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Major Campus Group, Holding First National Conference in Capital Area Tomorrow, Has Racist Roots

By Mark Potok on June 16, 2011 - 11:36 am, Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-LGBT, White Nationalism

Editor’s Note: This lengthy story is slated for publication in a future issue of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report, but is published early here because the group it focuses on, Youth for Western Civilization, is holding its first national conference this Friday through Sunday at an undisclosed location in the Washington, D.C., area. To read a summary of the report’s key findings, see here.

By Mark Potok and Evelyn Schlatter

Youth for Western Civilization (YWC) — a 5-year-old ultraconservative student group whose national conference in Washington, D.C., this Friday is being billed by its leader as the organization’s “real birth” — asserts that it is “not a racist group.” Its only purpose, says the group that claims a swelling presence on U.S. campuses and even abroad, is to defend “Western civilization.”

But what exactly does YWC mean by that?

The answer to that question was never clearer than this April, when racist ideologue Jared Taylor wrote a cover letter to his subscribers asking for support for YWC and its leader, Kevin DeAnna (pictured at right), who Taylor described as “an eloquent and distinguished young man who knows how important our cultural identity is.”

After reminding his backers that “race and race conflict” are at the core of the problems the West faces, Taylor said DeAnna “has agreed to continue our struggle on college campuses throughout the nation and dedicated himself to reaching our children and grandchildren.” For his part, DeAnna warned in an accompanying letter of the perils of “radical multiculturalism,” boasting that he had “defended western culture” against the “far left” that is trying to “destroy our people and culture.”

DeAnna’s fundraising partner, Jared Taylor, edits American Renaissance, a journal that specializes in issues of race, intelligence and the “psychopathology” of black people. In it, Taylor once mused: “When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.” Taylor’s biannual conferences have featured a Who’s Who of radical-right leaders, including former Klan boss David Duke and an array of leading neo-Nazi activists.

YWC is not some tiny Klan group on the margins of society. It claims a presence at nearly a dozen American universities, along with others in Canada and the United Kingdom. It appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a key Washington political venue, in 2009 and 2011, when it sponsored a panel on immigration. In 2010, it launched its own Internet radio show, “Western Resistance Radio.” Its honorary chairman is former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo, a well-known immigration opponent and Tea Party favorite. Perhaps most worrying of all are YWC’s close ties to The Leadership Institute, an organization with a budget of some $10 million that claims to have trained close to 100,000 “future conservative leaders” — people like top Bush advisor Karl Rove — and that now employs DeAnna as a leading official of its campus leadership program.

The key question, as YWC attempts to organize new campus chapters through this week’s national conference, is whether it will continue to grow.

Roots of Radicalism

It seemed to begin with resentment towards women.

A decade ago, in 2001, Kevin DeAnna started at the College of William & Mary, a well-regarded school in Williamsburg, Va., where he joined the staff of a right-wing campus newspaper, The Remnant. He was soon joined there by Marcus Epstein, who six years later would be arrested for his attack on a black woman. By 2003, DeAnna was managing editor and Epstein was editor-in-chief. The next year, DeAnna replaced Epstein, who had gone to New Orleans for a semester to study Austrian (libertarian) economics and became the paper’s “Editor in Exile.”

During these years, The Remnant became known for its sneering attitude toward women. It railed on about a campus art exhibit of nude females, aged birth to 100, saying the people depicted “were simply disgusting and not appealing” and the entire exhibit was “filth.” It claimed that the wage gap between men and women was due to women’s “different work habits” and “occupational preferences,” rather than any kind of discrimination. But most notably, The Remnant in this period seemed to delight in attacking alleged rape victims, saying in 2003 that “feminist lies about supposed rape designed to demonize all men should be exposed.”

In 2004, DeAnna wrote a long article demanding an apology from a 16-year-old girl after prosecutors dropped charges against a student she had accused of raping her at a fraternity party. The next year, after a rash of reported sexual assaults on students, The Remnant again attacked an alleged rape victim, saying she had lied, that she was a “wannabe victim” and “con artist,” and that she should be criminally charged. In 2006, after DeAnna’s 2005 graduation, the girl who was 16 in 2004 sued DeAnna, Epstein, and three other Remnant staffers for defamation. The lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed for reasons that are not clear from the court record.

The paper had other interests as well. In a section titled “Rebel Yell,” a reference to the Confederate battle cry, it argued that the Civil War was not fought over slavery — a claim that virtually no serious historian agrees with. It approvingly quoted the late Sam Francis while he was the chief editor of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, a hate group that opposes interracial marriage and has described black people as a “retrograde species of humanity.”

And, in 2003, it sponsored a talk, “Was There a Civil Rights Revolution?” by the radical-right professor Paul Gottfried, who argued that Martin Luther King Jr. had pushed the nation onto a path that “had more to do with political coercion and relentless indoctrination than with appeals to conscience,” as he put it in an essay under the same title as his William & Mary presentation. (Last year, Gottfried scoffed at criticism of Richard Nixon’s slurring of various minority groups. “Was Nixon unusual in noticing that Jews are pushy, that the Irish have a tendency to imbibe too much, that Italians can be intemperate, or that Blacks generally don’t excel at intellectually demanding activities?” Gottfried asked.)

DeAnna wrote up the talk in a long, enthusiastic review.

DeAnna has written that he is “a former director” of the right-wing campus group Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), apparently during his time at William & Mary. In 2005, he also began to blog at the Smash Left-Wing Scum website, where Craig Burgers — who would later join DeAnna on the first board of YWC — also was a blogger. At the time, Burgers was a member of the Michigan State University chapter of DeAnna’s organization, known as MSU-YAF.

That same year, presumably after graduating, DeAnna became a field representative with The Leadership Institute, which says it trains some 10,000 future leaders every year. (In addition to Rove, graduates have included Christian Coalition founder Ralph Reed, lobbyist-turned-felon Jack Abramoff and prostitute-turned-White House correspondent Jeff Gannon.) DeAnna was later promoted to deputy field director for campus leadership programs, a post he retains today. Epstein once had an internship at the institute as well, although it’s unclear when. The institute did not respond to requests for comment on its relationship to YWC.

Crossing the Rubicon

The year 2006 was a critical one for DeAnna and his friends as they cast about, looking for an organization that would serve as a base for their increasingly radical views. By year’s end, they had finally decided to create their own.

In spring 2006, Marcus Epstein graduated and was hired as executive director of American Cause, a group led by white nationalist commentator Pat Buchanan and his sister Bay Buchanan that seeks to “promote traditional American values.” He also became executive director of Team America, a political action committee “dedicated to securing our nation’s borders” that is headed by Bay Buchanan and Tom Tancredo, who would later become YWC’s honorary chairman.

Also that year, DeAnna, Epstein, a white nationalist named Richard Spencer and one other man started a group called the Robert A. Taft Club. According to the journalist Max Blumenthal, one invited speaker that year was the man who would later write a fundraising letter for DeAnna’s YWC — Jared Taylor. (This may well be where DeAnna and Taylor first met.) Also attending a club meeting, Blumenthal reported, was Luke Pelican, who was a former president of MSU-YAF. Later in the year, with DeAnna and Burgers, Pelican would join YWC’s first board.

In a related effort, DeAnna helped create a Facebook page in 2006 for what he called the European American Students Association. He was an administrator of the page, along with an apparently new friend — Kyle Bristow, who that spring had become the radical new head of MSU-YAF. Answering a request for comment from the Intelligence Report, DeAnna said this May that “that was never a real group but an online parody of all the race-based groups you see on any college campus.”

Shortly after taking the reins of MSU-YAF, Bristow began to develop a reputation as a racist and homophobic radical, and within months the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was talking to reporters about his activities. The SPLC announced its first listing of MSU-YAF as a hate group in April 2007.

DeAnna, in his comments to the Report, said that he had never been a member of MSU-YAF and Bristow had never belonged to YWC. And he said that he had known Bristow when he was “involved in mainstream Republican circles” and that Bristow only later chose “to go further to the right,” adding that he had “nothing to do with” Bristow’s later views. But the truth is that Bristow was already a well-known radical by the time DeAnna worked with him on Facebook. Bristow had posted a 13-point agenda in the spring of 2006, including the goals of defunding all “non-heterosexual student organizations,” the creation of a “Caucasian Caucus,” and the elimination of minority group representation in student government.

In May 2006, DeAnna and “Craig Burgess”— an apparent nom de plume of Craig Burgers — wrote an article in a conservative magazine about a new YAF chapter at Liberty University, a Christian evangelical school in Lynchburg, Va., protesting Republican Sen. John McCain and the immigration reform law he co-sponsored. “This action,” they enthused, “is part of an effort to revitalize Young Americans for Freedom and create a real right-wing youth movement to mobilize against the Republican leadership for secure borders and national sovereignty.”

But they later apparently decided that YAF could not be revitalized. On Dec. 4, 2006, DeAnna incorporated Youth for Western Civilization in Falls Church, Va. Its first board of directors was composed of DeAnna, Burgers and Pelican.

Into the Wild

Much of YWC’s early activism seems to have been an angry response to the SPLC’s criticism of MSU-YAF, then run by Bristow and the former home of both Burgers and Pelican. One sign of that was the 2007 Facebook group called End the Southern Poverty Law Center that gave MSU-YAF’s E-mail address as its point of contact. One of the page’s two administrators was YWC’s Pelican.

On July 7 of that year, an episode occurred that would later bring great embarrassment to the allegedly non-racist YWC. Drunkenly walking through the streets of northwest Washington, D.C., Marcus Epstein, reportedly in the midst of a tirade about non-whites, saw a black woman walking by and called her a “nigger.” He then tried to physically attack the woman but was stopped by her husband, who briefly detained him until he broke free and fled. Epstein didn’t make it far, however, as a passing Secret Service agent saw the attack and detained him.

It would be almost two years before this became public, after Epstein pleaded guilty to assault and agreed to undergo alcoholism treatment, stay away from the couple in question, and donate $1,000 to the United Negro College Fund. When it did, YWC worked to put distance between itself and Epstein. This spring, DeAnna told the Report that he and Epstein had discussed the possibility of his becoming YWC vice president only in early 2011, but that Epstein had never taken the post.

That’s strange, because in 2009, a Vanderbilt University alumni newspaper ran a clarification of an earlier article about the YWC, apparently after DeAnna contacted the paper to complain. “The original article misidentified Marcus Epstein as one of the founders of YWC,” it said. “According to … DeAnna,” it explained, “Marcus Epstein is a vice president of the national YWC. Epstein also identifies himself as vice president of YWC on the American Cause website.”

Epstein disappeared from visible activism after his arrest was publicized in 2009 and DeAnna drafted Devin Saucier, the co-founder of a YWC chapter at Vanderbilt University, as YWC vice president. In 2009, Saucier complained in a student newspaper that today’s immigrants are not assimilating: “[Y]ou can move to a Mexican ghetto or something like that and retain your same language, retain your same culture, root against the U.S. at sporting events, hang a Puerto Rican flag from your visor … and it’s not the same dedication to America that there used to be.” That December, Saucier attended a two-day Leadership Institute training.

Making Friends

YWC got its first introduction to the wider conservative world in February 2009, when it appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) as a sponsor, or funder, and ran a booth in the conference’s main exhibition hall. It also hosted an “Inaugural Reception” in a ballroom at a nearby hotel.

Since that time, evidence of YWC’s radicalism has only accumulated:

  • Current YWC Vice President Devin Saucier in 2009 brought in Richard Spencer, president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute, a racist think tank that normally avoids guttural language but has featured interviews with rabid anti-Semites like Kevin MacDonald and the Rev. Ted Pike. Spencer was a founder, with DeAnna and Epstein, of the Taft Club.
  • At a 2009 American University event organized by YWC, Tancredo gave a speech with an explicitly racial theme. “Throughout history, people who are not white Anglo-Saxon have become American by adopting a white Anglo-Saxon culture,” he said, according to the student newspaper. “Today, this cult of multiculturality emphasizes our differences.” He reportedly went on to identify Latinos and Muslims as members of “problem” cultures.
  • DeAnna spoke the same year to a conference of the H.L. Mencken Club founded by Paul Gottfried, the same radical professor whose William & Mary speech he had enthused about in 2003. Other guest speakers included Richard Spencer and Jim Russell, an editorial adviser to The Occidental Quarterly, which writes on topics like eugenics and “the Jewish Mafia.”
  • In a June 2010 speech at an anti-immigration rally sponsored by the Phoenix Rising Tea Party, DeAnna said America cannot survive being “Balkanized” by immigrant groups that do not assimilate to American culture. “If we lose this battle,” the YWC president told his listeners, “we lose everything.”
  • In October of that year, DeAnna spoke to a conference hosted by The Social Contract, a racist nativist journal that has fretted that “Europhobia” is making white people strangers in their own land. DeAnna told his listeners that what was needed was to “destroy the multicultural paradigm on campus.”
  • During the same month, Tim Dionisopoulos, president of the Providence, R.I., chapter of YWC, spoke at a rally hosted by the nativist Rhode Islanders for Immigration and Law Enforcement, citing racist ideologue Sam Francis.

Recent blog items on YWC’s website also suggest an underlying antipathy towards blacks and Latinos. One unattributed 2010 posting complains that we are “importing a servant class of groundskeepers, nannies and pool boys from the Third World.” Another blamed “permanently aggrieved racial and ethnic minorities” for corporate diversity training, which it described as “a form of affirmative action in that it provides middle class jobs for those without any other marketable skills.” Another said it was a “tragedy” that so many blacks ended up “behind bars or growing up in broken homes. This can be attributed to personal failings though, not the American system.” And still another mentioned “how largely Jewish intellectual elites have utterly transformed American social and political discourse.”

At times, YWC can sound like a parody of its own racial fears. Last year, a blog item complained that the Obama Administration was using “politically correct” recyclable paperboard eggs in its Easter egg hunts rather than “fattening” real eggs. “But that’s not their most objectionable characteristic,” the defenders of Western civilization huffed. “Real eggs have the misfortune of being white!”

The Beat Goes On

This year, YWC returned to the February CPAC conference, hosting a panel called “Will Immigration Kill the GOP?” DeAnna moderated the panel, while panelist Tom Tancredo, who warned in 2003 that immigrants “are coming here to kill you and to kill me and our families,” told his listeners that multiculturalism “is the dagger pointed at the heart of Western civilization.” According to the Anti-Defamation League, DeAnna had his own provocative language: “Even if you prove to me … that [curtailing illegal immigration] would hurt the economy, I would still be opposed to immigration because it’s about our dispossession as a people.”

In the audience were several people not often seen at CPAC gatherings: Jim Gilchrist, founder of the nativist Minuteman Project; William D. Johnson, chairman of the American Third Position hate group and a man who has advocated deporting any American with an “ascertainable trace of Negro blood”; and Jared Taylor.

Two months later, Taylor Rose of the YWC chapter at Liberty University, the evangelical college started by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, met in Belgium with members of the Vlaams Belang political party. In 2004, under the name of Vlaams Blok, the party was outlawed because of its racist views; the party later reorganized under the new name to get around the prohibition. Rose also gave a speech in early May to an anti-Muslim demonstration in Germany hosted by two groups classified by the German government as “right-wing extremist.” DeAnna scoffed at that designation, telling the Report that European officials “recklessly” use “smear words.”

At around the same time, subscribers to Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance began to receive the envelope containing fundraising pitches for YWC from both Taylor and DeAnna. Today, DeAnna claims that he had nothing at all to do with that. In an E-mail to the Report, DeAnna said that YWC had asked an outside conservative fundraising group to “get lists for us.” The firm, he said, went on to contact Taylor “without my knowledge” and organized the entire mailing without ever showing it to YWC officials. While this may be so, it would be extremely rare in the world of fundraising consultants, who virtually never mail out letters on a client’s behalf without first securing the client’s approval of every word. DeAnna declined to identify what he called the “third party fundraising firm.”

Today, YWC is only starting to really become known on the national conservative scene, although it’s clear that it has developed a network of friends both on the extreme right and among some more mainstream conservatives. Currently, it has active chapters at American University (Washington, D.C.), where DeAnna is now pursuing a master’s degree in international relations; Vanderbilt (Tennessee); Washington State University; Liberty University (Virginia); Bentley University (Massachusetts); Providence College (Rhode Island); the University of Rhode Island; Boise State University (Idaho); and the University of Idaho.

DeAnna said recently that the “real birth” of YWC will come at its first national conference, this Friday to Sunday, in the capital. “All the work we have been doing over the last couple of years will come together at this conference,” DeAnna enthused. “It will be YWC’s real birth as a national organization with a support structure to build and maintain at campuses all around the country.”

The question now is whether it will be a stillbirth — a group like so many others that ventured from mainstream concerns into clearly racist thinking and withered — or instead manage to fool people into seeing it as a healthy newborn.

Heidi Beirich contributed to this story.

  • billy wingart

    Oh yes – Brevik and hte Norway mass murders have been traced to some people in Poland, who were found with a couple houses loaded with explosives.

    Norways mass murder is not the work of one psychopath – its an international criminal conspiracy, with tentacles in many places.

    Rootted in extremist xtianity, and maybe also supported by parts of the Catholic church, which is as I mentioned all but dead in Europe and dying elsewhere.

    its maybe the second anything but Holy Inquisition. the third one will be between the vatican and the xtians if they win – about how to divvy up the spoils.

  • billy wingart

    lets see now……………

    An extremist xitian kills 70+ in NOrway, mostly kids in a liberal camp.

    Huckabee this past summer told a conference called “renewing God in America” that “we’ve got to get them to pray, at the point of a gun, if necessary”

    Hate groups, mostly xtian based have exploded in numbers, going from about 600 to 900 since their nightmare came true – the election of a black president.

    The USA had 29000 gun deaths in 2006 (FBI). 1000 were righteous police shoots, 100, legit self defense. the ratio is 280 dead for every one saved. By comparison, in England, where concealed weapons are illegal, only had, population adjusted 500 gun deaths. USA Ratio 55x to 1.
    In canada -its 7 to 1 usa to Can.

    And Bush passed a law that removes the possibility of suing gun mfrs etc for their deadly products.

    These people want nothign more then a new civil war.

    They won the last one, not the war, but by 1900 the 17 or so black congressmen / senators were all gone, and segregatgion enforced by lynching and castration were the order of hte day.

    Hate is something that , well you can put out the fire, but the gasoline lies on the floor, waiting for the next match to be tossed.

    it makes the Mc.Carthy era look like a couple kids fighting on the playground.

    BTW I met a woman, last name Van Sustrand. Her father had been McCarthy’s political advisor. She said McCArthy and her dad were psychopaths.

    Her sister btw , works for fox news, and she hasnt talked to the sister in decades.

    For all its faults, the dems are 10 x better then the repubs. Who wil do anything they can to gain total power.

    Everyone should read “against all enemies” by richard C clark, a national security advisor to Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II

    He quit in disgust in 2003 when Bush went to war with Iraq. Almost certainly to steal their oil. For the bush billionaire oil biz and Cheney’s Halliburton pals, mfrs of oil drilling equip and expendables like million $$$ APCs.

    And the TEA party is all behind this extremism and has taken over the part of The Republican establishment that isnt already nuts who wish for the days of slavery and segregation.

    And probably for the interment camps for gays. As hitler did until he threw them also into the ovens.

    And every catholic and others should understand that Benedict is a proponent of absolutist, one man total rule. the type of rule that almost always results in tyrannies.

    And he’s filled curia with his own kind.

    Why – because eg in Europe, only about 15% fo Catholics go to church any more. Similar numbers in Latin America and parts of the USA.

  • Laura Guilmartin

    Thank God the SPLC is tracking these lowlifes. I agree with “concerned citizen” the psychopathology of these hate groups poses a threat to all of mankind.
    I also agree with Matthew; how in the world did these guys get into college?

  • Lewis

    Re:”Deep Ecology”‘s comment “these are not scary guys” I strongly disagree. Appearing as “buttoned down collar young WASPs” while promoting radical extremist positions is exactly what makes them scary and a threat. Like David Duke’s new face of the Klan that he once presented to the world, these guys are no different. The information on who supports them and who they associate themselves with is telling. The old adage that one is known by the friends one keeps should be the cautionary rule here. These people are gaining traction by being supported and gaining acceptance from some very questionable people as the article points out.

  • Deep Ecology

    Ruslan, must respectfully disagree on this one. Neo-crazies, klan haters and militia vanguard types represent a clear and present danger to a well ordered, civil society. The extreme right wing spectrum where they live continually recycles pure irrational hatred and venom that frequently finds a member willing to overcome his or her fear of civil retribution and strike out at whatever object they’re fixated on. Loss of life, damage to property, intimidation, etc are their stock in trade.

    I have read Buchanon’s books, heard him and his supporters speak and while I disagree with paleoconservative philosophy, it is a valid point of view that deserves an open hearing and debate. YWC appears to be what it claims, a defender of Western civilization and its ideas, contributions, etc.

    As a vigorous defender of free speech on campus, their views and ideas deserve the same thoughtful hearing as any other. We are too quick to marginalize, stereotype and label those we disagree with to shut down discussion and open debate. These are not scary guys, just buttoned down collar young WASP’s.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    What “culture” do they advocate? Moreover, they deserve more scrutiny than klan idiots because people like them try to make their backward ideology mainstream and give it a respectable image.

  • Deep Ecology

    I have to take exception to this one. Have met and spoken to many student supporters of YWC, read their positions and am familiar with speakers and authors they invite to lectures.

    They are firm paleoconservatives and culture advocates, representatives of the Pat Buchanon wing of the Republican Party. It’s a real stretch to consider them in the same class as the neo-crazies and klan idiots.

  • skinnyminny

    Sam Molloy,
    the gang problem is a very serious issue here. We don’t always know who is on who side. Here’s a good one for you this is to see ‘Crime Scene:Crime Scene Archives’ in this you will see where the gang in Avenues, called Avenidas the writer says the gangs’ mottos is “Avenidas don’t get chased by the plice, we chase them,” and “Avenidas don’t just hurt people, we kill them.” It will provide a link (that doesn’t work) but will lead you to the indictment against this gang. In the archives, called Memories of El Monte, 5-18-2009, an officer name George Fierro was caught on camera kicking a suspect in the head after a televised chase. It was alleged that this officer did the kicking for, or as a diversion. This officer is alleged to own a clothing company that makes clothing for gang members. The company called Torcido. Other officers alleged that the gang members love this cop. Go futher down to the story called, “Kindergarten Cop” 5-13-2009, and the other stories about Schwarnegger to see the same tactics being used by GOP on entitlements, programs, unions – it specifically states how the guv’s across the country are threatening to release thousands of prison inmates back onto the streets, and laying off teachers…oh, and the satire of, Worthington Barack, it is a spoof of the car commercials of Worthington Ford – a guy that would remind you of Ross Perot on how he talks and sings – but, this guy wore a big cowboy hat.

  • Difluoroethene

    Also, check out the West Virginia Secretary of State’s website. Harry Bertram (a racist, American Third Position Party candidate) has somehow managed to get enough signatures to get on the ballot for this year’s special gubernatorial election. Bertram will likely end up being nothing more than a spoiler. If he does win (which is extremely unlikely but not totally impossible, as anyone who remembers Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s upset knows) it would truly be a nightmare for the people of West Virginia and the country.

  • Difluoroethene

    That ad was directed by Ladd Ehlinger Jr., who also directed the 2007 film version of Flatland. Ehlinger has a history of making inflammatory ads before; last year, he produced an anti-Barney Frank ad featuring Frank dancing between two disco balls. Frank’s opponent actually paid Ehlinger for that ad!

  • Sam Molloy

    SkinnyM, I saw that ad on the Ed show on MSNBC, and it is a terrible attack on decent Black people. Two wierd things, the victim described the guns as AK47’s, but I saw a lot of maple stock like Elmer Fudd’s Wabbit Gun, and, it’s the opposite of the truth, as she only reached out to Gang members to reduce violence.

  • Terrie

    I’m with Matthew. How did these guys get accepted into a university? The plain ignorance of some of their statements is enough to make me laugh. Flying the flag of Puerto Rico is failure is assimilate into America? PR is PART of America! I guess we should be flying any state flags, either. And “real eggs are white”? I guess the lovely blue Araucana eggs in my fridge are fictional.

  • Rabbi Dov Coder

    Look at this young man…listen to what he says…it’s obvious he’s just a nazi in a suit and tie, just like Taylor and Duke.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    He looks like the typical socially awkward white nationalist type. The kind of guy who dreams of a world where there is no competition from non-whites and white women become submissive does who get so impressed at the reciting of Western civilization’s history(or at least the WN version of it). THEN he’ll have his chance!

  • Rebecca

    This man and group might want to reach his children and grandchildren with his racist message, but I have that same right. I am reaching out to teach my children and grandchildren that people must be judged by actions, not skin color, creed, religion, or culture. I only hope more of those that are trying to end hate reach their children and grandchildren.

  • skinnyminny

    I was at a neighbor’s last night and saw a politcal ad about Jan (Janice) Hahn, it was produced by Right Turn USA, this ad had a white female stripper, and black gang members with guns, and latino gang members behind bars – it was traced back to a check cashing business in Gardena. The ad further says that Hahn had given gang members tax-payer money…It should also be noted, when prop 8 failed in L.A., they tried to blame the blacks for being anti-gay, yet, failed to note that blacks are not a majority in L.A. or Califas for that matter.
    This is truly getting ridiculous and may I add, very dangerous. There are rumors that the NSM rally held last year at L.A. city hall was a result of some powerful people in hopes of starting a riot and/or race war.

  • Matthew Bright

    How the hell did these people ever get accepted by a university in the first place?

  • Concerned Citizen

    I think this an interesting, but scary story at the same time. Particularly when you have group like the YWC who busies themselves by blaming others for the problems of the world. My heart goes out to the sixteen year old girl who.have to defend her character against the likes of DeAnna. From this story. It appears that DeAnna has friends in high places.. The YWC poses a threat to all of humankind.

  • Ted Hochstadt

    Is there any relationship between the YWC and the innocuous sounding World Children’s Festival that is being held on the mall in Washington, DC this Friday to Sunday?

  • Barb B.

    I don’t allow myself to read these reports too often because they make me feel so disgusted. I can never decide whether to ‘weep’ or to ‘rant’. In the end, I just go on trying to live my life in a very welcoming way with all people of all colors, backgrounds, religions, preferences, etc.
    It’s very important to work against these racist, misogynist, crazy-ass bigots by ACTIVELY living & speaking positively. I also send money, no matter how little, to established groups that watch these dangerous people & keep us informed.
    It’s the innocent children they ‘poison’ that grieves me the most. As a former school counselor, I continue to remind folks that human beings may not remember the content of an incident or a discussion, but they will ALWAYS remember the feelings associated with it. Therefore, if we act & speak with youth in positive ways, someday– it may be a long time away– they may realize how awfully wrong their own loved ones, friends, peers etc. were when promulgating hate.

  • krissy

    This is creepy. Didn’t they learn about eugenics? And that guy epstein should really have known better than to get involved with supremacists.

  • Hatewatch

    Soren –

    In this case, the use of “capital” is correct. D.C. is the capital of the United States. We are not referring to the United States Capitol building.

  • Soren Renner

    Don’t you mean “capitol” and not “capital”?