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CCC Uses Unearthed Rosa Parks Essay To Vilify Blacks as Rapists

By Ryan Lenz on August 1, 2011 - 2:57 pm, Posted in White Nationalism

The discovery of a six-page essay written by civil rights icon Rosa Parks, in which she recounts the attempted rape of a black housekeeper by a white neighbor, has ignited an impassioned response from the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC). Not only has the CCC attacked the Associated Press for being “anti-white,” it has taken the opportunity to malign black men as serial rapists.

“In the United States black men rape white women over 100 times a day. Meanwhile white on black rape is extremely rare,” the CCC wrote on its website.

The CCC statement grossly distorts already unreliable Justice Department statistics on the breadth and reach of rape crimes.Prompting the CCC’s claims was a recently discovered handwritten story that was part of a collection of Parks’ personal articles awaiting sale. The AP was given access to several documents in the Parks archive, including portions of the essay recounting the story of a “near rape.” In the essay, Parks wrote, “He offered me a drink of whiskey, which I promptly and vehemently refused. … He moved nearer to me and put his hand on my waist. I was very frightened by now. … I was ready to die but give my consent never.”

Almost immediately after the first reports, the document was scrutinized. Was the short essay a horrific event Parks witnessed? Had she been a victim of sexual assault? Or was the essay a work of fiction? The answer died with Parks in 2005, but the CCC feels certain it is a hoax. “She never made this claim while alive, nor did she put it in her autobiography.”

Maybe it’s no surprise the group should take to attacking Parks, widely considered “the first lady of the civil rights movement” for her defiant refusal to give up her seat on a city bus. The group is the modern reincarnation of the old White Citizens Councils that battled desegregation in the South and has been a frequent critic of multiculturalism.

More recently, the CCC’s Tennessee chapter has associated with two notorious skinhead groups: Blood and Honour and Volksfront. When the head of the CCC was asked about a networking event planned last June for the three groups, he told the SPLC that chapters were not supposed to meet with “costumed Nazis.”

  • A.D.M.

    Pete, why don’t you show us? Given the population numbers of both blacks and whites and the fact that violent crime is going down nationwide, I’d say you and your ilk are wrong.

  • K. Quentin

    O.o I think someone’s logic train just totally derailed on this one. And what are the “costumed nazis?” Are they the ones wearing J. Edgar Hoover’s old dresses?

  • Amy Dala

    What is it that creates such extremists? We should try to figure out, scientifically, the family experiences and social experience that cause extremism and promote programs in the community and schools to open up opportunities that allow people to see the benefit of being inclusive: better friendships, a richer environment…
    The extremist right wing people I have known (other than the politicians who exploit them) have often been un- or poorly educated, lived narrow lives, and had some personal sense of inferiority.
    Found on

    J Soc Psychol. 2010 Sep-Oct;150(5):540-59.

    The personality bases of ideology: a one-year longitudinal study.

    Sibley CG, Duckitt J.

    Department of Psychology, The University of Auckland, New Zealand.

    Abstract The cross-lagged effects of the Big-Five personality dimensions on Social Dominance Orientation (SDO) and Right-Wing Authoritarianism (RWA) were examined over 1 year (N = 112). Consistent with the Dual Process Cognitive-Motivational Model, SDO and RWA exhibited markedly different personality bases. Low Agreeableness and unexpectedly high Extraversion predicted change in the motivational goal for group-based dominance and superiority (SDO), whereas Openness to Experience predicted change in the motivational goal for social cohesion and collective security (RWA). Neuroticism and Conscientiousness did not predict change in SDO or RWA over time. These findings extend previous cross-sectional (correlational) research and indicate that key dimensions of personality (primarily Agreeableness and Openness to Experience) are an important temporal antecedent of the group-based motivational goals underlying individual differences in prejudice.

  • Pete

    Proof that the 100 white women a day raped by blacks is fake? Are all government statistics wrong? They actually have statistics as opposed to the SPLC who just demonizes people and groups with whom they disagree.

  • skinnyminny

    I remember that! Sad thing is, he (Gardner) hid/buried one of the bodies on a Native American reservation – and they were young girls, still in high school. So, here he rapes and murders young girls while having a girlfriend at home, and the girlfriend, nor did his mother notice anything wrong or change in behavior? Maybe he was like the Ohio cop (viral video on-line) telling a suspect(s) that he ‘could shoot/kill each and everyone of you and go home and sleep.’

  • ruben

    skinnyminny….minorities are always scapegoated for just about everything by the white right its nothing new……but everytime i hear of a perverted crime on the news,especially a child molester/rapist its usually a white male… john gardner the animal that raped and killed the two young white girls in san diego a few years back…..the motto for the ccc should be “we have met the enemy and it is us”.

  • CM

    Obviously, the CCC is a traditionalist group. What I mean is that the traditional excuse for lynching black men was the almost always bogus claim that they had raped a white woman. (Remember “To Kill a Mockingbird”?) They’re still using the White Citizens Councils’ playbook, apparently.

  • red-diaper baby 1942

    People like this, and ideas like this, make my skin crawl.
    Two years ago, in November 2008, I believed my country had redeemed itself. I watched the coverage of election night in Chicago and wept with pride.
    What are we to think now, with the hijacking of the country’s economy by the extreme right? With Pamela Geller’s vicious mockery of the Oslo victims? With our continued, willful destruction of the environment? These comments by the CCC are in a way part of the same evil package — a psychopathic and sociopathic inability (or worse, refusal) to recognize any point of view except one’s own, no matter how misguided or harmful.
    Is there any reason for hope?

  • skinnyminny

    In re: black men rape 100x’s, I wonder how many times it is for white men that rape. I know the statistics are heartwretching for the number of child molesters that are white. But, let’s talk about the white women, for decades, have complained about being drugged and raped by white men. Being that I was not used to hearing about allegations like this, and ignorant of this, I thought the women were lying. In minority neighborhoods, there wasn’t incidents where men put a drug in a woman’s drink for her to pass out for the purposes of taking advantage of her against her will. I thought it was just too good to be true. Now, I see that this is true indeed.

    Interesting that these guys love to point the finger elsewhere, when they, in fact, have ‘unclean hands.’ In addition, I remember having friends where, if one child looked to be bi-racial and the others didn’t, the one child would be teased by their siblings as being ‘the milk man’s baby.’ So, yes, I do believe that some black women were raped, not all, but some.

  • Bron

    But meeting with uncostumed Nazis is OK?

  • Reynardine

    A narrative of a white man attacking a black woman is adduced as proof that black men rape white women. Interesting, Watson.