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10-Year Old Son Held in Death of California Neo-Nazi Leader

By Robert Steinback on May 2, 2011 - 12:10 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi

UPDATE: More information on the shooting has been included at the end of this post.

For prominent California neo-Nazi leader Jeff Hall, non-whites, Jews, gays, immigrants and other purported undesirables had no place in a perfect world. In the end, police suspect, the gun that cut short his life Sunday was fired not by someone he hated, but by someone he presumably loved— his 10-year-old son.

Hall died early Sunday morning. Gunshots were reported at his home shortly after 4 a.m.

As of this morning, police in Riverside, Calif., had not yet said whether they believe the shooting of Hall, the California director and southwest regional leader of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), was accidental or deliberate. According to The New York Times, Hall’s son was “detained” and no other suspects were being sought. Hall was married with five young children.

The website of the NSM, which is currently the largest neo-Nazi group in America with 50 chapters in 32 states, described Hall’s death as a “murder,” although no explanation is offered. NSM “Commander” Jeff Schoep wrote: “Comrades, It is with great sorrow, and a heavy heart that I inform you of the loss of our Southwestern States Regional Director Jeff Hall. Today (May 1st, 2011), Jeff Hall was found murdered in his home in Riverside, California. … Jeff Hall was like a Brother to me. … We miss you. See you in Valhalla!”

The white nationalist community “suffered a body blow,” with Hall’s death, according to the white nationalist website White Reference.

Hall is the second prominent white supremacist leader to die violently this year. American Front founder David Lynch, 40, was found shot to death March 2 at his home in Citrus Heights, Calif., a Sacramento suburb. American Front is a nationwide skinhead coalition modeled after Britain’s racist National Front. Police still have not identified a suspect in Lynch’s murder, although a former associate, Charles “Charlie Boots” Demar, was arrested on other charges, and is considered a “person of interest” in the Lynch case.

Hall, 32, who advocated for a “white nation” and often led rallies of white supremacists giving stiff-armed Nazi salutes and waving swastika-adorned flags amid hundreds of angry counter-protesters, was considered something of a rising star in the neo-Nazi universe. He had organized racist rallies at a day-laborer center and local synagogues. He also made news last fall when he quietly submitted his name as a candidate for the Western Municipal Water District board of directors in Riverside County. He didn’t post campaign signs or attend a candidate forum. Although Hall is a plumber by trade, he listed no occupation on the ballot.

When the media determined that the candidate was, in fact, the Jeff Hall of the NSM, he didn’t recoil. “I want a white nation,” he told a reporter. “I don’t hide what I am, and I don’t want to water that down.” Hall was defeated by his opponent, receiving 27.8% (8,139 votes) of the 29,243 votes cast — not an overwhelming number, but more than one might expect a neo-Nazi to receive (most voters likely had no idea of his affiliation). Hall called the results “a major victory for American National Socialism.” He wrote, “It is a great victory when a National Socialist candidate receives over a quarter of the votes for an elected position in his district.”

According to the Times, Hall held monthly NSM chapter meetings at his home, one of which a reporter for the newspaper attended. In that meeting, Hall announced plans for a May “patrol” to watch for undocumented people illegally crossing the Mexican border in Arizona. “You guys get your Glocks cocked and get ready to rock,” Hall reportedly told chapter members. “We’re going to the border. That’s how we do it.”

Hall had participated in earlier armed forays to the border. In June 2010, Hall, fellow NSM member J.T. Ready, and about eight other people congregated in Arizona’s Vekol Valley. Hall said the goal of their operation was to “fight the [Mexican drug] cartels and reclaim the land.” Armed with pistols and high-powered rifles, the group led patrols through the desert and “secured” an abandoned building. They claimed to have apprehended three illegal immigrants attempting a border crossing, although that was not independently confirmed.

The NSM says that only heterosexual “pure-blood whites” should be allowed U.S. citizenship and that all non-whites should be deported, regardless of legal status. As Schoep put it: “The Constitution was written by white men alone. Therefore, it was intended for whites alone.” But the group worships not an American, but a German leader: Adolf Hitler, described as  “Our Fuhrer, the beloved Holy Father of our age … a visionary in every respect.”

NSM has its roots in the original American Nazi Party, which was founded in 1959 by former Navy Cmdr. George Lincoln Rockwell. Seven years after Rockwell was murdered by one of his followers in 1967, two of his chief lieutenants, Robert Brannen and Cliff Herrington, formed the National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement in St. Paul, Minn. Leadership passed in 1994 to Schoep, who gave the group its present name.

Due in part to a leadership vacuum created by the deaths of key American neo-Nazi leaders including William Pierce of the National Alliance, who died in 2002, and the Aryan NationsRichard Butler, who died in 2004, the NSM evolved into one of the largest neo-Nazi organizations in the country.

UPDATE: Riverside Police spokesman Lt. Ed Blevins around midday Monday said that Hall’s shooting “was an intentional act” and that one of Hall’s children has been “booked for investigation of murder,” according to the Associated Press. Blevins did not name the child, although earlier media reports indicated his 10-year-old son. Blevins said the motive for the shooting has not been determined, and that an autopsy was pending. The Riverside County coroner’s office in a press release said that Hall died of a single gunshot wound “fired by a known assailant.”

  • MrsCaptJack

    The boy is being charged as a juvenile and will probably end up in juvenile hall till he’s 21. There is another article that shows his parents were in a very nasty divorce with allegations of abuse on both sides. Easy for mom to say considering the dad took the boy to rallys. I guess she’ll get custody of the younger siblings now…

  • Beverly Kurtin

    I feel sorry for the kid; I hope he’s set free and that he gets the kind of counselling that will help him get his mind back together.

    It is kind of strange, but the original settlers to this country from England came here to escape the religious bigotry to which they were subject. What was the first thing they did? Become bigots themselves; that seems to be built into the white people.

    The white people have nothing to brag about. Humankind began in Africa and all white people have elements of black genes in them. As they eventually migrated to various parts of the world the melanin, which determines the color of skin, hair, etc. changed. Those that moved to the northern climes had much less while those who remained below the equator remained darker.

    Black or white, we’re essentially the same, so bigotry is just plain stupid. Socio economic conditions mean NOTHING, intelligence is the same whether a person is white, black or in between. The so-called red and yellow people are just differences in the melanin. You have never seen a really red or yellow person and you never will.

    White supremacists are idiots. If they ever found out how much black is in them they would probably do the world a favor and kill themselves. Personally, I’ve zero problems with knowing I’ve got elements of black in me; it just points out that we are ONE race, the human race.

    Although I am considered white by all intelligent people, because I am a Jew, those white bigots don’t think I’m white. That’s fine by me, it makes no difference to me because I do not want to be one lof them.

    I get a kick out of those morons who think that since the Constitution was written by white men, the Constitution is ONLY for white men and every other person needs to pack up and move back to where they came from. Well, I was born in the United States, so they can go soak their heads in sulphuric acid until they’re the size of an orange.,

    Bah, humbug

  • MrsCaptJack

    I love the idiots who believe that GLBT ‘recruit’. I mean, seriously. Anyone who honestly believes that has never spent any time with a GLBT person.

  • Sam Molloy

    Thanks for the insight, MrsCaptJack. Even the Creation Museum in northern Ky makes a big deal of the one race thing, split up at the Tower of Babel…. Now. If it were made in the ’50’s they would have probably dredged up evidence for segregation. Maybe in another few years they’ll get rid of their two snide remarks about same sex marriage

  • MrsCaptJack

    Hi Sam ~ I saw a news report some years back that alleged that lots of racists make a point of living in neighbourhoods that are not their “colour of choice”. If my memory serves me, the show that documented this believed that the reasoning behind this was two-fold ~ part was to act innocent of the hatred they spewed and the other was to gather information to use against the various other races. I remember the race part well, because my first thought was that we were all part of the human race…

  • Reynardine

    Though I know nothing about this particular case, I have dealt with enough pathological families to know that general bigotry, personal abuse, and chronic litigiousness are often interconnected in them, so much so that they are often a familial “MacDonald” triad. If the shooting was deliberate, the boy may well have cracked from ongoing traumatic stress. You’re right- I hope some malignant narcissist of a persecutor (whoops) prosecutor doesn’t try to make his bones on it.

  • nazi hater

    dear mr. judas
    i for one am one of those people who like to get in the face of racists wherever i see them. and not just racists but the hypocritical anti abortion christian nuts who like to stand and shout outside planned parenthood at people trying to exercise their rights to practice and live thier own lives. this child ahs been so messed up by this subhuman that he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands and end his own suffering by eleiminating the source, his father. imagine living with a person who only knows ahtred, do you think he or she will be loving towards those he sees as his property. its only logical to conclude that these types of peo;le are so full of self hatred that they are incapable of any sort of positive emotion other than pure hatred, especially those he purports to love and defend and rear them as good citizens of this country. it aint happening bubba. good thing there are way more of us tham there are of them.

  • Sam Molloy

    I’m thinking Skinnyminny was saying they should have told the Nazi about the neighborhood. If it stopped him from moving in it would have saved the neighbors from potential violence without breeching privacy. Still it asks even more questions, like didn’t he know and did he put himself there to fuel the hate chemicals in his brain that he was addicted to and is there a Boy Scout Merit Badge for killing a Nazi?

  • MrsCaptJack

    SkinnyMinny ~ Let me get this straight, you’re suggesting that the real estate agent should have told these non-white folks moving into the neighbourhood that Hall was a neo-nazi?

    That’s ridiculous on several counts. Let’s assume that the RE Agent wouldn’t have even known that, because the average person doesn’t keep up on who’s living where. Do you know that much about all your neighbours? I sure don’t.

    IF, big if, the RE Agent knew that Hall was a neo-nazi and that he lived in the neighbourhood, what is she supposed to tell these folks? “Don’t buy here, because although the neighbourhood is fantastic, the price is great, and the schools are awesome there’s a guy down the street who doesn’t like the colour of your skin and wants an all white America?” So the couple doesn’t buy and Hall wins because he just prevented them from getting a home they really wanted.

    Do you think the real estate agents should have to tell me if my neighbours are gay, Muslim, Pagan or Catholic? Remember that we live in a country where free speech (however hateful) is mostly protected by law. That means that the only disclosures needed are if a death has occured on the property within so many years and, in some areas, if a sex offender of a specific class (ie violent) is released into the neighbourhood.

  • skinnyminny

    While I don’t have a television, I saw part of the news at a neighbor’s house. Mr. Hall’s neighbors said Mr. Hall was quiet and they didn’t know that they lived next door to, or on the same street as a neo-Nazi. What I saw (from the news) was Mr. Hall living in a neighborhood surrounded by non-whites. What’s really sad, a neighbor said she had recently purchased her home about a year ago and had no clue (something that needs to be looked into as far as real estate agent, they could have caused this purchaser a lot of pain/torment or worse, especially since the purchaser is a minority).

  • MrsCaptJack

    Most ten year olds already have these types of ideas, the majority of them know better and don’t act on them. Racial hatred breeds violence. Period. And not just violence against other races, either.

  • http://none Robert McLernon

    They think Adolf Hitler was a visionary in every respect.

    The man who left Europe a smoking ruin in 1945.


  • http://none Robert McLernon

    Why conduct investigations of the murders of Jeff Hall and David Lynch? When someone takes out the garbage, you should thank them.

  • Sam Molloy

    And we probably shouldn’t, it might give more 10 year olds ideas.

  • Sam Molloy

    I bet we never hear another word about it unless SPLC follows it.

  • Paul

    Lets keep this simple.

    Another bone-head neo nazi is off the planet and humanity is better off for it…PERIOD!

    As these pathetic individuals try to bring a sense of meaning to their worthless lives, they simply don’t have the intellectual requisites along with a demonstrated proclivity for criminal behavior to do anything but self-destruct.

    jeff hall is just another in a very long line of nazi buffoons that are either died or in prison. Sit back and watch the show. When they step out of line…LOCK ‘EM UP!

  • MrsCaptJack

    Speculation is a wonderful thing. I’ll go on record as betting that this kid had any number of violent video games on hand. That, coupled with the fact that his father espouses racism and hatred tells me that the kid may have had no real idea of the consequences of his actions.

    Or maybe his dad just grounded him and he got pissed. Only time and the facts delivered at trial will tell. Either way, this kid’s got issues.

  • Martha

    While I agree that this may have been an accident, it could well have been on purpose or out of some sense that he had no other choice. Don’t know whether he was physically or sexually abused but the mental and emotional bad stuff pretty much had to be there. I don’t usually support vigilantism but there are times that seems to be a viable option. not a keyboard kommando and I do have a life – one of wanting to get rid of hatred and racism.

  • Jane

    I wonder if his dad sexually assulted him. Poor kid.

  • TC

    Tragedy all round. I won’t miss Jeff Hall but I’m sure this kid had to deal with some horrific things at home…not that what he did was necessarily warranted but I’m sure we’re going to learn some things about Hall that don’t really surprise us.

  • RockyMissouri

    How sad for the son… I hope he gets counseling.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    You know Judas, another reason why people didn’t go up to Jeff Hall and say this kind of stuff to his face is because when he gets all whiny and you have to stomp him to the ground, you end up going to jail.

  • yaya

    @Judas, well said!!!!!!…I definately feel that this boys father must have been abusive and a tirant in his home. I am sure this boy killed him with reason. One less racist bastard on this planet does not bbother me!!!!!!!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “About 99% that post to these sites are simply Keyboard Kommandos with no real life, and afraid to come out into the light of the real world. Sad but I almost have to take pity on you for having to lead such a cowardly life as the one you must lead there in the monitor light.”

    Sounds like you’re describing the WN movement there.

    Are you seriously trying to suggest that people who have anti-racist views are afraid to show this in public? In case you weren’t aware, NSM has been run off from their planned rallies numerous times in the past. After escaping under police protection, they typically rush back to the safety of the internet to declare victory.

  • Necros

    Hey Judas,

    Interesting medium on which to pursue your “non-Kommando-Keyboard” views..

    Yes, the haters are probably going to take all this for a hell of a ride, way before the jury’s in. In respect for the child in question, a little more details might be expected to be at the very least “good manners”.

    And many of us do actually confront Hall and the like openly, though we may not do it with such shallow emotions as hate in our hearts.


    p.s. Constitution!? Hey dude, the world is just that, a “global” world. Greetings from down under.

  • daemonesslisa

    Jeff Hall and Osama Bin Laden dead in the same weekend? It looks like the evil of the world are being called back to hell where they belong!

  • Brandon K. Montoy

    Hey “Judas” I see you’re such a coward calling other people cowards but you don’t post your own name.

    Your leader got his life cut short as he should have.

    And by his own kid.

    Hater? That’s you. But that’s why you’re here, because you’re full of hate but too scared to attach your name to it. But you’ll call yourself “Judas,” the name of someone who turned his back on God for money.

    Tells us a lot about you, traitor 8^)

  • Jordan

    I see you’re one of those internet psychics who can magically ascertain things about people over an Ethernet cable and a handful of text-based correspondences (any one of these posters could be anything from a crazed sociapath to a Delta Force commando). And after calling everyone else losers for simply being on the site you take the true path of the troll, “I come here simply for the articles.” Yet you have the longest post. Would I walk up to that psycho Hall and tell him what I think about him? No, I don’t want to go to jail for murder, Ohio doesn’t have a self defence plee. Given my skin color, I and everyone in my family have to stand up to Nazi a$$holes everytime we walk out of the door. Go back under your bridge troll.

  • Jake Featherston

    “Any kid who shoots their parents undoubtedly had parents who did something reprehensible enough to deserve it.”

    In reality, well over 95 percent of parents shot by their children were shot by accident, and this is likely such an instance. I doubt may people lack the innate intelligence that would make them aware of such a self-evidency, hence I can only assume you were being deliberately dishonest in your hateful remarks.

  • Judas

    Now now children…fight nice or Uncle Judas will be forced to beat you down with this heavy sack of coins. As I go to the usual sites (like White Reference) I see the haters are all out in full force to make some very nasty comments on the death of Jeff Hall. I can only hope that these haters that post (non-nazi) do not have children, because by some of the posts observed today…some are very sick and depraved individuals that need deep psychological testing.

    The great thing about the constitution however, is that even though I may hate you for your vulgar, disrespectful, and distasteful speech, I have to respect your right to such idiodic speech. But I have to ask myself…would even one of these mindless village idiots have the courage to appraoch Jeff Hall while alive, and espouse their views of him to his face, and I think the answer has to be a resounding HELL NO!

    About 99% that post to these sites are simply Keyboard Kommandos with no real life, and afraid to come out into the light of the real world. Sad but I almost have to take pity on you for having to lead such a cowardly life as the one you must lead there in the monitor light.

    Much like my issue of Playboy, I come here simply for the articles. Love um’ or hate um’…the SPLC writing staff does a good job at presenting the facts…how refreshing. Well enough chit chat as the redneck 4×4 in the driveway calls, and I have a life and a flock to lead.

  • Matthew Bright

    Any kid who shoots their parents undoubtedly had parents who did something reprehensible enough to deserve it. I hope this child doesn’t end up at the receiving end of some sociopath prosecutor determined to charge him as an adult.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Starr, THE Starr from VNN and Phora? We have a celebrity here.

    You know what else would haunt the kid for life? A RACE WAR. Don’t you think?

  • Starr

    It was probably an accident that will haunt the kid for the rest of his life. You comments disgust me. I am sure there will be many more to come from all of you peace loving tolerant types.

  • ruben

    even at only 10 years old his young son believed that he had to act before this hater did some major damage…..i feel sorry for this kid imagine all the garbage he had to put up with living with this hardcore racist loser…i hope he has a good time in valhalla with odin and thor.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Nice one, kid. He may grow to be a powerful Nazi fighter.