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LGBT Rights Group Tells FRC to Cease Distribution of False Video

By Evelyn Schlatter on August 16, 2011 - 1:41 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) issued a cease and desist letter to the Family Research Council (FRC) on Monday in response to a recent FRC video falsely claiming that GLSEN and the Massachusetts public schools provided an explicit safe-sex booklet to children in the fifth through ninth grades at a GLSEN conference in Massachusetts. The conference, held in 2005 at Brookline High School in Massachusetts, was geared toward teachers, counselors, administrators, parents and students. GLSEN works to ensure a safe school environment for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

GLSEN’s letter, issued via its attorneys, demands that FRC cease distribution and publication of a video clip because it contains false and defamatory statements about GLSEN.

In the FRC video, which appears on the group’s website and on YouTube as “What GLSEN wants to teach your children,” Brian Camenker, president of the anti-gay group MassResistance, says that the booklet was distributed at the 2005 conference and that it tells kids “how to safely perform a variety of homosexual sex acts.”

Tony Perkins, president of the FRC, says in the video that GLSEN’s booklet, “along with their recommended reading list for children, is without a doubt the most vile assault on teenagers ever concocted by homosexual activists.”

The booklet, called “Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century,” did appear at the conference, but it was not sponsored nor brought by GLSEN. Instead, a community LGBT health organization, Fenway Community Health, acknowledged that representatives had mistakenly brought 10 copies of the booklet to the conference and left them on a table. The organization issued an apology for the mistake. The booklet, published by the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, is targeted at 18-and-older gay men. Sean Haley, who was the executive director of the Boston branch of GLSEN at the time, told the Boston Globe that sexually explicit material of any kind was not be allowed at the conference and that, had he seen the book, he would have asked that it be removed.

In the wake of the 2005 conference, however, right-wing sites like Gateway Pundit and Andrew Breitbart’s picked up the story and accused GLSEN of bringing the booklet to the conference in order to “indoctrinate” schoolchildren. That claim has been debunked several times since 2005, most thoroughly by Media Matters here. The SPLC considers MassResistance and FRC anti-gay hate groups because of their false and demonizing propaganda aimed at LGBT people.

  • Aron


    Don’t be silly. While statically possible, the influence of any ‘heterophobes’ is absolutely nil.

    You lose.

  • Todd

    Plenty of bigotry on both sides of this issue.
    Heterophobes exist too.

  • Lex

    Wrong Daniel, just because you disagree a homosexual does not make you a homophobe, nobody says that.

    If two random men came out of nowhere, stripped down buttnaked and start having steaming hot sex in my backyard i would disaprove of that and call of the cops.
    That does not make you a homophobe,

    But when you say “disagreeing” with homosexuals, that´s a code you christian homophobes use when you are rightfully called bigots, disagreeing is not the same as villifying (like saying all gays are pedophiles) or demonizing(gay people are evil and will burn in hell)

  • MrsCaptJack

    I’d love to see all these folks that are in a huff about ‘correcting’ GLBT folks turn their energy into fixing something that’s actually broken. GLBT’s are born the way they are, just like skin colour. How about all these idiots that think it’s something that can be cured focus on curing hunger. That’s something that CAN be fixed.

  • John

    @Dooleeoo. DIsagreements are good. Not everyone agrees with the nest person. But to say that FRC and groups like them are disagreeing with us is so wrong in every which way. That is not disagreeing with us. Their group espouses pure hatred, vilification, lying etc…
    As for not denouncing the heterosexual community, that’s not what were’re about. The GLBT denounces vilification, hate spewing, lying,and pure hatred that comes from certain groups and organizations. That is what I denounce.

  • krissy

    When I heard the story I had a feeling Brietbart was involved. This is too much like the acorn situation and I am glad GLSN is being proactive. The FRC wants to see all gays forcibly “repaired” or else… Maybe they hope that a cheap gimmick and a fake pamphlet and a you tube video will magically make everyone straight and evangelical.

  • Dooleeoo

    @daniel “Why is it that anytime someone who is straight disagrees with homosexual behavior, they’re labeled intolerant. Yet anytime a homosexual disagrees with someone who is straight, they’re heralded as virtuous. This seems like a glaring double-standard.” the answer lies in your question. While the “heterosexually- oriented” Family Research Council denounces homosexual behaviors, the homosexual community is not denouncing heterosexual lifestyles or behaviors, only objecting to the fact they are being labelled as perverts who are destroying american values. You present the argument as if the mugger and the victim have an equal status during an assault.

  • Ellen Myers

    Making false accusations when the truth doesn’t suit seems to be typical of all right wing fundamentalists.
    I know one personally. My sister has accused me and other people of all kinds of things that aren’t true and then later swears she never said them. They’re all nuts.

  • David29073

    As I was re-reading my comment, I felt that using the word “behavior” was wrong, I should have said, “a way of life” which is a much more accurate choice of words. I apologize for the blunder.

  • David29073

    I watched this interview in which Cristine O’Donnell had a fit for being asked what her stance was on “Gay Marriage”. She walked off the Piers Morgan show because of the question.
    My question to all these hate mongers is: How do you stop a behavior that has been going on since before the Bible was even written.
    The problem with FRC is the hatred they spew out all over the place, the fear and uneducated lies that, for some ungodly reason, gain traction, and the ties to political figures (governor perry anyone???) that make them legit.
    From what is being vomited out by these groups, this election could get violent, for if we don’t believe the way the right believes, we are traitors, and that breeds violence. Way to go tea baggers, way to go!!

  • Pickwick

    @ Gemini — has the truth ever suited the FRC?

  • Joe Stoddart

    Tony Perkins brings the character of human beings to an astonishing low. Cheerfully venemous.

  • Daniel

    Why is it that anytime someone who is straight disagrees with homosexual behavior, they’re labeled intolerant. Yet anytime a homosexual disagrees with someone who is straight, they’re heralded as virtuous. This seems like a glaring double-standard.

  • William LaBarge

    It be interesting to see if the FRC comply with the cease and desist letter or if the FRC has to be sued in order to get relief from their defamation… but if the GLSEN prevail in court, then FRC could be made to pay hefty damages…

  • The Gemini

    Count on the “Family Research” Council to make things up when the truth doesn’t suit them.