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Family Research Council Reposts Discredited Anti-Gay ‘Science’

By Heidi Beirich on June 14, 2011 - 1:07 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT

For a while there, it seemed like the religious right group Family Research Council (FRC) was making some attempt to clean its website of bogus “research” that defamed gays. Material that peddled a series of falsehoods — in particular, the articles “Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse,” “The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality,” and “Homosexual Parenting: Placing Children at Risk” — went missing from the website. These studies contained several lies, the most important being that gays molest children at far higher rates than heterosexuals; that same-sex parents harm children; and that gays don’t live nearly as long as heterosexuals.

In 2009, FRC claimed the material had been taken down because the sources used for the articles were, in FRC’s words, “outdated.” But thanks to the dogged efforts of blogger Alvin McEwen, we now know that that defamatory material has found its way back onto FRC’s website. Not only that: Where the reports used to have a disclaimer that marked them as outdated, they no longer do.

This year, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) began listing FRC as a hate group, based precisely on the kinds of material that McEwen points out. Rather than defend the material, the FRC launched a propaganda offensive, saying the SPLC was “maligning” individuals rather than discussing the issues. But, in fact, FRC chief Tony Perkins went on MSNBC in a debate with the SPLC’s Mark Potok and promptly insisted that gays were dangerous to children — a real maligning of individuals, and one that had been proven false years before. Perkins even cited a tiny group of anti-gay pediatricians as his source, making it sound as if their group were actually the nation’s pediatric professional organization. It was not.

The FRC’s reposted material is completely baseless and taken straight from some of the country’s most notorious gay-bashers. Take, for example, “Homosexual Parenting: Placing Children at Risk.” McEwen points out that the piece cites the work of “researcher” Paul Cameron to make the case that same-sex household are not simply bad places to raise children, but actually places them in danger (by making them susceptible to incest) — an assertion refuted by more credible researchers and medical bodies.” The piece is back up on the FRC site with no disclaimer.

Cameron is an infamous anti-gay propagandist whose one-man statistical chop shop, the Family Research Institute, churns out hate literature masquerading as legitimate science. His work has been rejected by both the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association. With these repostings, it seems clear that the FRC’s anti-gay propaganda offensive against the LGBT community won’t be letting up any time soon — and that the FRC would in fact rather malign individuals than have an honest debate on the issues.

  • Brian

    Sounds similar to some of the ‘research’ done by the idiot homophobe Warren Throckmorton.

  • Sam Molloy

    Todd, the Anti Gay Science clearly has quotation marks and, according to the Scientific Method, quotation mark science cannot be duplicated in a controlled environment.

  • RLavigueur


    The anti-gay “science” was discredited by not by “pro-gay” science, but by the normal operation of science when the anti-gay positions continue to prove baseless and without any evidence in their favour. That’s how science works, ideas and theories are tested and subjected to experiment and scrutiny, and if they don’t stand up, they’re abandoned.

    It’s amusing that you infer that the American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, and the American Sociological Association, together consisting of tens of thousands of social scientists and doctors, are all biased in favour of homosexuality. Even more so that you make the claim without a shred of evidence that these organizations are biased in favour of homosexuals and bisexuals.

    I presume you assume bias because these organizations position themselves against your own beliefs, but rest assured, they have a good reason to do so. There was a time not so long ago when the organizations in question either said nothing about or were against homosexuality, but these positions were changed because increasing scrutiny showed that they had never had scientific merit in the first place.

    Cameron, of course, is quite easy to discredit, and I challenge you to pick any one of his studies that connect homosexuality to paedophilia/incest/rape/disease/the decline of civilization that is not riddled with methodological errors and conclusions that have nothing to do with what evidence his flawed methodologies present. There’s a reason his work is discredited by all major scientific organizations who do work in the same areas, and it isn’t that they’re all in the thrall of the nefarious homosexual agenda. Or if not Cameron, any anti-gay science of your choosing.

    Of course, if my challenge to find legitimate work by Cameron is too difficult for you, you could also point to some of these studies that are biased in favour of homosexuality and have swayed countless tens of thousands of intellectuals to take their side.

    I’ll wait.

  • Todd

    So, was anti-gay science discredited by pro-gay science?

    Absolutely no bias here.

  • RockyMissouri

    One thing is certain: the Family Research Council is hazardous to children, and families….and goodwill, to people in general…

  • Christine

    Thank you, and Alvin McEwen, for continuing to be vigilant in monitoring these groups.

    FRC (and many other similar groups that have been spared the hate group label) has earned its designation in the hall of shame.

  • Reynardine

    I rather wish Mr. Perkins would go back to running the Bates Motel and loving his mummy.