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Tea Party Patriots Wallow in Muslim-Bashing Gutter with Geller

By Leah Nelson on June 15, 2011 - 11:11 am, Posted in Anti-Muslim

The Tea Party Patriots has already gained notoriety as the Tea Party group that’s most willing to fraternize with some of the most extreme elements of the right. The group further cemented that reputation last weekend by hosting an address by Pam Geller, the shrill co-head of the New York-based Stop Islamization of America and a major force in turning Manhattan’s “Ground Zero Mosque” into a national controversy.

The Patriots received a heavy dose of Muslim-bashing and circle-the-wagons paranoia. A video of her speech is posted on her Atlas Shrugs website.

“The stealth jihad is very real,” the heavily made-up queen of Islamophobia told her Fort Lauderdale, Fla. audience. “I’m talking about the academic, the economic, the legal, the social, and the cultural jihad in this country. It is a covert operation, although increasingly more brazen under Obama.”

Using a strategy she described as “the mosquing of the workplace,” Geller claimed that Muslims everywhere are conspiring to “impose Islam,” demanding time to pray and the right to wear religious garb. “They get special privileges. It’s Islamic supremacism,” and “the American people are like Helen Keller and someone moved the furniture. Something is wrong and they don’t known what.”

At fault for this state of affairs, she said, is “the media,” which – having been co-opted entirely by anti-American forces – is now no more than the “activist arm of the über-left.” (Of course, “the media” includes Fox News, the highest-rated cable news channel, where Geller has appeared repeatedly. It also includes Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and innumerable other right-wing talkers who can hardly be called toadies of the left.)

According to Geller, murderous jihadists and the media-controlling “über-left” – which, in her estimation, specifically includes the Southern Poverty Law Center – have overcome vast differences to face down an age-old adversary.

“Hatred of America unites these radical groups. … Truth is the new hate speech, and just telling the truth is a radical act,” she said. “I am telling you, your basic freedoms are under attack. And you, every single one of you, are soldiers.”

Ramping up the Tea Party rhetoric, Geller proclaimed that America had “the first moral government in the world,” blessed with individual rights that are threatened imminently by the machinations of the über-left/jihadist compact – and most of all, by its leader, the “Islamophilic” President Obama. “I’m not saying he’s a Muslim. I’m not saying he’s not a Muslim. I don’t really care, because all I care about is his actions.”

Geller, who is Jewish and makes a great show of tossing Yiddish phrases into her Long Island-accented speech, reminded her audience, “Jesus Christ said, ‘By their fruits ye shall know them’ … and now we know him.”

In an Aug. 2010 report on tea party nationalism, The Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights singled out the Tea Party Patriots for the group’s unabashed affiliation with the extreme right, its hatred of Obama, and a membership that includes militia members and racists. The group’s Arizona chapter has promoted tours of the Arizona/Mexico border by nativist and anti-Semite Glenn Spencer, who runs the hate group American Border Patrol. Another chapter of the group is promoting the use of a history curriculum devised by the Idaho-based National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS), a radical, conspiracy-prone think tank founded by W. Cleon Skousen.

This is not Geller’s first time addressing the Tea Party Patriots. In May 2010, it was the only national group to help sponsor an event in Gatlinburg, Tenn., that pulled together nativist U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa); the Oath Keepers, an antigovernment “Patriot” group that encourages police officers and soldiers to disobey orders they consider unconstitutional; Geller; and a host of other far-right groups and individuals.

So Geller knows her audience well. Lumping together themes of patriotism, war and the religious persecution that some white Christians claim to be experiencing, she closed her Fort Lauderdale speech thusly:

“We’ve been living on the fumes of the greatest generation since the end of World War II. Well let me tell you something. Just as we revere our parents and our grandparents for fighting the scourge of Nazism and defeating evil, our children and our grandchildren are going to hate us – I promise you that – because we let them be held hostage by nuclear terrorist regimes and rogue groups.”

  • Sam Molloy

    Right and left wing may have started out as honest descriptions but I never hear them used in a complementary way. In my mind “conservative” and “progressive” would describe the two Americas well.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Of course conservatives can(and do) say those things(free health care, environmental laws) are socialist; conservatives say a lot of wacky things which are completely divorced from reality. I thought I explained why the National Socialists incorporated the term into their party’s title- to draw working class Germans away from the Communists and Social Democrats- because they sure weren’t going to be convinced by old bourgeois nationalist parties. When the Nazis even bothered to explain what they meant by “socialism” they were always careful to stress how unique and different it was from the Marxian concept of socialism.

    Welfare state policies, on the other hand, have nothing to do with socialism.

  • William LaBarge

    Ruslan Amirkhanov; You may say whatever positions they take on such things as environmental laws, free screening for cancer, etc not being socialism, but many conservatives would say, “THAT’S SOCIALISM”. I don’t think that the Nazis would call their groups NATIONALIST SOCIALIST MOVEMENT if they did not incorporate Socialism into their philosophy.

    All of the racialist stuff that Nazis says leaves plenty left to be desired and I believe both of us can agree on that.

  • Mitch Beales

    Oliver Revell I do not claim to know much about MEMRI. In fact I don’t recall hearing of it before I read Dr. Reisen’s post here. That is why I cited an article by Brian Whitaker published in The Guardian. You did little to refute the points he made in that article. Granted it was written almost 10 years ago and perhaps MEMRI has changed since then but a very brief survey of your website suggests that you focus on translating articles such as which casts Islam in a bad light although it does little to “inform the debate over U.S. policy in the Middle East.”

    I expected that, in the spirit of fairness, you would also translate articles such as into Arabic for distribution in the middle east but a search of your website for “KBR” turned up only the following article which may mention KBR although it is available to subscribers only. MEMRI appears to be a very effective propaganda operation so it is no surprise that it is widely cited. Propaganda generally misses the mark as a vehicle of “truth” although the best propaganda certainly avoids demonstrable lies.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I described the conditions under which “left” or “right wing” has been used to discredit sources- it is not the same as using as an insult. It’s like when you point to a study which disproves some conservative claim about something and the opponent in question makes some remark about “left-wing professors” as if they don’t need to challenge it.

    Aside from those specific situations- right wing is not an insult, it is a completely valid political term with its own history which I previously outlined.

    Now about this mess:

    “I happened to check out the nsm88 website and the Nazis who authored such webpages claim that they’re not for minimum wages, but for a living wages and they also believe that it’s wrong for people to have excessive wealth while hard working people are going hungry and without shelter.”

    First of all, NSM consists of live action role-players. Since NSM has never held any political power, and never will, they can make all kinds of claims in their programs. What matters is fascism and National Socialism actually did in history, particularly once they had power.

    Livable wages and helping the homeless are not “socialist”. If that were the case nearly every country on the face of this earth has been or is socialist. Governments began instituting various public works and welfare programs before the first socialist revolutions, mainly to stave off the threat of working class rebellion, not to establish socialism.

    ” they also claim that the were the first to pass some air pollution and other environmental laws.”

    I think you are referring to claims NSM makes about Nazi Germany. I am aware that they passed some environmental laws but you ought to take anything from NSM with a shaker of salt. Also this has nothing to do with socialism.

    “They also claimed that they’re against acts of performing surgery on a live and awake animals.”

    What does this have to do with socialism? Are you saying it’s bad to care about animals? Nazis really don’t care so much about animals- these laws are primarily a subtle jab at Jews. The only thing they care about is Kosher slaughter.

    ” They’re also for free free cancer screenings for everyone, rich and poor, as well as a whole litany of other socialistic programs.”

    None of this is “socialistic”.

    “If all that is not some form of socialism, then I’ll eat my computer.”

    Get your fork and knife. Socialism is a mode of production whereby the means of production, land, infrastructure, factories, roads, etc. are own in common by the workers, either directly or through their political party.

  • William LaBarge

    Ruslan Amirkhanov: You say, “I agree that some people do use simple terms like left-wing and right-wing as a label to discredit someone” but you also disagree with me by saying, “If you claim that using the term “right-wing” is an insult, as though there is something inherently negative about being on the right or a wing”…

    Yes, I have seen plenty of conservatives, tea-party members and supporters, GOP, etc engage in derogatory and disparaging name-calling… and I believe such name-calling degrade the person who engage in such behavior. Likewise, whenever avowed liberals also engage in derogatory and disparaging name-calling, it, again, degrade those who engage in such name-calling behavior.

    I happened to check out the nsm88 website and the Nazis who authored such webpages claim that they’re not for minimum wages, but for a living wages and they also believe that it’s wrong for people to have excessive wealth while hard working people are going hungry and without shelter. they also claim that the were the first to pass some air pollution and other environmental laws. They also claimed that they’re against acts of performing surgery on a live and awake animals. They’re also for free free cancer screenings for everyone, rich and poor, as well as a whole litany of other socialistic programs. If all that is not some form of socialism, then I’ll eat my computer. Yea, the Nazis (Nationalist Socialists) agree with conservatives on such things like denying rights to gay people. Many of us agree with them on not tolerating child abuse and child molestation.

    I am not one who will excuse the Nazis for their racist stuff, holocaust denial, and a few other stuff they’re well-known for. The amount of documentation on the holocaust could be measured in the order of peta-bytes…
    One peta-byte is 1024 tera-bytes AND One tera-byte is 1024 giga-bytes and I think we have an idea on what a giga-byte is.

    Back to the topic which this thread is for, I am against the act of making wholesale attacks on Muslims in any shape or form just as I am against making wholesale attack against any other group of human beings without regard to their racial/ethnic background, creed or lack thereof, their gender, sexual identities/sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Sorry William, but you’re dead wrong on this one. If you claim that using the term “right-wing” is an insult, as though there is something inherently negative about being on the right or a wing, you could just as easily claim that conservative is an insult as well.

    Second, the Nazis did not believe in socialism in any concrete sense(there is no “liberal part of socialism”), the closest their ideology ever got to anti-capitalism(which is not necessarily socialism) was embodied in the thoughts of the Strasser brothers and their associates such as Ernst Roem. Things didn’t work out too well for them in 1934.

    I agree that some people do use simple terms like left-wing and right-wing as a label to discredit someone, but usually it is the right which does this- when they slap the tag of “left-wing” on any source that provides information contrary to their mythology.

  • Oliver Revell

    Mitch Beales obviously knows nothing about the creitability of MEMRI. MEMRI translates and prints or broadcasts articles from the Middle-East and South-Asia. It’s translations have never been found to be erroreous and certainly not biased. It covers those that are both pro-western and those who espouse a Salafist ideology. MEMRI is cited as the translation source for by all of the major news organizations and by governmoent and congressional officials as well as numerous Think-Tanks,
    As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MEMRI I regret that Beales is so ill informed about the true value and integrity of MEMRI.

  • Chuck

    Spencer’s attempts to align himself w/the Jewish people in spite of his borderline anti-Semitic rants remind me of those racists who claim they really aren’t b/c “some of my best friends are black”.

  • William LaBarge

    When someone refer conservatives as right-wing for the purpose of insulting, that is just being uncivil. If we want to convince someone of the other side of our point of view, insulting that someone is the WORST thing to do. Just because one side get into this insulting mode, we don’t need to drop down to their lower level by insulting them all of the time. I confess that when someone engage in insulting me in trying to make their points, I will tune that someone out. On the other hand, when one is being civil in making their points, I will listen to whatever reason they have to offer and possibly consider their views. At the same time, I will also make my points and hope that one will consider my views.

    As far as this Nationalist Socialists is concerned, it’s kind of crossing the conservative part of Nationalism with the liberal part of Socialism. Nazis do believe in BOTH nationalism and socialism. Conservatives agree with the Nazis on the Nationalism, but don’t want to somehow be associated with the stigma of hating Jews, BUT the conservatives don’t agree with the Socialism that the Nazis do believe in;
    —When Conservatives want to link Liberals with Nazism, they are doing that for the purpose of being insulting which I can not excuse. AT THE SAME TIME, I have to say the following: Liberals want to link Conservatives with Nazism, again, they’re doing it for the purpose of being insulting, I can not excuse liberals for being insulting to the conservatives.
    —I will concede that we have seen hatred/bigotry coming from the radical fringes of both liberals and conservatives… perhaps more from conservative side, but I have also seen it come from the liberal side as well.

    In short, we need to try to bridge the gaps between liberals and conservatives for achieving the common good. I want a win-win outcome where both sides don’t have to feel that they somehow compromised in higher principles each of us hold dear.

  • Sam Molloy


  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Basically “right” and “left” go back to the days of the first French parliament(IIRC), when more revolutionary people sat on the left side of the gallery and the conservatives sat on the right side. If you imagine a building, or a parliamentary gallery, you could see why they would use the term right or left wing. So calling a conservative “right-winger” isn’t really an insult. Of course these terms can be misused all the time, like when modern day conservatives label fascists and National Socialists as left-wing based on the flimsiest, superficial commonalities.

  • Sam Molloy

    Ruslan, I know Right Wingers have Gauche tastes, but I’m not as well read on this subject as I am on a few others, and Wikipedia only repeats what I already thought I knew about it. Please expound on this.

  • ChrisOr

    Anyone who’s delusional enough to think the greatest threat to the US is a few idiots in the Middle East who’ve refused to move along from the 15th Century is just plain wrong. Radical Islam doesn’t explain falling educational levels, or vast wealth inequality or a ranking of 37 in world health studies. Radical Islam doesn’t explain giant budget deficits or crumbling infrastructure or falling rates of college attendance. Radical Islam doesn’t explain vast (literally) growth of obesity, either. Radical Islam doesn’t explain growing levels of carbon in the atmosphere or the rise of birth defects or the wholesale destruction of arable land. Radical Islam doesn’t explain the rise of rapture idiocy, either. Fears of radical Islam won’t give anyone a job or put food on anyone’s table. Being terrified by radical Islam won’t secure your retirement or keep the jackals of Wall Street from ripping off your life savings, either.

    The fact is, this is a convenient shiny object to get people to look the other way so they don’t confront reality. Reality is this country is on the decline and it’s been as a result of bad policy judgment, of bigoted, idiotic and corrupt leadership and the corrupt relationship between extreme wealth, corporations and the state. You can site all the writings to “prove” your case that radical Islam is some grave threat all you want; the truth is, we’re a bigger threat to ourselves than “they” could ever be. Until we confront our own national decline which began in 1981 and reverse it, esoteric, abstract and extrapolatory threats will continue to hijack substantive dialogues while in the interim, we sink further and further into the swamp. Any of you who want to babble about the great threat that dwells in slums in Pakistan and in palaces in Saudi Arabia should remember this and behave accordingly. I expect right wingers to obsess over crap like this because thier entire political system is built upon a lizard brained foundation of fear, self centerdness and extreme narcissim. If those of you who do obsess over this topic want to obsess about something, obsess about something that’s actually productive and gets us somewhere….9/11 was nearly 10 years ago, and the problems I named get worse every day. I think it’s about time to end the “us vs. them” BS created by an idiot named Bush who utilized the distraction and move onto things that actually matter, don’t you agree?

  • Christopher Hobe Morrison

    I can only think of two people named Geller. There was one who used to twist spoons. This one twists minds.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Conservatives are by definition right-wingers. Please read up on the origins of the political terms “left” and “right”. Then again one problem in the US is that the Democrats are right-wingers as well, they just don’t know it(or won’t admit it).

  • William LaBarge

    Beside the bashing of Muslims, I have seen too much bashing of liberals as well.
    On the other hand, I see some professed liberals bash conservatives by calling them RIGHT-WINGER and a few other names.
    The point is that we need to get back to civility if we are to solve the collective problems in a collective/constructive manner.

  • Larry

    Since the fall of Communism the Right has searched for a New Weapon to be used against those who do not agree with them. When I rode a Bus to Alabama during the 60’s, the minute we got off that bus we were hit with calls of Commie or such statements. Today, unless you buy into their insanity, you are an Islamofascist or something along those lines. It is simply, now as it was then, an inability of very simple minded people to accept change as we move forward in life. It is simply an inability to justify their desire to return us to a time and place that exist ONLY in their minds.

  • dsrobins

    Is Pam Geller possibly related to Steve Geller who was a well known jewish activist at Dartmouth College from 1958 to 1962? He later wroe some plays, a couple of which actually briefly appeared on Broadway.

  • RockyMissouri

    I’m more concerned about the hategroups right here in the US….. The ones you hear on Fox news…Oreilly calling Dr. Tiller the baby killer, and a short time later, he was.

  • Sherry Cooper

    Geller is a Nazi – plain and simple. She makes up false, ridiculous claims about all 1.5 billion muslims. Any religion has many interpretations and most muslims do not follow the extreme interpretation of al qaida, yet Geller ascribes that interpretation to all 1.5 billion muslims. The co-founder of one of her groups has plainly said people should start killing muslims including children. Geller wants all muslims dead. She’s a genocidal maniac. She is driven by hate.

  • Donald S. Holly Jr.

    I hate NAZIs. I fear them greatly and feel that they should be greatly marginalized on all occasions in whatever society they are found in. A mans genetic well being and health in general belong to him personally and should never be in the hands of a political party. What is the perfect man? The perfect man can only be determined by the individual man (or woman) himself. This is as it should always have been. Someday soon a man or woman will step into a chamber, be surrounded by a mist and in a matter of weeks or months have their vital organs rejuvenated. This will represent the advance of modern science and technology. This will all be in good stead with modern society as a whole. In short then the idea of perfection should always remain in the purview of the individual person. I prefer the term human kind to human race on all occasions because races are for excessively powered vehicles and their reckless drivers.

  • Donald S. Holly Jr.

    I have good friends in the community of Islam and even they warn of radical elements. I disagree with some of the approaches in the western world like the French idea of a dress code for women. A single man in an 800 dollar business suit can just as easily hide 25 pounds of high explosives on a belt as any Muslim woman can hide the same under a burkha. Let us be reasonable. Let us show good intelligence gathering capacity. A man can only strike fear where he is allowed to to begin with. Islam will rise today because it can rise and will do so for many decades to come. Let us only be vigilant and free of promiscuity in our thoughts. Let us adhere to our own heritage and let things take place as they will. The western world is very strong and the eastern and middle-eastern world has a very long way to go if it might ever outpace us. Be of good cheer and have faith in God, yourselves and others around you. Conserve on all occasions your energy, time and resources. Do only what you must from one instant in life to the next.

  • Morgan

    I agree with Mr. Molloy and Mr. Reisen. The SPLC has an important mission that I totally support and I don’t expect it to produce New York Times like reporting, but you should guard against myopic reporting.

    I have been doing some research regarding the Lebanese-Canadian Bank (See DEA “Drug Investigations Lead to Treasury 311 Patriot Act Designation Against Lebanese Bank Tied to Hizballah”) and in my research ran across this article “Iran Threatens Citizen Security in Latin America”.

    We cannot be unwary of real threats and disregard the occasional truffle found by a blind pig.

  • venomlash

    True that, William. It’s not an issue of Islam versus non-Islam. It’s an issue of hateful violence versus peaceful coexistence.

  • krissy

    Its ironic when Jewish racists team up with white supremacists. Very strange bedfellows. Unfortunately the Aryans arent very loyal to their “friends.”

  • William LaBarge

    Unless I am mistaken, it was a Muslim street vendor who alerted the authorities of a suspicious vehicle parked in Time Square. It turned out that suspicious vehicle was loaded with explosives (courtesy of an Islamic terrorist group) if detonated would have caused massive death to all those in and near Times Square.
    -It comes to show that there are good Muslims among us who deserve to be treated the same way that other decent Americans are treated.

  • Mitch Beales

    @Ruslan Amen!!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    ” If there is another 9-11 type attack, you will be eating your words.”

    Not really, because they could blow up buildings every ten years or so but it won’t change a thing. You don’t conquer other lands with terrorist attacks. America has done far more damage to itself by fighting this endless war than terrorists could ever do.

  • Mitch Beales

    Naughtius this sounds pretty anti-Semitic. You can be anti-semitic even if some of your best friends (or your sons-in-law) are Jewish.

  • Mitch Beales

    Dr. Reisen a pig finds truffles using it’s sense of smell. “Geller and her pals” are such stinkers they couldn’t find a hog farm. Your problems may not spring from Geller but the problems of Muslims who have been verbally and physically attacked do as do the problems of your countrymen whose freedoms have been abridged due in part to Islamophobia. You can read MEMRI if you like but don’t expect to find the truth there. ( Is there any real difference between “Anti-semitic and anti democratic Muslims” and anti-Muslim Jews who oppose religious freedom?

  • Naughtius Maximus

    I don’t think Glen Spencer is Jewish:

    Mr. Spencer allegedly wrote:

    “Our organization was co-founded by a Jew. I am a member of the Jewish Defense League. Both of my sons-in-law are Jewish.”

    That doesn’t sound very anti-Semitic to me.

  • The Prisoner

    Let’s give her extra credit for spelling her name correctly.

  • Charles Reisen MD

    Even a blind pig finds a truffle. Geller and her pals are over the top but there is a menace to the USA from Islamic radicals, and if you haven’t gone to a 9-11 funeral, maybe you should be reading MEMRI – the monitor of what is said about the west in Farsi and Arabic. Resistance is NOT analogous to race and red baiting of the past – and the subversives have foreign governments and non-governments backing – ie Iran and the Taliban. If there is another 9-11 type attack, you will be eating your words. Our problems do not spring from Geller and will be there whether she mouths off or shuts up. They spring from Anti-semitic and anti democratic Muslims – take a look at their textbooks and think again.

  • Sam Molloy

    She’s right on two points. Our basic freedoms are under attack, and we defeated the Nazis in WWII Now if she would shut up and go home all our problems would be over.