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FAIR Pushing Utah to Take Expensive Anti-Immigrant Plunge

By Leah Nelson on December 21, 2010 - 1:41 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

The Salt Lake Tribune on Sunday published a lengthy investigative report on the origins of the immigration bill proposed by Utah State Rep. Stephen Sandstrom (R-Orem). Chief among the story’s findings is that Michael Hethmon, general counsel to the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), played a major role in crafting the bill.

IRLI is the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a nativist extremist hate group with a penchant for hiring officials who are active in white supremacist organizations and write for anti-immigrant hate sites. FAIR characterizes itself as just another conservative-leaning organization seeking to tighten enforcement of immigration law, but it is the flagship of a network of organizations created by John Tanton, the racist architect of the modern anti-immigrant movement who has produced an abundance of white nationalist commentary. The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated FAIR as a hate group.

FAIR’s involvement in drafting Utah’s law is no surprise. Arizona’s infamous SB 1070, now mired in litigation, was written by newly elected Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has served as FAIR’s senior counsel. Kobach is one of the attorneys defending the Arizona law in federal court.

And for at least the past six years, FAIR denizens have been hopping from state to state, “helping” localities craft ordinances aimed at barring undocumented immigrants from living and working within their limits. Together or separately, Hethmon, Kobach, and their colleagues at FAIR have created local enforcement ordinances for at least six jurisdictions besides Arizona.

Every one of those jurisdictions has been sued. Every one hired Hethmon or Kobach to defend it. Because of the lawsuits, none of the jurisdictions have been able to enforce their ordinances as originally written. And defending the lawsuits has proven expensive.

Hazleton, Pa., the first town to adopt an IRLI ordinance, racked up $2.4 million in legal fees by the time the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled its ordinance unconstitutional. Despite rescinding its ordinance, Riverside, N.J., owes $82,000 in legal fees. The costs to Farmers Branch, Texas, may exceed $5 million by January, yet the town still plans to appeal the district court’s decision to permanently enjoin its ordinance. Fremont, Neb., is only at the beginning of its legal travails, but has already raised taxes to cover an expected $750,000 in legal fees for fiscal year 2010-11 alone. Valley Park, Mo., was permitted to keep a fragment of its ordinance intact, but paid $240,000 in legal fees for the privilege. Virginia’s Prince William County is still implementing a modified version of its ordinance, which costs millions of dollars per year to enforce and has severely damaged the community’s economy.

Arizona’s legal fees have already surpassed $1 million, and that battle is only just beginning. Moreover, an analysis by the Center for American Progress suggests that the state stands to lose a staggering 4,236 jobs and $752.4 million in business and tax revenue.

All this may explain why Sandstrom was on the defensive even before he’d officially introduced his bill. In August, he declared that he had been consulting with lawyers in Washington to make sure the bill is “absolutely impossible to be litigated against.”

Sandstrom’s confidence doesn’t jibe with IRLI’s track record or with Hethmon’s recent statement about the laws he and his colleagues have been toying with. “Sink or swim, these new laws are forcing Congress to confront the need for enforcement-based reform,” he wrote in a 2010 op-ed for CNN. More important is that they “provoke sustainable immigration reform.”

In other words, Hethmon isn’t terribly upset if the laws he drafts get bogged down in litigation. What matters, he claims, is that they encourage immigration reform of some kind.

There are signs the sailing won’t be smooth for Sandstrom, however. In November, a powerful bipartisan opposition group including civil and religious authorities announced the creation of the “Utah Compact.” The five-point alternative to Sandstrom’s bill stresses that immigration is a federal issue that should be dealt with by the federal government and that immigrants play an important role as workers and taxpayers in Utah’s economy. It also stresses a “humane” approach to immigration reform that takes family ties and social well-being into account. The compact has been endorsed by Utah’s attorney general, two former governors, the highly influential Mormon Church, the Salt Lake County Council, and the Sutherland Institute, a conservative public policy organization.

The signatories’ resolve and the Salt Lake Tribune’s thorough examination of racist leanings of the organization behind Sandstrom’s bill may well make Utah’s state lawmakers think twice before they sign their state up for a whole lot of expensive legal trouble.

  • Mitch Beales

    Ruben I agree that the threat of crime from undocumented people is way overblown. They’d have to be crazy to call attention to themselves by committing a crime. I live in an area with a lot of “Mexican looking” people and I must admit that I get frustrated by the fact that they always drive just under the speed limit and never go through yellow lights!

  • ruben

    deport only the child molesters and rapists is a great idea….and it would be even better if it did not matter if they were legal or not……somehow i bet that most of the perverts being thrown out would be white males between the ages of 25-55.not trying to insult or demean anyone but just going by what i see on the news.

  • Mitch Beales

    If people come here to mow the lawn or help in the kitchen why not let them stay and deport only the child molester? I think Dick’s analogy suggesting that the only option would be to have all three “home invaders” arrested makes the real problem clear. If we give every group the just desserts of the worst member of the group we are all damned!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Dick, an invasion is an act of war. If illegal immigration is an act of war, then virtually every country in the world has a casus belli to go to war on its neighbors. You really want to open that door?

  • crazy river

    To extend the analogy…

    if unlawful presence is the same as invading a private residence, then driving with an expired license must be the same as grand theft auto.

    Please people. Get a real argument?

  • crazy river

    The metaphor of not having a visa and invading a house makes no sense.

    Private property is one thing, being in the country is another. People who treat this issue as a personal affront rather than a policy issue are getting carried away and make it into something it’s not.

    That’s why they get called bigots. The level of rage is disproportionate to the situation.

  • ruben

    it is not my intent to insult any one on here and if i have i apologize….i guess that i am just blown away by the fact that we are in the 21’st century and there are still many people in this supposedly most advanced nation in the history of mankind that would like to see a certain portion of the population oppressed,discriminated and harassed by the government because of who or what they look like……and it is always the most vulnerable that these people pick on ,the voiceless who cannot defend themselves for one reason or other…..most everyone who is in this country now is the ancestor of someone who was not asked to come here…they came because they had no hope in the country they left..the history of mankind is one of migrations it is in the human dna….i have friends and neighbors who are black,white and asian and i get along with them just great,i see them as just people like me before i see them as one racial group or another,but alot of the white right see you as someone different first and therefore a threat to them and they never give you the chance to know you as a human being.if race relations continue to go in the direction they are headed in this country there is no hope….give someone different from you a chance to know them and don’t let your stereotypes get the best of you and you might be pleasantly surprised.the world is getting smaller and smaller it is our only hope.

  • skinnyminny

    Dick Lancaster,
    Hey, thanks for the heartfelt comments. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    I hope you receive this comment, because I do see some good qualities in you.

    I just wish that we could all get along in this country. I am saying this because I sit and watch people that say “I love this country,” while holding their flags. Yet, I think to myself, how can they say they love this country and not love the people in this country. What I see and think about this, these are the people who could care less what the poor people have or don’t have. Then I wonder why don’t they just say, “I love what this country has provided me with, or what this country has done for me.”

    I truly believe that everyone should look to each other, and try to get along. That’s all we have is each other. For example, if I were to need a ride or a jump because my car won’t stop, more than likely a neighbor will help out free of charge. A business on the other hand will not help out unless I pay. I usually don’t borrow things from a neighbor, but, let’s say I started cooking and didn’t have enough eggs or butter, I may be able to borrow this from a neighbor, a business will want me to pay for it. So, the point I’m making, we should not blame immigrants for coming here to work – it is the businesses that blasted the elected officials from wanting to incorporate E-Verify. It is the businesses that complained they couldn’t afford to hire Americans because they couldn’t afford health insurance, it was the businesses that filed bankruptcy in order to stop paying employees their pension. It is the businesses that are complaining about American salaries/unions, yet, they want to continue getting government subsidies/grants/and privatize government positions.

    I’m hoping you had a chance to look at the site for, because this worries me that corporations can do this to workers that want a safe work environment/fair pay. I also worry about the people yelling about taxes, because there are a lot of people who don’t work, so how can they pay taxes – a result of not paying taxes, NYC this week didn’t have the manpower to plow the streets because they have just laid off about 15k workers. Here in Califas, we have had mudslides, in addition to the government workers, there was prisoners and church volunteers helping the residents clean up a neighborhood that buried cars and homes with up to 3 feet of mud. My thing is, I like to use the famous phrase by Reagan, “trust, but verify.” Yet, I use it in reverse, verify before you trust.

    Hopefully you will continue to read the comments, if not post comments. But, please understand, most of us that post here have either seen or have experienced what we believe is discrimination/racism…at the same time, some of us have different levels of tolerance/passion/patience when reading about different events, I should also add moods. Most of all, I think we could all engage in a decent and respectful conversation.

  • ruben

    to dick lancaster…..but you did unleash a tirade like that against me you are just to blind or arrogant to see it…….you support government sanctioned discrimination and harassment against me and everybody else of mexican decent to the point of making false accusations and spinning the truth to justify it…..enough said!

  • R Lavigueur

    Dick Lancaster,

    If you think I’m attempting to demonize you, you’re mistaken. The SPLC’s article identifies the links between legislation in Utah and known racist groups, not whites as a majority.

    Further, I specifically stated that I was not accusing all conservatives who support tight immigration policies of being racist. I’m no more attacking all conservatives by stating that this bill is being championed by racists than you are attacking all leftists when you state that opposition to anti-immigrant groups are suffering from conspiratorial Marxist propaganda.

    My comment on Americans (who considered themselves white) demonizing the Spanish was a reference to the behaviour of Americans almost two centuries ago, not in the present. My point was that the differentiation between what Americans now call ‘Hispanics’ and other ‘whites’ is nothing new and not an invention of the left to find a way to complain, the distinction has been going in and out of vogue among governments and racists alike for at least that long in your country, and even longer in Europe.

    Lastly, my criticism of your home invasion analogy was a critique of the metaphor, which does not adequately describe the complexity of illegal immigration in the United States or elsewhere. I also try to keep an open mind around this issue, which is why in none of my comments have I actually expressed a position on immigration policies. My criticism is restricted to those who attempt to ride anti-immigration sentiment to spread racist policies, and those that claim that this behaviour is not taking place. My criticism of your specific metaphor was of the undertones that you may not have even been aware existed, undertones echoed in racist ideologies and arguments against immigration.

  • Dick Lancaster


    Had I unleashed a tirade like that against you it would have been considered hateful. That’s what the SPLC does. It’s a one way street.

    R. Lavigueur,

    There’s nothing at all exagerated about my metaphor. I simply took the invasion problem down to family size so it becomes easier for you to comprehend. When these things occur at the family level, they are called “home invations” not “home immigration”.

    Nor am I demonizing any group. I am simply objecting to illegal BEHAVIOR. The racism rises from the fact that the majority of those invading our country are Mexicans and the left, armed as it is with that new “Hispanic” designation can create a racist out of a white conservative who objects to the illegal behavior.

    When you generalize about whites characterizing Spanish decendents as inferior, I know you are not referring to ALL whites. And since I didn’t assume that I can accept your statement as true. If a conservative generalizes he gets hammered as a bigot. That’s how the left plays the game.

    I’ve always kept my mind open enough to see both sides. Eventually, I decide which side is more honest and rational. You should try it.

    Skinnyminnie is the kind of liberal I choose as friends. She practices what she preaches. She doesn’t judge me personally based on my beliefs. She just disagrees with them.

    I actually respect her opinions and see the truth she sees. She would be a most likely candidate to change my mind because she does not use the tactics of the left.

    Good talking to you all.

  • R Lavigueur

    Dick Lancaster,

    I understand metaphor perfectly, I also understand, as I’m sure you do, that the exaggerated metaphors you use to make your point here have been repeated as ‘fact’ by anti-immigration groups. I’m also sure that you realize that calling it metaphor changes nothing, the demonization of any group of people is problematic, if for no other reason than the broad brush by which you define an entire group of people. I agree with you that the idea of a hispanic ‘race’ is a political construction that makes even less sense than the normal use of the term. though we have different opinions on its historical basis.

    Remember that ‘white’ Americans have been attempting to characterize those of Spanish, and later of Latin American descent, as a seperate and inferior race since the early 19th century, and that even at that time expansion into Mexican and Spanish territories was justified partially by presenting an image of the populations of these regions as a degenerate race. The terms being used were different then, but the sentiment is uncomfortably similar today.

    More importantly, claiming that Marxism is responsible for the fact that those on the left accuse the anti-immigrant crowd of racism is ridiculous. Many of the loudest legislative proponents of this bill in Utah are proudly and blatently racist, and motivated by racist goals of maintaining white/Anglo-American majorities. The fact that many who call for stronger immigration restrictions are not racist doesn’t excuse the racism of those opposed to immigration, illegal or otherwise, who are indeed racist.

  • ruben

    to dick lancaster……i don’t know you personally to hate you…..just don’t like your goose stepping mentality.

  • Dick Lancaster

    Ruben, It sounds like you hate me.

  • http://yahoo ruben

    the bigots who are behind these anti mexican laws are the same bigots who a few years back were and still are anti jew and anti black…..but if they openly discriminate against blacks or jews the way they do against mexicans they can lose everything….these people will always need someone to hate and it is now suicidal for them to openly hate jews and blacks as they were used to so they have jumped on the immigration issue to give justification to there racial hate against mexicans……dick lancaster…..if you want to talk about INVASION lets talk about the invasion of tens of millions of white people from europe to this continent…..stealing,raping,murdering,bringing foreign plagues and helping themselves to everything with complete disregard to the fact that people were already living here!! you are the poster boy of hypocrisy…i am of mexican decent….mestizo…my ancestors have been living in north america for thousands of years we are in our native lands if you want to see an invader to north america just look in the mirror my friend…..but you and people that think like you will say that that was the past and let bygones be bygones but i will say to you and all who think like you…. is that as long as you carry the same destructive bigotry as your ancestors did we will always remember the past and be vigilant and not trust people like you.your solution to problems is to always point fingers,blame and villainize people who do not look like you…i think they tried that in nazi germany and look what happened… EMILIANO i too remember as a small boy visiting relatives in arizona,we stopped at a diner to eat and a sign on the window said no dogs,mexicans or negroes allowed

  • Dick Lancaster

    R Lavigueur,
    You don’t understand metaphor. I’d suggest you take some lessons from Skinny; one of the most rational and sincerely argued counterpoints to my posts.

    It would be prudent for you to refrain from commenting on visiting anyone’s home.

    I am well aware of why foreign invaders come to the US. They’re starving in their home countries. Americans can best serve them by giving up its drug habit. This will also eliminate most of the funding for America’s shadow government.

    I am also aware that these invaders are human beings. So are the immigrants who went through the difficult process of becoming an American and those still in the process. These people are called immigrants.

    Our government does nothing about the invasion because it satisfies all ideological desires; business gets its cheap labor and the left gets more voters.

    The racist thing however, is a recent invention. La Raza could never have formed without this concocted racial identity.

    Let’s look at the birth of a new race.

    The anti-war movement of the 1960s was organized by overseas Marxists. The intention was to divide the country as it well did. But it also needed to unify its base. To do that it could not show its face but instead used the various civil rights movements as surrogates.

    The anti-war Marxists visibly supported all righteous causes to the point where the Marxists became identified with them. It was difficult to oppose Marxism without being identified as opposing civil rights. Since no one but those who saw this genius tactic wanted to be identified as opposed to civil rights, Marxism picked up a slew of useful idiots, a term Lenin used to describe fools who fell for these tactics.

    But the Marxists couldn’t care less about the down-trodden because their goal is power; which requires even more down-trodden. One of the results of this manipulation was a completely new down-trodden ethnic creation eventually called Hispanic.

    The word was coined during the very liberal Nixon administration following up on the condescending concept of Affirmative Action dreamed up by the very liberal Lyndon Johnson. Affirmative Action was not legislation, but an Executive Order that never went away.

    There were only 3 categories of American heritage at the time we decided to overcome segregation by segregating; black, white and other. In order to be affirmatively acted upon, you had to be black or other. This assumed that if you were black or other, you were basically incompetent and needed extra help—a liberal notion. The problem for those of Latin or Chicano ethnicity was that you either had to be black or white. Naturally, whites were excluded from Uncle Sam’s helping hand. This kind of fouled up the community as one might imagine.

    In the early 1970s this was corrected by lumping all Spanish speaking people into the old Iberian term, Hispanic. Now white people of “Hispanic” origin could be oppressed as well and all were made happy. Today it is now possible for white Americans to be racist against white Americans of Mexican descent simply by making white Mexican-Americans “Hispanic”. The SPLC cannot express its appreciation enough.

    It leaves a little slop however, because Brazilian-Americans come from a Portuguese speaking nation and there is no category for Portugilians or Brazugese. It also insults those of Greek of Italian ancestry because it gave Spain a special minority status labeling its emigrants incompetent. All, including Portugal are European (white) Mediterranean countries. Why must all of their emigrants have to be among the oppressors when Spain’s emigrants do not? What is so special about Spain?

    Without this new “race”, La Raza, which actually means “The Race”, could not exist in its current form.

    So now the border problem can be a ‘race” issue rather than a political or economic one and those who support secure borders can be “racists”. It is one of the Marxists’ cleverest dupes.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Invasion? Strange, I don’t remember the Germans doing any yardwork or building entire neighborhoods and shopping malls when they invaded the USSR. Obviously the definition of “invasion” has changed considerably.

  • Mitch Beales

    I’m sure Dick Lancaster knows his posts are gross exaggerations. If not maybe somebody could give me his address so I could go sit in his living room etc. where the police in his town will do nothing.

    I’m sure anyone who has read this blog with any regularity is also aware that the SPLC does not advocate non-enforcement of immigration laws. In fact the SPLC has vigorously advocated for enforcement of all immigration laws, including those that protect the rights of immigrants so that they cannot be so easily exploited by unscrupulous employers, petty criminals, and labor contractors. The laws discussed in the post above have exactly the opposite effect. They attempt to assure that immigrants (with or without papers) will live in fear so that they can easily be exploited.

    I’m equally sure that the fact that they are posting lies and nonsense will not deter Dick and others. That’s what the republican right has been living on for decades.

  • Sam Molloy

    As a white person I can refute hate speech when I hear it; in fact, it’s my duty. But we can’t do it alone.The Hispanics have to help push to get their history taught in schools, and then keep their kids from dropping out. Black people have to remind their friends that Crack and violence are not on the path to the good life. Self respect is.

  • skinnyminny

    Dick Lancaster,
    Hey again!

    I forgot to mention this, you said to talk to some Native-Americans, how about some of the blacks in Califas. There was a big story in the news about blacks being killed in order to move them out of ‘their’ neighborhoods. The point I’m making here, not being sarcastic, but, in your house and you live to tell about it is nothing compared to being killed because of your race/ethnicity.

    Again, I’m not making light on your positions. I truly do understand your argument. Yet, I think it is unfair to judge an entire group of people for the faults of others.

  • skinnyminny

    Dick Lancaster,
    Hey you!

    I’m not sure if you’ve read some of my previous post – I am black-native america-white. Yes, I do understand your frustration in the matter. However, you keep pointing out that immigrants are invading this country. Have you thought about how the west is invading their countries? I am speaking in terms of taking their resources, land…on the other hand, there are corporations that hire recruiters to go into other countries to bring workers here, in fact, China has a program that’s called the ‘outsourcing center for Asia’ or something along those terms. When I speak of their lands – try looking at the indigenous populations of Brazil, Belize, India and a host of other countries, where that country’s gov’t is alleged to have uprooted the indigenous populations/farmers and sold off the land to corporations/investors – try looking at the corporations that are buying forests in other countries. Oh, and let’s not forget about countries like Panama where they’ve had ‘deforestation programs,’ this is where foreigners were encouraged to come and invest/live/retire in these countries if they develop/invest in that area.

    And to respond to the other part of your comment, about the police won’t respond, in a way I kinda commend them for this. First, let me say, I do understand your position on this. On the other hand, let’s look at how they are treated in their own countries while producing goods for Western countries – see the website and you will see how they are treated in Colombia and other countries. Recently, a factory in Bangladesh, the workers burned to death because the workers are usually locked in buildings at work sites. But, let’s not forget, some of these workers come here and are treated the same way.

    The side that I am taking on this entire issue, it’s not the people, it’s not the government, but, it is the corporations that want the cheap labor. We can write and enforce as many laws as we want, however, since most corporations are global, they can close shop here in the U.S. anytime they want. But keep in mind, since we (and I’m speaking of this country) don’t value education on a wide scale, meaning, everyone is not entitled to receive a good, or even higher education due to costs, or other reasons, most of the highly-skilled workers, i.e. doctors, scientists, and engineers come from other countries, what will we do when they flee or return home because this country has poor race-relations?

  • R Lavigueur

    Dick Lancaster said:

    “When would you let them bring their families in? Yea, one will mow your grass and one will clean your kitchen; but the other is helping himself to your bank account and molesting your kids.”

    I’m sorry, do you have any actual names, cases evidence or numbers to go with your accusations of criminality and pedophilia toward an entire ethnicity?

    The sad thing here, as has been noted by some of the commenters above, is that almost everyone decrying the supposed threat to ‘western civilization’ is themselves descendant from immigrants who came here with their own values, culture and traditions, the traditions that, through conquest and the spread of disease, became traditions and customs associated with American ‘civilization’. The United States, Canada, and yes, Latin America were created out of not one but many civilizations.

    There were times in history where the arguments and baseless claims being levelled against Latinos were levelled against Eastern European and Catholic immigrants, as well as anyone whose skin colour failed to prove light enough. ‘Western civilization’ once depended on slavery and the subjugation of women, it has become better for the abandonment of both. From none of these groups of people’s immigration did the apocalyptic destruction of ‘western civilization’ ever actually occur. Accusations of child molestation in particular have been levelled, inaccurately, against basically every group of people that the American majority has ever decided to fear. Hence my request for evidence, a request I have a feeling will not be substantiated at all, let alone with a reliable set of sources.

    As mazatzin elegantly stated, these ‘illegals’ as you call them, are human. Take the time to learn why they’re coming and you might have a harder time hating them. Treat them like the humans they are and the need for fear and hate will vanish. If you expect that anyone with a different language and skin colour is a thief who wants to rape your family though, there’s probably little chance of getting through to you, and it can only be hoped that the constitution is strong enough to limit the damage.

  • Scott

    The question here is not about the “law”, it is about right and wrong. We seem to be on an inexorable path to fascism. Germany in the 1920’s and ’30’s was a very similar place as we are here in the US today. Blaming our problems that CAN be easily fixed on the “other” is exactly the way that Germany went back then, and any student of history will be able to see the similarities. When did America lose her soul? When did we change from the land of “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe
    free” to the nation that defeated the DREAM Act? How do we sleep at night? What happened to the right’s much vaunted “personal responsibility”?

    Each day I see us streaking towards the _same exact_ path that spawned Nazi Germany, right along with the “I didn’t know about the [camps, creamatoria, etc.]” excuses from a majority of people, largely due to the fear of standing up to do what is right and good in defending the minority populations amongst us. As others have so eloquently stated here, this country would not be the power that it is (although, as Rome we do seem to also go) without those hard working folks who had to make the heartbreaking choices to leave their homes and families, sometimes never to see them again, so that those same families might have a bite to eat and a roof over their heads, most of which we in the US take for granted.

    One more thing about the law: “Let us not forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” MLK


  • Dick Lancaster

    Thanks, Skinny for the history lesson.

    I lived it myself when my father was denied burial in a Catholic cemetery because he had divorced and remarried. I am also aware the Japanese-American Unit in WWII was the most decorated while their parents sat in internment camps in California–set up by a progressive administration.

    You confuse my opposition to the invasion of my country to bigotry. The SPLC has done a wonderful job instilling that in well-meaning people. But if you came home from work one day to find 3 starving white people had broken into your home to help themselves to your goods, how long would you let them stay? When would you let them bring their families in? Yea, one will mow your grass and one will clean your kitchen; but the other is helping himself to your bank account and molesting your kids. So you have to call the cops who tell you, “Tough. We’re not going to do anything about it.”

    Do you take the doors off your house or get a shotgun. If neither, then at some point you’ll be forced to move out of your house. Do you know any Native Americans? Go ask them what that’s like.

    La Raza is a hate group but you won’t find them reviewed in Hatewatch, they aren’t the right race.

  • Raymond Smith

    Isn’t it novel that you as a ogranization of lawyers, who proport to enforce the law, continue to want duly adopted immigration laws to not be enforced.

    Who did appoint you God?

    I think I missed the memo.

  • skinnyminny

    Dick Lancaster,
    I am siding with Emiliano Zapata on this one. Perhaps you are not aware of WWII decorated soldier Felix Longoria. He (Longoria) was denied a funeral wake in Texas, as well as not able to receive a proper burial in Texas because of his ethnicity.

  • mazatzin

    …or we could ask everybody that is here to go back to where they or their grandparents came from and let us see who has to go further away from these shores.

    It has always been the way of the original first nations that inhibited this western hemisphere to recognize the right for all humans to co-exist in harmony and peace and have always wlecomes all people from all over the world here…even your ancestors.

    Though once they were here and saw the bounty and beauty of the earth, as we had kept it for thousands of years by recognizing it as our mother, their ignorance and their insatiable greed took over them and in their wanton lust began to hoard and destroy.

    Now here we are, after more than 500 years of the invasion and subsequence ocupation of our share of mother earth, we stand at the brink of destruction…because of that wanton lust and insatiable greed that has totally depleted our natural resources.

    These people that you and so many others have ignorantly focused you hate and despise upon are and have always been your best friends. Think back to all those “illegals” you have known in your life…yeah, most of them you probably did not know they were “illegals”. Now think, what do you remember them doing, if not working in jobs no “american” would do, like picking the fruit that has sustained you all your life. You can remeber them cleaning and cooking everywhere from your own homes to every other Chinese, Italian Pizza, Steak Houses, Fine Cuisine restaurants…go back into the kitchen and you will seen ’em there.

    And, more importantly, they are people of the earth, who really do recognize the earth as their mother, and they have a responsibility to her that they have not been able to fulfill because of all this ignorance and racism that is chasing them down and destroying their lives.

    Immigration is a civil problem that is handled in court, like your ancsestors probably went through…they were not hunted down and removed with U.S. citizen family and all.
    This can be dealt with in a civil manner with respect and the opportunity expressed in the constitution for equal protection under the laws allowing each party on an individual basis to present his or her reasons for remaining in the country, sometimes it is as simple as the visas has run out and they must/can renew their application.

    The big problem here is that this attack is directed specifically at the original peoples of this continent calling them and declaring them illegal in their own home land, as this continent was traveled by thousands of people in peaceful and harmonious migrations for thousands of years.

    So my friend, Louis above, don’t try so hard to be humane, I know that is asking too much, but just try to be human and feel welcomed here on our mother earth, though you may not like some people here , I assure you their mothrer does.

  • Patrick Harris

    Louis Stouch:

    I won’t let your comment go unchallenged. You are well aware that if your same standard had been used against your ancestors, you would not be here today to make your offensive comments.

    Truth and justice will prevail, but meanwhile, kris Kobach and his freinds are becoming wealthy at taxpayer’s expense.

  • Mike Best

    It seems that some just don’t quite get why a person would leave his family behind to make enough money to feed them. Historically when there is disproportionate wealth on opposite sides of a border, there is a gravitation by the poorer to the wealthier side of that border. The Romans ignored/fought/double-dealt around the same problem in the fifth century and lost the empire.

    I don’t suggest that we just open up the borders to unfettered immigration, but I do think we need to be realistic about the problem. The millions of illegals already here aren’t going back to Mexico, and there will be more to come in the future. Let’s use some of this mental horsepower to figure out how to incorporate them into this society productively instead of using it for bashing them. I wonder how many of the Irish, Italian, Chinese, or German immigrants would have been able to stay here had they been subjected to the same invective as the Latinos have.

    It seems a shame that so much effort is expended by so-called christians to devise ways to push those they don’t approve of back across the border to Mexico. What are they afraid of? I think we should indeed welcome any who are willing to work and have the gumption to relocate to another country. It takes a lot to leave one’s home, to never return. Kinda reminds me of the people who sailed on the Mayflower.

  • Dick Lancaster

    These laws have nothing to do with immigrants. They deal strictly with foriegn invaders. Except for Emiliano who thinks La Raza cares about him, I would expect the previous commentators to understand this.

    When you invite someone into your home to stay and participate as a family member, you can call him an immigrant. When you come home from work to find 3 strangers lounging on your couch watching your TV eating your chips, you call them home invaders; even if one of them offers to mow your lawn.

    If you call the police to get rid of them and the police call you a bigot and tell you they’re not coming; you throw them out yourself before their whole clan shows up and takes over your house. That’s what the states are now doing on a much larger scale.

    Everybody get it, now?

  • groovy dogg

    I do not know this group FAIR. I do not recognize the names of the people who “are active in white supremacist organizations”. Nor am I familiar with the various bills discussed in this article. But I feel compelled to ask, does the SPCL make any distinction between legal immigration and illegal immigration? It would seem the tone of this opinion piece is that all immigration is acceptable even if it is done illegally.
    It is my opinion that those against illegal immigration are not “anti immigration, racist, intolerant” or in any way hateful. Stereotyping them as such is every bit as wrong as saying all immigrants are “lazy, looking for welfare, uneducated, job stealing”, etc.

  • Blark Bart

    The cost is a matter of national defense.

    Of course it’s expensive.

    The alternative — allowing our Western culture to be destroyed — mandates the cost.

  • Louis Stouch

    The five-point alternative to Sandstrom’s bill stresses that immigration is a federal issue that should be dealt with by the federal government ……………

    But the Federal government refuses to enforce the rules. And in fact sued Arizona to stop them from enforcing the rules. Lets just let em all in.

    It also stresses a “humane” approach to immigration reform that takes family ties and social well-being into account……..

    So let me get this right. They broke up their family by the father coming to work here and leaving the wife and kids at home. But we have to take into account breaking up the family by shipping him home. Double standard at work here friends. Indefensible.

    So basically its gonna be expensive to defend legislation designed to enforce current law. I guess we should just let everyone on the entire planet move here.

  • Snorlax

    UT is about to make the same mistake AZ made.

    These laws are used to harass US CITIZENS of Latino descent. The complaintants in the AZ cases are US citizens.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if KS makes this mistake too. They’re notorious for trying on several occasions to force creationism into public school science classrooms.








  • skinnyminny

    Wow! Things are going from bad to worse in regards to race-relations. There’s a group in So. Calif trying to do the same thing as Utah. I believe the name is, or the law is, The Support Federal Immigration Law Committee. However, I’ve heard them on the radio saying it was called Support Immigration. In Seattle, public transportation buses are displaying billboards that are alleged to be anti-Israel – with the words “…your tax dollars at work…”