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White Supremacist Arthur Kemp Reprinting Forgotten Racist Texts

By Leah Nelson on July 12, 2011 - 10:00 am, Posted in Neo-Nazi, White Nationalism

Notorious South African white supremacist Arthur Kemp has added a new project to his portfolio of transnational activism. In addition to writing for white supremacist publications and running a prominent website for British racists, he has opened an online bookstore featuring reprints of previously impossible-to-find racist tracts from times gone by.

According to its website, Ostara Publications (which Kemp founded in 1999 as a means of distributing his own white supremacist screeds) was “developed in response to anti-white discrimination the world over” and “intends to be the world’s primary Eurocentric resource.”

The collection so far is small – but what Kemp’s bookstore lacks in breadth, it makes up for in nastiness. One of the most striking resurrected titles is Arthur Compte de Gobineau’s 1853 tract The Inequality of the Human Races, the first book to promulgate the concept of a superior “Aryan race.” Tremendously popular among late 19th– and early 20th-century “Pan-Germans,” the book inspired generations of white supremacists and anti-Semites – including a young aspiring artist named Adolf Hitler.

Kemp is also hawking several civil rights-era tracts that were used to fight school desegregation in the South. Among them is Race and Reason: A Yankee View by Carleton Putnam, whose pseudo-scientific “proof” that blacks were biologically inferior to whites was used by the White Citizen’s Councils (predecessors to today’s Council of Conservative Citizens) in their battle to keep black children out of white schools. Also for sale is the equally influential The Biology of the Race Problem, commissioned in 1962 by Klan-endorsed Alabama Governor John Patterson and authored by Wesley Critz George, once a department head at the University of North Carolina Medical School.

Ostara offers some new titles as well. It is the U.K. and European distributor for White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century, by racist ideologue Jared Taylor, editor of the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance. Of course, the complete works of Arthur Kemp are also available, including a new 90-page text in which he states as fact that the I.Q. range in predominantly Muslim countries is between 70 and 79 (100 is an “average” I.Q. on most tests).

Looking at Kemp’s career, it’s no surprise that he would open a bookstore stocked primarily with hateful racist texts. Starting with his attempt in the early 1980s to revive a pro-apartheid student club at South Africa’s University of Cape Town, Kemp has spent the bulk of his years trying to breathe new life into fading pro-white causes. He was a pro-apartheid journalist in the 1980s and early 1990s, ultimately going to work in the South African security forces, which were implicated in assassinations and other violence directed at the African National Conference and other militant opponents of apartheid.

Kemp moved to England in 1996 and fell in with the National Alliance, which was at the time America’s leading neo-Nazi group. Always a fan of a losing white supremacist cause, Kemp threw himself into saving the collapsing group after founder William Pierce’s unexpected death in 2002. He wrote for and helped edit the Alliance’s National Vanguard magazine, and he drafted speeches and radio essays for its leader. He eventually got fed up, and in 2009 denounced Pierce’s recommendation that his followers abstain from participation in the democratic process and plan instead to seize power after the system’s collapse as “possibly the single most damaging influence in pro-white politics in American history.”

Between 2004 and 2011, Kemp worked in a variety of capacities for the whites-only British National Party. He resigned in March to become editor-in-chief of a British nationalist website owned by European Parliament member Andrew Brons.

  • Jay Matthews

    I notice you folks don’t have offices in Israel documenting the racist policies of Israel towards Palestinian’s and black Ethiopian Jews. I don’t see you dedicate your creepy Stasi like profiles on the racist Jews who rampaged through Tel Aviv breaking windows of black immigrants. Or the more recent story of how the Israeli government is injecting black women with birth control medication. Never seen you declare “Racists!” although Israel is an apartheid state and Arabs are treated as second class citizens and while radical Jewish settler’s have continued to break international law and have gradually stolen so much of the West Bank over the years of foot dragging that it has destroyed any chance of the Palestinians of ever having their own state. Ot called the IDF for using white phosphorus against the most recent attack on Gaza. Or bull-dozing the homes of Palestinian families who have lived on that land for generations.Bibi sure seems like many of the same neo-Nazi’s you condemn. To be honest I am far more afraid of Israel having nuclear weapons than Iran.

    These discrepencies only lead me to conclude that you are merely a front for Jewish Supremicism, That you have double standards. Do you not agree with the U.N resolution that declared the “Zionism is Racism”? If you were really as dedicated as you claim to be against hate perhaps you might address some of these fundamental issues? Will you admit that Israel is an apartheid state and that Zionism is racism? Will you call upon Israel to increase more non-white immigration as an exercise in tolerance? Thanks.

    p.s. what percentage of your staff is Jewish? If it’ considerably higher than the number of Jews in America per ratio then your hiring standards are racist. Stop pointing the finger at those “evil white Christian Goyim” and look in the mirror,

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Marta, ever hear about a fellow named Temujin, better known as Ghengis Khan? Or Tamerlane? In the days of colonization, there was no such thing as “whites”. It was invented in the American colonies only after slave owners realized that their white slaves could realistically unite with the black slaves(with whom they often shared living conditions). The distinction was used to divide European-descended slaves from the Africans, and set them against each other by requiring the former to serve on slave patrols or as overseers to get their meager privileges.

    So your Africa-invading Belgians, French, and British were not “white” per se, but rather Belgian, French, and British. The latter, for example, would have seen Irish as a separate “race”, equal if not inferior to Africans.

  • marta kaye

    It was the whites who illegally invaded this land of the Indians, it was the whites who illegally invaded Africa, it was whites who forced blacks to come here and stired up the hate against them. Do research it was the whites who stirred up more wars, and hate than Black, Brown, or any of color. Also, Jesus a Middle Eastern of brown color, and since no one knows what GOD ‘s color is , and it was different men of the brown Middle East,– of color who at different times heard a voice from above and wrote what he thought he heard, depending on the state of mind wrote it down. The reason the Bible contradicts itself.

  • Peter Hockley

    Hey guys stop feeding the Trolls!

  • Sam Molloy

    tyrone, I love the way you think.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Thanks for pointing that out. So far we have evidence of one incident in Philadelphia, were the mob was racially mixed, and there is no evidence that it was targeting white people.

  • tyrone mixon

    If you wanna talk about “flash mobs” let’s go back a bit further. I remember stories of “flash mobs” dragging Black people outta of houses, jail houses and what have you. Nine times outta ten these people where innocent and were just torn apart often while the police looked on if not helped. I love how white “Merica” has this selective memory, it has become funny. True be told, Black people could never live up to the terror that was inflicted on them by white folk. As for that other clown, I think he should be allowed to do what he wants as long as he doesn’t harm anyone. I would never like to see someone muffled no matter the act, you stop them from expression, you stop me from expression. Also, we need to let these people feel comfortable doing what they do as to keep them in the light of day.

  • Pickwick

    I found only one incident of a violent flash mob anywhere — in Philadelphia — and it appears that there were both black and white participants. There was one trial (that I could find) as a result and that was a black on white beating. Not really a national trend there, eh?

  • MST

    @Ruslan — there have been some mobs of unruly black youth attacking people — not just whites — in some cities, including Miami, Chicago, and Philadelphia. These actions were widely publicized on Drudge and white supremacist websites as “evidence’ that blacks are “savages” and “animals” (the recent rioting by whites in Vancouver and Greece, however, is not mentioned). However, these actions were roundly condemned by most of the people in the black community. The majority of black folks are NOT criminals. White supremacists like to blame ALL black people for the actions of a few — a classic example of “guilt by association.”

  • Pete

    So because 40 or 50 blacks get together and attack old white people and the mainstream media ignores it it must not be true? This is happened in numerous cities on multiple occasions most recently in Philly and Chicago.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Gee…I wonder what kind of sources I will get if I type in “black flash mob” into Google.

    I’d like to see YOUR sources first. Since I Googled “flash mob violence” I found virtually nothing but conservative blogs or sites. Violent crime in America is still going down, and has been for a long time since the 1970s.

  • chris schultz


    Actually there have recently been several violent flash mobs (a twist of the mobs you are describing) of blacks targeting whites throughout the country. I will not list them here but just type in Flash Mob Violence or black flash mob into Google news and you should get the picture.

    Although I am sure that the excuses of why this action is condoned will be many.

    By the way you and the SPLC’s racially divisive and humanist experiments are failing. No one can take gossip tabloid style rhetoric which the SPLC engages in seriously.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Thank you, Jack, for your trite comment which has been answered dozens of times before. Let’s examine it, shall we?

    “What a hate-filled article! Why is it that on websites such as this anyone who stands up for the interests of white people is condemned in the nastiest way, while those standing up for any other group in society is applauded?”

    Ever notice how nobody gets upset at St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Highland games, Oktoberfests, etc.? Because these REAL identities(Irish, Scottish, German, Polish, etc.) aren’t inextricably bound up with the oppression of people outside the arbitrarily constructed group.

    ” Is that not discrimination? The reality of white peoples problems is ignored – worse, not even recognised. ”

    Individual “white” people can have problems, but if we look at the US, Canada, and any European country, we see that “whites” don’t really have a collective problem. If we look at net worth in the US, for example, we see that whites are doing pretty good. Ditto for surveys of who has the highest paying jobs, assets, etc.

    Now to kill that second bird.

    “The SPLC is worried about Mr. Kemp publishing a few historic texts while flash mobs of racist Blacks are attacking Whites around the country?”

    This is downright hilarious, because it seems that you don’t know what the term flash mob means. A flash mob is usually a group of hipsters or equally annoying people(typically white, incidentally) suddenly dancing or doing some kind of performance art for the sake of getting attention. Sometimes they say it’s for some political cause, but usually it’s about attention.

    So I’ll shoot down your claim with the racists’ most dreaded weapon: “Give us some EVIDENCE.”

  • Naughtius Maximus

    The SPLC is worried about Mr. Kemp publishing a few historic texts while flash mobs of racist Blacks are attacking Whites around the country?

  • Jack Ashton

    What a hate-filled article! Why is it that on websites such as this anyone who stands up for the interests of white people is condemned in the nastiest way, while those standing up for any other group in society is applauded? Is that not discrimination? The reality of white peoples problems is ignored – worse, not even recognised.

    I urge anyone reading this to search on YouTube for Arthur Kemp videos of the many speeches he has made to British National Party meetings and judge for themselves whether this article reflects his views, or just the prejudides of the author.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    Maybe it was time to call out Ostata Publications to whomever hosts the website thereof, what with their Terms of Service likely to include proscriptions on hosting websites containing racist, hatemongering or otherwise discrimminatory content.

    Or is Mr. Kemp using a proxy server in the (howbeit misguided) name of “privacy” and “freedom”?