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‘Prophet’: Debt Crisis a New World Order Plot

By Leah Nelson on August 2, 2011 - 4:53 pm, Posted in Antigovernment

After weeks of holding its breath as political brinksmanship brought America terrifyingly close to blowing through its debt ceiling, the planet today heaved a sigh of relief as President Obama signed into law a measure to avert the crisis.

Followers of Linda Newkirk must have been especially relieved. The self-styled “prophet” warned Saturday that Obama planned to use a government default as an excuse to abolish the House of Representatives and most of the Senate, then declare martial law and proclaim himself dictator.

“A great coup is ongoing in the U.S.A. Government,” Newkirk wrote in a post that was widely reproduced on far-right websites. “[T]his message concerns the escalation of the New World Order in this nation of America, and indeed all over the world.”

Newkirk is an Arkansas-based millenarian who claims to be delivering messages from Jesus and says humanity has entered the seven-year “tribulation” predicted in Revelations.

She declared on Saturday that the debt crisis is a sign that agents of the New World Order have realized there is no escaping Judgment Day.

“So, they now prepare to fight,” she wrote. “They prepare for a worldwide police state and worldwide concentration camps. I have shown you the plans of President Obama, which are the plans of the Queen of England and the Rothschild man. They now want and demand total control of the U.S.A., and at the same time a total financial stripping of the U.S.A., which will most certainly cause chaos all over the nation. And, of course, their remedy is martial law and concentration camps. This is their plan.”

Newkirk’s knowledge of the (apparently foiled) plan was remarkably detailed. According to her prophecy, the president and 27 U.S. senators who are in hock to “the Queen of England and the Rothschild man” have aligned “for the swift and total destruction of the U.S.A. financial system and the destruction of the U.S.A. Government.” Ultimately, they intend to create a system in which Obama “will answer to no one.”

This is not Newkirk’s first Obama-related prophecy. In messages she began posting within days of his 2008 election, she has declared the president the Antichrist, the Beast predicted in Revelations, a Jew, a Nazi, a communist, and an agent of the Queen, the European Illuminati, the Vatican and the Israeli Mossad.

“Dear Ones, let us examine the name of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! COUNT THE NUMBER OF LETTERS IN HIS NAME! THE TOTAL IS 18, OR 6+6+6, OR 666,” she warned in November 2008. “He is the final nail in the coffin of this great nation … A man, who is no man at all, but a beast!” she wrote. “Barack Hussein Obama is Satan’s number one ruler in the world!”

Newkirk wasn’t the only extremist to see the debt crisis as the beginning of The End. Lyndon LaRouche, a fringe ideologue and conspiracy theorist whom Chip Berlet, senior analyst at Political Research Associates and an expert on the radical right calls “the man who brought us fascism wrapped in an American flag,” has declared the debt ceiling legislation to be Obama’s “Hitler coup.”

“Last night, under the influence of a terror campaign by Obama and his British and Wall Street backers, a majority of the US House of Representative signed off on a Hitler coup against the U.S. Constitution,” LaRouche warned this morning. “Under this coup, the Congress will, as a first step, no longer have the power to decide on matters of spending – a specific violation of Section 1 of the nation’s governing body. And that’s just the beginning.”

LaRouche was talking about the controversial “Super Congress,” a 12-member joint congressional committee whose decision on how to come up with an additional $1.2 trillion to $1.5 trillion in cuts will be subject only to an up-or-down vote, with no amendments or delays allowed.

The measure has come under fire from legitimate critics who say it’s too opaque – but only LaRouche seems to think the debt deal puts America politically within a stone’s throw of replicating the Third Reich.

“The Obama SuperCongress measure directly mirrors the Hitler Enabling Law of March 1933, by which the German Reichstag ‘democratically’ voted to give Hitler emergency powers [and] gave Hitler the right to govern on his own, and in contravention to the Constitution, without consulting the parliament for a period of four years,” LaRouche said.

He continued, “Only a cowardly idiot would not see the handwriting on the wall with Obama’s Hitler coup today.”


    Obama is the worst President in Amerikan History!! If you really think in your so-called “ivory-towers” that Obama is soooo great with a 16 trillion dollar debt, he’s moth-balled the military, he’s destroying this country then you will get what you want and deserve. A watered down, destroyed and broken country when he is done with it. We never had a second term election anyway – the electronic voting machines cannot be audited, and it was a media and electroral sham. There was no election. He cheated to win and the people do not trust him and never have. It’s not his “skin color”, it’s what he stands for which really isn’t much…………basically, Obama sucks!

  • Arthur Goldwag

    Cf. Gordon Clark’s 1894 book Shylock: As Banker, Bondholder, Corruptionist, Conspirator. Its subject is silverism, but the enemies it singles out–and its grand conspiratorial framework–can still be found in Lyndon LaRouche (and many others of the hard right) to this day. I quote him in THE NEW HATE: “The most direful part of this business between Rothschild and the United States Treasury was not the loss of money, even by hundreds of millions. It was the resignation of the country itself INTO THE HANDS OF England, as England had long been resigned into the hands of HER JEWS.”

  • Vinny

    “Dear Ones, let us examine the name of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! COUNT THE NUMBER OF LETTERS IN HIS NAME! THE TOTAL IS 18, OR 6+6+6, OR 666,”

    I thought it was 6 + 7 + 5.

  • After the Snow

    Revelation. No ‘s’.


  • Jonas Rand

    Obama can appoint and fire whoever meets qualifications and he feels to be fit for the job; I understand that he is not the dictator of the United States, but he does not have to cave in to that kind of pressure. He made the decision to ditch Warren on his own.

    Yes, be mistrustful! Think for yourself, question everything and everyone. I have no problem with that (nor am I trying to ‘brainwash’ you!). It’s healthy to do so. That includes me, but it also includes Obama, who censored the Gitmo photos and whose administration did nothing more than Bush’s did for the Black community. His administration punished Bradley Manning with torture for telling the truth. and what ever happened to Van Jones, the progressive environmentalist? Well, he got fired by Obama shortly after he was appointed. By the way, I don’t watch Glenn Beck anymore (so I don’t really know; don’t take my word for it) but it seems Glenn Beck’s vilification of Van Jones, the “Marxist radical” as he calls him, was mostly after he had been fired. Not that it should really matter to the President what some discredited crackpot radio host says on Fox (the station of Rupert Murdoch).

  • skinnyminny

    Jonas Rand,
    here we go again! Obama can only appoint people that the GOP/Teas approve of! Remember Elizabeth Warren? How’d that go? Not only that, how many positions are left unfilled/unappointed because he knows he won’t get the confirmation.
    The group ‘Citizens United,’ where’d that come from and why?
    GOP/Teas have signed pledges with Faith-Based institutions, Tax-Based institutions…which makes me question their loyalty. Are they more loyal to the institutions or their constituents? BTW, isn’t Limbaugh, Koch, Norquist also working behind the scenes?

    So let’s get something straight here, I’m not how you think I am. You can repeat and repeat whatever you like. I will not fall in line and follow your way of thinking. I don’t do the brain-washing thingy that easy. Thanks in part to what happened in the ‘black community,’ decades, perhaps centuries ago of instilling mistrust – this is working to my advantage now.

    Call Obama whatever you want! I’d rather be in company of someone I can trust, knowing I can get a full nights’ sleep, the GOP/Teas on the other hand I’d have to sleep with one eye open, hell, I’d probably wouldn’t even go that far as to try to sleep because they would surely do me harm.

  • Jonas Rand

    Obama is a Wall Street Democrat and the GOP and Tea Party are just even more loyal to the large financial institutions and corporations.

    The Super Congress being composed of “elected” politicians doesn’t change the fact that they were not elected to these positions. Additionally, the Reichstag that chose Hitler was also composed of “elected” politicians of the Weimar Republic.

    Obama is just the lesser of two evils. And he’s only slightly lesser.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Obama received $3 million more contributions than John McCain from major banks during the 2008 election. Loyalty to banks is the reason why Republicans are ending this whole budget farce and not sticking to their idiotic “principles”(which contradict pretty much all economic schools of thought).

  • ModerateMike

    Linda Newkirk really missed her calling; she should be working for a tabloid, stifling her own laughter as she concocts her inane prophecies for her gullible readers.

    A Jew, a Nazi, and a communist…now, really!

  • skinnyminny

    Obama is a wall-street puppeteer! Please, don’t make me laugh! It would seem that the newly elected teas and most of the GOP has a Koch problem. I would think that all of the anti-liberal, anti-Reid, anti-Pelosi, anti-Obama ads are the work of the 700 boys club. So if this is true, then why aren’t the big-money funded ads targeted at the GOP/teas?

  • skinnyminny

    Jonas Rand,
    BTW, the GOP/Teas claimed they ‘love this country.’ If this is what they’d to a country they love, I really don’t want to know what they’d to this country when they begin to hate it!

  • skinnyminny

    Jonas Rand,
    First off, ‘entitlement programs’ do benefit small businesses and corporations alike. With entitlements, let’s use the checks first, every small business charges a fee for check cashing. Now, from what I understand, the money is loaded on a card, well, there are fees attached to this as well, meaning the big banks are now getting a cut.

    Medical/Medicare, small businesses as well corporations benefit from this as well – private practice doctors charge (let’s change that to overcharge) the government, sometimes saying they have done x-amount of surgeries that were never done, or unnecessary surgeries because they know the government don’t always read the bill and just pay – we’ve put doctors on a pedestal so that they are not questioned. Hospitals also profit because sometimes the doctors orders tests that aren’t necessary, or hospitalize people ‘for observation.’ So again, a lot of these people have duped the government, outright fraud – and they want us to put all of our trust in them. Doctors in this country is the highest paid doctors in the world.

    And as far as the ‘super committee,’ no one complained when the local, state level elected officials (GOP) hired highly-paid consultants to say that they had to lay off workers. It’s a shame when they can hire these highly-paid consultants, pay themselves bonuses/perks/salaries as if they are on wallstreet, but want to take away union rights from people who actually work for a living. Please check your facts, the super committee consist of 3 Dems and 3 GOP elected officials. If the GOP/Teas weren’t so difficult to work with, and wanted to benefit the people they were elected to serve/represent there would be no need to have a ‘super committee.’

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    I forgot to mention, it was ‘Longoria’ – the famous/historical case in Texas about the veterans/poll tax…

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    That’s a good thing. I mentioned the CFB and his involvement because this group went back to the 1980s – ‘poll tax, proponents apartheid…’ that’s a problem! It is also evidence that it is not our prez – this has been going on for a while from the right! If you recall, recently the GOP was talking about bringing back a poll tax…we’ve had that years ago, before civil rights really took effect (look at Texas and see how the Mexican Veterans handled this poll tax – charging a fee to vote…)

    It should be noted that people like Newkirk and others are trying to blame minority immigrants for the causing problems in this country – but look at Murdoch, LaRouche… in my view, most (not all) of minority immigrants come here to work and get ahead, and achieve what we used to have, ‘the American Dream.’ But then look at the North Hollywood Shootout, the guy using the mask to look like a black guy to rob banks, the guy that was on a reality show from Canada and killed his ex-wife in California, the female Russian spy, the Rockefeller impersonator…I could on and on, to prove that the so-called white immigrants sometimes can cause the most problems/damage because they are not watched as closely due to skin color/birthplace. Until Americans stop this thing with race-based opportunites, this will happen again and again, others will come in and know that they can do whatever they want-have whatever they want, the only requirement is that they are white Europeans.

  • Shadow Wolf

    No doubt that the Left Behind series was an awsome read.

    Skinny M,
    Not sure if your aware of this one. It seems that Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is under pressure as both the FBI and British authorities probe into his network’s computer hackings and other privacy violations:

    I hope this sustains some damage to his monster media network. But that’s highly unlikely, since the man also owns the social network–MySpace. Anyone that has a profile on there is a contributor to his massive empire.

  • Chris McQueeny

    Now, being the sophisticated ivory-tower intellectual that I am, my instinctive response is to examine some aspect of this person’s claim for potential hilarity. And sure enough, Ms. Newkirk didn’t let me down. So here it is…

    *tounge-in-cheek warning*


    1. James Abram Garfield: In office less than a year, until assassinated by a man claiming to have been commanded by God! That year was… 1881! 18! 81! And an 18-letter name. *passes out due to the sheer numerology of it*

    2. John Calvin Coolidge: Came to power through the sudden death of his predecessor! 18-letter name.

    3. Herbert Clark Hoover: His economic policies (in part) brought us the Great Depression, the closest the USA has ever come to a “total financial stripping”! 18-letter name.

    4. Ronald Wilson Reagan: He and his followers almost completely displaced the previous ideological leaders of the GOP in just a few short years, creating a power base which endures strongly to this day. Were they serving God or the Evil One?! 18-character name.

    5. Barack Hussein Obama: Radical, open, card-carrying Islamo-Communist. His death panels will kill granny if she doesn’t vote Democrat. Has used healthcare reform as a cover for establishing a private army.* 18-character name.

    You heard correctly: there is irrefutable proof that not just Barack Obama, but three of the most conservative Presidents of last century, were all Satanic (and probably British, you know they’re still bitter about 1776) puppets.

  • Reynardine

    The problem with this is that it isn’t just the obvious cranks doing it. The Republican Party itself is playing the race card, and then, whenever they are called on it, they accuse the caller of “playing the race card”. Let us consider Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado, who said associating with the President was “like touching a tarbaby”. Now he says he didn’t mean that, and if anybody contradicts him, he’ll accuse them of “playing the race card” (or someone will do it for him). Suppose we were to take his name (Lamborn) and his state (Colorado) and ask how many of the lambs born in his state are his “kids”? Then, when he howls, we could accuse him of playing the sheeple card…

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    The funny thing about Revelation though(also known as the Apocalypse of John as well), is that most people who flog it and obsess over prophesy do not rely solely on Revelation. In fact if you did nothing would make sense(particularly because it was most likely written about events which were either happening at the time or were to happen shortly after it was written). That’s why prophesy jockeys start in Revelation, and then jump back into the Old Testament to cherry pick from Daniel and Ezekiel, grab the rapture from one verse out of Thessalonians, then back to Revelation, then back to Daniel, etc.

    This guy named Fred Clark, who reviewed Left Behind and Left Behind: Tribulation Force, has a helpful explanation of the typical Pre-millenial Dispensationalist methodology for explaining prophesy. He’s a great writer and those reviews were gold.

  • Stephen Bunch

    Just for the record, that prophetic book in the New Testament is Revelation, not Revelations. (The full title is The Book of Revelation or The Book of Revelation of St. John the Divine.)

  • Reynardine

    Oh, I forgot. No, the Redcoats weren’t coming. Paul Revere had already warned them (Palin’s Revised History of Just About Everything, p.666)

  • Reynardine

    The Redcoats are coming! The Redcoats are coming!

  • Jonas Rand

    This “Super Congress” DOES seem eerily undemocratic and similar to something a fascist would do. I wouldn’t dismiss LaRouche as an “extremist”, whatever that means. If Jefferson Davis and all the pre-war slavery supporters in the USA knew the newspeak that was to take over the mainstream in 150-200 years, they would have called the Abolitionists “extremists”! LaRouche’s obsession with the British and belief that the British Empire never ended seems rather bizarre, since the American Empire has become globally hegemonic, probably more so than the British Empire was. But his analysis of Wall Street’s relationship with Obama is on the money.

    Obama is a Wall Street-Bankster puppet; notice how these “entitlement programs”, things that DON’T benefit the Wall Street, corporate, and military-industrial complex elite, but benefit regular people, are being cut. Funding for family planning services is on the table, but funding for the private empire of the Al-Saud billionaire dynasty – NOPE. Medicaid and Medicare – of course. Old people don’t matter, they can just die. But “Radio Marti” – Cold War-style obsolete propaganda aimed at Cuba – you must be insane if you think that deserves cuts. Where does spending go? 50,000,000,000 (yes, you read right, TEN zeros) for the armed forces.

    The Super Congress is a backroom, secret, and unaccountable body making economic decisions that, in a real democracy, are left up to the people. What do the politicians want to hide from you? You’d be stupid not to distrust the commissars of mainstream discourse, who can dictate its parameters from cushy jobs in Madison Avenue while you suffer in a debtors’ prison. Such are the consequences of handing a putative “democracy” to private hands (Wall Street).

    There shouldn’t even be a government, whose purpose is to rape civil liberties whilst stealing from its population. Or corporations, which are private tyrannies. Or capitalism, the system of wage slavery and poverty for YOU but comfort for those at the top of the hierarchy.

  • David

    Has anyone noticed that the far-right, despite all its protestations of love for Israel and the Jewish people, often veers back into its bread-and-butter Anti-Semitism? Despite all their new-found hate for Muslims, hatred of the Jews is still there too. And gays. And secularists, And humanists. Etc.

    I thought plots involving the Rothschilds were long-gone, but apparently the “Prophet” thinks otherwise.

  • skinnyminny

    It’s people like Newkirk who gets all of these so-called ‘nuts,’ to go on a rampage. I’ve learned the hard way, when the ‘right’ says something, or blame others, it’s best to look at them first.

    I saw something interesting, “Death requires no advocates,” here it says in the 1980s Committee for a Free Britain (CFB) was funded by Sir James Goldsmith, RUPERT MURDOCH, and David Hart – they wanted a ‘Poll Tax,’ supports apartheid…but the guy Staines wanted to bring back hanging, admires the Tea Party…
    Interesting how these different people keep trying to put the blame on Obama. For instance, the tea party – mainly Michelle Bachmann said Obama wanted to have ‘death panels,’ but, now, it seems it was rightwingers who wanted this with the cutting of medicare/medical and issuing vouchers – if you don’t have enough to cover your medical procedure, you won’t be covered. And since doctors/insurance co’s in this country can deny treatment based on ‘costs,’ I believe that’s a death panel. BTW, there are rumors online that Anders Breivik spent 2 months at Lake Elmo MN last year and that he was at Bachmann’s camp – can she come out and address these rumors?

    I think people like Newkirk should not be given a platform, she knows the followers are ‘crazy,’ and will believe anything they are being told.

    I also mentioned the story, about CFB because Murdoch also has a hand in distorting/brainwashing his many loyal American followers – He is from Australia isn’t he.

    One thing I will give these brainwashers credit for, they know they can dupe the superior race crowd in America. They know that there followers care about nothing except skin color, everything else is secondary. LOL!

  • MarkG

    At the risk of diminishing the the serious nature of SPLC’s excellent works, I can’t resist saying: OMG, ROFL, count the letters in the President’s name?! 666?! If these people’s writings were not so seriously hateful and therefore, I believe, dangerous, I’d suggest Comedy Central pick them up for a season or two.

  • Aron Levy

    Hey, Liz has to feed those corgis somehow.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Queen of England, right.