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Farrakhan Assails the ‘Murderer in the White House’

By Leah Nelson on June 16, 2011 - 4:52 pm, Posted in Anti-Semitic, Anti-White, Black Separatist

Some spiritual leaders distinguish themselves by speaking truth to power. Louis Farrakhan, head of the black separatist hate group Nation of Islam (NOI), instead harangues it with deluded half-truths and hate-laced rhetoric. Lately, his rage has been piqued by U.S. intervention on behalf of Libya’s opposition – whose embattled dictator, Muammar Qaddafi, is a long-time benefactor of NOI.

Speaking at a press conference today near the United Nations building in New York City, Farrakhan showed yet again that he considers no institution too powerful to take on. “What has Muammar Qaddafi done to deserve what this united coalition of demons is putting on him?” he said, according to The Associated Press. President Obama, “surrounded by people who are Zionist-controlled or Zionist,” is making a terrible mistake and putting himself on the wrong side of history, he declared.

Remarkably, this is not the worst thing Farrakhan has said about the nation’s first black president. “We voted for our Brother Barack. Beautiful human being with a sweet heart. And now, he’s an assassin,” he declared in Harlem’s Salem United Methodist Church last month, pausing for the applause of the 500 American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) members in the audience. (The ACLC is affiliated with the Unification Church, a Christian-based new religion founded by Korean clergyman Rev. Sun Myung Moon. NOI and the Unification Church have worked together before, most notably on Farrakhan’s “Million Family March” in 2000.) You’ve been deceived. You talk about a man killing his own people when you lied to the American people, saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. When you lie and then take innocent young men who have come to serve their country and send them to Iraq and Afghanistan over lies. That’s a murderer in the White House. Who will say it? I will!”

Farrakhan could practically have been reading from the notes he used during a Chicago press conference two months ago. “Now this man Barack, he had a good heart. We all fell in love with him during the campaign. Not the same man today. … The people that surrounded him, engulfed him,” he said in late March. “The stupid mistake that we make is to think that the president is the supreme power. Never was. Money is the power in America. … All of you know what I’m talking about, Zionist control of the government of the United States of America.”

Also at the ACLC gathering – and in March, and many times between – he prophesied that the end times are near. Casting himself as a divine prophet, he proclaimed: “You heard me say in a press conference a few weeks ago that what you heard last year, which was the worst year in weather, I said this one would be even worse. And here it is. When I speak, it just comes to pass, because I’m not here of myself.”

He continued: “I charge you to go back to your churches and preach an unadulterated gospel. … Be callers to the right way as you reject that which Christ will reject in his kingdom. And if we do that, New York, and spread this gospel to pastors everywhere, in the twinkling of an eye we’ll make a new people and we’ll begin to produce a new world. And that father who was in heaven that wants his kingdom to come to earth, we will be the ones to bring it.”

  • Jonas Rand

    @Skinnyminny How is the conflict in Libya over resources if Mu’ammer Gaddafi allows Western countries to import Libyan oil? Again, Libya is not Iraq. Gaddafi lets oil companies from all over the world into Libya to drill for oil. His family steals much of the revenue. Unlike Iraq, there is a popular struggle in Libya. With Iraq, the US simply sent in wealthy Iraqi expats to govern after the invasion, which was not prompted by any rebellion at all. The Talabani-Chalabi-Maliki types were the equivalent of British friendly zamindars who adored the Raj. The US is allowed to drill for oil from Gaddafi’s Libya, what would it gain from invading?

    I agree, though, the invasion is wrong.

  • Lex

    Keep an open mind but not so open that your brain falls out

  • Lex

    What is this conspiracy theory nonsense being posted here in the comments ? Splc is not infowars

  • moor

    so what’s the difference between Gaddafi and Obama if anyone who speaks out against him is an “anti-government extremist”?

  • skinnyminny

    BTW, I’m sure you have heard of the movie “blood diamonds,” as well as Naomi Campbell on the stand for having diamonds. So again, the entire African continent have a lot of resources, in addition to, from what I’ve read lots of people being used for drug trials for the big pharmaceutical companies – I saw a documentary on how the black children was being used, some of the kids died, others were paralyzed, and a host of other problems. It also talked about how these companies use the indigenous people of India and China for these clinical trials.
    Now we’re talking about the gunwalking program, which, obvious dates back to 2002, and pre 2002. However, no one is talking about the Albuqueque NM mayer and police chief allegedly charged in a smuggling probe. Now the Maricopa sheriff (famous sheriff Arpaio) department allegedly infiltrated by cartel, or the story of 3 deputies allegedly arrested for ties to smuggling – see the new phoenix times. Another story no one is talking about is that last August, 2010, the dealers wanted to hold a gun show at Pechanga Hotel Resort & Casino in Califas. It was canceled because they couldn’t get a permit, at least that’s what is being said – and remember, we had the GOP backed by the gun lobbyist and different groups popped up all across the nation saying that Obama was going to take their guns away so crime, hate groups and the like took off in this country.
    I guess with this, I’m asking you to look at all information, and not settle on one person’s view. There’s so much information out there that sometimes I’m at a lost, but, I can pretty much link two and two together while having an open mind. If you think that our so-called news programs are giving you all the information you need, you’re wrong, they would prefer to talk about Lindsay Lohan…

  • skinnyminny

    Jonas and A.D.M. I have to side with Ruslan on his last comments. Now, this is an alleged story that didn’t get much attention, google this, UK’s top cop found dead after investigating cia flights of prisoners. Didn’t hit the headlines here, but, some media outlets here had limited coverage while others buried it in the news, yet, it was big news in other countries.

  • skinnyminny

    Jonas and A.D.M.,
    I believe that the reason we are in Libya is resources. The African continent has plenty resources, gold upon gold upon gold, oil, natural gas, cocoa, ivory…if I’m not mistaken, Libya didn’t owe any money to the IMF, WB, yet, he was sending money to other countries and people, quote-unquote we, don’t like!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, in our race for resources. Do you notice how the GOP is now trying to blame China for all of our woes, meanwhile, the jobs continue to go to China. Well, in 2002 there was a document signed over the disputed waters of South China Sea. Notice how there are a lot of joint military exercises in the neighboring countries? There are a lot of tensions over this with China, Vietnam and Philippines, just recently the Philippines renamed the disputed area as Philippines Sea. With that, it is alleged that multinational corporations are drilling in this area. The show’s host (I believe it was her) said, “U.S. is playing a key role in disturbing the dispute…” this can all be seen on the show to look at is the program called ‘world insight,’ the segment is disputed waters. It also had a segment called ‘Syrian Crisis, in which a Chinese analyst said that the U.S. said they have placed sanctions on Syria, but, that Syrian has no assets here. He went on to say that there’s no intervention, because it is too close to Jordan and Iraq, and that doing so would cause more ‘terrorists, extremists,’ to enter the country and it would probably cause an even more extremist government to take over. ***Note how we’ve had the military buildup in Guam – and this was happening before our current adm. and this could be why the GOP is now acting as if they want out of Afg & Pak.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Obama is doing his best within the capacity as U.S. President. His goal is to keep the country secure and safe to enjoy life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. ”

    Obama’s goal is to see that the richest Americans continue to prosper, while the rest of us get the shaft. He’s been doing a great job of it.

    By the way, the US government has slaughtered far more innocent civilians than Bin Laden and Qaddafi put together. Irrefutable.

  • Sheldon L. McCormick

    Sympathies have a tendency to flip-flop. At times, it seems, in a dung pile. During his election campaign, Farrakhan praised and urged support from the black masses to back now-President Obama. Now, in addition to fix the bad economy, he gets tongue-lashed and downgraded for the military actions against the late Al Qaida boss Osama Bin Laden, his burial as sea, and the NATO military campaign against Libyan dictator Colonel Moammar Quadaafi. These are two sinister men who have brought years of death and destruction to untold numbers of innocent people. The former killed thousands of Americans in the United States, which President Obama was sworn perserve, defend and protect as Commander in Chief. Not everyone likes that, inclding the Farrakhan-types. But necessary measures to uphold that oath must be done. Obama is doing his best within the capacity as U.S. President. His goal is to keep the country secure and safe to enjoy life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. That includes black people like Minister Farrakhan.

  • Alexis Khalfanis

    Interestingly, NATO intervened three months ago under the guise of protecting civilians and now, NATO bombers have killed civilians. This is a political assassination pure and simple, with regime change and plunder of resources as the ultimate goal. The jackals are in Libya and the vultures are waiting. Zimbabwe and Mugabe are next. The handwriting is already on the wall for those who know the Modus Operandi.

    Many across the globe disagree with the SPLC’s assessment of Min. Farrakhan’s words and see through the misinformation they are publishing. Many are listening carefully to him and despite that which they write, the SPLC is listening carefully also.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “A.D.M Gaddafi military was moving fast in Tripoli fast to start a genocidial slaughter, Same reason why nato went to Serbia, to stop a campaign of genocide, If not For Nato we would have seen a massacre on a scale with ”

    No evidence for any of this.

  • venomlash

    ADM, the Korean War is still happening. 1953 saw a ceasefire, not a peace treaty. North Korea IS one hell of a threat to global stability.

  • Lex

    The only thing common with Nation of Islam and Islam is the word “Islam”.

  • Lex

    A.D.M Gaddafi military was moving fast in Tripoli fast to start a genocidial slaughter, Same reason why nato went to Serbia, to stop a campaign of genocide, If not For Nato we would have seen a massacre on a scale with serbinica

  • skinnyminny

    the issue with OBL not being brought to the U.S. alive is a sticky one. I say sticky, because if you look at what’s happening with other alleged terrorists held at GB, no one wants them to have trials in any of the courts here. Then there are others who want to close GB. As far as following the same policies, well, let’s see here, we have the same people who were involved in the last adm – then, you have the new adm having a hard time appointing his own people of choice. You also have the GOP complaining that DEMS are weak on defense, and that DEMS cut defense budgets leaving the country vulnerable.

    here’s a new one, CCTV-English, says that now the Australian Federal Police is assisting the U.S. with the Mexican drug/border wars.
    BTW, it doesn’t surprise me about what’s happening in Libya, H. Chavez has been complaining about this for a while, and our media and GOP kept painting him as crazy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of either, but, I do tend to listen to both sides. I don’t have a teevee anymore, but, I do get info from internet and sometimes my neighbor will call me over if she see’s something on her teevee. Unfortunately, she is about to get rid of her teevee soon, after I pointed out and showed her how CNN, FOX, MSNBC keep repeating the same things over and over and that every, and I mean every show the guest(s) are asked, “so what do you think about Obama…” I also showed her how the shows give a good platform for the GOP and their biases. CCTV does have its own website, which is good for me.

  • A.D.M.

    Louis Farrakhan is on point. Why is Muammar Ghaddafi being targeted by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)? He didn’t commit genocide. Something’s fishy about their assassination campaign against Ghaddafi. And as for the rebels, we don’t know who they really are. Are they native Libyans who really want a free, democratic nation and society? Or are they Al-Qaeda operatives from other nations? What’s in it for France and Britain? Are they trying to set up a puppet government to get more oil at a low price and have the government be loyal to the west and disloyal to the people of Libya? When it comes to the U.S. foreign policy, President Barack Obama is no different from his predecessor, George W. Bush. He escalated the war in Afghanistan, he increased the drone attacks in Pakistan (there have been more drone attacks under the Obama administration than under the Bush, Jr. administration), there are still U.S. troops in Iraq, and there are going to be more drone attacks in Yemen. A CIA base is being built in Yemen right now!

    The United States is involved in five wars in five nations now: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya. Something’s gotta give.These wars are contributing to the destruction of the U.S. economy. And Obama seems to want to go along with the program. While I’m at it, why the hell are there American military bases in Germany, South Korea, and Japan? Last time I checked, World War II ended in 1945 and the Korean War ended in 1953. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these wars, U.S. imperialism, and U.S. militarism.

  • Jonas Rand

    I have always felt that Farrakhan was a hateful man with despicable ideas about Black superiority, and that allegations of Obama’s racism or “sympathy with the White man” must be treated with sensitivity. However, I cannot disagree with Louis here.

    America has an assassin residing in the White House, not only because his real intention in Libya is to kill Muammar Gaddafi, but because of the targeted killings of Al-Qa’ida members in recent years conducted by US forces. I can’t manage to feel sorrow over Usama bin Ladin’s death, but it shouldn’t have ended up like that. Murder is just too final (yes, this goes for extrajudicial executions as well as the “death penalty”). The right thing would have been to apprehend him, fly him to America, and jail him awaiting a trial. Usama bin Ladin’s fate was murder, and the executive approved it.

    Obama was responsible for the escalation of the Afghanistan war and expansion into Pakistan, and the continuation of the horrendous robot-war “drone strikes” (which, while they may put American soldiers’ lives in less danger than on-the-ground warfare, are indiscriminate and murderous) and “night raids”.

    Additionally, Anwar al-Awlaki, a US citizen and a man with no terrorism convictions or criminal charges whatsoever, is on a government hit list. The most with which Anwar al-Awlaki could be charged with is incitement to violence, far from a capital offense. The targeted killing practice is overstepping the sensible bounds of the government.

    The president is responsible for these things, and should take a much less reckless and more conciliatory stance. By the way, Baby Doc Bush was equally vicious and murderous, just less eloquent.

  • B Muhammad

    Min. Farrakhan is right and exact. All Truth