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Hate Group Applauds Drudge Report Coverage of ‘Black Crime’

By Heidi Beirich on June 3, 2011 - 10:18 am, Posted in Anti-Black, White Nationalism

As Salon noted earlier this week, the Drudge Report has lately been rife with what the online publisher calls “scary black people” stories. Since President Obama’s election, the extremely popular conservative website has run headline after headline about crimes committed by African Americans. Salon describes the general theme as “blacks are rising up and attacking the whites.”

Well, Drudge’s efforts to demonize black people are finally getting the respect they deserve. Earlier this week, the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), a white nationalist hate group that is opposed to interracial marriage and describes black people as “a retrograde species of humanity,” posted an item on its website congratulating Drudge for his anti-black work.

Titled “Drudge Report currently resembles,” the item giddily pointed out that the “extremely popular news aggregate Drudge Report” had taken up one of the CCC’s favorite topics: what it claims is the “astronomical amount of black crime taking place.” The CCC then gave links to what it considered several great Drudge headlines, among them “Violent crime explodes in Myrtle during Black Bike Week,” adding that many of the same stories were “already featured on”

Kudos to Drudge for making friends in low places.

  • Truthhurts

    Um, all it takes it to check the news from any city with a sizable black population (like 10 percent) to realize where 80 percent of the crime comes from. I’ve always lived in southern cities with that kind of makeup, and only an idiot would claim otherwise. Just a fact, dreamers

  • Angie

    A.D.M. You are a loser. I can see your white ass ignorant liberal smirk from here. I dare you to live in an urban area and keep lying to yourself in the way you do. You are nothing more than a coward.

  • Angie

    I am glad that the drudge reports and other outlets expose such atrocities. Main stream media does their fare share of hate mongering towards white people, and people have the nerve to complain when someone wants to expose the truth? If you think that African Americans do not commit most crimes, please, go back to school because you do not understand proportions.

  • drudge

    Drudge is accuratly portraying blacks. Here are the facts you liberal morans! Blacks make up 12% of the USpopulation but account for 75% of all violent crime. That is indisputible! I would like to take every white liberal on here and make them live in newark nj for a year and keep their same ignorant ideology!

  • truth seeker

    Is Drudge LYING or misrepresenting the Black crime???

  • Chome4

    Fear mongering is nothing new. Just pick a group of persons you hate and you can spin a campaign against them.

  • Hatewatch

    You’re correct A.D.M. Since it was apparent he was trying to deceive, we have removed the comment.

  • A.D.M.

    Just so everybody knows, the fake, phony, fraud, ADM above is NOT me. It’s a right wing punk pretending to be me. I swear, you guys are so pathetic. What about crimes among white people or poor white people? I can pull up stories of them committing crimes. I guess there should be some “cultural change” in those areas, right, Mr. Bigot? What a loser.

  • jwd

    here we go again allowing our attention to be drawn away from the the things that matter most. Education,employment,health care,homlessness. Criminals come in all shapes sizes sexes religions and yes ethnicities.

  • DLC

    I agree, crimes are of all ages and colors. We are all watching the Anthony trial on TV right now!! drugereport and ccc are being racist because crime is not racist!!!! sometimes areas considered are higher than other but are not limited to color or ages!! drudge report and ccc needs to appologize for being overly sceptical on this subject!! Do the right thing and appologize thanks!!

  • jay pounders

    I have created a website as an alternative to the right wing sites like Drudge/Breitbart, etc. Please visit daily and share with a friend!

  • Walt

    Of course, much of the crime committed by whites – like the huge financial shenannigans resulting in the theft of trillions of USD, or the blatant violations of laws by corporate criminals like BP (who is guilty of manslaughter of at least 26 workers) or the banks who commit fraud when foreclosing on homeowners – even when the perps are known, there are NO ARRESTS, and therefore no crime, right?

  • Louis Stouch

    The fact is humans are nasty no matter the color of their hides………….

    How true. I read a lot of history, and the entire history of this planet has been one war after another. It was simply mindblowing in the middle ages – Google Charlemagne, and be amazed.

  • Louis Stouch

    per Shadow Wolf – The latest FBI statistics, which reads that violent crime has dropped significantly in the past year. It seems to coincide with Obama’s presidency………………

    I cant help but say this is a bit of a stretch, geez! Crime has been trending down a lot longer than obama has been President.

    I would imagine that with much better investigative techniques arrayed against it, people are coming to the realization that crime doesnt pay. At least, not as much as it used to.

  • Tyrone Mixon

    If you want stalk balance then visit or and be amazed at what you have been missing. The fact is humans are nasty no matter the color of their hides.

  • Louis Stouch

    Well, this could be an interesting discussion, but it seems we are focused on denouncing Drudge – perhaps perfectly legit – as opposed to exploring the real issue.

    I think there is a lot of black crime. And yes Ruslan, its mostly intra-racial, black on black. Blacks comprise 15% of our population, and it might – might – be interesting to see what percentage of total crime they are responsible for. But that is not the issue.

    What matters is why. Obviously lack of economic opportunity is the real problem Resulting from dropping out of school, no role models, lack of hope, and discrimination no doubt. These are very difficult, structural problems not easily addressed. Basically, I imagine, we are talking about people with no real choice – they do what they have to do to survive. This is evident by the sheer lunacy of some of the crimes – robbing gas stations is not exactly a low risk/high reward proposition.

    And of course we have this problem at the same time we have 8 million other problems – no jobs, too much debt, Middle East, EuroZone.

    I think there is good work being done – I seem to recall some kind of block program in NYC that has had great success. It starts in school, for sure. That is what we need to talk about.

  • Aron Levy


    Yes, I’m currently involved with several rather hilarious discussions with Neo-Fascists. It’s always fun poking holes in their theories.

    I’ve even had several posts deleted from David Duke’s channel! Good times :)


  • A.D.M.

    Has anyone noticed Youtube becoming a haven for hatemongers? I know they’re doing everything they can to stop them, but it’s not enough. There are people that have channels devoted to stoking the flames of hatred against black people and other “minorities.”.

  • skinnyminny

    That is one reason I left the repub party, and I will not vote Ind/Rep because I believe they are all in the same party – in fact, the teas are also under Ind and different parties.

    I’ve noticed that all the big businesses are using fear-mongering and hate-mongering, and they expect us to continue to vote in people from the business world – that was the main reason I got rid of cable – these guys think they know what people want, or try to influence people.

    What’s interesting about all of this, it’s okay that the Drudge report on losses for athletes and others. I think these people have forgotten, that we have offered top sport competitors the world to come to the U.S., and with other countries trying to make it to the top, they just may offer the world to our top atheletes. Oh, but watch, then these same guys would call the black athletes traitors. Hahaha.

    Yes, the Drudge is concerned about Mrs. Obama, at the same time they are trying to get people to vote conservative – what a joke. I refuse to vote for these business people because they are the main reason we are broke – it has nothing to do with people receiving benefits, it has to do with the people charging the gov’t excesses – like the businesses that overcharge medicare..or just the flat out fraud..It was the banks/insurance cos. that got loans and bailouts…it was businesses that kept telling gov’t that we were lazy and they had to hire immigrants because they had to hire for ‘jobs we wouldn’t do.’

    As far as these business people are concerned, almost all have either done business with the gov’t or received some tye of benefit, like Willard Romney, he has sober-living facilities by the sea in upscale areas of beach communities in Orange County Calif – most of those sober-living facilities was getting paid by taxpayers – you know, once people was released from prison and had no where else to go, I’m not saying he received all of his money from taxpayers, but, I’m willing to bet that he did get some of his residents from a gov’t program with taxpayers footing the bill.

  • Linnea

    I’ve always been very skeptical of Drudge Report, and this just confirms my suspicions.

  • CC

    I’d also like everyone to notice that besides “black crime”, Drudge Report now has a strong interest in reporting losses or failures of African American media personalities and athletes.
    I don’t know if anyone else is aware, but every time Tiger Woods is playing, there will be several specifically selected negative headlines and pictures throughout the day.
    When Oprah’s network does not do well, you can be sure that Drudge Report will have a headline and a bad picture of Oprah to go along.
    Recently, when the unfortunate hate crime occurred against a transgendered person at Burger King, Drudge Report (on the first day) portrayed it as a “Black on White” crime.
    It seems their current purpose is to stoke the flame of intolerance and hate in America.
    I hope people awaken to the current mindset at Drudge Report and remain aware of what news they choose to report.

  • Shadow Wolf

    The latest FBI statistics, which reads that violent crime has dropped significantly in the past year. It seems to coincide with Obama’s presidency.


    Sounds like the drudge report reeks of hyperbolic fear mongering.

  • skinnyminny

    I wonder what they are trying to hide now. Usually when they began bashing minorities, they are doing something they have no business doing. BTW, I think the biggest cases on the news now is not black crime, i.e. C. Anthony, Yale student…

  • CC

    I used to rely on Drudge Report for the latest news, but lately they seem to be concerned more with Michelle Obamas’s hair style and wardrobe,
    Every time there is a crime involving African Amercians, Drudge Report will now turn it into a headline and attempt to draw national attention to it.
    Drudge Report was not like this years ago.
    Now it’s become another extreme right wing hate site with a clear agenda.

  • A.D.M.

    I meant to say “But they’re not only targeting Afro-Americans.”

  • A.D.M.

    People like Matt Drudge and the CofCC members are doing this to demonize blacks amd make it look like only blacks commit crimes in the U.S. That’s obviously far from the truth. I guess by demonizing Afro-Americans they think they can get more Caucasians and even non-black groups to hate them. Look at what Adolf Hitler and his minions did to Jewish people. Before they were targeted for exterminiation, they were able to convince an entire nation Jews were responsible for the problems in those days. They did it by demonizing them and making them look like bad guys in every way and convincing people Jews were to blame for all the problems in those days.

    That demonizing method is being enacted here. But they’re only targeting Afro-Americans. They’re also targeting Mexicans and poor people without realizing the problems come from the top. I have to say, the demonizing campaign is truly evil.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Yeah I think they DO realize that since this is precisely what the article is saying.

    In any case, people who are easily scared by the prospect of interracial crime would to well to figure out that crime rates have been going down, and most crime, as much as 95%, is intra-racial, not interracial.

  • Alboin

    Uh… you people realize that, just like any other website can post and link up to news articles from whatever sites they want? Or that citing of somebody’s website absolutely does not indicate any sort of endorsement or support? And looking at the’s news items posts below that Drudge one, there’s also an article written by a gay, Latino writer/activist named Herb Sosa in which he also denounces the “Urban Beach Week” for its violence, lewd trashiness and overall mayhem and demands that it be put to an end. Yes, and that’s the same event that Drudge Report had written about and has been condemned for. By your own standards, is SPLC going to be making claims about Sosa as having had become friends with Council of Conservative Citizens and giving him kudos, or what?

  • IludiumPhosdex

    No doubt calling to mind the pornographically prurient tabloid weekly Der Sturmer of one Julius Streicher, itself rather infamous for its oversimplified anti-Semitism as was written in easily-understood language to better appeal to the masses.

    (Including, it turned out, young schoolboys on the verge of pubescence.)