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American Blogger Praises Oslo Shooter

By Leah Nelson on July 26, 2011 - 5:09 pm, Posted in Anti-Muslim, White Nationalism

While most people who found their words or sentiments echoed in Anders Breivik’s screed raced to distance themselves from him, an obscure American blogger named Brett Stevens was practically giddy to learn that Breivik, who murdered more than 70 people this past Friday in an anti-Muslim murder spree, had quoted his writing.

“I am honored to be so mentioned by someone who is clearly far braver than I,” Stevens wrote on Sunday. “[N]o comment on his methods, but he chose to act where many of us write, think and dream.”

Breivik’s manifesto quotes in full a 2009 essay called “Conflict avoidance and how to avoid it,” in which Stevens argues that being “forced” by social constraints to treat each other as equals, “when in fact … we are not,” leads to dysfunction, frustration, and breakdown.

“For the last 2,000 years our preferred method of neutralizing conflict has been to insist on equality. First, it was insisted that we were all equal in civic duty, so should get a vote. Then, it was insisted that we were all equal in the eyes of God, as we all had souls. A thousand years later, we upgraded that to the idea that we were all equal citizens in potential, so we should have no limits of role or money,” Stevens wrote. “The idea of universal equality and rights sounds good to us because we’re afraid as a group. If you the individual speak out against it, the others may gang up and you and clobber you — for denying their denial of reality.”

Stevens’ proposed solution was to hold “rallies where each participant steps out and says, ‘You know, we’re not all equal and we can’t pander to the weakest link in the chain just so we seem nicer than our neighbors.’”

Though not well known outside of white nationalist circles, Stevens is a well-read and prolific blogger who believes that political correctness and diversity have undermined the natural social order. He is a fan based on his blog roll of the VDARE hate site, which has published anti-Semitic, racist and anti-immigrant materials. He is also an admirer of racist ideologue Jared Taylor, founder of the group American Renaissance. Taylor once wrote, “When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.”

Stevens blog also links to the campus group Youth For Western Civilization, which worries about “radical multiculturalism” and claims that the “far left” is trying to “destroy our people and culture.”

Stevens takes some pains to obscure his identity, using as his Facebook picture the famous rendering of the Unabomber suspect wearing huge sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt. Indeed, he seems to be something of an admirer of Ted Kaczynski. So is Breivik, who included in his own manifesto substantial portions of the so-called “Unabomber’s” anti-technology, anti-liberal manifesto.

In Breivik, Stevens has found yet another murderer after his own heart.

“This was an act of war, a political act. It was not a murder like a serial killer, who kills for his own pleasure,” he wrote on Sunday. “This guy killed to attract attention and to change society, which puts him in the same category as Ted Kaczysnki and Tim McVeigh, or even the American revolutionaries who opened fire on British redcoats.”

Stevens ramped up his rhetoric on Monday:

“If you wonder why people shoot up your society, it is because you are oblivious to truth and derive some perverse sense of power by turning your back on the truth. You feel like you are kings because you have in your minds the ability to deny logic, truth and the evident consequences of your actions.”

“The rage builds under the skin,” Stevens continued. “Look for more events of this type in the future. As for me, I’m tired of giving service to the boilerplat (sic) ‘oh isn’t this terrible.’ If that’s the kind of sentiment you want, get away from me — you’re an idiot.”

  • Deep Ecology

    For Dooleeoo,

    These are not my conclusions. You have fallen into the trap of assuming my explanation of Steven’s thesis is in fact, my own thesis.

    Every Fall we get a new crop of freshman that are very overopinionated and woefully underprepared. My task is not just to teach facts about Human Geography 101, but to teach the higher level learning that is required to succeed in the intellectual world.

    One shocking change in Freshman is the way they acquire, assimilate and process information. Because reading, poetry, and science inquiry have been replaced with Google, sound bites and multi-tasking, young people think differently because of how information is presented.

    Aristotle said “it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”. Another favorite of mine is from a contemporary philosopher who said an educated mind seeks first to understand then be understood. I want to know precisely what an essayist is trying to say, in his words and from his understanding. Only then can I formulate an intelligent response and if in disagreement, tell him why I disagree.

    My explanation of Steven’s thesis is accurate. As stated earlier, I have corresponded with him because he is an advocate of the philosophy of Deep Ecology which is my passion and advocacy. He is not a white nationalist (I am opposed to it and would not have taken the time to speak to him if that was his position), he is a cultural traditionalist and pan nationalist, which is a New Right perspective that was formulated in the 70’s and 80’s by a group of French intellectuals. Very different idea than what we would consider “conservative” when looking at say American Republicans.

    In summary, you are very mistaken assuming I was “defending” Steven’s ideas. He deserved an accurate assessment of his thesis and supporting ideas, no more. Mischaracterization hampers communication, pure and simple.

    Lastly, the “socio-pathic right” has no monopoly on fringe individuals who commit violence in the furtherance of their ideas. Either you are uninformed or deliberately disregarding historical precedent. Which is it?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Serbia really ought not be lumped in with Nazi Germany or South Africa. For one thing, Serbia upheld the rights of non-Serbs within Serbia proper(called the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the wars), second, what war crimes did occur(and they were committed by all sides) were those of the Bosnian Serb Army, and particularly of various para-military groups with virtually no oversight.

  • Dooleeoo

    Deep Ecology, I believe your inaccurate conclusions are based on accepting the assumptions of the sociopathic far right. Progressivism and liberalism do not constitute sick societies that produce monsters like the shooter in question. These bloggers and sociopaths are not creating an ideology that has its origins in the failures of liberalism. People like this have always been around. One achievement of progressive and liberal societies is that they are able to limit these acts to a few deranged individuals, as opposed to allowing them the become integrating into state policy. History is replete with examples, from medieval kingdoms to Nazi Germany, Serbia, South Africa, etc. They represent the utopia envisioned by Breivik and Stevens, and have more in common with the Middle Ages than the modern world.

  • Deep Ecology

    The back and forth on this horific tragedy is being cynically played out by both sides of the political debate.

    The bottom line is this: Ideas have consequences. The basement dweller who finally snaps after reading racial slur after racial slur, the anti-fa who snaps after reading about the present day threat from real world “fascists” and decides to take a baseball bat and his Doc Marten’s to the face and head of a conservative or New Right lecturer, the environmentalist who crosses the line into tree spiking and sabotage of work sites. All inspired to take up violence and murder in defense of an idea.

    As an environmentalist, I have heard the arguments from the violent fringe that words, lawsuits, and non-violent protests are not enough to save the natural world. The lure of direct action is irresistible to them, consequences to innocent human beings of minor consequence when compared to the “struggle”.

    This violent fringe lurks around all movements that take an ideological stand. No one knows what constitutes a “tipping point”, when the time for violent action becomes irresistible, or is seen as the only appropriate response.

    As the polarization of left and right ideologies increases, disenfranchisement and alienation of the poorest or most discriminated against grows, and religious extremism skyrockets, look for more of the violent fringe to take direct action. It is beyone tragic.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It isn’t really that difficult to be braver than that blogger. I mean these are people who live in mortal fear of Muslims, and who scream when they see a sign in Spanish somewhere. The question is how can one be MORE cowardly than a right-winger?

  • Pål Terje Aubert

    Quote: “I am honored to be so mentioned by someone who is clearly far braver than I,”

    Breivik slaughtered defenceless children while triumphantly yelling: “You can’t escape! You’re all going to die!”
    When he encountered armed police, people trained and equipped to shoot back, he immediately put down his gun and surrendered. The “hero”, the brave “Knight Templar” preferred to stay alive.
    If Stevens is “far less brave” than Breivik, I guess that makes him the most spineless and pathetic coward on this planet.

  • skinnyminny

    that’s exactly the point I was making. In looking at Haiti, UN troops, USAID…have been there for decades – the people are not allowed to vote for their own leaders…If the troops were there to help stop the violence, then why isn’t this a peaceful country? USAID has been their for decades, yet, the people are still poor, and there are rumors the food provided by different NGOs is being taken and sold into Dominican Republic…Loans provided by IMF/WB are loans this poor country, which is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, are loans that can’t be paid back.

    I made a mistake above, it should have read Saddam. An Iraqi engineer allegedly said that an elaborate water system was built to divert water from some of the residents in an area has been found…Now, I’m not saying that what is happening in certain black African nations is the same – however, if you look at all the countries on the African continent, almost all are on what we consider ‘desert,’ but, they are not all starving and suffering from famines, and they all do not have all of these different organizations there either!

  • Deep Ecology

    For TC,

    I have exchanged a few comments with Mr. Stevens about his views on integrating the philosophy of Deep Ecology with paleoconservative thought and existential spirituality.

    Unusual for an alt-right blogger, he has written extensively about the failure of white nationalism and the idea of basing a movement on race and race alone. He advocates change from a much different perspective, one based on shared culture, heritage, spirituality and soil versus the standard boiler plate race argument. He is a pan-nationalist versus propositional nation-state advocate, and believes people with a shared culture and heritage make for the most stable nations.

    That being said, his essay and some of the things he said quite frankly disturbed me. But his thesis was that modernity and enlightenment based, liberal-progressive propositional societies are at their core sick societies that will produce deranged individuals who will commit heinous crimes. He was encouraging his readers to look beyond the crime (effect) and seek out the cause (modernity).

    His is an unusual alt-right perspective, and rare in that political spectrum. Most don’t examine our attitudes towards the environment, spirituality or looking at issues realistically and with brutal honesty to seek out causes instead of treating effects.

    I am opposed to white nationalism, and would not have considered his site to be of even minimal consideration had I not read his well thought out and cogent opposition to it.

  • TC

    Deep Ecology – with all due respect, I think that your suggestion that Stevens’ thesis is that sick societies produce sick people who do sick things while pardoning him of white nationalism is a bit too benign on your part. He includes in his blogroll VDare, a website which hosts racist, anti-Semitic material. He admits that Breivik did what he could only “dream of” doing. He cites Jared Taylor as an inspiration-a man who said that a society in which black people have a prominent role will not flourish. He also says that those of us who condemn what Breivik did are the problem in that we don’t understand HIS point-of-view-which is supposedly a failure on our parts. Yes, part of his problem may be with a technologically advanced society, but it’s clear that Stevens harbors some racism also.

  • MST

    This is a bit off-topic, but people like Jared Taylor are always going on about how blacks are genetically inferior. By this reasoning, Asians, who score higher on intelligence tests than both whites and blacks, should be the MASTER RACE, right? Yet, I’ve never heard a “racial realist” saying that they should cede power to Asians and recognize their “innate superiority!”

    Also, there are black-run countries in the world that are prosperous, such as Bermuda (the prime minister is a black woman, Paula Cox, who I hear is doing a pretty good job). Granted, much of the money there is in the hands of whites, but it’s still 65 percent black. Also, the Bahamas is a black majority and black-run country, and it’s doing pretty well. On the other hand, there are white countries, such as countries in the former eastern bloc, that aren’t that prosperous or safe, something that white racists ignore.

  • Julian West

    It is so disturbing how these far right extremist groups edit history. His timeline for the modern liberal ideals of equality, democracy, and diversity and not nearly as old as he suggests. Rather, the Enlightenment gave us our modern ideals, and an over reliance on science as an orienting cosmology. It was the 18th century that saw major gains in human liberties, and the early 20th century that destroyed the idealistic notion of science as the answer to our questions – and brought about post-Modernism. (WWI, II, Holocaust) and finally, killed God and ushered in post-Modern secularism. 2,000 years ago the Western World began the journey directly into the Middle/Dark ages. I rather think, at times, the rise of these far right hate groups, founded on ideological extremism is a backlash against soulless modernity and a loss of an orienting cosmology. I think he is right that we are sick, at times – but not for the reasons he suggests. We are sick because of materialism and consumerism and our fundamental loss of spiritual ground in empty modernity.

  • Shadow Wolf

    To address Jonas on the previous blog:

    “An invasion is when foreign soldiers cross a border to conquer land for a foreign power.”

    Nope, not necessarily. An “invasion” can be anything from a large scale onset of something harmful or an excessive intrusion of one’s encroachment or natural inhabitant. In my subject, I was merely referring to illegal immigration and refugees per se.

    I never said anything about military or armed forces. Although, you may live in Mexico, according to you. But that’s not my point.

    If you’re not familiar with what’s going on in L.A. here’s an example, courtesy to YOU by SPLC:

    This is another form of displacement. Go figure.

  • skinnyminny

    Jonas Rand,
    here is something that may interest you, I guess it could be called an insight into cultural christian, This article, “Anders Brevik, the BNP, and Crusader Christianity,” includes an embedded easter speech by Nick Griffin, and picture of him dressed in Midieval costume. Griffin said something to the effect (I’m paraphrasing) that it is a fight against Islam, and he will not let his children lose his country to Islam, he will die fighting, he’s a cultural christian…
    It is said they name the youth group with the name crusaders…

    I’m sharing this with you because, there are things going on that most of us don’t understand or, we are not aware of. I just think Brevik was trying not to fully expose who or what it all entails – by trying to confuse people. Think about it, he said ‘shock and awe,’ targets, and used a DIVERSION to carry out the last part.

  • skinnyminny

    Jonas Rand,
    to sum it up from your comment you disagreed with my comment that he is Jared #2. I will use the comments someone else said over at harry’s – Brevik talked about battlefields as if he was at war, those are kids that he killed in coldblood. There was no war!

    Again, Jared ambushed people at a poltical event, they had no escape. Brevik ambushed kids at a (political) camp, there was no escape.

  • ModerateMike

    It is ironic that even “mainstream” conservatives, who seem to be qualifying their expressions of shock and dismay regarding the Norway shootings with reminders that we “need to understand why these guys are so angry”, would probably have pounced on me mercilessly if I had made a similar remark in response to, say, the L.A. riots that started after the acquittal of the police officers accused of beating Rodney King.

    But the reasons behind right-wing rage have been far more difficult for me to sympathize with (and I’m a white guy living in a community that is so far right that it can’t even find its left hand). Having gotten to know a fair number of immigrants, I’ve had the chance to watch their children grow up, and have been astounded at how quickly they have lost their affinity for their parents’ cultures in favor of that of the U.S. In other words, the country is changing them more than they are changing it. At least from my own limited perspective, the fear that foreigners will undermine the country’s culture and national character appears to be unfounded.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    also notice that these programs went on despite the cities throughout the states claims that they were broke.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Obviously it sucks that this guy is facing the world’s most wonderful prison system. But we have to remember that crime in general is rare in Norway, and Oslo is possibly the world’s safest city. Whatever Norway has been doing with its correctional system- it works.

    Ironically, Norway’s success is what refutes this fascist bastard’s claims about how terrible things are due to immigrants and Muslims.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Wow, did anyone catch this one? The Norway’s maximum security prison is quoted as being the most “humane in the world”, and very comfy. Complete with flat screens in their cells, and a mini-fridge, jogging trails, and other goodies. The Oslo mass murderer is looking towards a life of luxery after he is sentenced(prison wise). In other words, he gets treated like a King:

  • Jonas Rand

    “I too hath noticed those “gun-buy-back programs”.”

    O Wolf, from what Centurie dost thou cometh?

  • CM

    “The idea of universal equality and rights sounds good to us because we’re afraid as a group. If you the individual speak out against it, the others may gang up [on] you and clobber you – for denying their denial of reality.”

    It appears to me (based purely on impressions from news coverage the past few days) that Breivik has a major streak of narcissism, seeing himself as a lonely and misunderstood superman whose vision is oh-so-much-clearer than that of the ordinary mortal, and who of course need not be restrained by society’s small-minded standards of right and wrong. That looks as if it might apply to Stevens, too.

    Stevens’ claim in the sentences I quoted is essentially what the self-centered Thrasymachus argued in Plato’s Republic: that justice is a concept invented by the weak to stop the powerful (“naturally superior,” in the narcissistic framing of a racial superman) from dominating them. It was a false argument 23 centuries ago and has not improved with time, but it’s the kind of reasoning one might expect from someone who thinks it’s “brave” to launch a heavily armed surprise attack on a mass of defenseless children.

    What Stevens calls “denial of reality” is in fact a refusal to join him and his kind in their race-haunted, fear-driven, egotistic fantasies. We profess and practice equality and personal freedom, sometimes at the risk of life and livelihood, not because they “sound” good but because they ARE good.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Skinny M,
    I too hath noticed those “gun-buy-back programs”. I find it strange that they had operated here in state that is proudly pro-gun. They purportedly use this as a pretense to target gangs in minority hoods. Which doesn’t appear to be the case and obviously the program itself doesn’t work in that regard. In essense, It is generally aimed at minorities, in exchange for gift cards, cash, groceries etc. As means to disarm them. It makes me wonder who or what organizations are behind these programs targetting non-White communities.

  • John

    And how, pray tell, is Norway’s society “sick”? What motivated Breivik to plant that bomb and gun down those children? It must be a very good reason, if the “Pan-Nationalist” Brett Stevens can cheer about it.

  • Deep Ecology

    I frequently read the essays posted on Amerika and in general, find them reasoned, cogent and well written. Before any frantic finger pointing begins, let me hasten to add that as an academic with a passion for Deep Ecology and new paradigms for living, I also peruse and comment on many left leaning and left sites that comment on environmentalism.

    Any decent human being that deplores violence in the name of ideology, economics, race and religion, will find this act deplorable. Mr. Steven’s essay disturbed me, but to give the devil his due, his thesis could be summarized as follows: Sick societies produce sick people who do commit sick acts. After rereading it several times, I am convinced that he is not advocating acts of this kind but instead insists they are an inevitable by-product of modernity, diversity, and progressive-liberal ideology.

    Respectfully, for Ms. Nelson, Mr. Stevens writes and blogs in the alt-right genre, but is most emphatically not a “white nationalist”. He advocates Pan Nationalism and self-determination of nations based on populations united by race/ethnicity/culture/shared heritage/language and spirituality. He has written many essays opposed to white nationalism and considers it a failed and wrongheaded ideology.

    Standard Disclaimers: Personal advocacy only extends to Free Speech on Campus and Deep Ecology. My academic interests and teaching focuses on Man-Environment Evolution and Adaptation and Migration/Population movements.

  • Mitch Beales

    “the “far left” is trying to “destroy our people and culture.””

    You don’t need to be very far left to try to destroy the “culture” of racism, exploitation, and oppression espoused by Stevens, Breivik, and “youth for western civiliztion.”

  • John

    I forget the exact term, but I know that in Norway, your prison sentence can be repeatedly extended if you’re deemed a threat to the public. So, I don’t think Breivik will be leaving prison anytime soon.

    And why would Breivik want to leave prison, anyway? If he’s inprisoned he’s a martyr, safely locked away in a humane facility. Outside, he’s a pariah and a monster.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    ““I am honored to be so mentioned by someone who is clearly far braver than I,”

    He’s not that brave. He had to know the maximum sentence in Norway is 21 years. Also, when you live as a socially awkward nationalist, life on the outside can be pretty close to prison.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Based on those sordid kvetches of Stevens, it seems that he is nothing more than a typical blabbering White Supremacist nutbar. His idea for “equality” is nothing short of a crying mantra on how they are supposed to be SUPREME etc. It’s the same things we are accustomed to hearing from a rambling dunderhead like Mr. Stevens. For them to feel SUPREME, is for them to deny “equality” to a common man with a different concept.

  • skinnyminny

    Now is the time to ask, this guy Stevens is praising Brevick…I had some thoughts about this for a while, is this why the ‘gun buy-back’ programs here, and throughout the Caribbean ‘gun amnesty.’ I’ve commented about this before, it didn’t seem right that they were holding these type events in minority communities, but at the same time gun shows were flourishing elsewhere. Yes, I would say we be should be alarmed – as they are disarming the minority communities – apparently this guy attacked unarmed and innocent young people.

    As far as. ‘black civilization cease to exists…’ Well, let’s look at this a bit further. It was alleged that Sudam had built an elaborate water system to divert water from people he wanted to eliminate, or I will use the word genocide, is this what is happening in the drought areas of Somalia…but back to black civilization, isn’t it true that most black countries are under some type of western colonization/rule, i.e. NATO, NGO’s, USAID…(let’s also compare this to Palestine and the Red Cross, USAID…)why is that? Is it the same thought process/rhetoric that blacks can’t run a country, these same people said this about our prez.

  • skinnyminny

    Stevens is not alone in this kind of thinking, just a little more bold. It is alleged that the New Yorker, ‘Anders Brevick & the EDL,’ story, interviewed Tommy Robinson of the EDL. He (Robinson) allegedly said, that ‘Brevick was a nutcase, but, European politicans risk similar attrocities if they didn’t start addressing the effing elephant in the room…people were very angry…’

    I think we should start paying more attention to these folks, something the SPLC has been doing for awhile. It is a lot of anger and hatred coming from these groups, vocal hatred like ‘I hate Libruls,’ hatred of immigrants, hatred of LGBT, hatred of unions, hatred of minorities, hatred of the poor, hatred of the government, hatred of taxes – the very visible ‘don’t tread on me’ flags on cars throughout Southern Califas.

  • Reynardine

    Genocidal racism is the last refuge of born pipsqueaks.