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Bryan Fischer: American Indians Should Have ‘Assimilated’

By Robert Steinback on February 24, 2011 - 1:54 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda

Evidently, no amount of scorn is going to prevent Bryan Fischer, chief mouthpiece for the American Family Association (AFA), from asserting that the white European settlers of the New World and their descendants had the moral, Christian authority to conquer the natives of North America and appropriate their historical homelands.

Fischer recently posted an essay on the AFA’s Rightly Concerned blog arguing that Pocahontas — the 17th century American Indian who, according to legend, prevailed upon her father not to execute English settler John Smith, and who later converted to Christianity, married a white European settler, bore him a son, and embraced English culture — is the model that all of North America’s indigenous people should have followed. In that way, Fischer wrote, they would have smoothly adapted to the “superior” culture of the new arrivals and avoided centuries of bloodshed and suffering.

“It’s arresting to think of how different the history of the American settlement and expansion could have been if the other indigenous peoples had followed Pocahontas’ example,” Fischer wrote in his Feb. 15 post. “She not only recognized the superiority of the God whom the colonists worshipped over the gods of her native people, she recognized the superiority (not the perfection) of their culture and adopted its patterns and language as her own. In other words, she both converted and assimilated. … Had the other indigenous people followed her example, their assimilation into what became America could have been seamless and bloodless. Sadly, it was not to be.”

The blog post was Fischer’s unrepentant follow-up to a Feb. 9 essay in which he asserted that American Indians deserved be conquered by European whites — he didn’t mention them being driven off their land, confined to reservations and subjected to a near-total genocide — because they failed to embrace Christianity. “Superstition, savagery and sexual immorality” morally disqualified Native Americans from “sovereign control of American soil,” Fischer said in the earlier post. That, plus the superior battle skills of Europeans gave the latter “rightful and legal sovereign control” of American land through “the right of conquest,” he wrote.

So incendiary was that post that the AFA, which has tolerated some truly remarkable commentary from Fischer (see here, here, here, here and here, for instance) since it hired him in 2009, pulled it down. In a subsequent post that attempted to explain what had happened, Fischer complained that “America is not mature enough” for a dialogue about the “moral and ethical basis for our displacement of native American tribes, and if our westward expansion and settlement are in fact consistent with the laws of nature, nature’s God, and the law of nations.” Readers who posted comments to this non-apology from Fischer were almost universally condemnatory. “If what you say is right,” said a self-described conservative evangelical Christian, “then I guess the extermination of millions of Jews was just laws of nature, or nature’s God. … Unbelievable!” Another wrote, “Wow. You are a deeply stupid man.” (Credit where it is due: AFA and Fischer have allowed posting of the critical comments.)

The mushrooming criticism didn’t chasten Fischer one bit. In his latest essay, he extolled Pocahontas’ conversion to Christianity and her newly formed devotion to the English. Her conversion occurred in 1613, ironically, while she was a prisoner of the English – making her perhaps the continent’s first victim of Stockholm syndrome.

Had Pocahontas known that four centuries later, a bigot like Bryan Fischer would state that her people deserved to be eradicated from the continent because they didn’t follow her example of deference and submission to the English, she might have let her father execute John Smith after all.

  • Nck

    Ok. They won’t assimilate. Great. They are all tough guys. And live like shit. Comes a time when you gotta choose between ideals and reality. Living like a white american isn’t exactly torture. Like on a res sucks my ass…..oh, but you stand up for what you believe…….and your kids suffer……it blows, it takes a lot of pride swallowing, but earths history is based on a series of people assimilating to those who wer physically stronger……….native America’s ( Indians) are no better or worse.

  • patricia

    Most of the comments I just read. were fairly correct. But, for those of You, who think, it was Your right.British right) to invade a beautiful land (once again) and claim it as your own!) Your are delusional, my friend. This was never OUR land to claim. I am very happy that our people(from England,) came to America and settled in the beautiful states of Virginia, Kentucky. etc/ but, make no mistake- this was not our RIGHT/ It was Not our land. And not or war. I am very proud to say, I am of American Indian BLOOD, Irish and Scottish BLOOD> And believe that I have a right to voice my opinion.Just like Vietnam(which we lost, and our boys suffered many casulaties and yes, they were boys, at 17 and 18 yrs old.) they are still suffering! When they came home, after the horrible war that we LOST and had NO BUSINESS in- what did the American People do—— they “spit on them, and called them “baby killers,” HOW DARE YOU!”Yet,we REBUILD their WHOLE country, after all the atrocities they commited against our men and women, and their OWN people!! Then. we do the same damn thing in Iraq ,paying to rebuild the destruction we caused for oil and money!(VIETNAM “2) and Afghanistan!) But we do not SPIT ON OR BOYS coming home from this war war, and I am very happy for that. These young men and women, deserve our respect. Not what they received in Vietnam, (following orders, from Washington)!Iraq and Afghanistan, THEY DO NOT WANT US THERE!) Are we so greedy,(probably, Or DENSE) that we do not realize that fact? Come on people, wake up. We have starving children in America, wiith NO HOMES, NO WORK, and NO FUTURE!!!!!) Has everyone lost the AMERICAN SIMPLE DREAM? Can’t you see the damage we have done, in the name of MONEY<DOD< Mr. President, are you listening? I believed in you, the first term, and I believe in you NOW! Stop the damaage that America has already created. YOU DID NOT CREATE THIS< BUT YOU CAN STOP IT! DO NOT LISTEN TO THE "GOOD OLE BOYS, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, AND THE FUTURE OF YOUR FAMILY AND AMERICA'S FAMILIES!PLEASE. One more comment, I love AMERICA. first and foremost, but< I am ashamed that WE. do not feed and shlelter, our own people IN AMERICA. The richest country in the world, yet we have babies that are hungry and have no place to stay. SHAMEON US /Stop the DOD for overspending, and stop the NRA from trying to scare people into think they are losing their rights! I am sure, when the amendment was wriitten, it was not meant to include "ASSAULT WEAPONS" against the American People. The NRA. is afraid. Just like they were afraid of "Cilvil Rights, Women's Rights etc." I could care less, that the NRA has a woman in "charge", ( that is joke) SHE ONLY SPPEAKS FOR THE MEN, NOT WOMEN! Stop the violence, stop the wars.

  • Patricia Borello

    YOU ARE 100% RIGHT/ i AM ASHAMED AT WHAT MY ANCESTORS HAVE DONE TO AMERICAN INDIANS. I AM A PART OF THEM. EVEN THOUGH, MY ANCESTORS CAME OVER ON THE SHIPS FROM ENGLAND- WE WERE ALL BETRAYED. MY MOTHER, WAS NAMED AFTER THE FIRST “WHITE WOMAN” BORN IN AMERICA. I Am not proud of that fact, there are still many unanswered questions. I feel nothing, except remorse for these beautiful people, my own grandfather is of Indian Descent, as am I, and proud of it. But I am so dissapointed in what the American government did to our own people, the first people, on this North American continent/ What have we done to the very people who lived here FIRST! I am of Indian descent, Scottish and Irish also (not sure,they would appreciate tha remark!) I do not care. I am 58 and I want to help MY people, American Indians, people in the devasted Applachaians of SE Kentucky. I know my roots. I support our troops in combat, but what about US! Sorry for venting, just wanted to get this out there for many years. LOVE AND PEACE<PROSPERITY TO ALL AMERICANS. Thank you. PB

  • Pocahontas’ descendant

    @walt: Our family has the blood of 7 tribes, one being Cherokee, and, we are related to Will Rogers!!!!

  • Pocahontas’ descendant

    Let’s not forget that the whole ‘woman was so in love with me she saved my life’ story was likely a fabrication. One of three versions of the story Smith was fond of telling. His own men hated him. He ran into Pocahontas (Matoaka) at a party in London. She turned her back on him. She HATED him. Eventually, she fled the party. She died of a respiratory illness on the boat coming home with her son. She was buried in England, and Wayne Newton (another descendant) is trying to bring her remains home.

  • shirley cuffee

    I was born on the land of Pocohontas(matrilineal) with aCherokee father. My oldest relative, a 92 year old Cherokee man born in the Great Smokies lives in Queens.
    Never have I heard such outrageous propaganda about Indians.
    Fortunately the US and private agencies have muddled the picture of Natives so badly that noone knows the truth. You don’t know one when you see one which is good for us. We know each other. As to
    the Cherokees, a real mess! I meet people from Brittany, Tibet, Biafra
    and Antarctica who are Cherokees, HaHa. Carry on!

  • Libby

    Same shame shame. Just another so called christian.
    This guy should be committed to a mental asylum for his own safety and wellbeing. I can recommend a good place…Hades..or Hell..the devil would love to me him.

    Ive never read anything so disgusting in all my life. There will be no key for him at the Pearly gates. Pocahontas was the first native American victim to be brainwashed, seduced. She was a used and abused woman child, who.. after all her assimilations to the European way of life…she eventually scummaged to smallpox.

    This guy sounds like a halfwit supremist. My view of christianity is really hard to comprehend. I believe in the great spirit and the power of the universe. I read another post about Hitler getting his nazi ideas from the way the governing bodies of the Americans of old and their treatment of our native people. Its all true.
    Its still in force today. The CIA adopted their policies
    from the German nazi party code.

    They try and make explanations more “civilized” to fool the masses, but not all of us are that naive “or brainwashed”
    I wonder how some of these murdering butchers would feel if they were still alive to witness a Black man as the President of the United states now.

    Especially J Edgar Hoover who absolutely hated black people. Makes the mind boggle huh, but like all things happening globally, nothing ever shocks me these days. One becomes immune to all this crap after awhile…..

  • Walt

    @ Lu Frank: “To be reminded of the white man’s opinion of blacks just watch American Hero Celebrity Will Rogers iinteraction with “Step ‘n Fetch It” in their movies!”

    Except that Will Rogers was part Cherokee. Rogers quipped that his ancestors didn’t come over on the Mayflower but they “met the boat.” His father, Clement, was a leader within Cherokee society, a Cherokee judge, and was a Confederate veteran and served as a delegate to the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention.

  • Mitch Beales

    JSS “World history in may ways appears to be Darwinistic” Darwin wrote at a very opportune time when even a fool could no longer believe that the subjugation of indigenous populations could be justified by saving their souls, usually at the expense of slaughtering their bodies. Subsequently the brutal subjugation of non-Europeans was justified as the “survival of the fittest.” Just one problem here. We humans, like other species, maintain our fitness by preserving our diversity. It is as true of culture as it is of physical traits. When the world changes and our gene pool or our culture no longer contain the information needed to survive we will all become extinct together.

  • Nessus

    Bryan Fischer’s Indian name should be “Dances with snakes.”


  • Jordan

    People like Fischer spread hate and lies, but we should never sink to their level. Supremecy is based on the idea “[group x] is inevitably better then [group y], no matter how things went, [group x] would always end up on top” This is flawed because the present is the sum of past events, nothing is inevitable and everything could have gone differently (it could have just as easily been ‘white’ slaves on black-owned plantations). Remember that people commit crimes (like genocide), not artificial categories like “races”.

  • Robert Carr

    The way things are going in the world today, what with resource shortages, food prices, pollution, economic dislocation, lack of healthcare, hate & war, etc, etc, etc, Americans might do better to assimilate themselves with traditional indigenous culture! Learn sustainable living the way it used to be. There may be no choice for those who hope to survive.

    ‘Being an Indian is not a matter of blood, it’s a way of life’

    Billy Jack

  • Jody

    Why not? That’s what the federal government did to Southerners after the War Between the States, and the SPLC seems to be okay with that.

  • Wm George Hess

    Assimilation occurs when a person consciously or unconsciously loses his cultural identity and gradually assumes the cultural identity of the group to which he wants to belong. Assimilation can not be forced or required although many English as a Second Language programs in American public schools have an unintended consequence of immigrant children becoming assimilated. Those who promote forced or require assimilation into the cultural mainstream of the United States need to first look at their cultural identities and how those evolved before positing the philosophical point of view that every person must be assimilated. Forced assimilation has been tried in the United States with failure. Jim Thorpe was taken out of the “reservation” but he remained forever who he was.

  • LaAmericana

    Just another European-descended white man carrying the vicious hatred of others and subconscious guilt of the atrocities committed by his forefathers. The guilt never really goes away, does it? Just like the pain and hardships of the descendants of genocide victims does not go away either. Comments like his only reaffirm what we already know. Bloodshed was the result of hatred, illogic, greed and violence under the guise of religion. That’s blasphemous enough.

  • legalhound

    JSS you would be very wrong about Europeans being completely stationary before Native Americans. There were cities here in North and South America that were huge before there was a Paris, London, and Rome was still relatively small. Sure they didn’t have the wheel, but what good does a wheeled cart do when there is a lot of forest or when it is easier to use waterways? Native Americans understood the concept of crop rotation long before American or even European farmers. They even rotated forest, grassland and camp sites. When the grassland is heavily grazed-camp there, burn a section of forest and it turns into grassland and the place you left as a camp site is replanted to grow into forest. White people called this lazy-actually it’s smart. Using resources in a smart sustainable way is a lesson that they tried to teach us 400 years ago and we still haven’t gotten it, yet there are those among us who would claim we are superior? Whoever still believes that needs their head examined.

  • Bente Hansen

    “The house of my father has many rooms” Mr. Fischer. And by the way; Gods are invented by humans to explain phenomena they couldn´t understand.

  • tiff

    Pocohantas was a child -aged 12 I believe – when she met John Smith – aged 35? Today we call that “pedophilia”
    She was a prisoner when she converted and barely an adult when she died.
    Funny how this man considers the life of Pocohantas to be the ideal of christian conversion whereas I see it as an example of how dangerous religion can be. Pedophilia disguised as the righteous way? GAH

  • Ray

    This guy is a Christian? What makes him think he knows who a superior god is. Even though the Europeans were more advanced technologically that does not give them the right to subjugate other people, confiscate their lands. Essentially humankind is just too violent to be any other way, look at what we do to animals after we take away their habitat after humans develop it. We call the animals nuisance animals(like coyotes and foxes) therefore giving us the right to treat them any way we see fit. Which in many cases is to just kill them or use them as sport in canned hunts, or in bear baiting, or other barbaric activities like train dogs to go after the coyotes and foxes after they have been locked away in wooden boxes without food or water. Someone said that humans are judged by their treatment of the least among us. Well, the animals we use for food, get no natural life and are confined to unnatural surroundings(think veal calves, gestating pigs, and battery caged chickens)who are just as peaceful and harmless as can be, look at cows, sheep, lamb, goats; they rarely protest at our treatment of them and yet look what we do to them, the most peaceful animals among us. we slaughter them, don’t give them a life before we do slaughter them. The same goes for Native Americans whose treaties with the US have ended in broken treaty after broken treaty one after the other. It just shows humans have no respect for others humans or animals either one. It is crazy to uphold people like the Founding Fathers who destroyed so many Native Americans and their way of life. Jefferson decimated so many tribes and took their lands, ever hear of The Firm? Haiti’s slaves rebelled and Jefferson response was to want to eliminate their leader Toussaint and to restore slavery to Haiti.
    Jefferson quote:
    “How much better to have every 160 acres settled by an able bodied militia man, than by purchases with their hordes of Negroes to add weakness instead of strength.”

    From the bible of Bryan Fischer:
    “Anyone who curses his mother or father must be put to death.” Exodus 21:17
    “Oh daughter of Babylon doomed to destruction, happy is the man who seizes your babies and smashes their heads against the rocks.” Psalms 137:8-9
    Humans are not advanced at all.

  • Scott Gordon

    JSS – wonderful justifications. Might makes right. And what a wonderful, toxic, polluted, artificial, fake-food, war-mongering, destructive, violent society that makes. It is not impossible to make an orderly, peaceful conquest-assimilation – just that it’s practically never been done (maybe the Buddhist missionaries were something of an exception – they civilized an even larger continent without a tiny fraction of the bloodshed and destruction). Keep writing and believing your Marxist, determinist, “it’s just the way it is” drivel. Maybe you could help Fischer strengthen his justifications. Hitler did indeed model his insane expansionism on the brutal genocide of the American Indian. But the Europeans really needed the land and had better ways to take care of it, right???

  • Donna

    Assimilate to what? A bunch of polluting, murdering, hypocrites that care more for their money than their earth that gave them life? I would have assimilated, i would have fought and died right next to the very people that respected this earth and understood it as well. All these later what do you have to show for it? A house made of chemicals and a war machine that kills more old civilizations faster than we can strip mine our planet. Assimilate! What a sad joke.

  • Regina 1959

    Mr. Fischer should go back and view our American history. The American Indians were the original settlers, not European people. By rights, the Indians should demand that we assimiliate into their culture. We came peacefully at first, then decided we wanted more land, so we pushed them to new territories with a signed treaty which was really worthless. In due time, these treaties were ignored by the settlers and pushed again, and again to move the Indians onto reservations. Too bad the individual Indian tribes did not get better organized against the invasions. His idea also that they should have married into white families is just ridiculous as well. Some white men took Indian women as wives, and they and their wives were always criticized for having a “half breed” wife and children.
    “Home of the brave and the land of the free.” in those days only meant white men, who owned land. Those that were not able to own land were not even allowed to vote, and certainly women didn’t have the right to vote. Those “good old days” were not very good at all.

  • Mare

    Yes,the invasion of North America was inevitable. But, blaming Native people for the genocide inflicted upon them because they weren’t sophisticated enough to repel their invaders is a classic example of minimizing the conduct of abusers. In reality, Europeans had developed a bloated narcisstic view of their supposed “superiority” and they had no other concept of how to treat New World societies except to abuse them. While Europeans were technologically advanced they were morally bankrupt.
    Instead of rehashing the past we need to collectively condemn the continuation of genocide and repression against all humans.

  • Kevin Brown

    Native Americans were not given the chance to assimilate. We (meaning white America) did not want Native Americans in our society and certainly not as equals. We wanted their land, pure and simple. The Cherokees did everything to assimilate into white society. They created a written language, wrote a constitution, printed a daily newspaper (in English and Cherokee), lived in houses, wore suits and dresses and even adopted Negro slavery. They owned a substantial amount of the businesses (mills, stores, blacksmiths shops) in Georgia in the 1820’s and the result was the “trail of tears”. To attempt to rewrite history to blame Native Americans for their destruction at our hands is revolting.

  • Bente Hansen

    People like Mr. Fischer are the reason why I have become an atheist and hold anti-racist views. Their stupidity knows no bounds.

  • Perry Bulwer

    On the following blog I have numerous articles detailing the genocide and torture of children committed in the name of Bryan Fischer’s ‘superior God':


  • Marcia

    If I remember correctly, many of the Native American children who were sent away to school and who learned the ways of white Americans, who became educated and proficient at trades were then discriminated against because of their race. Attempts at assimilation did not always work very well.

  • LRC

    So, if I have superior technology and numbers (indicating a more advanced social structure), I should be able to come and kill you and take your stuff, right JSS? There is a difference between what can be done and what should be done. That is the foundation of morality. Additionally, the fall of Rome precipitated a decline of Western Civilization, not “global developed was halted” (whatever that means). China was fine.

  • JSS

    Conflict between european settlers and tribes of native americans was a historical inevitability. Decentralized tribemen utilizing technology that for the most part had progressed beyond the neolithic era at the time that the Spanish and English began to land on the North American continent during the fourteenth century could not successfully resist successive waves of european settlers armed with muskets.

    Historical determinism, a modality of historical anaysis, identifies specific casaul factors (political, economic, and social forces) contributed to the occurence of particular historical events without making moral judgments warrants the conclusion that conquests and displacement of native peoples by more advanced civilizations is general trend that has occurred through out the course of human history.

    Historical determism explains contemporary history as the continious unfolding of human conflict that simultaneously manifest itself on a macroscopic scale (in the form of international conflicts between rival nations and conflagurations of various nations through force of arms as well as in the realm of politics and economic competition) and microscopicly within the territorial confines of each nation state (in the form of military, political, and economic conflict and competition between various demographic groups and social classes).

    By studying the relationships between simular events repeated through out the course of human history certain trends or general courses become observable.

    The study of macroscopic conflict reveals that international peace and stability as well as the orderly functioning of international markets have nearly always depended on the existance of a hegemonic military, political, and economic power that retained the capacity to use force to bring a certain degree of order to the world. The first such hegemon was the Roman Republic/Empire. When Rome fell global developed was halted by a protracted period of technological stagnation and economic decline.

    Global development comparable to the age of Rome was not realized once again until the British and French Empires began reaping the benefits of the industrial revolution by rapidly expanding across the globe in an effort to create large foreign markets capable of meeting the domestic needs of growing populations in their imperial metropoles (homelands) beginning during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

    Only in the twentieth century, did the accomplishments of the British and French Empires become eclipsed by the rise of the United States and the Soviet Union (albeit after unsuccessful bids for hegemonic status by Germany, Italy, and Japan). In the aftermath, the United States would stand alone, as Rome once did, as a sole superpower whose will to power is constantly challanged by the equivalent of modern day barbarians (terrorist and irregular warfighters) in addition to hostile regional superpowers that seek to undermine American influence in terms of both its military capacity and ability to remain an economic power.

    Small-scale conflict in contrast has generally manifested itself in the form of political upheaval, rebellion, and protracted political or social struggle between members of a particular ehtnic or religious groups. Multiethnic states generally result in the dominance of one or more demographic groups by a dominate group through institutionalized mechanisms designed to maintain the status quo by ensuring that a specific demographic group occupies specific social and economic occupations and functions within the social hierarchy created by the division of labor within society. This system of domination, draws comparison with the larger picture of international relations.

    In conclusion, native americans were consequently deprived of their land and exterminated en masse as a direct result of their social structure (i.e the tribal organization) and their additional failure to continue to improvise and adapt into a dynamic society (i.e. developing hierarchial and centralized government, implimenting large scale agricultural production, discovering bronze working and iron smelting in North America, and constructing large urban population centers to support populations based on a division of labor -specialization). Europeans transitoned rom nomadic tribal life to a complex interdependent life in advanced civilizations (hierarchial social stratification representing a division of society’s labors, two millenia before history records initial encounters with Native Americans.

    World history in may ways appears to be Darwinistic, more advanced civilizations tend to be predatory toward less advantaged cultures, but that does make European civilization necessarily immoral or somehow flawed. To reach such an unwarranted conclusion, would neglect the fact that Eurpean civilization, and through extension the modern states of Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand have collective been responsible for most of the worlds development and maintained international peace and stability in spite of the existance of weapons which hold the power to eliminate humanity from the Earth.

    Europeans simply removed native peoples from their lands because they believed that the land would be put to better use under their stewardship than left in the hands of native peopulations who did not possess technology or social institutions comparable to their European counterparts.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “The US invasion of Iraq had the same roots of “moral and religious paternalistic superiority” used to justify the extermination of Native Americans.
    It’s just this combination of moral justification and historical ignorance that makes organized religion so dangerous.”

    Ah but you see, thanks to certain liberals(Thomas Friedman, Chris Hitchens, Niall Ferguson), imperialism is perfectly fine, as long as it is clothed in the right terminology- free market, human rights, civil society, etc.

  • Lu Frank

    Fischer is likely proud to have Teddy Roosevelt on Mt. Rushmore . . . . After all Teddy often spoke of the Aryan White Man’s destiny, duty and right to displace and rule (and, in so doing, even kill) American Indians and Philippine natives, i.e.”Monkey Men”.

    Ah so, however, in Teddy’s era ALL judges, jurors, voters, police, were white males! To be reminded of the white man’s opinion of blacks just watch American Hero Celebrity Will Rogers iinteraction with “Step ‘n Fetch It” in their movies!

  • Mare

    Unfortunately, this idiot is not alone in his deeply impaired thinking. Not much has changed in America’s policies regarding non christian nations. The US invasion of Iraq had the same roots of “moral and religious paternalistic superiority” used to justify the extermination of Native Americans.
    It’s just this combination of moral justification and historical ignorance that makes organized religion so dangerous.

  • Will Wheelock

    Here is a racist SOB if ever there was one! The insatiable greed for land and control drove the settlers into a campaign of genocide against native Americans, using everything from starvation and deliberate use of germ warfare (Henri Bouquet at Ft.Pitt during the french and Indian War) to starvation by indiscriminate slaughter of the buffalo (only 1 of 4 even skinned) to setting up reservations and failing to deliver food as promised in every treaty ever signed and waging a war of genocide where the army became nothing more than hired killers. Where do you think Hitler got his ideas? Right here. He was an ardent student of the Old West and liked what he saw. This was the American Holocaust! You can see how much this racist admired Uncle Adolf!

  • Matthew Bright

    This cold blooded claptrap spewing imbecile makes Shawna Forde look like Einstein.

  • Ian

    “You are a deeply stupid man” is officially one of my new favorite insults.

  • marcel

    Native Americans in the southeast did their damndest to assimilate (See Lies My Teacher Told Me, ch. 3 by James Loewen). The Five Civilized Tribes were nevertheless dispossessed and treaties with them violated, esp. under President Jackson, because they owned land that whites wanted. So they had to go.

  • Snorlax

    The government already tried to “assimilate” Native American kids, for generations, by sending them off to schools away from their families.

    Kids who spoke their native language got beaten.

    Yeah, that was a good idea. Sur-r-r-e.