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Neo-Nazi Bill White Back in the Real Estate Business

By Leah Nelson on July 27, 2011 - 1:43 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Neo-Nazi Internet gossip and budding real estate magnate Bill White has had a busy couple of months. Just recently out of prison after spending over two years for making various threats, White has already contributed several articles to the American Free Press, an anti-Semitic weekly founded by Holocaust denier Willis Carto.

And now, according to correspondence obtained by Hatewatch, he is wading back into the real estate business – apparently going back to his pre-prison routine of buying up cheap properties, renovating them, and renting them out for more.

Once the head of the neo-Nazi American National Socialist Workers Party, in December 2009 a federal jury found White guilty of threatening several people through intimidating phone calls and internet postings. He was sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison at an April 2010 hearing. In January 2011, White was found guilty in another case of posting personal information on his website about the jury foreman in the trial of another white supremacist. A federal judge threw out that conviction three months later on First Amendment grounds, and White was released April 20.

In mid-July, he posted an advertisement on Craigslist seeking a property manager and real estate manager in Roanoke, Va. Hatewatch has obtained a copy of the message White sent to those who responded:

“First, I am ‘the’ Bill White that people like to make noise about,” he wrote. “If this is a problem for you, let me know and I am not offended. Much if not most of what you have likely read about me is untrue, but I have no desire to engage in a discussion over it.” The rest of the email is a job description and information about the company. White says he represents a group of investors who, starting with a handful of properties, hope over the next two years to put up $10 million and buy 100 or more buildings.

White is no stranger to the real estate game. He began buying up properties in 2004, accumulating houses and apartment buildings in a largely black neighborhood for what he called his “ghetto improvement project.” His reported pattern of improving the distressed properties, raising rents, and, often, booting out original residents who could no longer afford to stay, led the local Legal Aid Society to file complaints with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Tenants at the time also claimed White walked around their neighborhood armed with a shotgun and tried to intimidate them by saying the Klan was coming to “regulate” the area.

The new company described in his email is called “J Evola Group, LLC” – presumably in honor of Julius Evola, an Italian Nazi philosopher obsessed with the pre-Christian origins of Indo-European culture whose racial theories were adopted and codified by Mussolini in 1938. Calling for a “Great Holy War” to battle national and ideological enemies, Evola exerted a significant influence on a generation of militant neo-fascist youth in postwar Italy. Among his protégés were leaders of right-wing terrorist organizations linked to numerous bomb attacks from the 1960s to the 1980s.

  • steve f

    and tell me this how does he have a facebook acount and post neo stuff on his page i thought his parole stated he not be in part of internet

  • steve f

    hello ive rented from bill he is not a great lanlord he is in the tittle slum lord and does nothing to improve the area he is only washing what little money he has left and hiding from the gov by using boguss names and spending his friends money cuz his ex ran him in debt he is not a bad person all the time but very sneaky and should be watched every day

  • Jason Smith

    Bill White is an American citizen, his conviction has been overturned. He is a free man. If he wants to buy a property, he has the freedom to do so, and it’s none of your business. Who are you people to run around deciding who has the right to buy and sell? Bill White is working and trying to make a living and build a life for himself. His life is none of your business. Go away and start your own business and you do your own thing.

  • Jonas Rand

    Bill White should not be able to buy any more real estate or land, other than in the event that he loses his private home. Instead, some power-drunk judge banned him from the internet.

  • tomfrazee

    Not to be contentious, without a cause, but, the left and right, middle and folks along for the ride, all have equal access to buying properties for the purpose of renting them out or reselling them, for profit. One, merely, needs collateral; like one piece of property, already paid for, and get a loan on it, to buy another piece, make improvements, sell it for more, and you end up with more collateral to make more investments. Some people get lucky and prove to a lender that they can make payments on something, from their paychecks. It may take a little longer, but, start small, and flip a few times and most anyone can increase their net worth. I wish I had advice for the unemployed and homeless Americans. Move to a location where the unemployment figures are the lowest, because you’ld have less competition for the jobs that are available. Read “Steal this Book”, by Abbie Hoffman, on some interesting survival skills. Associate with people who are positive, because attitude is essential; Will Smith’s movie, “The Pursuit of Happiness”, is a nice piece of inspiration.

  • Mr. J. Pellegrino

    Hello SPLC,
    This article is very disturbing. Back in the 1980s, in the city of Royal Oak, MI, my ex-partner and I were wanting to rent an apartment in this city. A property owner (white female for all intense identifying purposes) actually stated ‘the rent is high in this area because we want to keep the blacks out of the area.!’ I was appauled, offended and make some comment to her I cannot remember right now. However, this article reminds me that their are very sick and disturbed individuals walking around, investing and preying on innocent individuals in the nation! I am a transgender male. The federal government has made laws with the clarification of ‘gender identity’ under its Hate Crime laws of the nation. With all the corruptions and crimes that have occured in the nation in the last 11 years, in the banking, financing, real estate and other infrastructures of the country, how can this individual get away with such heinous behaviors? It should NOT be ‘money talks and bs walks’ in society. It should be ‘protect all Americans against these sick, corrupt people, who ‘think’ they can get away with abusing the laws of the nation, but in actuality cannot get away with it! I am grateful for your website and that you work with federal agencies to mitigate, prevent and educate on these terrible crimes and criminals in the nation. I hope to work in a federal career one day with the professionals and help the National Security of the nation. Respectfully,
    Mr. J. Pellegrino

  • Walter

    It might be interesting to follow the money trail. An ex-con, out of prison only a few months, has the means to buy and flip property is just too questionable. Question, SPLC — Are fringe elements polling resources to buy these properties as a means of generating “legitimate” income to further their cause?