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NumbersUSA Denies Bigotry but Promotes Holocaust Denier

By Leah Nelson on May 25, 2011 - 2:32 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Holocaust Denial

Update: Hatewatch has received a response from Roy Beck, who says the groups that appeared as state and local contacts on the NumbersUSA website are not endorsed by or affiliated with his organization. His complete response is included below the post.

Roy Beck, head of the immigration-restriction group NumbersUSA, has devoted a lot of energy to showing that his organization’s mission of curbing immigrant numbers is motivated not by racism but by economic and environmental concerns.

Every page of the group’s website includes a prominent link to an essay by Beck titled “’No’ to Immigrant Bashing,” which begins, “The task before the nation in setting a fair level of immigration is not about race or some vision of a homogeneous white America; it is about protecting and enhancing the United States’ unique experiment in democracy for all Americans, including recent immigrants, regardless of their particular ethnicity.”

Presumably, an organization taking such a stance against racism and white nationalism would also oppose similar strains of hate.

Yet as the Center for New Community pointed out yesterday, NumbersUSA lists on its website the contact information for notorious Holocaust denier Jim Rizoli of Framingham, Mass., and his unapologetically immigrant-bashing hate group, Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement (CCFIILE), among the “local immigration-reduction groups” that new members interested in linking in with like-minded activists in their areas should reach out to.

In the early 2000s, Rizoli and his twin brother Joe – both of whom also harbor a particular hatred for Brazilian immigrants (whom they say have “raped” their hometown) – created a raft of web pages devoted to Holocaust denial. “Burning bodies was to kill the diseases that would be spread by the dead bodies that were dropping like flies from sickness and disease, not gassings,” read a Nov. 12, 2002, post attributed to Jim Rizoli. He was still at it in 2009, when he used his long-running public access cable show to encourage “open debate” about the Holocaust. (The show finally was cancelled in 2010 after violating more than 20 of the cable company’s policies.)

Beck has gone to great lengths to demonstrate that NumbersUSA’s anti-immigrant stance is not motivated by racism, and to distance himself from John Tanton, the racist architect of the modern anti-immigration movement, who helped fund and found Beck’s group.

“We do not believe that immigration policy should be used to determine any particular racial makeup of this country,” Beck once wrote in a long letter to the SPLC’s Intelligence Report. He and his wife, Shirley, “have spent our entire adult lives” battling racial intolerance and ignorance,” he said, deliberately buying houses in integrated neighborhoods in Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Virginia, even volunteering their sons for a court-ordered busing program in Dallas.

He said his family had welcomed all kinds of minorities and immigrants, included undocumented ones, to their home, and he added that he had “led the forced integration of a segregated private club.”

Yet Beck, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, has also long been a close associate of Tanton and has spent nearly 20 years relentlessly attacking American immigration policies. He even edited Tanton’s book The Immigration Invasion, which is so raw in its nativism that Canadian authorities banned it as hate literature.

Beck has also written for and edited Tanton’s white nationalist quarterly, The Social Contract. He was still the magazine’s Washington editor in 1998 when the journal published what may have been its most lurid edition ever, “Europhobia: The Hostility to European-Descended Americans.” In 1996, he addressed a meeting of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white nationalist hate group that has referred to blacks as a “retrograde species of humanity.”

Beck can scrub his group’s website of evidence of such affiliations, but he can’t scrub his past, which reveals his repeated prioritization of courting bigots over his supposed commitment to egalitarianism. Given this, perhaps it is not such a surprise to find the likes of Jim Rizoli on NumbersUSA’s contact list after all.

Roy Beck’s response to this post: “Thank you for the opportunity to comment on a draft list compiled by one of our staff of state and local organizations across the country that are thought to be working for immigration reductions of one kind or another. This is not a list of groups endorsed by or affiliated with NumbersUSA. Any attempt to connect NumbersUSA to any issue other than immigration reduction is in error and possibly libelous.”

  • Deep Ecology

    I am repeating a previous post that I hope will not become tiresome, but believe for new readers it will help in the debate about immigration, population stabilization/reduction, and the environment.

    “The debate over immigration, growth and the enviroment has become so clouded with misinformation and hidden agenda’s that rational discourse and objective, scientific analysis has become impossible. If anyone believes that our current Globalist/Corporate-capitalist growth model can be sustained indefinately within the constraints of a finite resource base, just doesn’t get the math. Yes, nativist and xenophobes who could really care less about the natural world have cynically used the population argument to further their own agenda, but while being disingenuous about their real motives, they can be right about the issue.”

    The concern here is that by constantly linking these individuals to an environmental movement goal that far predated America’s current debate about immigration, links in the mind of the many that population stabilization/reduction is another code word for racism and xenophobic hatred. For those of us in the Deep Ecology movement, an international and multiethnic group of concerned advocates for a new ecological ethic, this is a tremendous concern. Perception can quickly become reality in the minds of many, and shut off debate and engagement in the general population over the critical issue of a dwindling natural world and exploding human exploitation of it.

  • Scott

    Hey, Rizoli, if this is really you and not some troll,

    I won’t get into a “debate” about the actuality of the Holocaust, thereby giving you any credence whatsoever, but my Dad’s stories from Auschwitz-Birkenau (he has since passed) and his tattoo, and the lack of any extended family from Europe after the war, and the stories from his teen girlfriend who ended up in Australia, and the literally _hundreds_ of books, records from the Nazi’s themselves (perhaps you ought to see the film ‘Shoah’ by Claude Lanzmann), and other sources of information, including the Nuremberg trials and eyewitness reports from Allied soldiers, both American and Russian who liberated the concentration camps prove you to be nothing more than a base liar and coward.

  • Ann R. Zito


    The process of eliminating Jewish People due to the disease and sickness they would inflict on others was necessary as stated above …..why do we know that the German people gladly collected their belongings, including their teeth, and skin …………to make collectibles.? And why was the wealth confiscated and sent to Austria and Switzerland for safe keeping? Why would the Austrians and Swiss people have accepted the father load knowing how contaminated it was with disease?

    I work part time in an Antique Mall in Florida. Tons of Nazi figurines dated 1938 and Nazi toys and Nazi keepsakes are funneled into our store from former German Nazi homes for resale.

    Are we receiving Nazi “collectibles” to prove that the holocaust actually did happen? Or are the old Nazi people dying off and their children find it a great market in Florida to send large boxes of the stuff for resale ………….to keep some dream alive?

    How is it possible to deny the holocaust when so much physical evidence including Nazi SS keepsakes are showing up in our Antique Stores on a weekly basis? And selling well.

    The History Channel documents the actual oral histories from those who worked for and harbored Nazi officials. We have newspapers from the 1920s and figurines celebrating Nazi efforts in 1938 which you can hold in your hands. Do German people send us these items for some sort of safe keeping? Perhaps a warning or reminder of what happens when NATIONALISM becomes so cruel and marketed so completely that the aggression against some scape goat group of people…… can happen to anyone? Or do they just want them out of their homes…….so their friends and family will not know about the sins of their fathers and mothers? And they can make a profit at the same time ? Or have they found kindred spirits in American business people who agree with the need to get rid of people…………..and marvel and buy these trinkets of the holocaust history and salute it’s marketing process? Is America becoming the Nazi heirloom museum? Or their proof that what happened is some natural form of behavior and is acceptably happening all over again? Probably throughout our nation?


  • venomlash

    You know that the creators of Star Trek never tried to pretend that the Holodeck was actually real, right?

  • Madolynn Cronk

    “Holocaust deniers???”

    How can one deny the Holocaust??

  • Jim Rizoli

    I consider it a badge of honor to be mentioned on your website.
    You should see what I have up exposing the Holohoax! LOL

    Jim Rizoli

  • B.B.

    Yet Beck, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, has also long been a close associate of Tanton and has spent nearly 20 years relentlessly attacking American immigration policies. He even edited Tanton’s book The Immigration Invasion, which is so raw in its nativism that Canadian authorities banned it as hate literature.

    This reflects more negatively on Canada’s authoritarian government than it does John Tanton or Roy Beck.

  • ModerateMike

    If Mr. Beck is sincere about wanting to rebuild his organization’s image (not to mention moving the immigration debate away from hate mongering and toward reasoned debate), he ought to examine these groups more carefully before allowing his staff to post links to their websites. If someone gets involved with a group like CCFILE as a result of clicking a link on Mr. Beck’s site, does it really matter whether or not the group has the endorsement of NumbersUSA?

    @Mr. Daleiden: Please fill us in on the ways in which the above article was ignorant or dishonest.

  • Bwah?

    Guilt by association? The guy was the editor of a racist book by a racist individual that contained racist ideas. The “editor” if more than someone who checks for proper grammar and spelling; the editor guides the author and is usually a source of ideas for the content. It’s not “guilt by association”; it’s “guilt by actual activity”.

  • Joe Daleiden

    Once again the SPLC resorts to Joe McCarthy tacticsof “guilt by association. Actually SPLC does McCarthy one better by trying to indict Roy Beckby trying to indict Roy Beck for simply making a list of all organizations who oppose excessive immigration. It is obvious that after winning its noble battle against the KKK, the SPLC needed a new cause It found that there was a huge pot of gold from foundations and ultra-liberals by demonizing anyone opposed to the unprecedented wave of cheap immigrant labor. As a former long-time supporter of the SPLC it pains me to see the unprincipled attack on anyone who seeks to save our environment and protect American jobs and wages. I don’t know which is worse, the SPLC’s ignorance or dishonesty

  • Monty Lewis

    Considering the headline, are there Holocaust deniers whom you don’t consider “Notorious?”