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Stepmom of Boy Accused of Shooting Neo-Nazi Dad Faces Gun Charges

By Leah Nelson on May 18, 2011 - 3:56 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Prosecutors Tuesday charged the widow of Jeffrey Hall, the California neo-Nazi who allegedly was shot to death by his 10-year-old son on May 1, with five counts of child endangerment and four counts of criminal storage of a firearm.

Krista McCary, 26, the boy’s stepmother and Hall’s widow, is accused of leaving the loaded pistol used to kill Hall on a shelf where the five children in the house had easy access to it.

In the meantime, the boy, who is being charged as a juvenile with the murder of his father, was expected to appear in court today to enter a plea. His attorney told reporters he is considering an insanity defense.

Hall, 32, advocated for a “white nation” and often led rallies of white supremacists giving stiff-armed Nazi salutes and waving swastika-adorned flags amid hundreds of angry counter-protesters. He was considered something of a rising star in the neo-Nazi universe. Hall made news last fall when he quietly submitted his name as a candidate for the Western Municipal Water District board of directors in Riverside County. He affirmed his neo-Nazi beliefs when confronted by the media as the election approached. Hall lost the race by a wide margin but still received almost 28 percent of the vote – more than a self-avowed Nazi might be expected to receive.

Evidence suggests that Hall involved the 10-year-old in the activities of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), the neo-Nazi group whose Southwest chapter he headed. Along with using his home as headquarters, he gave the child a belt bearing the SS insignia and was teaching him to shoot a gun. The NSM is notorious for drawing children in at a very young age, with organizations like the Viking Youth Corps, which is open to children of “European descent.”

The NSM, currently the largest neo-Nazi group in America with 50 chapters in 32 states, has its roots in the original American Nazi Party, which was founded in 1959 by former Navy Cmdr. George Lincoln Rockwell. Seven years after Rockwell was murdered by one of his followers in 1967, two of his chief lieutenants formed the National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement in St. Paul, Minn. Leadership passed in 1994 to “Commander” Jeff Schoep, who gave the group its present name.

  • Sheldon L. McCormick

    As for pepper spray or Mace, althought a 1994 law that allowed such chemical weapons for sale without a license, training and legal licensing in its use is availible through Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS)-licensed security training schools. California had enacted several weapons-related laws since 1989. But extremist, militant and Fascist-oriented mindset ignore, offer half-arse (not professional) small arms training or get a big ego by owning a firearm and figure they are superior. Gun ownership is not only a Second Amendment right. It requires person, legal and moral responsibility, not to mention a level head. Neo-Nazism and immaturity doesn’t mostly allow such.

  • Sheldon L. McCormick

    In California, in order to legally own a baton (straight, PR-24 or side-handle baton or an extending baton), one must take a certified baton course from a Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS)- certified training school. Security schools teach this eight-hour training in the legalities, areas of the body to strike and not to strike, defensive moves and blocks, among other methods in baton usage. When completed, the trainee will recieve a state-issued baton certificate with an identification number and the type of baton the card holder trained with. Law enforcement officers, including prison guards, get more training in baton usage through the Commission of Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST, for short). The BSIS baton course is usually taken by security guards, although anyone but convicted felons and other legally barred from owning or possessing weapons of any kind may take baton training. The permit is is valid for life or unless legally revoked.

  • MrsCaptJack

    VenomLash ~ It’s a felony in most states for anyone to own a baton. It’s also statisically proven (I forget what website, so forgive me there) that most people who try to defend themselves with a knife are killed or injured with their own knife. Que all of the comments that say if you carry it, learn how to defend yourself with it.

    All that said, I think if you own a gun and know how to use it properly, you should be allowed to defend your home with it. In theory, it all works great for those that live without children because no crime is committed if the gun is accessible.

  • venomlash

    Concerned Citizen, might I suggest non-lethal forms of self-defense, such as a baton, Taser, or pepper spray? Or if you’re serious, you could purchase a combat knife, which is more difficult to seriously injure oneself with than a loaded handgun.
    If you keep your gun locked up, it’s not accessible to you in case of an emergency. If you leave it lying around, it’s a huge safety hazard. Guns are bad business for defense against home invasions.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    So you think that convicted felons should have access to firearms?

  • Concerned Citizen

    Let me see. Once again, a un owner is charged with placing a firearm in plain view of a child. In case of a home invasion WHere are we suppose to do to protect ourselves Call the police? BY the time the cops get there. SOmeone could gr already dead. Personally. Anyone who hasn’t committed a felony in five years , since being out of prison, should have the right to own a firearm for self protection. Unfortunately. LIberals and on the left wants to disarm the. citizens of this country. You cannot reason with them. Should this woman be charged with a crime? Let’s have all the facts, before jumping into some leftist hysteria.

  • kate

    I’m bothered by the charges against the boy, crise he was 10 years old. I hope that his age and the environment he was forced to live in are given heavy weight in his trial. I think his mother has more explaining to do than the child.

    Like some have said here already though, a family that lives by violence will shatter and break apart by violence as well in one way or another.

  • Tzviya

    L.A. Times story cited “court documents and police reports, the boy apparently had been pushed to the breaking point by his father’s abuse of him . . .” I hope the forms of abuses are uncovered and viewed as mitigating circumstances in this case. While this type of hate group greatly focuses on their youth (hitler Maidens & Youth in WWII) as the powerful successors & those who will breed & save the white race, they also have a tendency to threaten & physically abuse & brain wash them & make them fearful of not obeying their adult leaders. It is terrorism within one’s home. By any means necessary is how groups like this teach the younger generations. I feel for the juvenile as his abuse came at the hands of a man that was not only his father, but also a widely known pariah. The father lived & breathed hate & taught this to his son but it back fired on him. These parents are a paradigm for the vengeance hate brings into a home & now the son has to live with this forever. To perpetuate the “great white way” myth will only lead to more violence. Violence begets violence- period. And considering that the son is so young, mentally, not just physically, should add to the mitigating circumstances.

  • Tzviya

    Does anyone know if the son stated a reason for shooting his father? Did he cite abuse? Anger &/or mental anguish over the NSM teachings & indoctrination? A juvenile as such may have suffered bullying among other things at school, especially with his father being an avid Nazi who dressed his son as such. An insanity defense may apply due to his age and what the son had to endure in the home. Also, the attorney may be able to argue that his rights were violated by his father and step-mother, leaving him with little choice in action or safe attempt to leave a Nazi-controlled home life.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Buz- Coherency. Get some.

  • marty

    hmmmm – who else is thinking the boy did us all a favor? Lets hope the judge is lenient, and he gets a good education in a diverse environment.

  • Buz Thompson

    Do you idiots think its ok to shoot a nazi,but evil for a nazi to fire a gun? How stupid can you be.. What has serving on a water board have to do with being a neo nazi… Is that evil or DO you just want to restrict his civil rights.. you people want you rights protected but deny those same rights to those you disagree with… SHAME ON YOU MONGOMOMERY MORONS

  • Sam Molloy

    Sheldon, Kentucky’s CCW training says that, as extreme as it may sound, the safest place to keep a gun at home is on your person.

  • JColeman

    The only people that can vote in most California water district elections are property owners. A turn out like 28% shouldn’t be a huge surprise in a water district that encompasses the cities of Temecula, Murrietta, Hemet and Chino — those towns are known for being filled with skinheads, the Klan and other raging racists.

  • Sheldon L. McCormick

    In 1991, the state of California passed a long-needed law that requires that every handgun sold, a state-approached gun gun lock must be sold with it. Also, in 1994 the Firearm Safety Certificate Law, later renamed and revamped the Handgun Safety Law in 1999, require most pistol and revolver buyers to take a safety course in the legalitizes, do’s and don’ts of handgun training. One of these rules, which Hall apparently didn’t know of or ignored, was leaving a .357 Magnum revolver easy accessibly to minors, emotional people and without the gun locked or stored in a secured safety box. 1991 law makes it a crime to do so. Allegedly Hall roughed up his son and stepmother over a period of time. This tragedy proves one thing–racist extremism only leads to destruction.

  • MiGrant

    I wouldn’t make too much of that 28% figure — who votes in water board elections? Prob’ly just got all his Nazi buddies to go vote.