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Better Homes and Aryans: April Gaede Wants to be a Publisher

By Evelyn Schlatter on November 16, 2010 - 11:15 am, Posted in White Nationalism

April Gaede, long-time white supremacist and Jill-of-all-Aryan-trades, is working on yet another new project. Perhaps the Aryan matchmaker service she was trying to launch in January isn’t working out so well, so Gaede is moving from breeding material to reading material.

Her latest venture, which she announced Nov. 1 on the racist website, is an as-yet-unnamed magazine geared specifically to “white nationalist women.” Gaede hopes to launch her first issue around Christmas, so she’s soliciting articles of 500 to 2,000 words from fellow white nationalist “ladies” dealing with recipes, family traditions and customs, home-schooling tips, hair and makeup ideas and politics and the recent election (because nothing says “Christmas” like politics). The pieces must have a pro-white slant, she explains, and “if you can provide photos or pictures, that would be wonderful.”

Gaede, who lives in Kalispell, Mont., is best known as the micromanaging stage mom for daughters Lynx and Lamb, who used to perform as the neo-Nazi musical duo Prussian Blue. After her daughters appeared to lose interest, Gaede went on to engage in other attention-getting escapades — no surprise from a woman who once rode a horse almost naked through her hometown as part of a radio promotion and who more recently boasted of scoring free merchandise by distracting clerks.

In 2007, April Gaede arranged for the body of white nationalist hero David Lane to be transported from a federal prison in Indiana, where he was serving a 190-year sentence in connection with the 1984 assassination of Jewish talk show host Alan Berg, to her home in Montana. In a story that even Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, might not believe, Lane’s cremated remains were apportioned among 14 miniature pyramids, one for each of the “14 Words,” a famous racist slogan Lane authored (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”). The pyramids were supposed to go to 14 white nationalist women, but instead, the situation spiraled into a feud between Gaede, members of the neo-Nazi Women for Aryan Unity (WAU), and other white nationalist women.

After the inaugural issue of her magazine is ready, Gaede says she plans to make it available for sale, but those who contribute articles will receive “free issues of this epic and historical magazine. If this endeavor is a success we will be doing something that is ground breaking.”

Except that it’s not. WAU “and friends” have already broken the ground Gaede hopes to plow. They publish the magazine Homefront, a slick white nationalist family and women’s publication available as a free download that has been published since 2005. WAU says it produces three issues a year. Much like the magazine Gaede is planning, Homefront focuses on things like natural/organic cooking and cleaning tips, healthy eating, physical fitness, home-schooling, media portrayals of women, and raising a family. One issue even features a sympathetic piece about bipolar disorder. Still, lest one think Homefront offers a kinder, gentler version of white nationalism, the magazine also includes articles — often generously laced with racial slurs — on the imminent fall of the white race and how Jewish-controlled media is conditioning good Aryans to accept debauchery and filth.

There also is lingering bad blood between Gaede and members of WAU, left over from the bizarre aftermath of Lane’s death. No surprise, then, that the comment thread Gaede started on was politely but handily hijacked by Homefront coordinator and WAU member Vicky Cahill, writing under the name WarMaiden. The maneuvering started when one commenter noted that Gaede’s magazine sounded just like “another magazine” for Aryan women already out there. A second helpfully provided a link to Homefront. Cahill then stepped in and graciously offered to help Gaede with her project. After a conversation between Cahill and another commenter about the international appeal of Homefront, and some glowing compliments about Homefront from other users, Cahill stated, “Anyways [sic], this is April’s thread” – then proceeded to post a large Homefront banner and several Homefront magazine covers below it.

Gaede has yet to respond to Cahill’s offer of help, but perhaps she should. Seems she can use all the help she can get.

  • Nazi Officer’s ExWife

    Modern day White Nationalists want to follow David Lane and live out a fantasy Liebensborn project where they kidnap and rape White women with “good genetics” until they conceive children. Then, there are men who lie about their beliefs and keep secret what they represent. Some women do not find out about their spouse’s beliefs until after they are married and/or have children. Then, the women are trapped in the Movement. There is a very large NS group that has an SS squad that uses sexual assault and domestic violence to control women. For a group that professes to preserve the beauty of the “aryan” female, there sure is a lot of domestic violence and sexual assault. There are a lot of women who live in fear and very few of us escape.

  • Ginsan

    Man that’s sad…
    That mom is sick.
    I saw the documentary about them called nazi pop twins.
    I can only say I hope they are able to get out of it one day.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    The fact is that if there weren’t still idiots out there who make a big deal about black male/white female relations, Hollywood and Madison Avenue wouldn’t use them so often(though they don’t use them as much as hyper-sensitive racialists think). These pairings became popular in Hollywood a long time ago because it was a taboo.

    Seriously, America’s “whites” have it pretty damn good if the worst of their “genocide” consists of commercials like that. I’m sure there are plenty of Kurds or Palestinians who wish that were the extent of the torment they must suffer.

  • Joan Opyr

    Terrifying. It’s sometimes hard to believe these groups exist — this is the 21st century, isn’t it? But then I’m reminded by a column like this that for some, we’ve never passed 1865.

  • Leslie

    I noticed this group is suggesting a boycott of Sears this holiday season. Apparently, they think that Sears spreads anti-white propaganda. I watched the commercial that was the reason for this tirade and at the end all the African-American male models kiss the blond female models on the cheek. Apparently, this is what drove them over the edge. I doubt they will get very far with this boycott.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Oh look who rushed to the defense of Pedo Lane.

    “Why Ruslan, if this David Lane guy was like that, then why didn’t you try and convert him to Islam while he was still alive?”

    Why didn’t I try to convert him when he was alive? He died some time ago but off the top of my head I’d have to say it may have been related to the fact that I’m not Muslim and never have been. And if you have any doubts as to Lane’s bizarre sexual views you need only look to two sources: 1. KD Rebel, a bizarre novel Lane wrote which actually manages to feature more exposition than the Turner Diaries, and suck harder. The plot synopsis is basically this: “White heroes in the Rocky Mountains justify rape and forced marriages, in the end Russia saves everything.” In fact virtually everything in the book involves acquiring women(against their will), and exposition on sex, as well as references to sex. One WN leader who saw the original draft claimed that it had far more graphic depictions of sex in it(one of the girls is in high school by the way). Google the title and you might find it.

    2. In the documentary Nazi Pop Twins, Lane is on speaker phone, talking about how he’s attracted to the two 16 year old twins. He said it was part of being a “natural male.” Maybe, but it’s also against the law.

    ” If he wasn’t behind bars, then as your fellow Muslim, ”

    Not Muslim, fail. He’s your fellow racialist.

    “Davey would have been able to relocate to someplace where both underage marriage and Jew-hatred is acceptable, like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Palestine or Egypt and be like this Afghan guy….”

    Right, because all those diverse peoples are all the same.

    “himself a bride from one of those elusive “white Arabs” and “Nordic Afghans” that you love to mention whenever you ramble and rant about how there is “no such thing as a white race.”

    Well first of all I’m sorry to inform you, but there still is no biological/cultural entity known as the “white race.” Even the horrendously out of date 18th and 19th century scientists who championed the idea of race couldn’t agree on who was “white”, not much unlike white nationalists today. Also I can’t recall ever using the term “Nordic Afghan” but many Afghans and Tajiks bear “white” features, and on an individual basis we could find Europeans darker or more swarthy than some of them. This is even more true if we are speaking about Tatars for example, which may on an individual basis look more “European” than Russians or Ukrainians.

    If you were unaware of these facts it is not my fault.

  • Green Eagle

    I sure hope her magazine is better than her daughters’ singing. A few minutes listening to that is enough to send the most tone deaf person into a deep, deep depression.

  • KuffarFalcon

    Why Ruslan, if this David Lane guy was like that, then why didn’t you try and convert him to Islam while he was still alive? If he wasn’t behind bars, then as your fellow Muslim, Davey would have been able to relocate to someplace where both underage marriage and Jew-hatred is acceptable, like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Palestine or Egypt and be like this Afghan guy….

    … whose name is, unsurprisingly, Mohamed. And if child brides of Mongoloid or Mediterranean type weren’t his thing, maybe if he’d searched harder he would’ve found himself a bride from one of those elusive “white Arabs” and “Nordic Afghans” that you love to mention whenever you ramble and rant about how there is “no such thing as a white race.”

  • La Piovra

    What! she rode a horse that was nearly naked! Wasn’t the poor horse cold? These brutes will stop at nothing! Do you know, I wonder if, when they accepted that piece about good, Aryan men lusting after little girls, they were deaf to the sound of pulled legs twanging, because it sure sounds like a prank my old law fraternity might have collaborated on over beer and oysters. Never mind if they were dumb enough, though. They were mean enough, and that’s all ye need to know.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    One of my many agents in the US recently uncovered this exclusive piece of advice from a text believed to be the cover article of the debut issue.

    “….It is important to realize that men in the movement need the support of women. David Lane is a perfect example. As he was in prison, I allowed him to use my daughters as a sexual fantasy to keep himself from sliding any further into delirium. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with good, proud Aryan men being attracted to little girls. Our great Viking ancestors, who spent most of their time pillaging and raping other Europeans while selling girls to the Caliphate in the Middle East, would totally agree.”

    With text like that, I’m sure we’re all waiting with great anticipation for the debut of her new publication!

  • IludiumPhosdex

    But will this reincarnation of Frauern Wacht (“Women’s Watch”), the Nazi-approved women’s fortnightly back in the Third Reich, “play in Peoria” (as the old saying hath it)?

  • Paen

    As a sane white man I would like to apologize to the rest of the human race for these idiots.