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Leak Reveals New Border Vigilante Group on Arizona Border

By Leah Nelson on June 29, 2011 - 3:57 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Nativist Extremist

A 2010 U.S. Department of Homeland Security memo warned that a new Minuteman-style border vigilante group had popped up in Arizona that posed “a possibility of violence between armed civilians and smugglers.”

The confidential memo — dated April 28, 2010, and leaked last Thursday by LulzSec, a group that hacked the Arizona Department of Public Safety — warned that an “unknown group” calling itself “A Concerned Citizen” was seeking recruits to help shut down a 30-mile section of Interstate 8. The idea was to create a roadblock, allegedly for the purpose of stopping any smugglers who might be traveling along the route.

“[I]t is not surprising that another contingent of Minuteman types has come to life. The tone of this information is quite unlike that of the MCDC Locked and Loaded Operation,” the memo’s author wrote, referring to Chris Simcox’s nativist extremist group Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) and appearing to suggest that the new group was even more militant. MCDC dissolved in March 2010 in part because it did not want to take legal responsibility for the potential actions of its fired-up volunteers after its leader announced a “locked and loaded” plan that encouraged volunteers to bring rifles with them to the border and “forcefully engage” the “criminals” who try to cross without documentation.

The memo continued: “If this new operation happens, there could be potential for human rights violations and a possibility of violence between armed civilians and smugglers or with law enforcement.”

Hatewatch found evidence today that suggests that the “new” group was real and was, in fact, a descendant of MCDC, some of whose chapters apparently continued to function after the national organization fell apart last spring.

On May 6, 2010, a website called U.S. Border Fire Report – a revolting anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican site that routinely publishes graphic images of the dismembered corpses of purported drug war victims – announced a new “citizen activist opportunity.” That opportunity, it said, was being offered by a group called “Concerned Citizens” that was seeking volunteers to camp out along Interstate 8 for a campaign of “deterrence by presence.”

The announcement told potential volunteers that the event was “NOT” sponsored by or related to MCDC or any other Minuteman group, but explained that several groups’ mailing lists had been used to “get the word out.” It said that the area was “very dangerous” and that volunteers should be prepared to “defend themselves” in encounters with “armed drug lords.”

The DHS memo also related a March 27, 2010, tip to the Border Patrol from a man calling himself Daniel Webster. Webster, it said, told authorities that he and “a group of concerned citizens” had seen a cluster of vehicles transporting undocumented immigrants along Interstate 8. The language Webster used suggested that he may have been a part of the Concerned Citizen group.

Webster told Border Patrol agents he was not affiliated with any civilian vigilante or Minuteman group. He said that he and a group of volunteers would be camping in the I-8 for the next few days to “observe and report criminal activity,” according to the DHS memo. Investigators who followed up on Webster’s tip were unable to locate the alleged vehicles, the memo says. “The possibility exists that [Webster] might be involved in the organizing of [A Concerned Citizen], or that he might be recruited by the organization,” the memo adds.

A May 19, 2010, posting on the U.S. Border Fire Report website seems to confirm this. Describing Concerned Citizens’ “low profile” campaign along Interstate 8 further, the article quotes a member named Daniel Webster saying, “This is not a Minuteman or extremist group-sponsored event, just a call to action by a group of Concerned Citizens.”

  • brian350

    Daniel Webster lives in Buckeye, AZ. He was rejected by the U.S. Border Patrol for psychological reasons. I live in Phoenix and know him well.

  • Leslie


    How do you know that illegal aliens started the fires? Where is your evidence?

    BTW, I have lived in Mexico and was treated very kindly by the people I met there. It is a much more polite society than the U.S. by far.

  • Clint

    Actually illegal aliens are responsible for those fires! Sorry you cannot blame whitey for that one. Who cares about these militias defending our land from becomming another Mexico. If any of you white liberals went down to Mexico for a day you would shit yourselves and immediately dump your political correctness. The TRUTH is called HATE by those who HATE the TRUTH !

  • Leslie

    With better economic opportunities available in Mexico illegal immigration has slowed to a trickle according to this NYT article.

    This fact won’t stop the vigilantes in Arizona, however.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Thank you, legalhound. Janelle apparently hasn’t heard of the NAFTA (CANTRA also) that screwed Mexico, Central, AND Latin America from ever being able to have a great economy, now, or in the future! That’s why I would welcome with open arms (and have!) any undocumented worker who needs a job to feed his family since the USA stole their abilities to do so. the undocumented workers work harder, save their money, strengthen intergenerational ties/families, AND support their families in Mexico and other countries. Maybe if the USA got their economic caca together they could do the same! Enough said… just DO IT!!! WASP enjoying retirement in beautiful, wonderful, warm South America!

  • Dakotahgeo

    I’m sorry but these AZZ people and their “supposed” immigrant problemare a hoot and a half. No wonder they have a problem. Unfortunately, the problem is of their own making. “Sophisticted” is not their strong point… neither is passing laws, it seems!

  • american wetback

    amen! legal hound, you get it. i knew there were others who feel the same way. thanks splc for all you do.

  • MrsCaptJack

    Don’t forget these are also the people picking and planting our crops in deplorable conditions. I’d like to see ANYONE who claims that an illegal immigrant stole their job get out there and pick lettuce or squash for an entire day in 108 degree weather.

    I have far too many clients who try that argument and when I ask them if they’ve thought about day labour they shut up. If every illegal immigrant in the US packed up and went home to his or her country tomorrow, this country would stop functioning as we know it. Think about that next time you buy fresh vegetables.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Sam, someone is giving it to them, and if public-spirited hackers really want to be creative and productive, I suggest they find out who. Meanwhile, I have an even better offer for the people trembling in fear of reconquista than beachfront property in Arizona, which some minor tectonic shifts could create: two prime mountain lots with panoramic views from 14,000 peaks, one in Florida, and the other in Illinois.

  • Sam Molloy

    Don’t these people have jobs? Where do they find the time and money to go out and try to terrorize some poor Mexicans?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    An invasion is when a foreign military crosses your border and takes over whatever territory they occupy. It is not when poor workers come over and build your houses and shopping centers.

  • ruben

    jenelle the invasion has already taken place….in the tens of millions from europe….of which your forefathers were part of.these racist militants are the same losers that would gladly overthrow this government i they had the chance….and skin color is what motivates people like them and if you are to naive to believe other wise then i have some beachfront property in arizona to sell you.

  • legalhound

    Janelle chill out it is far from an invasion. There aren’t as many white people anymore so yeah “white power” has been diluted. More and more of us are bi or multi-racial anyway so “white power” should have been replaced by people power at least a decade ago.
    There is a HUGE difference between an invasion and people who are running away from the violence that is going on between the Mexican government and the cartels or running from deadly living conditions caused by the pollution from factories that Americans have put there. We’ve made it hard for them to live in their own country and yet we have the nerve to bitch when they come up here. It is a matter of basic survival, stay and die for sure or run to the border and maybe make it. Instead of trying to build some stupid wall we need to be talking to our leaders about getting our factories back here (making them clean up the mess they made), about putting the smack down on Monsanto for making it impossible for Mexican farmers to make a profit even in their own country, about removing our farm subsidies because they’re part of the problem too. Stop bitching about immigrants being here and work on the real problem – our government’s policies including the “war on drugs” that are causing the problems in Mexico, the problems that drive regular people and their families here.

  • Jenelle

    Why doesn’t our Federal Government want to protect the states which border Mexico from invasion and provide for the common defense? If we were being invaded by those from Canada, the same would apply – regardless of skin color.

    Article IV of the Consittution and the Preamble

  • PSzymeczek

    Maybe these are the people responsible for the wildfires in Arizona.

  • Wayne Daniel

    Leslie, keep in mind that the law enforcement agency hacked is in the State of Arizona, where “sophistication” is an incomprehensible concept.

  • Leslie

    LulzSec calling themselves hackers without borders also encouraged others to “set aside our differences and join the antisec popular front against the corrupt governments, corporations, militaries, and law enforcement of the world”.

    It seems that some state governments are not sophisticated enough to keep their information out of the hacker’s sights.