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Political Mudslingers Populate Far-Right Miami Conference

By Larry Keller on September 16, 2010 - 4:37 pm, Posted in Antigovernment

MIAMI, Fla. — Self-described “birther king” and World Net Daily (WND) founder Joseph Farah said today that he thinks one or two states will pass legislation in the next year requiring presidential candidates to provide irrefutable proof that they are U.S. citizens in order to have their names placed on those states’ ballots. If that happens, Farah predicted, Obama won’t seek reelection in 2012. That’s because there is something “hideously embarrassing” in Obama’s background.

Farah’s soothsaying came during a question-and-answer session during the first day of a three-day conference he put together in Miami called “Taking America Back 2010” (the day after the conference ends, Farah and other far-right stalwarts will be hosting a similar event, this one on board a Caribbean cruise). A prayer that kicked off the conference today thanked God for Farah’s right-wing, conspiracy-minded WND. Later, one of the speakers thanked God for Farah. Farah, however, was far less interested in thanks than in the kind of political mudslinging for which he and several other conference attendees are well known.

Farah’s online publication — one of the “news” pillars of the contemporary American far right — has repeatedly questioned whether Obama was born in the United States (if he wasn’t, he could not legally serve as president). Of course, Obama has produced documents showing he was born in Hawaii, and that state’s Republican governor, along with a slew of news organizations, have vouched for his citizenship. But none of that has convinced Farah and his fellow travelers.

One of those fellow travelers, Jerome Corsi, is scheduled to speak at Farah’s conference Friday. A regular WND contributor and prolific producer of tendentious material, Corsi has written one book savaging Obama; another praising the anti-immigrant Minuteman movement; and a third, the most infamous, that “Swift-boated” then-Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. Corsi has also been a guest on a white supremacist radio show.

In his prepared remarks today, Farah didn’t touch on Obama’s birthplace. Instead, he devoted much of his speech to what he sees as the shortcomings of the conservative movement, and his dismay at the progress being made by gay rights proponents. “The movement is simply not up to the task at hand,” an exasperated Farah complained. He added that there are ongoing efforts by unnamed forces to limit the agenda of the Tea Party movement solely to economic issues — a grave mistake, according to Farah, who told his audience of some 90 people that the conservative movement had lost its bearings by not uniformly opposing same-sex marriage. “Conservatives don’t recognize sin when they see it,” he said.

He cited right-wing attack dog Ann Coulter, Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist, Fox News commentator Glenn Beck and radio ranter Rush Limbaugh as examples of what he’s talking about. Farah recently withdrew his invitation for Coulter to speak at the Miami conference after learning that she was the headliner at an upcoming meeting of a gay Republican organization called GOProud. (Coulter, never one for niceties, responded by describing her erstwhile co-religionist as a “publicity whore.”) Norquist serves on GOProud’s advisory council. Beck recently said gay marriage is not a threat to the country. Limbaugh favors civil unions, Farah added, and had Elton John perform at his wedding.

“Conservatives aren’t fighting. They’re capitulating,” Farah fumed. “Their standards are being destroyed.”

He called U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker “a homosexual activist” who “imposed his own views on the electorate of California” by ruling last month that that state’s Proposition 8 ballot denying marriage rights to same-sex couples was unconstitutional. “I don’t think Americans can take much more of this tyranny,” he said. Farah also criticized pastors who are silent on controversial social issues, such as same-sex marriage. And he wasn’t alone. Clergy who don’t speak out on the “culture war” are “Dr. Evil, and part of the problem,” said another speaker, Doug Giles. Giles added that he wasn’t including Muslims in his criticism “because if we take them on…” — and then he made a sound mimicking that of explosives going off. Later, referring to a proposed Islamic Center in lower Manhattan, he said, “Islam is wanting to build a theme park at Ground Zero.”

Giles isn’t just another conservative South Florida minister and radio commentator. It was Giles’ daughter, Hannah, who famously pretended to be a prostitute in an undercover video filmed at ACORN offices that was used by conservatives to essentially destroy the liberal community organizing group. Giles’ other daughter has started a website called Girls Just Want to Have Guns.

Another speaker, Floyd Brown, led the audience in chants of “Enough is enough!” Brown is president of a consulting company that is perhaps best known for introducing the racially charged Willie Horton television ad that badly damaged the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis in 1988. “Obama hates Christianity,” Brown declared. “He is a Muslim.” The proof? Among other transgressions, the president has refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast but celebrates Muslim holy days, Brown claimed. The media, for its part, is involved in a “conspiracy of silence” to conceal Obama’s hatred of Christianity, he charged.

Brown worked for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, and now he advocates that the new Congress that convenes after the November elections impeach Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors. That broad term, he said, simply means bad behavior. The president, he claimed, wants the United States to fail so that the goals of an “international socialist movement” will be achieved. “Barack Obama is a very dangerous man,” Brown declared. The past two years have been a “slow progression of what I’ll call a bloodless coup.”

Many of the speakers today and for the remainder of “Taking America Back” are from the religious right. One of them, a pastor named Gary Cass, decried the absence of God in politics. Secularism, he said, “seeks to undermine the republic with arbitrary, man-made laws and rights. When will we cry out to God for his mercy on America?”

Outside the ballroom where the parades of speakers appeared, conference attendees could get books like The Homosexual Agenda signed, buy slogan-emblazoned T-shirts and jewelry, grab literature from groups advocating that parents pull their kids from public schools in favor of Christian schools, pick up petitions opposing the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero, and much, much more.

  • skinnyminny

    Okay, it’s time for the MSM to come clean! They have said that O’Donnell ‘is Sarah Palin 102′ and ‘Sarah Palin’s clone.’ Yet, they didn’t actually say why that is. Tonight on the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher, he showed a clip of O’Donnell saying she dabbled in witchcraft. We’ve all seen the clips of Sarah Palin and the witchdoctor.

    The problem with this, the “backstabbers” aka right-wing wants everyone to embrace this, yet, any time a democrat has done anything in their past, even in childhood, the right-wing holds their feet to the fire.

    We need to stand up to these lying con-artists – they have been on an anti-muslim run while having an alleged real muslim in their midst – Califas, Congressman Darrell Issa. Their anti-muslim rants have caused a cab driver to be stabbed, mosques vandalized and protested. Who is the real Darrell Issa? Is he a real muslim from Lebanon? For those right-wingers, that’s the country that borders Israel and is allies with Syria and Iran – do I need a chalk board to draw a map? I am asking this question, because how can he stand by as a muslim and not say a word.

    The right-wing should be ashamed of themselves with all of this race-baiting. Look at yourselves and your abusive nature – you guys remind me of a domestic batterer who says I love you but repeatedly physically and mentally abuse people.

  • Tom Shelley

    I went a little over-board about “destroying the Birthers,” but I do believe that exposing people to that article will change some minds among them.


  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Nothing can destroy the Birthers, just like you can’t destroy the Truthers and other conspiracy nuts. All evidence to the contrary of their theory is said to be false, any lack on evidence on their part is explained by way of a cover-up.

  • skinnyminny

    I am hoping the Democrats get out and vote come November. I think this is the most crucial vote besides 2012. The Democrats need to remember how the neo-Nazis and anti-immigrant groups yelled “2012 is coming for you.” They want to repeal the Civil Rights of minorities, strip citizenship from certain Americans.
    Democrats need to read the Tea Party’s “10 Point Agenda for Freedom” http://pasadenapatriots.ning.c.....freedome-1
    It is important to see the Agenda because in it, it says they want to demand government work/serve without pay, abolish unions, government pensions, and that the only people to receive a salary is armed forces, (look at some countries where the police accept bribes, harass/rob tourists…to supplement their pay). They want school vouchers and tax credits for schools (maybe this is their way of segregation) because they don’t believe in multiculturalism and tolerance, (look at some of the poor countries where children don’t attend school because the parents can’t afford it).

    Now, we know that Sharon Angle says she will get rid of social security…..I think Rand Paul says he will get rid of dept of education and IRS….All of the GOP have talking of getting rid of social security for a while now. I can’t remember the lady running wanting to use chickens to pay for healthcare, (look at some of the poor countries that rely on Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders – in fact, we had free health care clinics here, did you see the long lines?)

    People – wake up! Are they trying to ready us for a ‘third world’ lifestyle? In Afghanistan, over 2000 people are applying for 45 jobs. In Califas, people working are taking pay cuts and taking days off without pay. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger haven’t signed a budget – he’s in China, no protests from the GOP, meanwhile, small businesses doing businesses with the state are going under because they can’t get paid. Some hospitals and doctors are turning people away that have medicaid because the state haven’t paid them.

    And for these people to keep complaining about Muslims religion and their culture, I think it’s time they look in the mirror. I am also doubly shocked, these people have taken christianity to a whole new level. Not to be insensitive – but read up on the Armenian genocide, it was all about religion. And this is what saddens me, because out of all the Armenians I know, not a one behaves like these christians above.

  • skinnyminny

    Interesting! Hmmm! I wonder if they are going to invite the newest primary winner that looks like he just stepped off the set of “True Blood,” the HBO vampire series. You know, the Paladino guy that sent mailers that smell of garbage.

    I also have to wonder if Glenn Beck will bring his CHALK BOARD. This just doesn’t get any nuttier – I tell the Fox viewers all the time, they are getting a re-education from Fox. What else could it be? Bachmann always talked of re-education camps, yet, Beck gets on and says it, writes it, draws it, and bring in props (or prototypes) in order to illustrate it.

  • Tom Shelley

    As far as the birthers go, I found what I think is a very good weapon for discrediting the birthers. It’s an article from Aug. 2008 on the World Net Daily web-site. And IT DESTROYS THE BIRTHERS. I mean, WND didn’t do this article the way they did because they wanted to, they did it because the facts demanded it.

    It’s at