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Alleged Killer in Mississippi Hate Crime was ‘Good Boy,’ Says Uncle

By Hatewatch Staff on August 9, 2011 - 5:18 pm, Posted in Anti-Black

The horrifying – and apparently racially motivated – random killing of a black man in Jackson, Miss., in late June is gaining national attention after CNN obtained motel surveillance video of white teens running over the man with a large pickup truck.

Prosecutors have charged 18-year-old Deryl Dedmon with murder in the killing of James Craig Anderson, 49.  John A. Rice, 18, is charged with simple assault.

Dedmon allegedly was the ringleader of two carloads of white teens who, after a night of drinking, drove from mostly white Rankin County to Jackson 16 miles away, looking for a black person. Prosecutors allege that Dedmon suggested they “go fuck with some niggers.”

It was about 5 a.m. on Sunday, June 26, when they found Anderson, who worked at a local automobile plant, in a motel parking lot near the interstate.

Yelling “white power” and various racial slurs, the teens brutally beat Anderson.  One group of teens left in an SUV, but another group, believed to be driven by Dedmon, got into a Ford F250 pickup truck and ran over Anderson, killing him instantly.

After the murder, Dedmon allegedly said in a cell phone call, “I ran that nigger over.” Prosecutors say he laughed about it.

“A good boy,” is how Ray Dedmon described his nephew, a slight, blond teen, in an interview with The New York Times. Ray Dedmon told the Times that his nephew comes from a “happy-go-lucky” family.

“He probably just got with the wrong crowd.”

The Hinds County, Miss., district attorney said that Dedmon and his friends had a history of “harassing white teens that had black friends or gay teens.”

On a Facebook page set up by Rice’s supporters, his great aunt posted: “He is not a racist or a murderer. If anything, he is being tried by the media, suffering from reverse racism and placed in jail without bond. I am sick of the race card.”

Apparently, Rice’s family members are not the only ones to share these sentiments. The white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (the reincarnation of the old White Citizens Councils) called the story a “sickening double standard.”

“Every single day white people are murdered by blacks,” one post notes. “On the other hand, white on black violent crime is extremely rare.” The CCC described CNN and other news outlets as “gleefully reporting” the murder and that “the media is thankful for the crime.”

Anderson’s murder is chillingly reminiscent of other high-profile hate crimes involving gangs of youths motivated by racism. In November 2008, a group of seven teens in Suffolk County, N.Y., decided to go “beaner jumping,” one of many such expeditions. The group randomly spotted a 38-year-old Ecuadorean immigrant, Marcelo Lucero, and beat him while uttering racial slurs. One of the teens pulled out a knife and stabbed him to death.

  • thomsiss

    The South just murdered a innocent man just recently who was inocennt of the charges but they murdered him anyway with made up evidence. Now all the evidence is purely clear and visible in the senseless, hate crime against another black man and they are only charging 2 when there were 7, this is blatant racism. This blonde, blue eye devil needs to be put away for life regardless of how its done and that include the rest to the demons that was with him.

  • Rw

    I agree that there should be more charges filed on all the kids involved. And why is one boy being charged with simple assault when it is already been established that it was a hate crime. I have little faith in Mississippi doing the right thing with this considering their history but I am VERY curious to see what the feds do.

  • BB

    I HATE that an innocent man died, and I HATE that some white people think they are better just because of their skin color. I am white, but that doesn’t mean I am any better than anyone, no matter the race! I watched the new movie The Help, AWESOME! shows just how cruel some white people can be! I am glad a couple white girls took the courage to stand up for these colored women :) Equal rights totally rock!!

  • Mike

    Since you asked ,

    Laura Simione said, on August 12th, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    MIKE…….what example please can you give me

    Here’s one comment
    Reynardine said, on August 9th, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    We know what kind of media carp instigated Anders Breivik. We need to know what instigates simple minds like Deryl Dedmon, of whom there are many more, and nearer at hand. Fair to middling candidates are steeplejacked churches, dogwhistle politics, and Fox News.

    Here’s one more for you ,

    Jack said, on August 11th, 2011 at 10:42 am

    I’ll bet this kid and all his buddies as well as all their families go to an all white church – eat at all white restaurants possibly along with local law enforcement.

    As if all people that attend white churches , eat in white establishments , watch FOX news are all racists , bigots , and killers . With that understanding that would mean all Muslims , Blacks , Hispanics , Chinese , Japanese are all racists , killers , and bigots because they normally attend their own churches and eat in their own establishments .

    Thats the point I was making , look at what you are saying because a lot of the stuff being said is just s bigoted and prejudice as what these idiots did . I would also like to ask the dip that said I sounded like I was friends with the murderers . How in the world did you get that when I CLEARLY said I do not approve of what they did . Would it be because I see it through different eyes than you , my how tolerant of you . To be perfectly clear these turds are the scum of the earth and once tried and convicted they should be taken out and shot between the eyes with a .20 wad cutter .

    As a man living my entire life in Alabama , except for the 8 years I spent in the military , and also in an interracial marriage I will never deny that there are some sheet wearing , tobacco chewing inbred turds out there . Just as I will tell you racism and hate knows no color , it’s in every race .
    I will also tell you that these type of crimes are rare , thank God . Most race crimes are usually between the same races , such has gang violence . Watch some real news for once and see for yourselves instead of sitting on your couches and watching ” The View ” , MSNBC , CNN , and HLN . I know thats not wrong to say because Raynardine said it twice and was never called on it , so that means it’s alright to assume that all of you with those views watch those shows , right ?

    With that I’ll sign off and wait for a bunch of hateful replies calling me a bigot , racist , and ignorant even though you know NOTHING about me .

  • athonia smith

    this is what I call ashame on america and the racist people that live here…… all i want to know why the other six white teenagers is locked up without a bond, if it had been a group of blacks kids they would have been in jail without a bond .double standard in USA


    the taking of a life for no other reason but for hate sake is the race base collective thinking makes for another issue.

  • Strange fruit

    They should of stayed at home and yelled racial slurs over their xbox 360 mics while playing call of duty like normal and they wouldn’t be in this mess. If you think racism is still not a problem in the USA. Memberships for hate groups increased when Barack Obama took office. So it’s not a surprise these kids committed this horrible crime against this innocent man minding his business. I hope the people out there in mississippi put public pressure on prosecutors to seek convictions for all those involved in this murder.

  • Jack

    The Southern Baptist Convention’s ( SBC ) head of the ” Ethics ” & Religious Liberty Commission refused to support the Federal Hate Crime Law when it was proposed and which has already punished some and will probably punish people guilty of this crime . His actions could be interpreted by some in the Southern churches as a sign of approval – but Richard Land should be able to understand that with his Doctorate ( Dr.). On the good side, the SBC has promoted an African American pastor as Vice-President who will become the President of the SBC in about a year. Right is Might . There’s hope !

  • jwd

    Racism is a tradition handed down from generation to generation to secure a false sense of superiority. Cowardice is also a learned behavior. My point is that you never see these people alone. They’re always in groups or frequent places where people of the same cowardly mind set patronize. Ever wonder why white racist and black racist are never in the same place at the same time ?

  • Jo C

    There was obviously a distortion somewhere in the lives of all of these children. One could say that comments here are filled with hate. However, from where I sit there is no other emotion that can be called to mind. Let’s say the emotion is removed? All of it. Only the law is applied. This event started out with, not 1 but 2 car loads of teens driving a great distance, intoxicated, from a one neighborhood to another neighborhood. Hmmm? A human being, (who had not ties to any of the individuals who attacked him), was severely beaten and terrorized by a gang of individuals for no apparent reason. After the beating from unknown assailants he attempted to stagger in what could have been an effort to get himself some help. However, one of the individuals that the man did not know, decided to use his truck as a weapon to stop a heart from beating, lungs from breathing, and a life from living… Okay, no emotion, no opinion. Just raw fact. My question to everyone is,,,,”According to the law what do we do now?”

  • EarleyDaysYet

    Come now, Mike, I grew up in the South – you’re telling me that this kid didn’t consider himself a Christian? The label “Christian”, in the South, is often considered equivalent to “Murcan”, especially among the ethnically deprived. I know a LOT of deeply, permanently, inherently racist churchgoers among white Southerners.

    Mike said,

    ON AUGUST 12TH, 2011 AT 2:07 PM
    ” hate filled … prejudice … hate fille … ATTENED ”

    Dear Mike: the proper words are “hate-filled”, “prejudiced”, “hate-filled”, “ATTEND”, in that order. Also, your spacing is bad. Best check your own post before starting a grammar war.

  • Leslie


    I am sure if you tried you could see a big difference between (1) a strident blog post or (2) actually killing someone while shouting white power.

    What is worse is that you sound like you are a friend of the accused and that you don’t see anything wrong with his actions.

  • Reynardine

    Mike, y’can’t take it, get out of the kitchen, especially since y’don’t know how to cook, nohow.

  • Laura Simione

    MIKE…….what example please can you give me

  • Laura Simione

    Mike are you kidding….hating the haters Is that what you are saying…… this purpose of this site is to keep people alert and informed about about the horrible acts and opinions going on right here in plain site

  • Mike

    I would also like to add , is this site watching themselves … I see just as much hate here as I do anywhere else …

    What a shame ….

  • Mike

    Amazing , some of these comments are just as hate filled and prejudice as the scum they’re talking about .

    I would also like to know what FOX news or Churches have to do with any of this . It’s quite apparent that none of these spoiled hate fille brats didn’t ATTENED a church or watch ANY KIND of news programming . More than likely they were glued to ” WRASTLIN ” and Jersey Shore ..

    Get a life people and look in the mirror as you make your educated rants .

    larry said,

    on August 9th, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    The parents and ancestor’s are the one’s at fault. They have continued to keep the race a factor in there children’s minds. And as soon as the economy goes bad they blame the one’s they are taught to hate.

    Dear Larry the proper word is THEIR

  • Ilona Jackson

    Well, we all know what ‘good boy’ means when coming from a racists family. He was a good racist. His family knew he was harrassing white kids w/black or gay friends. This did not come out of nowhere. Those descriptions of the teen and the family’s sick of the race card say it all. A non racist family would be apologizing to the victim’s family along w/comments such as we really did not raise him like this & what can we do so other teens don’t participate in such racist behavior that it leads to murder of an innocent hardworking man.

  • Carlos

    God bless the Dedmon family. Or do they believe in God.I’m sure the family are proud of these “good old boys’. Dedmon and Rankin County all have this four hundred years of racism on the brain. So much are going on in the world with the war in Afghan,starving children in Africa, and of course the economy.African-Americans don’t have to worry about terrorists,they are alive and well in Mississippi.

  • Rev. Johnny Lee Clary

    This story is a prime example of why people should contact the FBI or other law enforcement as soon as they see racist gangs operating in their towns. These groups are on the rise especially among young people and are more violent than ever. George Santayana said, “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” Racism is a cancer on the human race and if left untreated, it will destroy humanity. If someone could have reached the racist kids when they were younger and taught them love and respect for all races this would not have happened. Remember, racism is a learned response. One is not born with racist hate, ….they are taught it. Entire communities need to be involved and take an interest in changing the people where they live in teaching the values of love and respect before the values of hate and racism destroy their communities.

  • Sam Molloy

    Normally somebody in the group would say, “that’s a bad idea, stop and think”. This whole bunch needs to be locked up, for a long time. If Mississsippi won’t do it, the Feds need to step in. Not that it matters who it was, but this victim was a working man, old enough to be their grandfather, and looks like a real nice guy. WTF.

  • A.D.M.

    What bothers me about this case is not just the killing of James Craig Anderson by Deryl Dedmon, but the people that are defending him with bullshit excuses. A human being was killed and Dedmon’s great aunt and the virulently racist Council of Conservative Citizens are coming up with excuses? This proves that some people on this planet are just plain evil. Yes, I said it. The CCC and Dedmon’s great aunt are evil for excusing Dedmon’s actions. I’m no longer going to hold my tongue about these folks. As far I’m concerned, people like Deryl Dedmon, Deryl Dedmon’s great aunt, and members of CCC are a disgrace to the human race.

  • Chuck

    It should also be noted that the pro-Dedmon FB page has since been deleted…seems they were (predictably) inundated with posts supporting the victims, which the page’s admins clearly weren’t expecting in such a high volume.

  • Reynardine

    MST- The Drudge Report is, by all accounts, a malevolent piece of stercus,but it isn’t a whole organization. Murdoch’s is. He needs to be branded with leading a hate organization and a crime syndicate both, quite colorably charged with sedition, and (since he acquired U.S. citizenship by bribing Newt Gingrich) he’s chargeable with treason, as well, if the facts so warrant.

  • Arkham

    His uncle? Who’s his uncle, Uncle Tom?

  • Bob Mackrun

    What’s more sickening to me is that the other kids weren’t arrested let alone tried. If this was a group of blacks, they would have all been tried and the ring leader would’ve gotten the death penalty.

    I think we should demand that the Feds come in and try the other teens as accomplices to the murder along with hate crimes.

    We abstain from arguing with these ignorant, hateful folks. It gives them undeserved dignity and lessens our dignity when we respond to their allegations of “reverse racism.”

  • Pickwick

    So if the little darlin’ isn’t a racist, he just killed this guy for the hell of it? Racist or sociopath — does it really matter? Lock him up and throw away the key.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Sounds like its worst in Mississippi than in Arizona. I guess that phrase whether an adage or not: “This is the Mississippi of the West” really makes sense.

  • MST

    @Reynardine – Don’t forget the Drudge Report, which gleefully highlights crimes committed by blacks against whites, such as the recent “flash-mob” beatings (which, of course, are wrong), but is silent on crimes like this.

  • Jim Carlson

    It’s extremely sad that we still produce these monsters. Sadder still are those, like the CCC, who use the tragedy as a platform to further their racist views.

    Young Mr. Dedmon is about to do a whole lot of growing up — in a place he would rather not be, and with people he would rather not be with.

  • Mel B

    Oh I do believe the lack of charges on the rest stems from the prosecutions experience with getting convictions. In other states it would be a slam dunk to go after the whole lot of em. In Mississippi just finding someone who isn’t distantly related is difficult. Jury selection will be a nightmare. Change of venue? It’s Mississippi it won’t matter.

  • Mel B

    This was a tiny…5 foot tall…man (I use the noun loosely) with a truck full of teenage girls, a belly full of beer and high on weed (ever listen to Jason Aldean’s Dirt Road Anthem?) and a weapon called an F-250 THAT I can guarantee and an ego that needed something BIG to inflate it.
    I bet if you check you will see he had attempted or contemplated joining the military,

    The fact that no toxicology was done (his head isn’t shaved they can still check for a few things) on him is a mystery to me.

  • Jack

    I’ll bet this kid and all his buddies as well as all their families go to an all white church – eat at all white restaurants possibly along with local law enforcement. This crime will be punished with the new Federal Hate Crime Law now being enforced where in the past local politicians and officials could hide a crime committed by well connected indiviguals.

  • MilesFan

    So much bull in the reactions to this heinous crime…to the great aunt, so her nephew’s act wasn’t racially motivated yet they shouted white power and laughed about running the nigger over…to the CCC, where did you come up the ridiculous findings involving violent crimes, certainly its not a scientific study, and whatever numbers they could come up are influenced heavily by population percentages…as far as criticizing CNN, the day a group of blacks are caught on tape beating and runningover a white person while shouting racial slurs, it will be all over cable TV (especially FOX) trust me…the fact remains that sadly in the US heinous crimes like this are more likely to be committed against minorities, as they have been for the past 400 years

  • Dennis

    I’d like to see him sentenced to Parchman penitentiary and then get out there on the prison yard and espouse his hatred for blacks. Here’s betting he’s going to keep his mouth shut in there!

  • Matt

    Do the crime, do the time. Seems the “youth ipod parties at retailers” haven’t had anywhere near the coverage?

  • Lala

    As a minority living in Mississippi, Neshoba County (that should speak for itself), unfortunately, this type of crime is not a surpise to me. I am half native american and half mexican married to a black man, three of the most hated races in our area. Matter of fact, the whites in our area are trying to control us. And we are currently at war with them because of our wealth. We have prospered and they do not approve because we won’t allow them to tell us how to spend OUR money or run our government. As a native here, we learn where to go and where not to go. Sad, but true. I am disgusted by the way we have adapted to live amongst many racist whites today. I thought by now, racism wouldn’t exist, but it’s apparent that is not the case. With regards to James C. Anderson, I pray that God may comfort his family and friends!!! It’s hard to lose a family member, but much harder to grasp, when you lose them to a violent crime as such. I believe in “an eye for an eye”, justice will not be served until ALL involved are punished for this unspeakable crime. As long as, people like the ignorant aunt and the lawyers that protect them are allowed to use the term “reverse racism”, they will continue to get a slap on the wrist. But SHAME ON YOU dedmon and all of your little friends, too!!! Someone with that much hate in their heart, should be given the death penalty. There is no excuse for what he did. The fact is, HE KILLED ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!

  • Reynardine

    Speaking of Fox News and the Murdoch Empire generally, there is no question that they are engaging in incitement to hate crimes. Their Facebook page contained no less than eight thousand posts advocating gruesome and obscene acts against those who had shown they weren’t “ril Americuns” by objecting to the public display of the World Trade Center “cross” as a national Holy Relic. One suggested that “atheists” should have their skins whipped off, barb-wire crowns driven into their scalps, and then be crucified on these heat-fused beams. Not one objecting comment was posted. With less Murdoch, we might have fewer Dedmons.

    Time to brand Fox a hate organization.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hey ADM, if you really want to watch someone squirm after they accuse someone of playing the race card, ask them in what situation can a black person complain about a race-related/racial discrimination issue without “playing the race card”. Or to rephrase, what would be an “acceptable” complaint about racism which would not constitute playing the race card.

    Get ready for a torrent of ‘uh’s’ and ‘well’s.

  • A.D.M.

    Deryl Dedmon is a mentally sick and twisted individual for the murder he committed. However, his great aunt and the virulently racist CCC are also mentally sick and twisted for trying to defend this guy with dumbass allegations. A man was murdered and you’re saying Dedmon is the victim? WTF? What the hell is “reverse racism”? Either it’s racism or it’s not racism. There’s no such thing as “reverse racism.” That’s bulls–t. As for the race card, whatever that means, that’s also bulls–t. Again, Dedmon committed murder with the intent of murdering somebody black. There’s lots of proof including surveillance video. There’s no defense of what he did. As for the claims made by CCC, the overwhelming majority of crimes are intrarracial. In other words, whites have more of a chance of being murdered by somebody white. Not only that, crime is on a decline in the U.S.

    Blacks and other so-called “minorities” really don’t control much in the United States according to a recent report by the Pew Research Center concerning the wealth gap between whites and non-whites. So, how can the latter play the “race card” when they don’t control the full deck? And yes, SJR, Mississippi is still burning along with the rest of the United States and the world.

  • Matthew Bright

    Apparently there was a whole gang of assailants who attacked this victim, and as far as I know none of the others have been arrested.

    I only bring this up because there are at least two people who had involvement in the murders of nine year old Brisenia Flores and her father in Arivaca, Arizona, a crime for which Minute Man member Shawna Forde, Jason Bush and Albert Gaxiola were recently found guilty and sentenced.

    It seems to me that the prosecutors in these cases are bending over backward to keep as many of these criminals out of jail as they can.

  • Sam Molloy

    Shocking that this could still happen. Also shocking that the other punk was only charged with simple assault and nobody else was charged.

  • JCF

    In the case of 18 yo Deryl Dedmon (that last name!), the apple clearly didn’t fall very far from the (racist) tree.

    Justice for James C Anderson!

  • SJR

    Mississippi is still burning.

  • Reynardine

    We know what kind of media carp instigated Anders Breivik. We need to know what instigates simple minds like Deryl Dedmon, of whom there are many more, and nearer at hand. Fair to middling candidates are steeplejacked churches, dogwhistle politics, and Fox News.

  • Salice Shizmanovivh

    This type of viciousness, taking of lives will only contribute to mans demise. Have we not learned anything from the past, our history. Who raised these people?

  • James

    So a white kid who kills a Black man and is then arrested is a victim of racism? Wonder if the family would feel that the black man was also a victim of racism if the roles were reversed

  • Ramses

    I’m getting spooked at how many times the “but he was a good boy” defense has been raised, especially in this context. More frightening is the fact that people support him despite his deeds.

    However, I do not believe that the killer is suffering from “reverse racism” when there is proof in video that he participated in the murder of Anderson.

    …I don’t know how to respond to the rest of the vitriol, for lack of a better word.

  • larry

    The parents and ancestor’s are the one’s at fault. They have continued to keep the race a factor in there children’s minds. And as soon as the economy goes bad they blame the one’s they are taught to hate.

  • Shadow Wolf

    It can’t get any more monstrous than rabidly racist hatecrimes committed by the abhorrent & virulent white supremacists scum. I hope there’s serious Justice for the victim’s family. The laws must be enforced.