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End of Summer Sees Growing Threats to Abortion Clinics and Mosques

By Alexander Zaitchik on September 14, 2010 - 2:54 pm, Posted in Anti-Abortion, Anti-Muslim

Recent weeks have seen one attack and one stymied attack on abortion clinics around the country. Both have shared a subplot of anti-Muslim extremism.

On Sept. 2, in the small central California city of Madera, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the local Planned Parenthood building, the first such attack suffered by the clinic in its 20 years of operation. Following the bombing, local news reports described burnt blinds on the front lawn and boarded-up windows. “I believe it’s extremists who want to make a statement,” said Patsy Montgomery, the clinic’s public affairs director.

Federal agents did not have to travel far to investigate: The FBI was already in Madera looking into the late August vandalizing of a mosque involving bricks and anti-Muslim graffiti. The mosque attack was just one incident in a wave of bias-motivated violence that has been building momentum all summer.

Anti-Islam animus was likewise a motivating factor behind another would-be abortion clinic bomber: Justin Carl Moose , a Christian radical and self-described “Christian Osama bin Laden.” The 26-year old Moose was arrested at his home last week in Concord, N.C., after it was discovered that his Facebook page contained bomb-making instructions and a stated intention to use homemade explosives against a local abortion clinic. As reported by the Charlotte Observer, the Facebook page maintained by Moose, who hung a Gadsden (“Don’t Tread on Me”) flag outside his home, “express[ed] anger at abortion doctors, President Barack Obama’s health care plan, and plans to build a mosque near ground zero in New York City.”

It is not at all surprising that Moose would mention abortion and mosques in the same breath. As an alleged adherent of the radical anti-abortion movement Army of God, he has likely absorbed the heterodox hate spewed by the Rev. Donald Spitz, an extremist who maintains a website in the name of  the Army of God who combines calls for violence against abortion doctors with anti-Muslim invective. Spitz believes that Islam is “Satanic” and that Muslims “should not be allowed to live in the United States.”

It is a little strange, though, to hear a Spitz acolyte like Moose echo the newest conservative talking point about Ground Zero. Spitz and his fellow soldiers in the Army of God are not exactly known for their love for Gotham. According to Spitz, the city is a “sex perverted cesspool” that richly deserved the Sept. 11 attacks.

  • MrsCaptJack

    To counter the anti-Muslim rhetoric that is spewing forth, perhaps people should remind the haters that there already WAS a Mosque at ground zero. It was in the South Tower.

  • Greg deGiewre

    There’s also been at least a spike in anti-gay crimes and hate calls, at least in California.

  • luzmejor

    Agitation against abortion occurs in many churches that want to increase contributing members, not to mention the numbers of foot soldiers who will turn others to their causes.

    When we hear anyone saying that abortion is the same as murder, we should all speak up strongly and call that a lie that actually trivializes real crime.

  • Carter

    Mr. Calhoun:
    It was Wilhelm Reich who wrote The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Truppenführung, 100,000,000 Guinea Pigs, Listen, Little Man!, The Murder of Christ, Ether, God & Devil & Cosmic Superimposition (translation, I believe), The Function of the Orgasm, The Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality, & The Sexual Revolution.
    Most of Reich’s works were written after the Second World war (late 1940’s) but were published in the very early 70’s. A Contemporary of S. Freud, he also wrote quite a bit about Freudian Theory.
    His was a classic of the “Old Left” and was not agnostic. A very interesting man; he wrote about the functional impact of nationalism & it’s potential abuses. However he also was quite the Renaissance man and was a very eclectic author.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Donna, I agree. One good example of the right wing establishment placing peaceful protesters on the “terror watch list” was exposed in Pennsylvania last night on the national news. I find these traitorous actions by the wing-nut establishment very concerning and wholly unconstitutional. This is sort of like a mini-COINTELPRO in the modern day. Kinda hard to believe that happened in that state. Every true Freedom loving American(especially the Libertarians) should be outraged and concerned.

  • Donna

    I think the real question is, why doesnt our country go after hate groups the way they infiltrate and go after peace activists and community organizing groups? Why are there so many right wing reactionary talk shows and why is religion having such a strong political influence on a society that claims to have separation of church and state? I think its time these dead beat religious organizations start paying in some money for their rights like the rest of us. This country let its democracy go a long time ago! What has become of the US when someone wins a primary who openly speaks out against masturbation? Be afraid folks, this is freakier than Orwell could ever have imagined.



  • skinnyminny

    I have seen several articles, post about the tea party here at SPLC. Here is something that may interest you that most news outfits refuse to bring attention to, see http://pasadenapatriots.ning.c.....-freedom-1 or google Michael T. Alexander 10 Point Agenda for Freedom. Here are some ideas they are presenting in this, they want to lift all bans on oil drilling, they say the Gov’t undermines Judeo-Christian values and American tradition by using multiculturalism, ending education and replace with ‘Tax-Credits and voucher’ (huh, I thought they didn’t want taxes), they are demanding government serve w/out pay and pensions, abolish unions and pensions, and that only the armed forces shall receive a salary and pension.

    This is interesting because, if you look at other ‘third world’ countries as they call it (it is actually non-industrialized), without tax receipts they rely on NGO’s and NATO troops, and the others, well, let’s say when the prisoners escape or take over the prisons, it’s a sad and horrifying event, sometimes these prisoners are never caught. In fact, there was a case of an undocumented immigrant in this country that had escaped from a prison in Latin America and was here working…….
    Then, let’s look at another scenario, let’s take Gaza and some of the other African nations, they sometimes have to rely on the Red Cross or doctors without borders for medical care. Or some of the other poor countries, there is ONE hospital, and the sick sometimes have to walk miles because no ambulances or public transportation.

  • Stephen D. Calhoun

    Snorlax, the persons who encourage the insanity of the “Reich Wingnuts” suffer from the character disorder of fascism. They can be misinspired by prior history, lies and their nut leaders. See the book, The Mass Psychology of Fascism by a German psychiatrist.

  • Ryan the non-Aryan


    Are these “blog posts” actually posted by individual lunatics? If so, that’s all typical blather from the usual racist scumbuckets just excercising their “Freedom of Speech”. That type of ranting & raving is nothing new.

    Unless, you’re referring to a website associated with such? I’m sure we all like to see a link to a website connected to them, that is advocating such inane tripe.

  • skinnyminny

    I agree! I think who have encouraged this is the GOP, money, FOX, CNN and their religion. All you have to do is see how the GOP have behaved on the senate/house floor and on teevee. This time though, I don’t think we will recover with the tea party gaining seats – we went through periods of racial discrimination, revenge of the nerds (meaning one must have education to be nominated/voted into office), revenge of the rich (meaning one had to have money, and lots of it to run for office), and now thanks to little George with the philosophy of being a C student, I think we’re in a period of revenge of the kids at risk. You know, when you were growing up, the kids your parents didn’t want you to hang around – too funny! After Christine O’Donnell’s win, a guy told the cameras, “we showed them, THEY DON’T TELL US WHAT TO DO, THEY DON’T TELL US WHAT CANDIDATE TO RUN….” and Glenn Beck aka Harold Hill announced they (these former drug addicts, pill-popping, street kids, troublemakers, bullies,…) are the future and will control the 90% of Americans.

    Too Funny! They say they are value voters…yet, Carl Paladino in New York is alleged to have sent emails of sexual content –
    Christine O’Donnell is alleged to have used campaign money for her own benefits, this reminds me of the scandal in the City of Bell.

  • Jim

    Looks like Tea Party tactics to me. I think SPLC need to take a look at the Tea Party agenda.

  • Snorlax

    The Reich Wingnuts are going off the deep end.

    I’ve seen blog posts advocating the forced deportation of all 8 Million Muslim US Citizens and all 48 Million Latino US Citizens. Not illegal aliens…US CITIZENS.

    One post actually advocated putting these US Citizens in camps and subjugating them under FORCED LABOR.

    I want to know who is encouraging this insanity.

  • skinnyminny

    These folks are crazy! It’s not just happening here, it is also happening in Britain. I saw an interesting story at “I honestly don’t know any EDL lads that don’t vote for the BNP” on 9-1-2010. It talked about attacking Muslims communities, then attacking every other minority group, listed information from a supremacists/nationalists site here in U.S., starting a race war, and tricking minorities into voting BNP by making minorities think they are for all the peoples in order to achieve their goals.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Ironically, while anti-Muslim/Latino sentiment rises. Hatecrimes and random violence seems to be dwindling for Blacks, Jews and Natives.

    For the main reasons:

    Muslim=Mosque near Ground Zero/continuing war on terrorism. And the wing-nutty theory that Obama is a Muslim.

    Latino=illegal/legal immigration. Influx of Hispanic population in the USA.

    What really bothers me about the White Supremacist in political power(GOPsuckers), is that there is no public outcry whenever one of their own commits heinious acts of evil on the American people. Talk about a 2-faced double standards hypocrites.

    Where was Sen. John McCan’ts outrage when that lunatic pastor in FL. had made plans to hold a Quoran burning, that(ironically once again) threatens the life of military servicemen & women overseas?

    Republican=The party of hypocrisy.
    (sorry, I’m not a Democrat)

  • dmgg711

    The racist radical group is growing from 900+ and there’s no stopping them since they have have a constitutional right to spew hate.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Funny how conservatives are allowed to fantasize about terrorism in New York or any other city(e.g. San Francisco) at will. And when one of them does cross the line, like Robertson or Falwell, we are supposed to look at them only as “lone nuts.”

  • Mason Green

    Very weird, considering that most Muslims are very strongly anti-abortion. Spitz and Moose are poking holes in their own ideology by being against both mosques and abortion clinics.