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World Net Daily Signs on to Nazis-Were-Gays Tall Tale

By Evelyn Schlatter on January 12, 2011 - 2:40 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Patriot Groups

World Net Daily (WND) is generally known for its right-wing and conspiracy-oriented bent. However, along with its long-time support for birther arguments and dark warnings about the Federal Reserve, the site also is thick with hard-line anti-gay propagandizing. In November 2010, for example, WND released an edition of its magazine devoted entirely to “America’s Gay Obsession.” It included articles by long-time anti-gay propagandists like Peter LaBarbera, who directs the hate group Americans for Truth about Homosexuality and was recently heard fretting about gay TSA agents accosting people in security lines. But that’s par for the course for an online publication that once ran a six-part series on how soy products cause homosexuality.

So it should come as no surprise that WND is now selling a “new edition” of the anti-gay fairy tale, The Pink Swastika, via its website.

Written by Kevin Abrams and anti-gay activist Scott Lively, whose Abiding Truth Ministries is an SPLC-designated hate group, the book claims that the Nazi Party was full of homosexual men who largely orchestrated the Holocaust. In fact, according to the book’s authors, “the Nazi party was entirely controlled by militaristic male homosexuals throughout its short history.” Furthermore, Lively and Abrams argue, persecution of homosexuals during Nazi Germany is largely a myth.

On the WND Superstore site, the book’s description says that it “makes the case that the Nazi Party is best understood as a neo-pagan, homosexual cult.” Joseph Farah, WND’s editor-in-chief, chairman and CEO, is quoted in the description as saying that “with the mandating of open homosexuality in the military and the widespread promotion of same-sex marriage,” Americans can now see the book’s “relevance.” Farah dismisses the criticism of the book, much of which comes from authoritative historians, and makes the claim that “[t]he book more than stands up to all the attacks I’ve seen, most of which are completely baseless.”

Really? For a site that purports to be “dedicated to uncompromising journalism, seeking truth and justice and revitalizing the role of the free press as a guardian of liberty,” Farah seems to have missed a few things about The Pink Swastika.

Warren Throckmorton, a professor at Christian-based Grove City College in Pennsylvania, has authored several blogs about the inaccuracies and misleading use of sources in The Pink Swastika. In one series, Dr. Jon David Wyneken, a historian at Grove City College who specializes in German history from 1933-1955, carefully analyzed the claims in the book (here and here), concluding, “Lively’s book is simply not good history and is, in fact, not really history at all.” Instead, Wyneken said, “[I]t is a book that uses history as a weapon in a contemporary political battle,” and is “completely outside the historical context of Nazi Germany.”

None of which matters to Farah, who has made a career out of peddling conspiracy theories, unsubstantiated claims, and anti-gay propaganda since 1997. Small wonder that the site’s nickname among those who don’t buy into its message is “World Nut Daily.”

  • David Spicer

    While I do not have enough information on WND to form my own opinion and do not take everything I read, especially on blogs as any form of truth I do have great concern over how the country is being so firmly divided. We are labeling people who have different views from our own as haters, hate groups or fear mongorers. As a devoted Christian I do believe homosexuallity is wrong, according to the Bible it is an abomonation to GOD. However, as a Christian I do not beleive any homosexual shoudl be hurt or persicuted for their chosen lifestyle. I have worked with and have accuantances that are homosexual. While I will never condone their life style I will never treat them differently than I would anyone else.
    However because of the separation of church and state I also believe that the homosexual agenda should never be forced on me or my children. Just as my beliefs should not be forced on anyone, Christians should not be forced to accept something that goes against their beliefs. This was the reason for the separation written into our Constitution, to keep the state from forcing beliefs onto someone. The core of a society is the family, a reproducing nurturing union formed between a man and a woman where children are brought into the world and cared for by both parents. I believe the breakdown if the family is a root cause of the problems plaguing our society today. We have such large numbers of children being born to single mothers and over half of all marriages ending in divorce. We do not need the further confusion of the homosexual life style and marriage which is not a natural reproducing union, being forced on kids through public education forms.
    I absoultly believe that religion should be separated from our schools. That is not the place to teach Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Budism… but so should the ideas that go against what is taught in peoples faiths be kept out of our schools. Lets focus on teaching our kids what they need to make it in the world, reading, writing math, geography, history, computer skills, balancing checkbooks and how our government is susposed to work and leave the other stuff to parents.
    Just because a person does not agree with what someones stands for or will not accept what another person thinks they should does not mean they hate the other people. This is no more true than having disagreements with the President and his policies makes you a raciest. But this has gone long enough, that should be for another topic.

  • jgt2598

    “neo-pagan” Where do these idiots get that Hitler was (insert peaceful belief system here)? If I remember correctly Hitler made up his own religion called Ariosophy, which has something to do with Atlantis sinking because there were too many jews and the maya and something about magical portals under the north pole and Hitler was a reincarnation of Jesus/King Arthur and…some other crazy stuff.

  • Devoted SPLC Follower

    World Net Daily is a bunch of idiots who post “news” as if everything they post is fact. In 2002 they posted an article of a “study” that supposedly provided proof that homosexuals were more likely to molest children at far greater rates than heterosexuals which was conducted by the executive director of the Council for National Policy Steve Baldwin. The article was posted on the WND website by Jon Dougherty. According to the article Steve Baldwin’s “study” was alleged to have been sent to Stanford Law Review which had said when the article first appeared on the WND website (the following phrase was later removed) “after Stanford Law Review backed out”. When the Stanford Law Review found out about this they threatened legal action if the offensive phrase was not removed since the truth was Steve Baldwin’s article was never submitted to Stanford Law Review. Steve Baldwin then later claimed that Jon Dougherty made a typo on the article and that his “study” was actually sent to Stanford Law and Policy Review. The Stanford Law And Policy Review also said that Steve Baldwin never submitted his “study” to them either. Steve Baldwin’s “research” was just recycled junk science using the discredited work of known homophobe Paul Cameron as well as the discredited work of anti-Alfred Kinsey hater Judith Reisman. I believe both Steve Baldwin as well as the entire staff at World Net Daily are contributing to the anti-gay hatred that a lot these supposed “Christian” hate groups like Paul Camerons’ Family Research Institute and the Family Research Council also do.

  • LEx

    Yes because there was a single gay nazi who was exucuted for that all of the third reich was gay, makes sense?

    And why did the nazis put gay people into death camp and to single the gay people from the rest in the camps they gave made wear a Pink triangle like the jews had to wear the star of David.

    There are no credible historical fact´s that indicate that Adolf Hitler was a homosexual so that argument is out the window,even if Adolf Hitler was gay why would that make all gay people worse?

    Homosexuality was banned and punished by death in nazi germany.

    I´m a homosexual and i find this discourse disgusting, homophobic and this must stopped.

    Bigotry against the lgbt community must be tackled before it gets more out of hand and it must be made unacceptable in mainstream outlets(fox news), the kkk is not allowed to spew there hatred in mainstream outlet anymore thanks to the decades of civil rights movement, and neither should people who say gay people are nazis

    Sorry for my ranting but the hatred that is allowed to be spewed in public against lgbt community unchannlaged frightens me,

    Please Splc keep up the fight, you defeated the kkk now it´s time to defeat the homophobic institutions :)

  • Chuck

    Considering WND’s the same outfit which once published an article claiming soy makes you gay, you can see why I don’t put too much faith in any of their “reporting”.

  • Charlotte Kerver

    I would just like to remind people to not necessarily believe everything you read, and check your sources! Just because you google something, does not make it factually accurate. Make sure the sources of your information are in themselves unbiased and well respected.


  • Marty

    Louis, if WND were only claiming that Earnst Rohm and his SA pals were gay, there would be no controversy. It is a matter of factual history and everyone who has taken even a cursory look at Nazi history knows this. It was for the fact that Hitler was rabidly anti-gay that they were murdered. BUT that is not what WND is saying. They are in one instance charactarizing ALL Nazis as gay, and in their not so secret other publishings, affirming their own fascist views. Doesn’t that seem a little crazy to you?
    Like most hate groups, they are very inconsistant with their story.

  • Louis Stouch

    Not so fast my friends! Ernest Rohm was a notoroius homosexual, and surrounded himself with same. These are well documented facts.

    Now was the entire Nazi hierarchy homosexual? Most assuredly not. And did the Nazis in fact persecute homosexuals? Absolutely yes.

    I would suggest the WND has greatly over-exaggerated thier case here. But there is an element of truth to the story. If you dont believe me, Google it.

  • Snorlax

    One of the rumors about the Night of the Long Knives was that Hitler PERSONALLY shot SS chief Ernst Rolm after finding Rolm in bed with another man.

    Hitler probably didn’t shoot Rolm or find him in bed with a guy, but he definitely did NOT like gays and had half a million of them murdered.

    The Nazis were NOT gay. This is another big lie.

  • Herbert E. Larson

    It seems as if they have forgotten the night of the long knives, in which the SS eliminated the SA. Now it doesn’t matter that both groups were party animals the SA in Hitlers mind was more decadent and had more openly gay members. Not the the SS wasn’t as bad but they were able to be less flamboyant in their partying. If I remember correctly the tendencies were used more as a method of subjection and control of the so called lesser races.

  • Snorlax

    Interesting how the Reich Wingnuts are using Josef Goebbels big lie tactics to smear the left as Nazis.

    Not only are they spewing this completely erroneous “Nazis were gay” talking point, but they are also saying Nazis were real socialists because Hitler put the word “Socialist” in the party name.

    Hitler was no socialist. He had the real socialists rounded up and put in Dachau.

    And the Nazis were not gay. They murdered half a million gays in the Holocaust. Pink triangles.

    Once again the Reich WIngnuts are spewing LIES and hoping if they spew them enough, some of them will stick.

  • Kamrom

    Bigots always seem so lazy to me. From what I’ve seen, theres often an endless amount of perfectly legitimate reasons to hate a person. Rather than make that simple effort, bigots just toss all their hatefuel out across a wide swath, with little regard to which groups it touches. The full circle can be seen when they do something like accidently invalidate all straight marriages in their zeal to outlaw gay marriages.

  • Ryan

    This doesn’t surprise anyone who reads FSTDT every so often.

  • gbuddha2012

    whirled nuts shouldn’t be throwing stones in glass closets