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Investigators: White Power Guerrilla Manual Behind Attacks on Police

By Ryan Lenz on January 25, 2011 - 8:51 am, Posted in Racist Skinheads

Two men charged with attempting to kill police officers in Hemet, Calif., used what prosecutors are calling a white power “guerrilla warfare manual” to guide a nine-month campaign of terror and violence against the police department, its buildings and vehicles.

The anonymously written “White Resistance Manual” was posted on the website and contained do-it-yourself guides that Nicholas John Smit and Steven Hansen used to build such guerrilla-styled weapons as zip guns and “Panji boards” – spiked boards rigged with trip wires, according to Daniel DeLimon, a prosecutor with the district attorney in Riverside, Calif. “It’s basically a guerrilla warfare manual instructing people on different types of weapons, on creating weapons, on police investigations, basically how to conduct covert urban operations,” DeLimon told HateWatch in a telephone interview.

The manual is not the first to provide extremists with the know-how to turn militant. Similar antigovernment paramilitary manuals were circulated among private militia groups in the 1990s, and directions to build pipe bombs or create the neurotoxin ricin periodically appear on extremist newsgroups. Still, this manual’s comprehensive approach prompted alarm in an area of southern California that DeLimon described as a “magnet” for white supremacist ideologues. “We see all different types of propaganda,” he said. “But I’ve never actually seen this manual.” has since been pulled offline, investigators say, and the manual appears to no longer be readily available on the Internet. Its existence came to light when The Press-Enterprise in Riverside, Calif., reported details of police search warrants that were unsealed in response to a request from the newspaper.

Former roommates Smit, 40, and Hansen, 37, each face felony charges that include attempted murder of a police officer for trying to fire a World War II-era training rocket at the Hemet police station, and conspiracy to kill a detective. The men are suspected in six other attempted attacks and fires that detectives believe were carried out to prevent an officer who arrested Smit on marijuana charges from testifying against him, the Press-Enterprise reported.

All together, the attacks constituted a campaign of terror against police that played out between December 2009 and July 2010, beginning when Hemet detective Chuck Johnson found Panji boards near his squad car. Several weeks after that, on New Year’s Eve, a police building was filled with natural gas in what appeared to be preparation for an explosion that never came. The harassment continued in the following months when a remotely rigged zip gun fired a bullet at an officer and missed, and a series of arsonist fires torched four Hemet city trucks. Officers, as a precaution, were told to inspect their squad cars for tampering each day before duty. Roadblocks went up behind the main police station, and blast-proof glass, barricades and fences were installed.

Despite the lack of success Smit and Hansen had inflicting injury with their attacks, DeLimon said some officers have suffered psychological trauma as a result. “You can imagine that after basically being hunted for nine months, some of the officers are pretty shaken up,” he said.

  • jgt2598

    @Carl. Citation please?

  • carl

    Marc, this is just anecdotal, but last week five American cops were killed in several separate incidents. All of the killers were black males.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Two white supremacists can intimidate an entire police department.

    Imagine what a dedicated special operations cell of a white nationalist or Patriot militia group could do in a pending civil war or secession situation.”

    It’s been done, many times, and the results were pretty pathetic in a strategic sense. Had it not been for the innocent people sometimes killed in the process, it would be a tragic comedy.

  • Hannah

    I personally pledge to do so right now. people are more important than money. This is unacceptable.

  • Hannah

    I am all for boycotting Walmart.

  • Brooklyn Jim

    I understand the real threat of white supremacy but I was under the impression that blacks murder police officers far more than their white counterparts. This article strikes me as a bit sensational.

  • hardhat

    When everything else fails, blame it on racism. Very predictable.

  • Marc B

    So, with all of this seething White male hatred for police, there should be FBI statistics that validate the contention that angry white males police attack/ murder police in numbers far greater proportionally than any other race.

    Doe’s anybody know if this is the case?

  • dsrobins

    Just to correct the record a bit, the correct term is punji boards or stakes, not panji. Any Viet Nam war veteran is very familiar with punjis, which were nasty vicious booby-trap weapons.

  • gbuddha2012

    white jihadi manuals… but oh, according to the rightwing such things aren’t happening in the us, just a manifestation of janet napolitano’s mind. bullshit


    Two white supremacists can intimidate an entire police department.

    Imagine what a dedicated special operations cell of a white nationalist or Patriot militia group could do in a pending civil war or secession situation.

    The only thing apparently lacking was a roadside improvised explosive device.

    The manual should be studied to understand the tactics, organization, and weapons that could be employed against the police.

  • JA

    I understand how these officers might feel to some degree, as I have been put on someone’s list, and these people have been stalking me since 2004. I have had my tires, vehicle, personal property, water, electricity, gas, and home tampered with, consistently, and they continue stalk me (including interstate stalking) to and from home, work, social visits, etc., all without police intervention, because they are in the wide open, pretending to be normal law-abiding citizens.

    Because they are flying under the radar, and arrest has not been made yet, however, there was an incident at a Walmart in Illinois, recently, where a white supremacist (racist) female went off (mentally/verbally) spewing racial slurs for approximately 5 minutes. She said she had been there for 5 minutes and 3 “N——” have already bothered her. She asked if Walmart bussed the “N——” in, and if the “N——” came in on a boat, and all of this just after she had called me a “N—–.”

    After the police was called, and a report was taken, she, her husband, and daughter were able to continue to shop in the Walmart, as if nothing had ever happened. Even though the Assistant Manager (Scot) had been notified of the situation, Walmart did absolutely nothing to intervene, and did nothing about the insults that all minority customers in ear shot of this woman had to endure.

    I pray for and sympathize for and with any police officer that has to have this heightened level of terror and fear. And I hope that they speak with someone to get their feelings of fear/terror/horror out in the open, because the stress alone can do a lot of damage to you.

    God Bless.