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News Roundup for July 8, 2011

By Hatewatch Staff on July 8, 2011 - 2:28 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Antigovernment, Sovereign Citizens, White Supremacist

A Brooklyn man was convicted today on terror charges for conspiring to travel overseas and join militants fighting U.S. soldiers. Betim Kaziu, 23, is an American-born son of Islamic immigrants from the former Yugoslavia, who said he felt stereotyped and wished to avenge what he saw as the persecution of Muslims by the United States. Kaziu faces a maximum of life in prison for the charges.

A man who authorities say is affiliated with the anti-government “sovereign citizen” movement was arrested for allegedly writing on an indictment issued against him. Donald E. Robinson was being indicted for filing false liens against the city of Boerne, Texas, and a police officer who had given him a traffic ticket. It is unclear what Robinson attempted to write in the indictment.

Authorities in North Dakota have revealed evidence that an accused murderer was planning to carry out a criminal act for the Aryan Nations. Investigators claim a witness heard Daniel Wacht say only two weeks before the alleged murder that he wished to carry out a bombing or a murder to raise the profile of the AN in the area. Wacht is currently charged with the murder and decapitation of a local college researcher; no motive has yet been discovered for the murder.

The leader of a fringe North Carolina religious group is facing charges of murdering two people. According to police, Peter Lucas Moses lived with a group of women, whom he considered his wives, and children, all of whom were to call him “Lord.” Moses is accused to shooting a 4-year-old boy dead because he thought the boy was gay, which was against the beliefs of the group. He’s also accused of shooting a 28-year-old woman who was killed because she could not have children and wished to leave the group. Moses could face the death penalty if convicted.

  • Lex

    Look i do agree with you skinny and i think the reason for higher crime rate for blacks and other minioritys is due social and economical reasons, not racial.
    Poverty in my view is the major cause of crime,

  • skinnyminny

    in a sense you are right. However, it should be noted that western countries encourage behaviors that leads to extremism. No, I don’t condone it. But, I will share my belief and opinion on this matter, when I say encourage this type of behavior.

    Instead of accepting people as people, western countries divide people into classifications. For instance, one thing what we don’t do is follow Canada’s lead as calling all Americans just that, Americans. There is always a hyphen to say Mexican American, African American, but, when it comes to Europeans, it’s British National or German National…on the news, or at least until recently, to describe a white male suspect, the news will just say, ‘the suspect is described as tall or short…’without ever saying a white male, assuming everyone will know the suspect was white.

    When it comes to jobs, it is almost always decided by race and gender instead of qualifications. Pay is also almost always decided by race and gender. Sometimes where you live is decided on race – some apartments or real estate agents will not assist you if you are a certain minority group, or from a minority group.

    It is a known fact of racial profiling with law enforcement. Look at the jail and prison system! It is more black and latino locked up. Oh, please don’t say, well that blacks and latinos get in more trouble. Especially with the favorable treatment of Lindsay Lohan being paraded on the news and no real hard punishment, but taxpayers punished by having pay all of the costs associated with this circus.

    BTW, I will just throw this curve ball. Explain why no one ever talks about the Chinese communities. What I mean by this is, they have their own private schools, shopping strip malls, and communities. It’s hard to get a real estate agent, which is usually Chinese, to sell you a property in the areas that are predominantly Chinese.

    So again, I don’t think it has anything to do with just whites, blacks, and the jewish people. I think it really has to do with people not being accepted as people and who they are. In western countries, we tend to think it’s okay to want people to be a certain weight. Interesting, because I’ve met men from Latin America and Africa who thought I was skinny. Then on the other side of this, western countries, people are so obsessed with looks/appearance when they lack inner beauty, virtues, morals. To explain this, i.e. Dennis Rodman, Bill Gates, to name a few, the most beautiful women would have never dated them before they were famous, rich. But now, the most beautiful women would most definitely chase them for the money.

    I wait for your response!

  • Lex

    Its funny it does not matter what brand of extremism it is, they always excuse it, be it Islamic extremist(i was prosecuted by evil western people that drove me to this action), white racist extremist(i was prosecuted by evil Jewish people that drove me to this action) or black racist extremist( i was prosecuted by evil white me that drove me to this action)

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Poetic justice in the case of that Islamic immigrant, who judging by the name might have been from Kosovo. During the terrorist insurrection in Kosovo, many Albanian Americans went over there as mercenaries(there’s a book on the subject called Remember you Have Brothers Across the Sea or something like that). Typically fighting in a foreign army means the loss of your citizenship, except when the State department looks the other way.

    As usual, one man’s “terrorist” is another man’s “freedom fighter”.