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Oslo Shooter A Frightening Reminder of Radical Right Terrorist Threat

By Heidi Beirich on July 24, 2011 - 12:27 pm, Posted in Anti-Muslim, Domestic Terrorism, Europe, Hate Groups

The horrific events that took place in Norway this past Friday— a huge bombing in central Oslo closely followed by a bloody shooting rampage on nearby Utoya island that left 93 dead—are a sobering reminder of what extreme radical-right beliefs can drive some to do. And the threat is not confined to Norway or Europe. Exactly the same ideas that motivated the Oslo shooter to take up arms are popular in radical-right circles on this side of the Atlantic.

Anders Behring Breivik, 32, described by Norwegian police as a right-wing Christian fundamentalist, was apparently driven to act by hatred of Muslims and fears of multiculturalism. Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto, 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, equates liberalism and multiculturalism with “cultural Marxism,” something Breivik says is destroying European Christian civilization. Posted online just before the attacks, the manifesto is described in The New York Times as a diary of Breivik’s months of planning.

Writing under the Anglicized name “Andrew Berwick,” Breivik predicted a massive war that would kill or injure more than a million people as he and his small group seize “political and military control of Western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda.” Breivik’s manifesto also describes a secret April 2002 meeting in London to reconstitute the Knights Templar, a military order active in the medieval Crusades, that was attended by “representatives” of European countries and one “European-American.” The document does not name the attendees, and authorities are unclear the meeting actually occurred.

Fears of “cultural Marxism” have a long pedigree in this country. It’s a conspiratorial kind of “political correctness” on steroids — a covert assault on the American way of life that allegedly has been developed by the left over the course of the last 70 years. Those who use the term posit that a small group of German philosophers, all Jews who fled Germany and went to Columbia University in the 1930s to found the Frankfurt School, devised a cultural form of “Marxism” aimed at subverting Western civilization. The method involves manipulating the culture into supporting homosexuality, sex education, egalitarianism, and the like, to the point that traditional institutions and culture are ultimately wrecked.

A number of hate groups, including the racist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), have raised the spectre of cultural Marxism as a way to explain contemporary events (click here to watch the CCC’s DVD on the theory). Some prominent conservatives also adopted the conspiratorial theory ( features MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan and Texas Congressman Ron Paul). In 2002, William Lind of the Free Congress Foundation, a far-right outfit long headed by the now deceased Paul Weyrich (one of the founders of the Moral Majority), gave a speech about the theory to a Holocaust denial conference. Saying he was “not among those who question whether the Holocaust occurred,” Lind went on to lay blame for “political correctness” and other evils on so-called “cultural Marxists,” who, he said, “were all Jewish” (Lind is mentioned in passing in Breivik’s manifesto).

Breivik shares more than fears of cultural Marxism with America’s radical right. A recent SPLC report documented an increasingly reckless campaign to vilify American Muslims, driven in some cases by mainstream poltical figures. If irresponsible ideologues or public figures use the upcoming ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to further demonize American Muslims, this population may be great danger (in the past year, there have been serious attacks on mosques and other Islamic institutions. For more, read here and here).

Tensions are arising here for very much the same reasons as they are in Europe: societies on both sides of the pond are becoming more demographically diverse. In Europe, the targets of radical-right extremists are typically Muslims, because they make up a large share of European immigrants. In the U.S., until recently, ire has mostly been directed at Latinos and Latino immigrants. This growing population is blamed by racist ideologues for the impending end of a white majority, which will come midcentury according to the Census.

That racial fears could drive someone to kill on a massive scale should come as no surprise. Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people in 1995, taking his blueprint for the Oklahoma City bombing from the gruesome race-war novel, The Turner Diaries, written by neo-Nazi leader William Pierce. Between McVeigh’s April 19, 1995 bombing and early 2011, the SPLC has documented some 100 domestic terror plots by right-wing extremists. In recent years, these attacks have been propelled by additional factors such as the election of the nation’s first black president and the troubled economy.

The obvious danger from radical-right domestic terrorism makes it all the more galling that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has largely given up its efforts to monitor such threats. In April 2009, the department released a report, “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” warning of possible violence from racists, radical antigovernment types and others. The report was prescient; within a few month of its release two major domestic terrorist attacks took place. But that didn’t stop conservative analysts from savaging the report after it was leaked shortly after its release.

It was one thing for the right-wing media to savage the report; what was truly shocking was DHS’s reaction. The department ended up gutting its non-Islamic domestic extremism intelligence unit, which had been led since its inception by veteran intelligence analyst Daryl Johnson. Johnson recently talked to the SPLC about how the DHS bowed to the political pressure and basically abandoned its role in protecting the country from radical-right threats (The Washington Post provided further evidence here).

“[M]y greatest fear is that domestic extremists in this country will somehow become emboldened to the point of carrying out a mass-casualty attack, because they perceive that no one is being vigilant about the threat from within,” Johnson told SPLC referring to the fact that DHS is out of the non-Islamic domestic terrorism business. “That is what keeps me up at night.”

The SPLC’s CEO J. Richard Cohen recently asked DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to reconsider the department’s actions. The Oslo attacks are a reminder of why this is so critically important.

  • Phila

    Why do you believed that the killer chose his attackers based upon a “need”? What kind of “need” are you referring to? Was it a “need” to further his political cause? Maybe so.

    What I mean is that people like him tend to justify their pet hatreds and their lust for violence by inventing enemies who are “worthy” of them. As an example, people who have some kind of inner need to hate homosexuals will attribute all sorts of lurid crimes to them, implicate them in fantastic global conspiracies and so on. It’s a common syndrome among all hate groups. “Projection,” I think it’s called.

    Whose world and religious views are very different and conflicts with that of your own.

    Like most reasonable adults, I consider this to be the human condition, and I find it preferable to the alternatives pursued by racialist fanatics and conservative kulturkampfers.

  • skinnyminny

    Jonas Rand,
    I still disagree with you. Most of Brevik’s was from other people’s material. Yes, it appears he was far more intellectual than Loughner based on the info we have been given. On the other hand, don’t underestimate Loughner, he did afterall quote one of my favorite books “Plato’s Republic.” I had to read this book several times in order to understand it. So here let’s just take this one for example, Plato’s Republic and the old world material Brevik likes i.e, Knights Templar, it is like ‘how society was’ and how they think it should be, or glorifying going back to old civilization.

    I live in Los Angeles, and believe me, I see ‘crazy,’ mentally ill people all day, sometimes everyday. They are on the street corners, they are everywhere i.e. parks, sometimes fastfood restaurants. In fact, there was an ambulance service called Allen’s Ambulance that used to pick up these mentally ill people because they missed their appointments, or the family called their doctors because of their behavior – the ambulance always needed police to assist them. If you go to skidrow or parts of downtown L.A. you will also see them – they are homeless.
    I’m not denying Jared doesn’t have some form of mental illness, but, I think he is playing it to the extreme to benefit him.
    Brevik, look at the website Gates of Vienna (a website sponsored/hosted here)…Brevik as well as Jared, I believe was inspired by the groups that are pro-freedom of speech, anti-muslim, nationalism…violence has been on the rise the last 10 years, anger has been on the rise the last 10 years. In fact, it was part of the teas favorite talking points, “we are coming for you…” regardless that they defended some of the candidates, they also targeted Giffords and had her in the crosshairs – remember that? They also targeted people that they thought were RINOs…

    Again, most independents vote Libertarian, such as folks for Paul, and if I’m not mistaken, Bob Barr ran under Green…and to make things more understandable for you, LaRouche runs on Independent ticket – this guy is wayyyy out there, and I believe he is also one that is causing alot of division here. You want to see extreme, look at LaRouche!

  • Jonas Rand

    Skinnyminny, how are Breivik’s ideas incomprehensible or confusing? He feels that multiculturalism is a form of Marxism, as applied to culture rather than economics. Put this into Google Translate (from Norwegian to English), and it seems almost completely understandable, phrased in semantically correct sentences and coherent thoughts. That’s unusual for automatic translators, as probably anyone who has used them to translate paragraphs of text can attest.

    It may only be “confusing to the average person” because the average person doesn’t study Marx and is probably more interested in the Casey Anthony trial. The man was quite intelligent, though his politics were based on rather primitive (i.e., not complex) explanations for society.

    Now compare the translated version, unless anyone here speaks Danish/Norwegian and English (in which case, you can read the original), with this video by Jared Lee Loughner, posted on youtube before the Tuscon massacre:

    Totally different style. Non sequitur after non sequitur, almost nothing is connected. All of the statements are logical, but most of them are not relevant to each other. They never make a cohesive argument

    Breivik was not a “lone nut”, such generalizations are typically not useful and do not assist in any critical analysis of political murders.Loughner probably was a maniac, the conspiracy theorists at Above Top Secret realized it, and probably so did everyone he encountered (at least after some changes developed in his personality) .
    Stack’s manifesto was pretty sensible too: it condemned capitalism and the US government for being insensitive to the real needs of AMERICAN PEOPLE, not AMERICAN CORPORATIONS (i.e. legal FICTION made up by corporate shills to allow unrestricted greed in the name of “free speech” for these psychopathic entities). Why it even quoted Marx – I’m not sure that he was Tea Party, just an upset American who did not want the government to keep favoring the rich in attacks on the poor. Tired of the upper class control over government, Joe Stack wanted poor Americans to fight back in class struggle, and for equality to win out in the end. He felt that the best way to express desperation was to go out with a bang (not that I advocate his choice to do so). So he went after the IRS building – representing the institution that feels compelled to let big business executives get away with tax evasion, but take Americans’ money and give it, in the TRILLIONS, and give it to the Department of Defense, to kill Afghans and Pakistanis with drone strikes and continue a seemingly endless war for the profits of the generals. For the guv, it is always profits first, poor people last.

    Jared Loughner ranted about “illiteracy” both in his district and in college. This was nonsensical drivel, but had nothing to do with multiculturalism, or culture at all. He was not a White supremacist. And the Green Party do not “vote GOP”. Why wouldn’t they vote for their own candidates? They do field them.

    “Now, if you look at the way that teas (i.e. West) talk to women, the way they have talked about female candidates running for positions that they think they should have instead, or the way they have talked about the female Obamas…there is literally no respect.”

    But they constantly defend the female Tea Partiers when caught making embarrassingly absurd remarks. For example, O’Donnell, Bachmann, Palin.

    Remember that Gabrielle Giffords is a Tea Party-leaning (Blue Dog) Democrat, part of the reactionary right wing of the Democratic Party. It is almost impossible that Loughner shot her because she was further to the left than he was. Loughner was not sane and didn’t have clear motives when he made his blaze of glory. Breivik is, and he did.

  • skinnyminny

    Oh, to add to comments.
    I would like to know the distinction myself. It’s odd that Brevik and Stack leaves behind a manifesto, as if they are trying to leave behind something for the history books, movies…Jared goes on the videotape mission as if he is O’Keefe…

    As far as complaining about education, and not having to pay for it. This is just me speaking on this, I’ve noticed that there are college campus protests, but usually it is because the fees are constantly increasing, or they are discontinuing certain courses. I don’t see the ‘liberals’ complaining about wanting a free education – I think I can tie this to the people complaining that ‘their tax dollars are paying for illegal immigrants to get free education.’

    As far as Jared being label a nut, yes. However, look at the recent arrests of sovereigns being declared, ‘mentally incompetent, mental defects…’ I think this political climate has brought out quite a few of everything-i.e. people showing up at townhall meetings with guns. It must also be taken into consideration, if you can get a sentence of mental incompetence, more than likely your sentence won’t be as long or harsh than others. There’s a chance you can also be found not guilty.

  • skinnyminny

    Okay guys, this is what I am thinking, and why I said he is Jared #2. What I have noticed about all of them, included Stack, the guy that flew into the irs building in Tx – it just seems that they all try to leave these manifestos, ideas that would make it confusing to the average person, or the person who doesn’t really read the entire text (thereby scanning for keywords), or if they are writing in some type of secret code, or if they are trying to appear mentally ill and liberal. Sometimes pointing out that because they are potsmokers they must be liberal…

    Now, if you look at the way that teas (i.e. West) talk to women, the way they have talked about female candidates running for positions that they think they should have instead, or the way they have talked about the female Obamas…there is literally no respect. The teas have been on a recruiting frenzy, recruiting any and everyone.

    Are they all mentally ill – yes and no. They are mentally ill for the destruction they cause. I’m saying no, but not really no, that it seems if they are trying to leave clues that would not cause suspicion or point to who they were apart of. Meaning it would seem they are trying to protect others. Let me explain this, part about the protection, remember how it was alleged that Stack had attended tea party events…well, people have time to try and scrub and hide certain things from SOME not all sites. Jared, as is alleged was a registered independent – well, I don’t know very many independents that lean towards DEMS, most are libertarians or green party which still mostly votes GOP. And if I’m correct on this, Jared did complain about multiculturalism by complaining about having to pay for college, people weren’t as smart…

    Lastly, I will say, all you have to do is look at the way these groups run when something like this happens. I laugh at this, because it seems this is the only thing that gets them to run. LOL! Or should I say show to have NO BACKBONE-SPINE. LOL! In cases like this, I never see them standing up for the beliefs!

  • Jonas Rand

    “Congresswoman Gabriella[sic] Giffords is a GOPer.”

    Actually, she isn’t. But her politics are basically the same as the Tea Party GOP. It is all one business party anyway, Dems and Repubs, except for a few like Dennis Kucinich etc.

  • Shadow Wolf

    There is a fallacy in your first comment. Jared Loughner’s targets were all Republicans. Congresswoman Gabriella Giffords is a GOPer. The victims who fell under Loughner’s bullets were either supporters/employee of Gifford’s Republican campaign. But in any case Loughner doesn’t know exactly what he is fighting for nor did he had a cause. Let alone–any reasons given, other than his henious actions is purely a mental thing.

    I would say the Oslo shooter is Timonthy McVeigh # 2.(i.e. Gov. bldg bombing).

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Skinny, this guy was nothing like Loughner, who was possibly mentally ill. This guy knew exactly what he was doing, and the ideology he espoused has been allowed to gain mainstream popularity.

  • Jonas Rand

    “This belief is totally unfounded; he may have had private complaints, but there is no evidence and he was never known to have written any statements decrying multiculturalism. ”

    Skinnyminny, I should clarify that by this, I mean Jared, not Anders. Anders Breivik, by contrast, did indeed make lots of pro-monoculturalist posts,calling multiculturalism “cultural Marxism”, etc.

  • Jonas Rand

    Skinnyminny, I think you are wrong here with the Loughner comparison. I used Google Translator, which surprisingly did a good job in this case, to translate Anders Behring Breivik’s posts to from Norwegian to English. Now, due to the fundamental errors in automatic translators, some things didn’t come out right. For example, if you search (in the English automatic translation) for “street newspaper” in his post archive, what appears does not make any sense (other than semantically) unless you know that it was actually a hypercorrective translation of a proper noun. Gateavisa, which was capitalized in the original Norwegian, is the actual name of a newspaper, but apparently it means “street newspaper” and it was translated as such by Google. However, this is an exception; most of the translation makes sense and from this it is clear that Anders Breivik was not insane like Jared Loughner (or at least was comparably intelligent and coherent). He wrote a 1500 page manifesto, which I don’t believe Jared Loughner would be able to do without sounding like a total moron, and was apparently multilingual. This doesn’t seem like a “nut”, but his ideology is the product of a simple, black-and-white view of the world, preferring sweeping characterizations and hatreds to complex analysis of problems. Now, for your argument:

    “I think this guy is Jared Loughner #2. Here’s why, after seeing his video, manifesto…all at hurry up harry dot org, he targeted liberals, same as Jared.”

    Jared Loughner did not directly show contempt for liberalism other than through advocacy for radical, rightist libertarianism. It just so happened that the politician who he targeted for assassination was a Democrat, but all Democrats aren’t liberals. Of note is the fact that Gabby Giffords was of the Blue Dog wing of the Democratic Party, who lean toward Teabagger Republican positions but still run on the Democrat ticket.

    “He complained about multiculturalism, I believe Jared did the same.”

    This belief is totally unfounded; he may have had private complaints, but there is no evidence and he was never known to have written any statements decrying multiculturalism.

    “He had no mercy for children, neither did Jared.”

    I’ll grant you that, but several other mass murderers have done the same, and there’s no evidence that Loughner purposefully targeted young people. Breivik, on the other hand, conducted the shooting at the camp at Utøya because it was a camp run for the youth arm of the Labour Party.

    “He targeted what would be a gathering/event/official, ‘liberals,’ so did Jared.”

    Again, Gabrielle Giffords is a right-winger, part of the Blue Dogs, which are even further to the right than most of the already right-of-center Democratic Party.

    “He posted at ‘extremist websites,’ so did Jared…”

    This means nothing. Anyone can post at a website that some term “extremist”; it doesn’t mean that they agree with most of the other posters. If you are referring to the forum Above Top Secret (in the case of Jared), a forum for the discussion of various conspiracy theories, he didn’t. Jared (under the username “Erad3″) was perceived as incoherent by Above Top Secret members, and many there couldn’t understand the point of his posts. I don’t know, but I suspect that Breivik was mostly in the company of like minded people on the White nationalist forums he posted on.

  • A.D.M.

    There are Muslim fundamentalists that commit terror attacks, but so do Christian fundamentalists, which is something most of these far right folks don’t want to admit.

    Let’s see:
    Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) and Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA) – white Catholic Irishmen

    Ulster Defence Association (UDA) – white Protestant Irishmen

    Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) – white Catholic Basque separatists

    Army of God – white anti-abortion Christian group responsible for blowing up abortion clinics and killing abortion doctors

    Hutaree militia – white Christian group made up of conspiracy theorists and gun nuts

    Timothy McVeigh – white Roman Catholic extremeist who blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 19, 1995

    Eric Robert Rudolph – white Christian extremist who blew abortion clinics in the southern states and was responsible for Centennial Olympic Park bombing in 1996

    David Koresh – white Christian extremist who founded the Branch Davidian religious sect

    Unabomber Ted Kaczynski – white Protestant right-wing extremist who hated leftism

    Note that 1a and 1b, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are still active. Those are just nine examples I can come up with, but of course there are more out there today. They’re far right and they’re Christian fundamentalists who hate Muslims and diversity. These are facts, people.

  • skinnyminny

    I think what else is not being looked at with this guy. It is said that Norway police don’t carry weapons like they do here in the U.S. because it’s a relatively safe country. Where did this guy get the ‘dum-dum’ ammunition? It would seem, this type of ammo and the his weapon of choice would not be easily available.

  • skinnyminny

    I think this guy is Jared Loughner #2. Here’s why, after seeing his video, manifesto…all at hurry up harry dot org, he targeted liberals, same as Jared. He complained about multiculturalism, I believe Jared did the same. He had no mercy for children, neither did Jared. He targeted what would be a gathering/event/official, ‘liberals,’ so did Jared. He posted at ‘extremist websites,’ so did Jared…

    As far as the manifesto, this guy is all over the place. One point, he says that he and jihadists should meet in a public place in the ME, saying it would be hard to slip in wmd’s in the west. He said that Muslim gangs were committing crimes…shockingly, he said that in Los Angeles there were ‘no go areas’ such as Watts, Compton, Inglewood, but that blacks were Christians! ***Huh! What! I’m wondering if this is, again, pitting of the minorities.
    At any rate, I think this was a combination of things, politically motivated (hatred of liberals), anti-Muslim…I also think he will be the next to held as mentally incompetent.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Tyler is likely counting actions which occurred in nations which are currently experiencing civil wars or insurgencies. See, the Islamophobe’s tactic is to insist that any military act by Muslims is due to Islam. They project this same idiotic idea back through history. Muslim conflicts with non-Muslims are always the Muslims’ fault, and they could never be due to things like politics, greed of leaders, or all the reasons for which Christian and other non-Muslims historically went to war.

    It get’s really funny when it comes to conquests like those of the Mongols. Genghis Khan wasn’t a Muslim, but he claimed the sky god had sanctioned his conquests. So the everywhere the Mongols went they informed prospective conquered populations that god had promised the whole world to them. In other words, it was a holy war. This, by Islamophobes is A-ok. But later on, the leaders of various Mongol hordes converted to Islam, and in some cases entire hordes, such as the Golden Horde, converted to Islam. Suddenly, their wars became bad, evil, and of course, due to teachings of the Quran. Interesting.

  • ruben

    to tyler….i think you are a bit confused….you say only 1 right wing attack……the 17,500 attacks that you claim were perputrated by the radical islamists,i would think that they are also right wing elements of there societies……so make it 17,501.

  • Miguel

    Tyler insists, “Over 17,500 Muslims terrorist attrocities since September 11, 2001, all unreported by SPLC”

    Please define what you mean by atrocity. Also, please cite at least 100 of these before I take your claim seriously.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Why do you believed that the killer chose his attackers based upon a “need”? What kind of “need” are you referring to? Was it a “need” to further his political cause? Maybe so.

    As for the threats, I don’t believe it was a personal threat to him, but more of a idealogical, religiously(the fear of implementing Sharia Law into their Constitution) and cultural identity one. At which he was clearly aware of over the past years.

    On the contrary, I somewhat agree with him on that assertion alone. Especially if you reside in a civilized society that is so “opened” to outsiders, whose immigration laws are severely laxed. You don’t know what kind of cultures you are bringing in, from countries like Somalia and Pakistan. Whose world and religious views are very different and conflicts with that of your own.

    Just my 2cents.

  • The Panic Man

    Tyler: Citation needed.

  • Tyler

    Still waiting for the SPLC to report on the attempted terrorist attack on the 2008 RNC convention by the son of a prominant DNC Rep., or their subsequent arson attack of the home of the governor of Texas.

    1 ‘Right wing’ terrorist attack

    Over 17,500 Muslims terrorist attrocities since September 11, 2001, all unreported by SPLC

    …ho hum

  • Jonas Rand

    @Ruslan, I don’t think it can be transliterated without the stroke, but it could be copied from my post into the article.

  • Reynardine

    The BBC transcribes it as “oe”, though I don’t think Scandinavian orthographies admit digraphic alternatives, as German does.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Thanks, Phila, for pointing that out about the Frankfurt school. The Frankfurt school really turned Marxism on its head, so I am sick of hearing right-wingers rail about it without actually knowing what they are talking about. I remember one forum poster who actually studied the School and he showed how many of the concepts from these philosophers could seem as though they came from the right as well.

    If you have any good links related to the subject of the Frankfurt school I would be very appreciative.

    @Rand, Come on, I don’t think they have that character set on their keyboards. Can that ‘o’ be transliterated somehow, like the o with umlaut in German can be written as oe?

  • Jonas Rand

    Pedantic correction: The name of the island is not Utoya, as it is misspelled in the post. The island is Utøya. Different letter, different pronunciation.

  • Reynardine

    This incident has caused a curious sense of excitement among like-minded people on this side of the Pond, and for my part, I think we are in danger of seeing a copycat soon.

    And yes, I think they have already done murder on those too transient/ insignificant to be noticed.

  • Sam Molloy

    For several years Indiana has had an optional no extra cost “In God We Trust” license plate. According to the Courier Journal, Kentucky will soon offer one that contributes money to R.O.C.K., or. “Reclaim our Culture Kentucky” and, no, it’s not about the degradation of the environment or constitutional liberties, it is a right wing, supposedly “Christian” group. I’m assuming their charter and stated purpose reads exactly like this terrorist’s manifesto.

  • Phila

    These reactionaries might be right that the Frankfurt School, the Institut für Sozialforschung, saw multiculturalism as ideal and positive

    They didn’t, really. Their view of homosexuality was not particularly positive, many of their cultural concerns were staunchly Eurocentric and arguably elitist, and their view of political activism and state power was generally pessimistic.

    There are plenty of admirable things about the Frankfurt School, but the idea that they had some sort of 10-point plan for taking over and administering the world is ludicrous. Hell, Adorno famously called the cops on socialist students in 1969.

    Breivik simply has no idea what he’s talking about (not that it would count in his favor if he actually did). Like many conservative radicals, he choose enemies based on a personal need for them, not because they pose an actual threat to him or anyone else.

  • Jim

    I am so glad that the backpack bomb didn’t go off this past January in Spokane…the one that Neo-Nazi Kevin Harpham of Colville allegedly built for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. parade..that could have maimed or killed many people celebrating diversity and multi-culturalism…Spokane Mayor Mary Verner condemned this domestic terrorist threat outright however, our local committee of conservative citizens i.e. elected Republican officials have not stated a word about what almost happened. They have been noticeably silent. There could be any number of reasons for that i.e. noone has been tried and convicted of it or any public statements like Mary Verner’s might not sit very well with the far-right fringe dwellers in the Stevens County Republican Party….who are currently trying to take over the local party…looking forward to the trial next month and finding out who else was in support of the Spokane bombing….over the Internet…


  • Shadow Wolf

    While the extremist-right on both sides of the ocean, share a common idealogue. I think the main differentiation lies on the thin line between race and religion. In Europe, the right-wing extremists see a gathering threat of Islam(and Shariah Law) which is generally associated with its increased Muslim immigration. This is more of a relgious matter, rather than race.

    In the U.S. the same radicals of the fringed, view the concerning rise of Latino population as more of a racial issue, rather than a religious one. This is precisely based on the fact that most Latinos immigrants are thus Christians(Roman Catholics & such). I think this is where the slight differentiation between European and American right wing idealogical extreminisms lies. While they both share a common concern regarding the White/Aryan European-American Christianism.

    On the other hand, after the wake of carnage in Norway. I find it to be extremely irrational and unprofessional for the DHS to end the most critical and crucial intelligence unit within that Dept. And after what we have just witnessed in Norway, should serve as a cause for alarm,…. to reistate the Domestic Terrorism unit at last. Regardless of any political pressure.

  • Jonas Rand

    “supporting homosexuality, sex education, egalitarianism, and the like, to the point that traditional institutions and culture are ultimately wrecked.”

    Hey, what’s wrong with that? If the characteristics of our “traditional culture” mean being stagnant, regressive, and authoritarian, then I’m ready for the revolution. All of those causes that these cultural subversives are alleged to have supported should be if we want to live in a just, rational society.

    These reactionaries might be right that the Frankfurt School, the Institut für Sozialforschung, saw multiculturalism as ideal and positive, but that doesn’t mean they engineered a cultural shift in America or anywhere else. How could they have the power to manipulate American culture behind the scenes?

  • ruben

    and it is just a matter of time before the radical white right elements in this country act out in the same way…..these people are just as dangerous as the radical islamists that they love to hate… there eyes its alright to hate muslims, latinos,gays and anyone else in there crosshairs as long as you attach the word ” patriot ” to it. and by the way in my opinion i think that atrocities have already been commited by them….all those neo nazis patrolling the arizona border is any one monitoring them?…..i believe that they have already executed countless migrants that have had the misfortune of running into them in that vast isolated desert…..i wonder how the right wing propaganda machine fox news will spin this.

  • Leslie

    It is amazing how the lame stream media are tiptoeing around this shooter’s political affiliations, in many cases only saying he was deranged (duh!). At least the New York Times has reported his membership in a right-wing Christian organization.