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Guyana Frees Detained Nation of Islam Official

By Mark Potok on May 23, 2011 - 12:19 pm, Posted in Anti-White, Black Separatist

Without any explanation, the Guyanese government released an official of the black separatist Nation of Islam (NOI) late Friday, a day after detaining him for questioning about alleged ties to terrorism and drug trafficking. Akbar Muhammad, describing the accusations as “insane,” immediately asked for an official government apology.

Muhammad, who is the NOI’s international representative, also told The Associated Press that he was in Guyana to do humanitarian work and to talk to children about drugs and education. And he said that the NOI leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, had spoken to Guyana’s president, Bharrat Jagdeo, shortly before his release.

Muhammad said he had been the victim of a “smear campaign.” Guyanese officials never detailed the matters they were supposedly asking Muhammad about.

Muhammad’s lawyer, Nigel Hughes, said his client arrived early last week in Guyana and had appeared before his detention on two programs on a television network run by the government’s political opposition. National elections are scheduled for this August in Guyana, a country that the U.S. State Department has described as being marked by distrust between the Indian-dominated ruling party and the black-supported opposition, the AP reported.

Hughes said the government had presented no evidence of terrorist activities by Muhammad, 69, who has been a top Farrakhan aide since 1965. Hughes said the detention had been “an act of considerable malice by police.”

The Nation of Islam, listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, does not have a record of drug or terrorism offenses. But it does embrace a theology that describes white people as intrinsically evil, and it has verbally attacked Jews and gays and lesbians for years. On March 31, Farrakhan, reacting to President Obama’s military actions against NOI ally Libya, predicted that the end of the world was nearing and giant spaceships would soon arrive to spirit black people away to safety and then destroy the whites and others remaining on the planet.

  • Scott


    Although I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the whole two hours of the March 31st speech, there was this link
    on the same page where there is a much easier to take seven and a half minute interview with someone named Jaime Maussan where Mr Farrakhan clearly espouses his views on “wheels” in the sky, (a fan of Journey perhaps?) recorded a couple of weeks later on April 13. He also states that “in a few days” millions of people will see these wheels materialize over every city on the planet, and only the U.S. is denying their existence whereas all other countries from France to China are admitting to their existence. Well, more than a few days have passed. Where are they? It’s not even that I completely deny the _possibility_ of life beyond our own, that, considering the vastness of the entire universe, would smack of conceit, but I also think that were highly advanced life-forms to visit our planet, they would have no favored group at all, considering the entire human race is flawed; look around you.

    Also, there are many more YouTube links on that page that discuss Mr. Farrakhans UFO views.

  • Jonas Rand

    The NOI is indeed a hateful organization of erstwhile “Muslims”, who adhere to an unconventional (to say the least) version of Islam. At most, it is not really “Islam” at all, but cultish Black supremacy and anti-White hatred disguised in the form of religion.

    However, the Guyanese government may have simply found no evidence that he was connected to such crimes. They have no obligation to detain and hold him if nothing is found and the allegations of criminal activity are ruled out. This is, of course, unlike the US, where everyone accused of terrorism (especially with brown skin, or at least Muslim) is innocent until proven guilty. Every country’s justice system does not have to treat terrorism cases like the US treats terrorism cases to be accountable and responsible. If no solid evidence for these allegations was found, then the Guyanese government made the right decision.

  • JB

    Farrakhan’s March 31 press conference on Libya is on Youtube in its entirety. He did not speak of “giant spaceships would soon arrive to spirit black people away to safety and then destroy the whites and others remaining on the planet”

    SPLC, kindly advise me of the direct quote/reference that you are referring to.

  • Lex

    Noi is a vile hate group, sad to see that have they influence outside of Usa and that they are peddling there anti-Semitic/anti white racist nonsense ,

    Like Tom Meztger(ex ku klux klan grand dragon , leader of White Aryan resistance, a hardcore neo nazi) gave a speech to the new black panthers and said this about them.

    : “They speak out against the Jews and the oppressors in Washington. … They are the black counterpart to us.”

  • skinnyminny

    This is interesting, I saw this is what happened in the documentary film, “Thunder in Guyana,” where we caused race riots in order to control the elections over 30 years ago. I say this is interesting, because the divide was between the people from India and the blacks.