and do what is right? Not what is convenient but what is right….. It’s very complicated and complex. It does take time to break it down, think outside the box and make sense of it all. It makes perfect sense if you know who you are. Man has never been in control, it’s only an illusion as is all the mess that is going on. It’s all set up by design. Those of you that really don’t understand the nuts and bolts of it all, start researching the real truth. The truth is there, and you aren’t going to find it on the internet. That too is controlled. The Cornell Law Library is a good place to start. Next time you want to go on vacation, make it worth your while and do something constructive and stop taking everything for granted. Sovereign people aren’t takers, they are givers. The truth is in print. For those of you who do not believe what is right in front of you, I feel sorry for you. For those of you that think sovereign’s steal, look at your own Government. Do you agree with anyone borrowing money against your birth certificate, without your knowledge and consent, that you are promised to the borrowee that you will spend the rest of your natural life paying back “your” portion of a borrowed debt you have no say so in? If you believe that it is ok to do this then you can’t think for yourself and need to be dictated to and have the mentality of a slave anyway. Nonetheless, I will continue to have faith, endure and follow God’s rules. Afterall, the worst thing that can happen to any of us is to leave this earth and quite frankly, I can’t think of a better place to be than to be with my Father and have everlasting life and peace. People are selfish and shallow and have no substance to them anymore. How sad……….. I work every day and have paid taxes my whole life. I have much self discipline and know what is right and wrong. How stupid it is to think that “sovereignty” is about violence! If the Constitution was not set into place to keep authority positions honest, then why was it ever written and why do all officers of the court have to take an oath to uphold it? Think people, where is your head at? Still Buried in the sand? Do you feel we should have a New World Order? Everything the same, one religion, one everything? No more freedom of choice and you my fellow people, are in for a very rude awakening. The world “as you know” it will no longer be. Black people didn’t build this country, we all built this country, black, white, indians, etc. I still see racism is still thick in the air! Get over it! My grandmother was white and she worked in cotton fields too! Geese! All this Government take over continues, we are all going to be along side each other in the fields again! Is color going to be an issue then? Will “money” be an issue? Will your taken for granted freedoms be an issue when they are taken from you? The world is what it is, as selfish individuals that are about only self, there will never be unity. This is a choice, but always remember there is much strength in numbers and unity. When people realize that we all need each other, this is when things will change. Not to be afraid to stand for what is right and do as our forefathers did, be willing to die for what is right. We are only the flesh. I welcome the day that God comes and reveals himself, this is when I will know I am home free.

  • corrine

    That consitution was written over 200 years ago. It is high time for it to be re-written to include all persons born here. Black people had to amended into the consitution to be even 3/4 of a person. It is past time for black people, who built this country, to get their full recognition. As long as some white man thinks that he owns every thing, we will never be equal.

  • Cheyenne Crystal

    How can I get sovereign plates on my car?

  • Kate De Braose

    Sovereign citizens? I think someone has simply written their own rule book so they can cash in on some free money, while avoiding paying for anything.

    Well, there is a sucker born every minute in this country, isn’t there?

  • Jim

    I wish I could see that this group is wrong but my whole life I have seen the U.S in the wrong. sovereigns do not work for your employers or accept any part of your bankrupt corporation, its debts or even its punishment system. The U.S is highly hypocritical and judgmental when it comes to this group! Your prison system is totally full and even if you could convict all these Sovereigns your prison wouldnt be able to contain them all. They were simply too smart for this system and the next guy filled their spot!

  • Roland

    The “Intelligence Report” Fall 2010 Issue 139 had some very interesting articles. I am in agreement with much of the comment on conspiracy theories, however there are some ripe apples among those that have worms and are rotten:

    On page 8 however, it classifies “Alex Jones, possibly the leading conspiracy-monger in the United States.” This may be true at present since he has joined the ranks of the Christian right wing of the Tea Party movement. However, this wasn’t always the case, and during the Bush administration produced some very relevant information in regards to 911. In fact he predicted that it would happen on his radio show. Now he appears to be anti-progressive, and seems to support the radical right wing of the Republican Party.

    On page 10, the article “Oath Keepers Group Battered by Members’ Arrests” states that it “encourages police officers and soldiers to disobey orders that may be unconstitutional.” Why is this such a bad thing considering the videos that show a police officer shooting a man in the back, or a woman being tazered? Police have been caught on camera using excessive deadly force against unarmed citizens that they are sworn to “serve and protect.” Tarnishing someone’s reputation is nothing new to those who wish to silence them or put them behind bars. A recent example is what is being done to one of the founders of Wikileaks, Julian Asange. The government will do whatever is necessary to prevent him from exposing the truth about two illegal wars, both which are fabricated upon what happened on 911 (which was never thoroughly investigated). Which brings us to the 06 listing on page 31 “9/11 as Government Plot:

    911 Press For Truth made up of firefighters, emergency workers, engineers, professors, scientists, demolition experts, widows who lost husbands that day, and many others, has been calling for an investigation of what happened. Why is it we are so concerned with an Islamic center near ground zero when the 911 Commission never investigated the collapse of Building 7 nor the money trail to Pakistan’s ISI? There are many in New York and the nation who want a serious investigation, even though most of the evidence was removed from the crime scene before an investigation was even started.

    On The Daily Show, Bloomberg’s propaganda “the lives of their loved ones was taken because the right to build a mosque or to say what you want to say was so threatening to people,” is so ludicrous I don’t know where to start. Their lives were lost because someone planted explosives inside the three buildings, and this caused them to collapse. Yes two aircraft did do damage and deaths, mostly to the passengers who may have been inside, however most of the fuel was consumed within the initial fireball on impact. The fire burned black and is an induction of lack of oxygen. Firefighters to the first hit said it could be put out with three hoses! Some said that they heard and felt explosions after the first plane hit. The janitor (Rodriguez) who rescued people that day said that he felt the ground floor lift up and thought that an explosion occurred below that floor. There was Thermite found in the dust of the WTC, and the basement still had molten metal weeks after the hit. This wall of dust that came at people from the WTC when the buildings collapsed is found only in active volcanoes (like Mt. Saint Helens), and in demolitions, and is called a pyroclastic flow. Building 7 was not hit by an aircraft, yet it collapsed at near free fall speed into its own footprint with the classic demolition crimp in the top as it fell. Silverstein (the owner) told PBS that he told his min to “Pull it,” which is a classic demolition term meaning bring it down. Charges that were placed inside Building 7 would have had to been placed there well in advance of 911. Building 7 was almost half as high as 1 & 2, and very strongly built. No one could have gained access to this building without going through security which was controlled by a company headed by G.W. Bush’s brother. Certainly members of Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda could not have gained access. What is interesting is that the head of Pakistan’s ISI was meeting in Washington at the time. A truck was stopped by police containing Israelis, who turned out (after being released), to be members of the Mussad. They later stated on Israeli TV that they were there to document the event. Two trucks containing explosives were stopped, one on a bridge that had a picture of planes hitting the WTC. This information is available in police radio broadcasts, and radio communications from firefighters on scene.

    A local TV station broadcast that there were two additional explosives found inside the Morrow building that were more sophisticated and powerful than the manure truck bomb that Timothy McVeigh supposedly set off. You never heard this on national TV, nor were any questions raised. Add to this the fact that a phone conversation was recorded by an FBI informant that was partly responsible for the first WTC bombing because he thought he was being set up by his FBI handler. In it the FBI agent basically told him to use the real explosives and to go through with the operation. The truck load of explosive was never placed near the large internal beams, and therefore did not do the damage wanted.

    One can readily see that 911 should also be questioned and investigated.

    On page 33, 09 HAARP (which is located in Alaska, not Alabama), is at top secret site (like Area 51 is Top Secret), and has never been sufficiently investigated nor explained by the federal government. There is too much secrecy in the government and Bush reclassified much of what had been previously released to the Library of Congress.

    On page 31, 09 “The Federal Reserve Conspiracy,” this is NOT a conspiracy theory, it was however a conspiracy when they secretly met at J.P. Morgan’s estate on Jekyll Island, knowing full and well what they were doing was illegal. Along with this, several former IRS employees have been asking for the law that requires U.S. citizens to pay income taxes. NO LAW WAS EVER APPROVED BY A MAJORITY VOTE IN CONGRESS, NOR HAS EVER BEEN PRESENTED TO ANYONE WHO ASKS!

    On page 34, 10 “The North American Union” Although Lou Dobbs has since been removed from CNN for reporting this fact, does not make it any less serious. Thanks to NAFTA, our boarders have become open sieves through which can pass drugs, guns, bombs, “terrorists,” and uninspected trucks.

    Your article on RT fails to address the mainstream broadcast media (i.e. FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS) failure to question the 911 Commission report, or the fact we invaded a country that had nothing to do with 911, WMD, or Al Qaeda. The silence is deafening, and speaks volumes about how the mainstream media has turned into nothing more than a propaganda ministry for the establishment, pumping out mind numbing drivel about celebrities. In the article it is stated on page 39 that the “9/11 Truthers-the small minority that despite overwhelming evidence, rejects the government’s finding that the Sept 11, 2001 attacks were perpetrated by al-Qaeda terrorists flying planes into buildings.” WHAT OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE?? You do a lot of criticism, but you don’t put forth any FACTS to back up your criticism. Please show me how the 911 Commission fully explained the collapse of Building 7 which was never hit by an aircraft. Please show me how it explained the money trail to Pakistan’s ISI. The fact is that the latest polls show that most Americans believe that Al Qaeda did not act alone on 911.

    That is the reason that RT is filling the vacuum left by the mainstream media silence on these and other subjects. Where was the mainstream media when the Supreme Court ruled against a recount in the 2000 election? Where was the mainstream media when Bush lied his way into invading Iraq (other than developing computer generated graphics to sell the war, and eliminating any civilian body count from their presentation).

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Let’s not forget that these idiots don’t even understand the Constitution, and people like you guys(G) aren’t really for the Constitution anyway.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    G, please show who has declared that if one is “for the Constitution” one is a “terrible terrorist racist”. And please explain what the CIA has to do with any of this?

    If you’re going to accuse people of something, have the decency to provide proof.

  • G

    Amen, Jack
    Their idea of “tolerance” is 180 degrees from that. You just remember Jack, that if you are for the Bill of Rights and Constitution, you are a terrible terrorist racist. Also remember that the CIA has never been involved with a conspiracies, because uh after all, there are no such things,,hehe.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Think critically Jack? These people don’t know anything about the Constitution. They are a civilian equivalent of barracks lawyers. Moreover, their conspiracy theories are self-perpetuating. For example, they come to believe that the fringe on the flag in the courtroom means they are in a military court. They point this out in court and the trial continues. They then conclude that the system is indeed corrupt because they are still being tried in a “military court.”

  • skinnyminny

    Wow! It’s unfair that you accuse us of spreading hate. Have you paid attention to the real culprits – Fox, CNN, Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Hannity, John and Ken Show…..

    I agree that the corporations and SOME government is taking over this country. However, I believe you forgot about some of the churches, like, Evangelist and Mormon, that I believe is interfering with the constitution/government…

    Believe me, we do take the Constitution seriously. It is some of the ones I listed above that are trying to change it to their benefit. For example, the neo-Nazis continue to say it is their 1st Amendment right to protests in minority neighborhoods. Well, the 1st Amendment does not protect libel & defamation, it does not protect speech that leads to illegal activity and/or imminent violence, obscenity, malicious/intent..nor does it protect against damages.

    BTW, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was popular in California, the GOP often publicly talked of changing the Constitution so that Arnold could run for president.

    IMHO, this is contradictory when the Constitution is used to benefit some at the expense of others. If it is not used fairly and consistently where does that leave us?

  • Snorlax

    Jack wraps himself in the Constitution but he’s really using it as toilet paper if he’s defending these Sovereign Citizen nuts.

    They don’t want to restore the Constitution.

    They want to destroy it.

  • Snorlax

    Jack is obviously a “sovereign citizen” whacko. I hope he doesn’t go off the deep end and murder cops like his pals did.

    These nutjobs are advocating the overthrow of the US government and should all be locked up or put in the forensic ward at the local mental hospital.

    I’ve been hearing the phrase “sovereign citizen” this week on CoastToCoastAM, which used to be a good show under Art Bell but has lately become politicized on the right. They also ran an anti-immigration show freaturing some of the goons you read about in here.

    We’re going through the toughest times I’ve ever been through. My dad was in the Depression and he says things are starting to look familiar.

    The last thing we need is ultra-reich-wingnut anarchy. You just know they’ll start shooting minorities, gays, eeeeeevill librrrrrruls and anyone else they don’t agree with.

  • Jack

    Looks like a sock puppet theater here in the comment section.

    I think it is pretty apparent to any one who thinks critically what this organization is really about. Let’s drop the pretenses here boys. You are nothing more then the FBI’s propaganda host. You’re just one more channel of disinformation. It’s laughable that you would claim to be about stopping hate groups when you spread so much hate your selfs.

    This little “(un)intelligence” report shows nothing more then the quickly rising disdain for government/corporate corruption that is overtaking this country right now. It’s not right or left because it is not about polly-ticks. It’s about the rule of law and the fact that our elected officials and the corporations that pay their way in to office all seem to think that they can do what ever they want to do, legal or not. While organizations like this run cover for these crooks with legions of sock puppets crawling the net and swarming over comment sections of all the major on line publications with their drool.

    I suggest you all study the Constitution and start showing a little more respect for the document. It is the law of the land and any one who beliefs differently has got a rude awakening coming to them. Don’t underestimate the peoples attachment to that document and what it stands for.

  • Paen

    I wonder how many innocent Muslems are being watched and harrasssed while thes dangerous nuts run loose.

  • skinnyminny

    Wow! Personally I think there’s something wrong with all of these extremist groups. None of them wants to pay taxes, yet, they want taxpayer money.

    What’s equally interesting, is the tea party groups – their ‘agenda for freedom.’ In this, their 10 points (agenda for freedom) they want to lift all bans on drilling, they demand the gov’t abolish & replace schools with tax-credits and vouchers, and they demand gov’t serve without pay-abolish unions and pensions, except armed forces. This can be viewed at sickening truth/ or at http://pasadenapatriots.ning.c.....or-freedom So for me, I just think they are all the same, maybe a little tweak in the way they present themselves, but, essentially, it’s all the same.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    And since so-called “sovereign citizens” are of the belief they are entitled to “sovereign immunity,” doesn’t this, technically, make them “stateless persons”?

  • Alan Aardman

    If the sovereign citizen movement believes there is no government authority higher than the county sheriff, why are they always involved in altercations with local law enforcement?