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Right Wingers Take on ‘Liar in Chief’

By Larry Keller on September 17, 2010 - 4:58 pm, Posted in Antigovernment

MIAMI, Fla. — To many of the far-right speakers and people attending the three-day “Taking America Back” conference here, President Obama doesn’t just espouse policies and ideology they loathe. They’re convinced he’s a Muslim, a communist or both.

Not only is Obama a communist, but the Democratic Party is “indistinguishable from socialists or communists in the way they think,” Jerome Corsi told a receptive and enthusiastic audience today, the conference’s second day. Corsi is a frequent contributor to the right-wing World Net Daily (WND) that organized the confab at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa, and has written books savaging Obama and Sen. John Kerry, when Kerry was the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004.

Corsi also claimed that Obama’s autobiography was “most likely written by Bill Ayers.” Ayers was an anti-war activist during the Vietnam War and co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described revolutionary communist group. He and Obama knew each other in Chicago, decades after Ayers’ alleged illegal activities. Major media organizations have concluded the two men never had a close relationship, but Corsi and others like him insist it was something more.

Corsi also implied that Obama is a Muslim and derided him for not attending church services in Washington, D.C. “He can’t pick a church because he doesn’t believe in God, as far as I can see,” Corsi said. He called on the president to renounce Lucifer and Islam in order to prove that he’s a Christian. For his part, Obama has clearly described himself as a practicing Christian for decades.

Another speaker, Robert Knight, a correspondent for ultra-conservative Coral Ridge Ministries of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., claimed that the Obama Administration is taking the United States closer to communism than any president in history. The administration is “staffed with socialists and communists of all stripes,” he said, without naming any examples.

WND’s Jerusalem-based reporter Aaron Klein — who had a book published this year calling Obama a “Manchurian candidate” — told the crowd that Obama “has a certain affinity” for Muslims, but that he’s found no evidence he is one. Still, he added, the president studied the Koran and attended a mosque as a child in Indonesia. And he contended that Obama’s policies and statements regarding Islam have endangered America. Yet another speaker claimed that “there’s evidence” that Obama’s education was paid for by the Saudis. The purported evidence was not described.

The perceived evils and dangers of Islam comprised a good part of today’s discussions. During a question-and-answer session with the audience, one conference attendee proposed that the United States impose a moratorium on Muslim immigration and education until the Koran’s teachings become compatible with the U.S. Constitution. Many in the audience cheered the idea. Conservative activist and perennial candidate for public office Alan Keyes responded, “We should be eager” for Muslims to come to America. “It saves us the trouble of going over there to evangelize,” he said. “I think we’ve become timid. I think we’ve become afraid.” He, too, got applause.

But nobody seemed to get a louder ovation than Corsi. One of the most prominent and persistent of those on the far right who maintain that Obama hasn’t proved that he was born in America, Corsi again insisted that the president needs to produce the “long form” of his birth certificate. Obama is the “liar in chief,” Corsi said, claiming that the president stole the Social Security number of somebody else to establish a U.S. identity. While even most Republicans say they believe Obama was born in Hawaii, Corsi and World Net Daily never seem to tire of the subject. Corsi said he’s releasing a book next year titled “Where is the Birth Certificate?”

Like other speakers and attendees at the conference, Corsi also complained that the Republican Party’s allegedly benign attitude toward homosexuals and same-sex marriage is unacceptable. “If this is where the Republican Party wants to go, as far I’m concerned, they can go there alone,” he said. “The big-tent Republican Party doesn’t work.”

Corsi drew loud cheers when he proposed that the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Education be dismantled. “All they want to do is teach our kids sex education,” he complained of the latter. He left the stage to a standing ovation.

The political rhetoric extended outside the ballroom where the conference is being held. Decals were affixed to urinals in at least one men’s room that expressed the sentiments of many at the conference.

“Hitler, Stalin & Mao all loved gun control,” read one decal. Said another: “Vote intelligently in November. It may be your last chance to preserve freedom.”

  • skinnyminny

    This should be a wake up call to voters. They are saying ‘Take Back America,’ but won’t even face the press. Well, at least the press that isn’t favorable to them. They are saying the Democrats are out of touch, but, again, they won’t even go on talk shows, they won’t answer questions from the media/journalists, but, they say they are ‘we the people.’ Interesting, the men run from the press, the women challenge their male opponents of their manhood, and they too are running from the press! Guys, I’m a woman, and most, if not all women don’t run from an argument. Most women, that’s what we are good at. At least from a man’s perspective, we are good at nagging, complaining and arguing.
    Gee, I wonder what the problem is!

  • skinnyminny

    Okay, here we go again! The GOP is playing with fire. The sad part is, their followers are paying for it, i.e. going to jail, meanwhile, the GOP goes on as if nothing happened. Since the MSM is not doing enough to call these players out for what they are doing, I will! The MSM, like Fox and CNN, they are not telling us and showing us what happened with Terry Jones. I’m willing to bet this guy is in hiding. Why I’m thinking along these lines, well, there was a cartoonist named Molly Norris out of Seattle that had to go into hiding after pulling these type of stunts with muslims, allegedly at the advice of the fbi. See the story “Raheel Raza Confronts Tariq Ramadan and the Pakistani Ambassador” at that was written on 9-16-2010 and look at the comments for the link to the Seattle Weekly, posted by DocMartyn. Then you also need to see the story, “Ijaz Ul-Haq and the Police,” written on 9-17-2010 and by the way, I’m not vouching for this nor am I saying this is untrue, but, last week, there was a story that a group of muslims issued a moratorium – waiting to see the outcome of the ground zero.

    The right-wing can call us cowards or sympathizers all they want, I personally just don’t believe in discrimination since as a minority myself, I have been a victim of discrimination. What I must point out, if a picture of Terry Jones made it across the world, I’m sure they have plenty more where that came from. But most important, there’s all these elected officials and anchors from Fox with their anti-muslim rhetoric, but, I don’t recall seeing any one of them at the protests for Ground Zero, not Beck, Gingrich, Hannity, Bachmann – such wimps. Oh wait, they have their voters and followers to do their dirty work.

    So now, the right-wing can tell their followers, we will not be afraid…..but the truth of the matter, most American white men are afraid of the prisons in Mexico (ask Dog the Bounty Hunter), South and Central America.

  • skinnyminny

    Stan Horn,
    You’re too funny! And may I add, naive. Don’t you see what’s happening? Christianity has been hijacked by these sheep in wolves clothing, probably by the Family RESEARCH Council…. You do know what RESEARCH means don’t you? Why would research join hands with Values? It has never been done with values! So, I’d say, how is it that you have Sarah Pagan and Christine involved in witchcraft, Gin Beck used to say on CNN HLN (when he was a host) “I was so mad, IT MADE BLOOD SHOOT OUT MY EYES.” Beck said this quite a few times, now he’s saying he’s a prophet, a leader…which makes me think he is the anti-christ.
    Then you have the guy from NY, Paladino who says girls and women can’t have abortions, but, can put the children up for adoption. Is this guy for real? There are so many kids waiting for adoption, that they are raised in the system of foster care or juvie because it’s hard to adopt. So hard to adopt, some people wanting to adopt go to foreign countries in order to get a baby/child. Now, this could be a way for them to get more money from the taxpayers as usual. Remember, they are always thinking of ways to get taxpayer money.

    Oh, people do believe in teaching their children right from wrong. However, once they hit the streets, GOODLUCK! So, you have to ask yourself, why is it that American kids, or, let’s just say Western countries children/Western influenced countries, that the children are so disrespectful, disobedient to parents, bullies….and so violent, disruptive in schools/school buses…compared to other countries. You’d be surprise what you’d find – again, think Research!!!!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    The problem is Stan, your side isn’t really moral, nor does it support the Constitution. First of all, the Ten Commandments is irrelevant, American law is not derived from the Ten Commandments, and neither is Jewish law or Christian law for that matter. Judaism has a much larger body of laws, and Christian morality stems mainly from the teachings of Jesus Christ as transmitted through the Gospels. Stop pretending you are persecuted for your religion. You aren’t, and you don’t know what persecution is.

    Next, your side does not support the Constitution. The fact that they weren’t out in the streets when Bush pushed the Patriot Act through is proof positive. As if that weren’t enough, the reaction of the Tea Party to the Park 51 Community center proves that they do not take the Constitution or the right of private property(free enterprise) seriously.

  • Stan Horn

    So, if some people still have morals, are Christian, believe in the Ten Commandments, The US Constitution, and teach their children right from wrong according to these principles, you do not agree with this behavior.

  • skinnyminny

    Thanks Kenneth, for the information.
    Another way to counter this hate is to use everyday practices. This group is anti-government, anti-muslim, anti-minority…..
    Now, you wouldn’t let someone watch (babysit) your kids if you knew they hate kids. You wouldn’t hire someone to work in your personal establishment if you knew they didn’t like you. Meaning, if someone didn’t like school-they wouldn’t be a good student. If someone didn’t like their job-they wouldn’t be the best employee they could be-they’d be late, sometimes not showup at all.
    These people are anti-government, so why should we put them in office? They say “we the people” but, they are not talking about minorities, the LGBT community, the Muslim community – they are the sheep in wolves clothing. We, the real people, elect our choice, they tell them to step down or force them out, they get in office and we tell them to step down or leave and they tell us they are not leaving.

    I’m betting on it, that if they gain control again, we will see $5.00+ gallon of gas again! We need to tell the no more! They won’t lead, we refuse to follow, so they should get out of the way!

  • Kenneth Cabral

    One way to counter this hate is to attend the One Nation Rally in Washington DC on October 2 (Lincoln Memorial). This rally is sponsored by the the NAACP, labor unions and several colleges. The purpose of the rally is to help to unify America rather than devide it as the tea partiers do. Also, John Stewart and Stephen Clbert are hold a rally in Washington on October 30 as a satire to the tea party rallies. I encourage all to attend one or both of these rallies.